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Mazda CX-7 Starting Problems



  • tpaguitpagui Posts: 1
    I need some HELP!!! I can't get my car to start, all the lights work, battery is new on the car and remote. It makes no noise at all when I try and start it...... Any suggestions???
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    If the battery is new and you can't even get the car to crank over-- the connections on the battery must be loose or coroded. Check the connections-retighten-and try again.
  • bbovassobbovasso Posts: 1
    I'm JUST having this problem myself. Not sure if it's the same.

    Occasionally, the car just won't start. No "clicking" like a dead batter no nothing. BUT, the radio, lights, etc. all work.

    I've had it into Mazda (third time today) and they keep telling me there's no problem. They called a while ago and said there's a bad wire somewhere and in certain positions it will cause the car not to start.

    Previously they checked battery, started, solenoid, connections, etc.

    Hope they fix it this time, because I'm getting gun shy every time I start the car. I'm afraid of getting stuck again!

  • kohls23kohls23 Posts: 2
    Hello Grebor,

    We are having the same issue when we fill up with gas only then it runs fine. I have not taken it in but seems like something with the fuel pump or maybe when we had the air filter changed at the valvoline oil change place.

    Did you have any luck locating the problem?

  • greborgrebor Posts: 3
    We never did figure out the problem. It doesn't do it all the time, but still sometimes will not start after we fill it up with gas unless you push down on the gas pedel just enought to keep the RPM's up for about 5-10 seconds and then it seems to run fine untill you fill it up with gas again. I have just been living with the problem because I have yet to fine anybody that can tell me, with any amount of certainty, that they can fix it.
  • Get a new battery. Or at least check the terminals. About 6 months ago, mine started to corrode a lot (on the neg terminal) ... after cleaning it up, it lasted a good 6 months before it corroded over again and wouldnt start. (I had power in the car though...theres just not good enough connection). Cleaned it up Tuesday and then by Saturday it was majorly a mess again. I think there may have been a leak at that terminal. I hear the OEM battery is not that great anyway. Should solve your problem. My Cx-7 starts so much better now! And i'd had the starter, alternator, wires, etc...all checked months ago, and everything was fine. New battery it is.
  • kes9kes9 Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem with my 2007 Mazda CX7. About 5 months ago, it was running great and when I turned it off it would not start- power to everything, all lights windows and remote worked but not even a click when trying to start. It seemed like the car was left in drive and the ignition would not work. I tried unhooking the battery ( to try and reset the computer), rocking the car, investigating fuses, moving the shifter from park to neutral with no luck. I left the car in the parking lot and next day I arrived with some tools to check out the starter - I thought I better try and start it one more time and it fired right up after sitting all night. It gave no more problems until last night and the same thing happened - I tried a few things and nothing worked and then in the morning it fired up ( this time I had to try the ignition 3 times before it worked) - It ran fine today and has started on each occassion today. I phoned 4 Mazda dealerships today and no-one could give me a solution. Did you find a solution for your Mazda Cx7 not starting? I was told to 1) check the connections on my starter for corrosion, 2) check the shifter cable where it goes into the transmission and see if it is sticking giving the car the signal it is still in gear 3) in the mazda 3 it was the indicator in the shifter so perhaps I should check the shifter. I'm at a loss for a solution. I may call a few more dealers tomorrow for ideas. Can anyone help me out?
  • tk1994tk1994 Posts: 2
    while stopped at light (at an incline) my car literally stops (pressed gas but no luck) and would not restart. I turned the engine off to restart the car, but what happened surprised me, the engine would not turn. the car came on, but the engine wouldn't start. had it towed to a mechanic who told me its the starter not an electrical problem.

    Is the mechanic correct?

    the car has over 80K miles, but I don't expect these issues at all....
  • tk1994tk1994 Posts: 2
    edited October 2011
    i am having the same problem , but my wont start at all. tried cranking several times and no luck!

    any help will be appreciated... the local mechanic is telling me its the starter. based on the various post, it may not be the starter at all.
  • I took my cx7 in for the sputtering issue after filling up with gas and they fixed the problem.

    It was a purge valve stuck open causing excessive vacuum leaking

    part is L33L-18-740B VALVE SOLENIOD

  • hucuhucu Posts: 1
    My cx7 had the same problem sometime it will start after driving it and other times it will not start at all. Lights and everything works. I bought a new battery and still my car will not start. I found that if you knock on the starter while trying to start the car, it will start right up. I will check the starter connections, to see if they are connected properly without any corrosion, if the connections are good then I will change the starter out to see if that fix the problem.
  • kes9kes9 Posts: 2

    I found the problem with my 2007 CX 7 that was having the starting issue. I looked at the wiring harness at the starter motor and the one grey wire that comes out and clips onto the solenoid must have been corroded. I simply unlocked/unclipped the grey wire connection at the solenoid and cleaned the connection and the clip with some fine sand paper/emery cloth and clipped it back together. Touch wood but it has started every time since ( about 3 months ago now).
  • I had the issue with random failure to start.  Still happens occasionally.  I pegged the problem to a starter cable and connection directly above the oil filter housing. Some wiggling of the wire near connection corrects problem for me.  07 cx-7.  I am currently having a sputtering/ failure to shift issue.
  • I have a 07 CX-7 and have been through the whole turbo and engine replacement already , mine now seems to have a new issue , go to start it and nothing , battery is fine , just no noise at all , lights etc all work fine , i have found that if I keep the ignition turned on it eventually starts , what would cause this ? Ignition issue , starter , cables, keyless entry ??? any suggestions ?
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