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Dodge Dakota - Club Cab



  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    Driver side front window should be a two-position switch. Push down to the first detent and when you let up the window stops. If you push all the way down to second position then the auto down feature is activated. At least my 06 works that way. Check your owners manual.
  • Nope, my 05 C.C. SLT you hit window button, it goes DOWN!!!!!!!. the only way u can stop it is to pickup on the switch to stop it....What a Pain.....POPPA
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    Rockinpoppa, according to the 05 service manual the drivers door window switch is a two position detent switch. If yours isn't operating this way then it is defective.
  • Thanks for the info, will run it to dealer and let them change it out....POPPA
  • Anybody running those LED stop/tail lights...What brand, and #.....Thanks, Poppa
  • Manual says hold set button till hour flashes , set hour, then turn tuner dial to set minutes...did that the hours set, but the minutes dont change...what am i doing wrong??????....POPPA
  • ken1776ken1776 Posts: 41
    After you set the hours press the tuner button once and it will change to minutes, then turn tuner button left or right to set minutes. Just picked up a left over 05 CC SLT and just set the clock.
  • Ok, thanks.....................POPPA
  • what are the best performance parts for a dodge dakota? like what are some of the best brands that are good for the money? I want my truck to sound like a beast....Its a project...Im only 18 and would like to help build my truck into a awesome machine! anywho. What are the upgrades that would suit me get it lifted, adn some new treads and a sick interior would be question is where to start and what to buy?
    PLEASE help, i want to know more and i want more power in my truck

  • that all depends on the year of your truck also. But with mine(older dakota 93 with a 318) I put dual 2 1/4 inch exaust from the manafold to the back and my truck roars down the street and it is a beast. It only cost me 230 dollars for dual pipes with flowmaster. I still think there the best tried and true baby. Also I put a 14 inch air cleaner and am currently makeing a ram air system for the truck.
  • trapezecdntrapezecdn Posts: 13
    Hey guys,

    I was scanning the forum for any pertinent info on my 2000 v6 2wd dakota sport, and saw the download you offered rockinpoppa for his 05. I am trying to save $ with first child on it's way and was about to order a haynes or chilton. Any recommendations? Is a 2000 service manual available for download?

    Getting ready to change the shocks, probably going with edelbrocks, trying to decide if I can handle it myself. Any thoughts?
  • ronslakie1ronslakie1 Posts: 57
    I believe you will get much more info out of the factory service manual than either Chilton or Haynes. I have the FSM and Haynes (2K Dak also). A good inexpensive source for the FSM is ebay. I also have the Edelbrock IAS shocks and they are excellent. I installed them myself and the are not difficult to install.

  • I have a 2006 4.7L 4x4. The first time I ever used the 4x4 (when pulling my boat out a boat ramp); it remained stuck in 4 wheel and the service 4 wheel light came on. Sent back to dealer with 5300 miles. Awaiting results of warranty repair.
  • i have a '01 with over 125000 miles. i went to 89 octane and saw a little improvement rught along with a k&n air filter. im in oregon and we have alot of hills here. i avarage 16mpg overall and i drive the hell out of my 4.7 4x4 cc. avarage 80 mph freeway and do a little street racing in it.(its awesome when a stock truck can beat tuned imports here). and never gotten below 16. i know from experiance with my truck that ive gone 70 miles after the low fuel light came on. and i fill it normally when it comes on and put in between 16-18 gallons. not sure if this will help but its shows what they can do
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Anyone that has owned a 4X4 will tell you it is wise to enguage the 4WD every couple months. The owners manual may also explain that using the 4WD occasionally is recommended.

    The reason for this is to ensure that the gears and other moving parts get a chance to slosh in the gear-oil for awhile.

    Also, you would not get into a situation where you NEED to use 4WD but it wont go in (or come out).

    Here in Veromont, my Dak may be locked in 4HI for weeks at a time in the winter. During the summer, I occasionally enguage 4HI on a STRAIGHT stretch of road for about a mile.

    I use 4LO once in a while when I need to "creep" such as backing into a tight spot. (again IN A STRAIGHT LINE on dry pavement)

    You may wish to consider doing the same to keep the 4X4 components in the xfer case lubed and functional.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

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