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Buick Rendezvous Transmission and AWD Problems



  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    We're sorry to hear about the need for a new transmission on your Rendezvous. Has the work already been completed or is it in progress? Email us at if you would like for us to look into anything for you.
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • rreinharreinha Posts: 3
    :confuse: 2006 Rendezous shifts intermittently, cold or hot sometimes misses second and third and goes straight to high, sometimes stays in first or second. Changed Oil and filter shifting is better, but if i turn on my amp powered speakers (located in behind the rear seats. the trans starts to act up.
    the speaker have been in for 2 years, but problem is new.
    Any thoughts?
  • Good morning,
    Hopefully you'll get some great DIY tips and other technical insights from the Edmunds community on this; unfortunately I can offer neither. However, if you should ever decide to get this checked out with a dealership please let us know as we're here to help as much as we can.
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,652
    The only thing that comes to mind is perhaps an electrical power problem. Battery ever been replaced, if so with a good replacement? (add ons could potentily tax battery/charging system)
  • rreinharreinha Posts: 3
    2003 Rendezous shifts intermittently, cold or hot sometimes misses second and third and goes straight to high, sometimes stays in first or second. Changed Oil and filter shifting was better for awhile, but if i turn on my amp powered speakers (located in behind the rear seats), or fan speed to high, the trans starts to act up.
    the speaker have been in for 2 years, but problem is new.
    Any thoughts?
    I posted this previously but put wrong year :sick:
  • I went to drive my 2002 Buick Rendezvous this morning and it backed out of driveway ok. When I went to drive forward the RPM went to 3.5 before it started to creep forward. There has been no issues with this transmission up till now. I'm looking for any ideas for what could be causing this before I take it in.
  • My 03 Rendevous is now having the trans slip when pulling out cold. My local mechanic will be changing all fluids this week and hopefully may help resolve, but he did advise that this will probably be the start of transmission failure and replacement may be necessary. I have just had the head gaskets replaced at 89,000 which came with a cost of $1500 and now a transmission at 97,000. My wife uses this car as leasure and vacation, but the costs are really starting to mount up on a car that only uses 6 to 8K per year at most. I have been a loyal GM customer for thirty years and generally purchase a new car every four years (last purchase was an 08 G8).
    I try to stress to my team and staff to purchase USA autos only, but they continue to rib me each time as I spend five fold in repairs for my autos than they do for their Nissans and Toyotas. Just having dished out 1500 for major repair on the rendevous and then may have to shell out again for a transmission all while the car still has under 100K is making me think I have my loyalties in the wrong place.
  • My husband and I own a repair shop in MI. Most of the problems with the Rendezvous is the owner fails to follow the scheduled maintenance guidelines in the owners manual. I do understand things unexpectedly happen, but 99% of the time the transmission fails before 100k miles is failure to change the transmission fluid and filter every 50k miles. It doesn't matter if it's a Honda or Toyota, the transmission will fail if it's not properly serviced.
  • I took my Rendezvous to two GM Dealerships with GM trained mechanics. One said go ahead and run it you aren't doing any harm, and the other said run it till it stops the damage is already done, & it will be $600.00. When it stopped running the bill was $2,900.00. If anyone else had told me and I listened to them, I could see it being my fault. But if one of their trained mechanics advised leaving it alone-- just like you, GM said it was my fault.
    The fella who fixed it said 30K miles and bring it in for service. It sounds like they don't believe or read their manuals either.
  • Weird things are happening since I had my car worked on about 1 month ago and some inquiries about 2 months perviously. Are they related? Had a rear wheel bearing replaced. Immediately when I shifted into R the Parking Aid went CRAZY. All the warning lights came on and there was nothing behind me. I put it in park and tried it 2 more time, with the same result. Fixed problem by turning Parking Aid off. I've turned it back on, but still have some problems with it giving error warnings.

    Had my car looked at by a trans shop about 2 months ago. I keep having this annoying droning noise at 2100 rpm. We fixed an issue we thought it could be. Trans shop said all the fluids looked good, but couldn't locate possible leak. As some fluid was evident. They checked all the fluids and they were fine. And no trans issues at this time.

    Now the trans is shifting badly and all of a sudden. Started as a weird hard shift. Now today it shifts from low to high at low speeds. Is this a possible sensor issues? I know everytime my husband replaces break shoes on his Ford there is always ABS warnings. Just doesn't make sense that the Parking Aid was acting up after the wheel bearing was done and now transmittion issues all of a sudden!!
  • thajduk,
    Is the transmission shop you referenced associated with one of our dealerships? If so, and if you would like for us to follow up on anything with them, we can be contacted at (include your name, contact information, and the last 8 of your VIN).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • p8787p8787 Posts: 3
    i have an 02 buickrdvs and it runs ok for about 10 min but then the tranny slips as if it were in neutral. im being told it might be the relay or solenoid. please help before i buy a new transmission worth 1000!!!
  • rreinharreinha Posts: 3
    edited October 2012
    All solenolds are inside the trans, I just rebuilt a 2005 and the cost was $3387 the cars value is $4000
    buy a new car
  • p8787p8787 Posts: 3
    my truck has 90000 miles on it, its practically new
  • I just came across this old thread as I have a 2005 Rendezvous which is shifting hard. I was quoted $1550 for a rebuilt transmission based upon this code at the repair shop. After reading your post it seem that the problem could be a EPC solenoid?
    Where is this located and is it something I can replace myself without dropping the transmission?
  • The rendevous in question is original owner and has had all fluids changed every 3000 miles and trans flushed at 40000 and 80000. Unfortunatley some vehicles just don't hold up regardless of how well they are maintained. If it starts out as an inferior product, scheduled maintenence will not make it a superior product.
    I highly doubt the accuracy of 99% percent of failures are due to owners lack of care. These are the same owners that possess other cars and imports and have no issues.
    The head gasket and trans issues are common on rendevous according to GM which in turn would indicate poor workmanship and constructrion of the vehicle rather than owner maintenence.
  • jodypsu94jodypsu94 Posts: 1
    We have had our Rendezvous for 5 years now. Ever since we bought it there has been something wrong with it. Right after we bought it we had a problem with the car not wanting to shift any higher than 2nd gear, we had the fixed (under warranty), then about a year later the rear wiper would not turn off and eventually shorted out, as did the AWD. Both were repaired. At the same time our catalytic convertor went. We had that replaced. And then the wiring harness has also been replaced. For about two or three years now the speedometer has not worked. At first it would work sometimes, and now it is perpetually stuck at 95 mph. We have had it looked at by three different GM garages and all said they couldn't find anything wrong with it over this time period.

    Finally, about 2 weeks ago I was having a hard time starting the car. Had the battery, starter, and alternator checked...all were fine. This went on for a week and then all of a sudden it didn't start at all. The car sat for week until my dad came over and reconnected a loose battery wire.

    Ever since then it has been running fine, except my husband and I both have noticed a slight slipping when it is shifting gears. I checked the transmission fluid and it is full, clear, but slightly brown.

    What should be my next course of action??? I really do not want to have to put a whole lot of money into the car at this point, because it just seems as soon as we getting it working correctly something else goes.
  • I have a 2004 Rdzvo. When accelerating or decelerating, there is a clunk type noise from the passenger side front- under the hood. I can also create the sound - with the engine off and car in park- I push backwards on the front of the car. As soon as it is "rocking" about 4-5 inches the clunk starts. Any ideas?
  • Good afternoon.
    I have a 2004 Buick Rend V6 3.4L with 176800 miles. I purchased it 1 month today from a garage mechanic for $2500. This was the biggest waste of money I have ever spent. And I am thinking of selling it ASAP.

    Within a one month, I have had to do a oil change and flush, then the following week, a transmission check and flush on it, plus a diagnostic has been done on it by 2 separate mechanics and cataylic converter had to be replaced also. Now and ever since I bought the Rend. it would shift really hard, like it was lingering to go from one gear to the next, so thats why I did all the previous things above to see if it would correct the issue, which I was advised it should... NOT????

    This is my first SUV, and I love the room in it, but I believe I bought a "lemon"... I do not know much about cars, which the one before this one was a 1994 Buick LaSabre, which has been in my family since 1994, and so I was very excited to get something newer and less trouble and not be scared to drive it alone, but again, NOT.... Can GM or anyone suggest any solution that might can help me??? I have spent almost a $875 in one month since I purchased it, and with me losing my job two days after purchasing it, money is tight if you understand.

    Please advise.

    Thank you,
    Atlanta, GA
  • robertdrowleyrobertdrowley Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    I just put new pads on my front brakes.Noticed a small fluid leak on the left side of the motor.Checked the tranny fluid and it was low.Went to back out of my driveway and the tranny stated making noise and not engaging.Asked my wife if it had shifted funny and she said yes and the Check Traction System warning had flashed that very morning.Feel like this could be a neutral relay sensor on the tranny or some other sensor I am unaware of.Brought the fluid level back up to full but to no avail.Still makes noise and does not engage.Going to dissconnect my battery to clear the magement system in hopes that it will re-set any sensor over ride next.Have not bled the brake sysytem yet could it be that simple?
  • I believe the person you purchased it from knew there was problems and didn't want to spend the money fixing them. Any vehicle that has over 176k miles is at the end of the product life, so you can't expect it to perform like knew. The lesson for all reading this is to have an independent mechanic look at a vehicle before you buy it. Do not trust the seller because they are trying to get rid of something and have no conscience. An independent mechanic would have tipped you off about all the problems and steered you away from the purchase. We all learn lessons and I'm sorry it happen to you. You either have to fix it or sell it.
  • How many gears does a 2003 Rendezvous have? Is it 3 or 4? And what would be considered normal RPMs when cruising along on a level drive (not climbing a hill for example)? It seems like my Rhondy only goes to 3rd - this is why I am asking.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,652
    Been a while since I thought about it, but I believe it is essentialy three gears, torque converter should engage around 40MPH and overdrive 4th at higher speed.
  • Went out to start my jeep today and it started right up and then stalled so tried again and kept stalling i tried the key under the column idea and disconnecting the battery but that didn't work any ideas what it could be.
  • I have an 2002 Buick Rendezvous, and my transmission starting slipping. It wouldn't shift right at times, and finally when I came to a red light, once the light turned green I tried hitting the gas peddle while it was in Drive and my car wouldn't move. When it first started acting up, it would really act up when it was cold and seemed to work better when we were getting warmer temperatures. I see a lot of people on here have had similar issues as I currently have.

    My question is for those who got the 'solenoid' replaced. How long did that take for it to be replaced and/or fixed? And what was the price?

    And those who got a Transmission rebuild, How long did it take for that job to be completed? And what was the price?

    And for those who got a Transmission replaced, How long did that take? And what was the price?

  • Well I now know that I am getting my old transmission taken out and replaced with a new one. Does anyone have any kind of idea of how long that will take?

  • This is so disappointing. I have a 2006 rendezvous that I love and am having issues with. We, too, have replaced the bearings 2 times and it now looks like the cv joint needs replacing. I am having signs of electrical issues too. Not to mention I traveled to the U.P. in Michigan this summer and after I arrived at my destination my car wouldn't start because the gas line had rusted through. Thank God I didn't blow up on the way there, I remember someone throwing their cigarette out the window. I think this car is a death trap and with all these issues and sooner or later someone is going to get seriously hurt. I have always been a GM fan but this is it. I have a car that we have taken care of and we are still having all these issues. Why do you think it is GM hasn't dealt with these issues? So many people are complaining about the same problems. :'(
  • I agree with all here. My lemon, I mean Buick has had no many issues. It's a 2006 with only 68K miles on it. At one point we stopped buying Buick altogether, however we did a couple of years ago buy a Buick Regal. At any rate the Rendezvous has had so many issues. We have had multiple suspension issues and little things that go wrong, however now it's worse.

    We have had the low hum that many others at 20-25 mph have when they lightly touch the gas for a while. Now though the rear differential has an issue. An Aluminum rod\pipe has to have the bearing replaced on the rear because of noises. My local trusted mech says he has done 5-6 of these repairs already on other people's cars. We had replaced the fluid in the rear differential at a cost of $400 and did nothing to solve the issue. Now the bearings need to be replaced again at a cost of $1200. So we have multiple issues and the only repair is to spend the money. I'm curious to find out if GM can do anything to solve this issue or if anyone has had luck to fix their Rendezvous issues?
  • Hi I had same problems with my 03 2wd I changed the torque converter solenoid and the two shift solenoids. It started with hard shifting then seemed like it would have A very bad miss during shifts. It wouldn't do it all the time at first just at times then it just would get worst so I replaced the three solenoids myself about 6 hours job . After changing them wow a big difference it will really pick up and go and u can't even feel the shifting real smooth ride. I learned that when the engine light comes on it will give u other codes too but it's the solenoid that is out and that's the main reason. Don't waste money changing the coil packs or control module. Some think that's what it is but is not. The parts at abc auto ran me 85 buck's and I also need about three quarts of fluid that you will lose.I replaced the shift solenoids just because I was already there changing the torque converter solenoid. Hope this helps you out.
  • I have put 2 transmission  in my 2002 buick rendezvous in the pat 4 1/2 years and 2 head gaskets in the past 3 years. I would cut my losses if i was you. I have just over 90k miles and it has no heat no interior  lights buttons on the steering  wheel stopped working abs light is on and awd is not working worse  car ive ever owened and i for one will never buy gm again and i work for them!
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