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2008 Accord Noisy Tires

bearwithmoibearwithmoi Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Honda
We're looking for a new car and test drove a 2008 Accord last weekend. We loved the "cockpit" dashboard and the nav system. But we thought that both the engine (a 4 cylinder) and the wind noise was very loud. Has anyone had a similar experience? We test drove a Camry and a Lexus ES350 on the same day - both V6, and neither seemed as loud. The engine nosie reminded us of our '97 accord with a manual transmission.

completely new to the car buying experience, so forgive any technical blunders here. We'd go for the Accord, but we were bothered by the noise and the increased length (we park on the street a lot).


  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Not having driven the Accord yet, I can't comment on the noise (but have read a review from an owner that it is quieter) but given the way Honda tunes the chassis for more connectedness, it will not be as quiet as Toyota/Lexus.

    Speaking of length, ES350 and Accord are about the same length, an inch or two is unlikely to make a difference. OTOH, the new Accord's turning diameter has reduced, so it should be as easy, it not easier, to park than the outgoing shorter version.
  • just bought a 2008 ex 4cyl.
    Agree that the car is noisy due to the michelin tires.
    noticed it especially on rough concrete.Engine is as quiet as my 02
    camry and no wind noise when sunroof is closed.
  • Why are Honda cars noisy with Michelins and no other manufacturer?

    Maybe its the car & not the tires?
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    The noise definitely has something to do with the car. Maybe it's the shape of the wheel wells, the chassis, or just a lack of soundproofing. I can vouch for the fact that there are much quieter tires than the Michelin MXV4 Energy tires. the Energys were designed, it seems to maximize mileage. The tires I replaced them with are much quieter. I lost 2-3mpg, but I can live with that. The noise, and wet grip were terrible with the MXV4s.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    It is both. Honda doesn't design the car to completely isolate the driver from the world outside. And it limits the options to drastically reduce road noise. It is a fair trade off, although, they are quieter every generation.

    Tires can make a big difference. The stock Michelins are expensive, last for a long time but they hate certain road surfaces (usually old-ish concrete/tar). Every other tire I have had on my 98 Accord since the original has made the cabin quieter and comparable to the quietest cars in the class without giving up the Accord attributes. The car still tracks like I want, and handles well. Mileage has never been a disappointment.
  • grampy1grampy1 Posts: 140
    Interesting comments. I bought a 2007 with a V-6 recently, and it has Michelin mxm4 tires and they are the nosiest tires on any highway i drive. I'm very disappointed as these tires cost ~$200 each. I know Michelin are good tires,but they are a horrible match on the Accord for any year.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Michelins are probably the best quality tires, and they are reliable too. But expensive, a good thing, because it will give you an incentive to go for something different (quieter/sportier) once the stock tires wear out. :D

    The hate, especially, shiny/broken road surfaces. Don't offer good grip either. I have had other kind of disappointments with other brands though. Some were exceptionally quiet and drastically improved steering at the same time, but wore off too quickly (soft compound). It was one of the Yokohamas (forgot the model).
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Checking the specs on tires when I was shopping for replacements on my 03, I found out a few things. The michelin MXV4 Energy tires are lightweight, and have low rolling resistance. They perform well on dry pavement, but not good at all on wet pavement. They are also very noisy on expansion joints and course pavement. The lightweight construction also makes them vulnerable to road hazards. After 16 years driving Accords with MXV4 tires as original equipment on 2 separate cars, I find the michelins to be the least durable of all the tires I've had on them. The tires I decided on for replacements were Bridgestone Turanza's, and as soon as I left the parking lot, I could tell the difference. It felt like the tires were sticky, and it seemed like it took more effort to get them rolling. But on corners and rough roads they are much quieter. On wet roads they are superb. They are also heavier, and with more rolling resistance, I get about 2-3mpg less than with the michelins. Even with the drop in mileage, I think these tires are an improvement.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    I have Turanzas on my 98 Accord, and agree with you. It does seem to have a higher rolling resistance which I was attributing to age of my car. There is a stretch on my commute where I let the throttle go a few yards before entering a low speed ramp, and Accord used to carry greater speed into the ramp but it doesn’t with the Bridgestones. I have not noticed any drop in mileage however, averaging 26-27 mpg on each tank with mixed driving. 25-26 mpg has been the lifetime average with half and half (city/highway).

    I didn’t see Michelins as being prone to road hazards in fact, quite the opposite. On the other hand, my move away from Yokohama was triggered by that fact (and lower life, given my driving style).

    But I have never seen a worse tire than the set in a (rental) Sienna. I went over a pothole that I have several times in my cars, and heard the air being lost. The AAA guy the rental company sent told me that it was a common problem. Based on my experience, I’m assuming softer compound tires are quieter but more prone to road hazards.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    None of my michelins ever lasted until the tread was worn. A bulge from hitting a pothole, or sharp rock (yes, a rock, and it was not all that sharp) went right through it, or something else would always do them in. I used Goodyears and Dunlops after that, and they held up better than the Michelins did. I just have no confidence in them anymore, especially for the price.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    I concur - I've never replaced Michelins due to wear. It's always been due to road damage.
  • My EX I4 is just as quiet on the road as the 2005 Camry I sold. I always put Michelins on my Volvos and never had a problem. When I drove the 08 Camry SE, which I almost bought, I didn't think it was all that quiet. Plus the cheap feeling interior on the Camry made the test drive less pleasant than the Accord. Granted, I have only had the Accord for a week but so far my commute on I95 here in So Florida has been extremely enjoyable.
  • 06nighthawkv606nighthawkv6 SE TexasPosts: 55
    Wow so much for the active noise cancellation and the increased sound proofing that they supposedly put to "try" to make the Accord "Beyond the Road" as in more comfort, on this next gen Accord... Looks like they didn't fix the tire noise and harsh (too sporty?) ride etc

    WOW. This is definitely not a revolutionary improved full model change. I am wondering if it's even evolutionary. It just looks bigger with too many lines and weird body panels(ACE?).

    I apologize 2008 owners as this is what was primarily supposed to be fixed per the marketing blitz "Beyond the Road" One thing I did to delete the tire problem in my 2006 is install some good Toyo Proxes 4 All Season tires. Real good match for this Accord as Toyo uses computers heavily to design the tires and use top notch design and materials! Tire is great in wet and dry and I've put on about 30k on them which is where they will max out. Definitely a recommended tire from me as I got 36k on my 2006.
  • I actually own a 2008 EX Accord and no apology necessary. this car was engineered to have a european feel, and it executes that mission. Your posts are comical as you appear to be trying to confuse people and get them to think twice about the Accord. It won't work, the car looks and feels great. If there are a few bugs with the first few, so be it.
  • As I stated over on the 2008 Accord Coupe and Sedan thread, I took an '08 EX-L V6 out on the interstate for a test drive the other day and found the car to be plenty quiet in all respects -- engine noise, wind, road, tires, whatever -- for my tastes. Not quite as quiet as my '96 Regal or '02 Camry, but acceptable. This is likely to be my next new car.

    I have about 36000 miles on my '04 Accord's Michelins, with no problems, and I find them to also be acceptable. I'll probably trade this one in for the '08.

    My other car -- an '00 Accord coupe -- needed tires recently. I started to order Bridgestone Turanzas, which I've used before -- good tire -- but they seemed pricey this time, so they recommended Kumho Solus KH16. About $325 for Kumhos vs. $550 for Turanzas. They said the Kuhmos would be quiet and also wear well. So far, very quiet, smooth rolling, and I'm pleased. Don't know if this particular Kumho comes in the size that an '08 Accord would require, but so far it seems to be a good brand.
  • Hi:
    I am shopping for automatic EX. Please tell me how much you paid total delivery (or base plus taax) and from where.
    Thanks so much,
  • who has bought one from where and how much?? please give us some ideas of $$$ if you have bought one please !
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    You might want to ask about prices paid in the prices paid forum. There might be more folks talking it.

    But if I had to guess, I would expect to pay about 7-8% off MSRP at the minimum (out the door, including TTL etc, for roughly about the same as MSRP).
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    For the record, I own a new 08 4cyl. EX-L Accord. I have driven it 600 miles over the past 2 weeks on the interstate, commuting and on winding county roads. The tires do make more noise than the ultra-quiet Legacy II Touring tires I had on my last car. However, they are hardly noisy tires. This is particularly true given the fact that the new Accord rides on a 17", lower profile tire. Importantly, other than some "whizzing" from the tires, my new Accord is one of the most quiet cars I have ever driven. I have been impressed with the lack of wind or engine noise!! Perhaps that engine noise cancelling technology on the EX models really works!
  • can you give me some idea how much to expectt to pay after haggling for a exact car such as yours out the door? I am at
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi mondana. You have found the right discussion for this question so it would be a good idea to continue to monitor the Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience discussion where you've been receiving some replies.

    This discussion is specifically about 08 Accord tires, so it's not where you're going to find a lot of folks who can help you.

    Good luck!
  • I just bought an 08 EX-L V6 last week. I haven't noticed any noise coming from the tires at all, and I'm pretty sensitive to noise. My tires are Michelin Pilot HX-MXM4. I'll listen for it tomorrow and see if I can hear anything.
  • 06nighthawkv606nighthawkv6 SE TexasPosts: 55
    Those Michelin MxM4s are the worst tire known to man especially with the price tag they have when (and if) you want to replace them. I got rid of them at around 6k miles and now at 38,xxx, I am still using the Toyo Proxes 4 which is a great tire that I recommend to unfortunate Honda Accord owners of 2006-2008(those before 2006 should already know the tires suck and have probably replaced them with something else by now anyway)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I've got over 25,000 miles on my tires on my 2006. They don't stand out in anyway as being great, but they aren't THAT bad. They are MUCH too expensive though, and I'll replace them with Bridgestone Potenza G009 tires that I have on my 1996. They are great-performing, if a little noisier, and do very well in the rain.

    You want bad tires, buy the Goodyear Integrity series.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Those are the same tires I have on my TL (now with over 30K miles). They are high quality and expensive, and generally good on most surfaces. But there are certain road types they don't like. They are a little hard compounded too.

    Given their cost, when the time is here to replace, I doubt going with them.
  • As a follow up to my previous post, I've been listening the last 2 days for tire noise, and it sounds normal to me. I'm not sure what loud noise I'm supposed to be hearing, but my ears are very good. I have always had better luck with Michelin than any other brand, and was happy to see that I received Michelins on the car. If I ever observe the tires showing symptoms being "the worst tires known to man" I'll let you know. In the meantime, I love my 08 Accord, and the tires that came with it!
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    They get better mpg than many tires that's why Honda puts them on. When you consider losing 1-1.5 mpg with a less expensive tire, they are not so expensive.
  • 06nighthawkv606nighthawkv6 SE TexasPosts: 55
    I'm getting the best mileage with an aftermarket tire then I ever did with those sorry Michigans err Michilins. 08 Accord suffers from the same cheapness as the 7th gen MMC did despite its MMC. heck, the 2008s didn't get better shoes despite it being a FMC!
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Great. Which tire is it? My Goodyear Comfort treads lost 1-1.5 vs. the Oems,but they are so smooth and quiet.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    08 Accord suffers from the same cheapness as the 7th gen MMC did despite its MMC.

    Um, huh? What cheapness?

    2006 Accord EX Sedan, 25,400 miles
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