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2009 Honda Civic



  • I'm ready to purchase a 2009 Civic EX-L, but before I do I'd like to know the current dealer holdback. Does anyone know? Thanks.
  • amkingamking Posts: 16

    i thought i had it in my notes somewhere from previous research, but i cant find it this second. rather than give you wrong info i recommend checking out a site like fightingchance that will have all the info you could want and some. i'm waiting for honda to offer a low apr deal again before i pull the trigger on an 09 civic. when i do i'll be purchasing the current info from fightingchance (dealer holdback, regional advertising fees (honda has some here in the southeast), etc). some people even go to the depth of trying to find invoice on the honda accessories... i wont go that far, but i'm sure you get the point.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    No need to go elsewhere. Have a look at this link: Dealer Holdback.

    Hope this helps!
  • Does anyone know when Honda might lower its APR on loans for 2009 Civics? A SoCal dealer gave us a whopping 5.99% offer. Any rumors out there about better rates?
    After all, Honda overall sales were down 24% for September.
    Toyota is offering 0% at the moment.
    P.S. Thanks for the good info on the 2009 Civic holdbacks, by the way.
  • Any opinions out there about the effectiveness of the moonroof visor? Thanks.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Avoid it. It collects water underneath during rain, washing, etc and takes much longer to dry, meaning longer until you can use it!

    Also, Honda has a built in air deflector that works well, it pops up when the roof is opened.

    That, along with the better sleek styling you'll have without it make the Visor a no-go for me.
  • sinsdsinsd Posts: 46
    Was at a dealer browsing the new LX-S - I hadn't seen the black interior yet. I ordered a one via another dealer in my area (the only way at this point to get the color I want). They offered me INVOICE on an LX-S (with propak) right there.

    Looking good for negotiating right now, as the econ falls into deep disrepair and (small) cars aren't flying off lots as they did during the gas scare.
  • Hi Everybody....

    Want to buy a new car to be used for commuting purpose.... i will be using it only for about 4-5 years max....
    i dont know whether to decide between civic or fit :confuse: ..... I'm looking a fuel effiicient car and a car that should give me good resale value (having that the car is neat while selling).... I'm a working single so i will be the only user of the car....

    any suggestions or ideas....???????
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Anything that averages over 30 MPG should work for you, Honda Civic or Fit, Toyota Corolla or Yaris. Do your research.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Decide what is more important to you. Are you looking for driving fun and a sporty experience, or something softer and more comfortable? Do you value interior space over a couple of extra miles per gallon? What kind of features are "must-haves" or "like-to-haves?" What role does price play?

    Check out the Civic, the Fit, the Nissan Versa and Sentra, the Toyota Corolla, Yaris, or maybe even something like the Ford Focus or Mazda 3i.

    There are lots of options out there. Maybe give us some ideas of what you're looking for and we'll try and help you decide, because the options are very good!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Another option is the Elantra. Also, if it's only going to be kept for only 4-5 years don't forget the used option. The 2009 Civic is relatively unchanged from 2006-8, for example, the Mazda3i's design dates to the 2004 MY, and the Elantra to 2007 MY, so it's possible to get a slightly-used fuel-efficient small car, under warranty (factory or extended) for little dough.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Ah yes! I knew I was forgetting something - the Elantra is a good buy for a roomy, comfortable, inexpensive car.
  • sinsdsinsd Posts: 46
    Change the Title in Your Message When Your Message Changes!

    "09 Civic-LX-S Invoice Offer"
    . . . has nothing to do with your commuter car, for example

  • Honda just announced 3.9% A.P.R on 60 month terms for all civics except the Natural Gas Model.
  • lvtltnlvtltn Posts: 10
    Just got back from the dealer, plan to trade 07 civic for 09, but after look at the 09, I change my mind. The car is almost the same except the front bumper and the grill(?), the corner bumper of the old one has a round curve shape, and the 09 has a angle shape. It looks kind of ugly to me. What do you think?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    My question: why did you plan to trade your 07? Just curious.


    Call me crazy, but they both appear to have the same creased bumper at the front corner of the car. The wheels aren't good-looking though, I'll grant you that. To me though, the differences are VERY minor between the two cars; smart on Hondas part, in my opinion anyway. The Civic is selling like CRAZY, so there's no need to mess with a good thing.
  • sinsdsinsd Posts: 46
    the above/top photo is NOT an 09
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    the above/top photo is NOT an 09

    No kiddin'! ;) That's why I labled it with 2006-2008 above it. I showed a Civic like yours to show the differences/similarities with the "refreshed" 09 model.
  • mth2mth2 Posts: 25
    I'm mulling over buying a Civic next year and can't decide between EX and SI. The two key questions I have about the SI are:

    1. Is the gas mileage for the SI really as good as the posts I saw in the MPG forum? I own an Acura TL-S with 260 hp and I consistently get 24mpg with a/c on, 26 with a/c off. So to go to a smaller car, I would need to see mpg that averages over 30, otherwise it doesn't really make sense to buy.

    2. What is this issue I've vaguely heard about on the SI- something like the throttle sticks in third gear, or something to that effect. Has that been corrected? I heard it was an electronic glitch.

    If anyone out there has purchased an 09 SI Sedan, I'd love to hear your comments.

  • Were there any early pics in that site? Would be curious to see what's planned for the front & rear fascias with the new model...if any. But using past history as a guide, bet there will be some small noticeable tweaks. Makes people think they're getting something extra and it's interesting to see what the designers can come up with within their parameters so no retooling will be necessary.
  • Sorry sinsd, but BOTH photos are 09's, the top picture is the new LX-S that uses the wheels from the 06-08 EX and the bottom is the updated 09 EX.
  • lvtltnlvtltn Posts: 10
    Hey, you did not not see the big different at the corner of front bumper? I never see a car have that kind of angle.Did you see the 09 in person or just the picture? ---I plan to trade it because my car had too many problems, but I still love its shape - it a coupe.
  • sinsdsinsd Posts: 46
    Ya. Thanks for clarity. I like how Honda is using up those old wheels for the LX-S. . . I prefer those new, redesigned for my LX-S, but dealer won't swap.
  • amkingamking Posts: 16
    they'll swap here to make the sale (take the wheels from an LX-S and put them on a new 09 EX for no charge). i personally cant stand the new 'cheese grater' looking wheels that are on the 09 EX's.
  • sinsdsinsd Posts: 46
    They might do it that way, but not the other i.e. give me the EX wheels for the LX-S's. The new design looks better up close/in person than in pics or when it's moving. Maybe Honda will regret the change?
  • I just purchased a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid this past May 31, 2008. Honda dealer calls me up last week to see if I want to trade it in for a 2009 Honda Civic. I was going in to have my tire checked for a leak and so I looked at the crunching of numbers for trade. Bottom line is 2009 Civic EX with Moonroof and Remote Start, paying off my $10,500 loan on my car, giving me $15,800 trade in for my 2005 Hybrid, and I pay $16,275 for the Honda Civic EX. With the 3.9% interest rate for 5 years it is $299 a month. My loan for my Hybrid was at 5.09% for 5 years and was $234 a month. I can't decide if I should do this. I have like 1 day to figure this out.
  • Let me get this straight...they are giving you 15.8k on your hybrid and your price on the 09 EX will be $16,275 before TTL?? That would be an incredible deal, as invoice price is ~$2000 more than that.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Keep in mind, many hybrids that are pre-owned can be sold for near what they were new, or in a few rare cases, MORE than what was originally paid.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    I read it that the EX actually will cost $21,575, before the trade-in. Most of the trade-in value goes to pay off the loan.
  • I don't know what TTL stands for. But the dealer started out with the EX costing around 21,???. I just showed him my paper that had the info for my current loan info on it with monthly payments of $234 at 5.09% and that I wanted to keep my payments as close to that as possible and definitely under $300. So he did his figuring and came up with a trade in value of 15,800 for my car and paying off my loan. So the bottom line was my payment would be $299 a month for a 5 year loan at 3.9% and this was for $16,??? (whatever I said in my first post). Tonight I went to a different dealer to see what they would give me just to see the difference and they only offered me $11,000 - 12,000 on my trade-in. I was mad at that for my car. It really is a great car. 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid and I get great gas mileage. But then driving home I was thinking maybe I was taken by the dealer that sold me the car back on May 31, 2008 when I purchased the car. I bought it for I think it was $17 or 18,000 but I bought an extended warranty and it ended up being $21,000 somehow. I don't exactly remember and I'd have to get my paperwork out but I think it was $21,???. This makes me mad though thinking I might have gotten taken. If it isn't even 6 months later and it might not be worth much more than half of what I paid. On the other hand, maybe I should take this other dealer's offer for 15,800 for my car and get the EX for 16,???. It just will be so hard to lose my 40 mpg gas savings.
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