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2009 Honda Civic



  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    This sounds "fishy"to me. If they want 750 more and they get "dealer cash" 750 - that would be a wash out. What are they talking about?
    You can find official Honda's financing special offers on their website - there is no such things (about $ 750) mentioned there. The interest rate that you have mentioned is correct. I wouldn't pay the extra 750 that they are asking.
    Better yet, get your own financing. Best source would be a credit union car loan. If you are not a member, you can always join one. Credit unions have the best financing deals these days, far better than any banks and they want your "local" business.
  • I also have a very new 09LX, and it has ~1,500 miles on it. I notice something similar-when I am coasting and not applying the gas, the car will down-shift to first gear. I think this is the i-VTEC (intelligent vtec) seems as if this would help with breaks. Downshifting seems to slow the car down for me so I don't have to break as much as I normally would. Does this sound similar to your car?

    What do you mean, lurching forward? As in, when you're applying the brakes the car lurches forward, or after you've stopped?

    Does your car seem to ever have difficulty with fast accelerations/going up hills? Those are some issues I've noticed- after slowing down for a red light (and I can really feel it downshifting), I often have to quickly speed up as the light has turned green. It feels as if the car really doesn't want to kick back up to a higher gear. Also on hills, the car seems a bit sluggish-this is probably just the 4 cylinder thing.

    PS I have an automatic.
  • PS please excuse my bad spelling
    ** breaks = brakes

    Hey, I'm tired today. Spent 3 hours at the DMV registering the new Honda.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    As with all automatic transmissions this one will also downshift when coasting to a near stop so it is again in low or first gear in preparation for acceleration from a stop or low speed situation. Pretty much normal for all automatics. It isn't anything to do with VTEC but a function of being in the right gear (or nearly so ) at the right time. This transmission also has "grade logic" which automatically downshifts on down hill grades and holds the lower gear until the system detects you have decended the hill. This aids in controlling the vehicle speed without as much brake use. It also works in reverse (not the reverse gear) when the transmission downshifts and holds a lower gear on assending steep hills without annoying hunting for the correct gear (a downshift followed by an upshift followed by another downshift incessantly.).
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    While I love my 2009 Civic, the high quality materials, driving dynamics (albeit a little body lean in fast turns), excellent small sports-like steering wheel, no squeaks or rattles, and much more, I would like to pinpoint some room for improvement which I experienced in the past few months since I bought the car.

    There are some bigger issues, which has already been addressed in many reviews, both pro & consumer. Among them: Terrible road noise (especially that the roads around my area are old and noise increases even more. On newer, smooth roads it is a bit better). Noise includes also the “exhaust/muffler vibration” which makes you shiver when standing behind the car with the engine running;

    No stability control on lower models, and bluetooth hands-free calling is reserved only for the top-end models with navigation systems, (and even these only imports up to 50 names to the system! But I have 300 names in my phone!! Hello!?). Also among the big complaints is that except for the top models, there is no remote trunk release! Can you imagine? You must insert your key to open it or bent down to the floor at the driver’s door in order to open trunk. All these are known concerns. Now to my list, many of them nitpicking:

    Headlamps are not bright enough. High beams are much better, but low beam needs improvement. I would also love the headlamps to come on for a short period when I press the “unlock” button on the key fob, and likewise to stay lit for a minute after turning off engine.

    The outside power mirror switches, which I’ll probably use once in my lifetime, is nicely illuminated. But power window switches, which I use several times every day is not! (except for drivers). Is that logically? Likewise, when you open the drivers door, many gauges lits up nicely, but I am still unable to see where to insert the key. Isn’t an illuminated ignition key insert more important and useful to light up rather than some unimportant gauges? And talking about opening front doors, why don’t the front lamps light up when opening a front door (in many other Honda vehicles, like the odyssey, it does!). If it would have light up, I would be able to see the ignition ring. Also, please put a lamp in the glove box.

    I was talking about power mirror switches. I would like to add that both, Hyundai Elantra & Kia Forte offer heated power mirrors standard on all models. But the Civic only give it to you on the top model. It would be extremely useful to add it to lower models as well.

    Being that it is a Japanese vehicle, I would “Americanize” it a little, in several ways. First, ditch that annoying Japanese horn sound. Second, improve the lock/unlock switch. Like Toyota recently did. The American lock/unlock switches is more logically and intuitive designed. “illuminated” cruise control switches are so dimly lighted, I can barely read it. Please make it brighter.

    Also take off those annoying leading zeros, both on stereo and odometer. When playing an MP3 disk, this is how the display would read: 02-004-03’15 (which is Folder 2, track 4, 3:15 time elapsed). Why the confusing leading zeros? Same in odometer. If I have 13 miles, I hate to see 000013. Also get rid of the apostrophe symbol between the hours & minutes (on stereo), and start using the colon symbol, like all mp3 players (4:22 instead of 04'22).

    Also on the Japanese, a locking gas cap. At every fill up, you must manually bend down to the floor to open the “door” for the gas cap. What is that for? (Anyone still stealing gas??)

    Also a stupid idea mostly found on Japanese cars, that lower end models does not get variable wiper speeds, just slow & fast! This sucks! Why shouldn’t I be able to set more intervals my self? I don’t ask here for rain-sensing wipers! I also noticed a “click” every time before and after the wipers are wiping. Very annoying.

    Talking about the wipers, Most Honda vehicles are designed that the wipers wipe off as much as possible of the windshield (unlike most American designed wipers). But on the Civic, too mush is left un-wiped. I tried to replace with bigger wipers, but Honda designed it that you can’t, because it will be blocked.

    Seats are not bad, but would love to see the addition of lumbar support. Your lower back may hurt on longer trips.

    Improve the stereo system. It sounds horrible.

    The interior door grab/pull handle is not sufficient. Besides, there is no where to hold on tightly when taking a turn, etc. You should adopt the design as in the Toyota Camry, or in your own CR-V, or Acura MDX, recent Lincolns, and many other vehicles. They’re so much more comfortable.

    Lack of exterior temperature indicator on all but the top model! That is surely a shame. Toyota Corolla offers it on all models. And also I would LOVE to have a trip computer to show me mileage and more.

    Somehow, the turning circle radius (which Honda says is 35 ft.) seems to be not correct. It feels more like 39-40. I did not measure it myself, but compared to other Honda’s, the Civic’s really fall short.

    Cheap sun visors. And no extender. Does not belong in a Honda vehicle, period.

    Also very annoying, if you unlock the car and do not open a door within 30 seconds, it re-locks automatically. Although it’s a great safety feature, I think that 30 seconds is way too soon. Give me a minute or 2!

    That’s all for now. Hope not to add more in the coming months!

    And please share your opinions as well.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    WOW - that's critical!
    I am sorry, but if you prefer to have othe features that Honda does or doesn't offer you should have bought another brand and make.
    Honda conducts quite a few "public" clinics (I was on few of them) and public reports back items and features that they prefer and then they are (or are not) incorporated in their designs. Like the 30-sec automatic lock - I happen to like that feature and obviously majority of respondents as well.
    My wife has 2009 Civic EXL and I have 2009 VW Jetta Wagon Tdi. While VW is more "fun to drive and has a better mileage" Honda offers carefree commute from point A to point B. We are happy with both. There is no answer to a question: what is the best car? Everyone looks for something in particular and no car manufacturer can satisfy everybody's taste. It is always a compromise.
    Back to you report though. You can increase the headlight brightness by changing the headlamp bulbs and put ultra btright PIAA bulbs there (same wattage but brighter!).
    You can eliminate "road" noise by replacing tires that are rated more quiet than yours (see TireRack website).
    You can replace wiper blades with Valeo brand - they clean most of the windshield.
    Locking fuel caps are handy in certain markets in the U.S. - yes, the gas is still being siphoned out.
    Outside temp sensor is on our model - all you have to do is click set-reset button to have it displayed.
    Finally, most Hondas sold in the U.S. are designed and assembled in North America - so any referral to "Japanese" isn't really proper.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    “illuminated” cruise control switches are so dimly lighted, I can barely read it. Please make it brighter.

    Any brighter and they'd be distracting; I prefer them not lit. I set them by feel anyway. The accel-resume/decel-set rocker has a different feel than the other buttons.

    Lack of exterior temperature indicator on all but the top model! That is surely a shame. Toyota Corolla offers it on all models. And also I would LOVE to have a trip computer to show me mileage and more.

    Heavens! We can't get the weather report! :P Kidding.

    Cheap sun visors. And no extender. Does not belong in a Honda vehicle, period.

    They extend. While the visor is out of its clip, pull on it. The whole thing pulls away, back towards the driver/back seat. I learned this a year or so ago in my '06 Accord. I was tickled to learn it!

    Also a stupid idea mostly found on Japanese cars, that lower end models does not get variable wiper speeds, just slow & fast! This sucks! Why shouldn’t I be able to set more intervals my self?

    There's a reason people step up from lower-end models to get things like a high-end sound system, trunk release on fob, variable-speed wipers, audio controls on the wheel, etc (all on the EX model since the beginning of this generation [2006], but not offered on the LX). More money buys more features. Perhaps you'd have been more happy with a Fit Sport, Corolla, or Elantra. They seem to offer more of the features you want.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    Yeah, that's critical, but as I was pointing out most of them is nitpicking, so no big deal. It’s just some “reference” for Honda if they want to perfect their vehicles, they should take my advice..

    I know that higher models offer more features, but there are basic stuff that should really be standard. There is a limit of how much you can de-content a low-end vehicle. Many cars give you manual window switches and door locks, other comes with no a/c or stereo, and you need to pay more to get those.. So what’s next? Pay for a steering wheel?

    Don’t get me wrong. The Civic’s not bad, and I like that Honda in general (unlike Toyota) makes various models very easy to choose, shop and compare, without the confusing option packages for every model. But still, sometimes I don’t need leather and navigation, but I do need a small exterior temperature gauge, or bluetooth, for example. I would pay the few extra bucks for them. I am only comparing the Civic to other manufacturers to “proof” that it is not totally out of order to offer these kind of features on basic small model. I’d still take the Honda over the competition for their refined driving dynamics.

    About your suggestion for road noise - replacing tires is a big expense. I wouldn't do it only if needed to. I want the car to be quiet right "out of the box". Anyone here interested maybe in a noisy ride? I don't see Honda's point.

    Now a few more complaints on the Civic, which I think is not so smartly designed:

    1) You can not turn off the “seat belt reminder”. I always belt, but sometimes just driving slowly in a parking lot or similar situations, I don’t need my seat belts on, but the "reminder" drives me nuts. Most other manufacturer gives you a way out, and let you disable in some way.

    2) Further more, if the belt charm is already going off, nothing will help stop it, not even coming to a full stop and shifting into PARK. The annoying “reminder” should at least not work when in PARK.

    3) When you activate the “power windows lock” on drivers door to prevent access of opening/closing windows, the drivers controls are also being locked. This is very unintuitive and frustrating. Driver’s controls always needs to be unlocked and work. I’ve never seen another vehicle to behave that way.

    Again, let me repeat, my Civic is terrific, a delight to drive day to day (except for the road noise which bothers me terribly), I am just pointing out some areas upon Honda should improve, and be “the best”.

    Thanks, Honda, for listening!
  • bearcrkrdbearcrkrd Posts: 167
    Good Post. I have an '08 LX. Many of the things you mention I do not care about. Some I agree with very strongly. Number one is road noise. It is horrible. After one year of ownership, I spent $750 dollars on "quiet" tires. They only helped a small amount. Does track excellent with the Goodyear ResponseEdge, though! Variable speed interval wipers should be on my LX, too. And lumbar support. I would like to see a light in the glovebox, but it needs to come out (at least partially) to change the cabin air filter, so I think that is why. Wouldn't want the wire bundle hanging?? Next is the exterior temp guage and a lighted ignition ring when you first jump in the car. I agree with you again.
    Stability control would be very nice. That should be mandatory for 2010, or 2011 for sure? I used that, along with Drum rear brakes, as a bargaining chip when I bought my '08 LX. Radio could be better, but if the car was quieter, or you are stopped, it sounds good.
    I think the lights are plenty bright, wipers swipe just fine, and don't mind the gas cap lever or trunk release in the cabin.
    Some of your other points I do not use the stuff that much, or don't notice it.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    You can not turn off the “seat belt reminder”. I always belt, but sometimes just driving slowly in a parking lot or similar situations, I don’t need my seat belts on, but the "reminder" drives me nuts. Most other manufacturer gives you a way out, and let you disable in some way.

    Honda does this for lawsuit reasons, I'm sure. That said, my dad has had $12,000 damage done in a grocery store parking lot. He got hit by someone who didn't stop at the end of their row and turned in front of my dad, causing him to effectively hit them square on, in our then-new '92 Accord. His head shattered the windshield.

    Wear your seatbelt if your car is out of park.

    I almost forgot to ask... what cars let you disable the seatbelt reminder, and I'm not referring to pulling a fuse out...? :)

    I remember the days when "basic stuff" wasn't inclusive of power windows and locks, 6 speaker CD players, and cruise control.

    My dad's "basic" Civic he had in '91 had a 4-speed manual, no radio, and dealer-added A/C. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a lumbar adjustment either! :blush: :shades:

    My how times, expectations, and prices, have changed.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    I know that Ford, Chrysler and Toyota have a way to disable. Not an easy button, though. You have to follow a series of pressing buttons and lock/unlock seat belts, etc. Ask anyone to borrow an owner's manual and you'll find it.

    The annoying part with the Civic is that even if you shift to park, the series of beeps will not stop.

    Another nitpick: Removing the floor mat from from drivers seat (for cleaning or changing) is unnecessarily cumbersome, and it's even harder to put back and fasten on the hooks.

    Also the "AUX IN" is difficult to access, especially with one hand. That cover has to come off. Who needs a cover for the AUX IN insert?

    OK, I think I'll stop already. Enough with the complaints.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Removing the driver's side floor mat better be difficult in view of a recent law suit against Toyota (and subsequent recall) whereas the floor mat got stuck with the gas pedal and would not let go....
  • sinsdsinsd Posts: 46
    I agree- all the little complaints. What bugs the helloutta me is the rear drum brake. DRUM BRAKE! HONDA! WHY?
  • max09max09 Posts: 4
    I bought a 2009 Honda Civic EX-L Sedan about 3 weeks ago! I am from Hamilton, Ontario Canada.

    Dealers in the province of Ontario had a promotion going on until November 2 on all remaining 2009 Honda's of $3,500 off!

    On the Civic sedans it's $2,500 off the MSRP. I had a couple of prices of what i wanted to pay for the car before i want to the dealership. I was at the dealership for approximately 3 hours, trying to negotiate my price! The final price with all the fees and taxes was $25,900!

    How did anyone else do? This post is of course open to everyone, but i would really be interested in hearing those specifically from Canada!
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    I am not sure what is the exchange rate but I think you've got a pretty good deal.
    I bought "used" 2009 Honda Civic EX-L for my wife with 6000 miles on it back in July from a Toyota dealership for $ 18,000 (someone traded fully a loaded EX-L for Toyota Prius...).

    Normally. if a Toyota dealer doesn't have a Honda franchise, you can pick up quite a nice car because dealers try to stick with their own brand and they give you a pretty good deal on a different trade in.

    5000 miles later and one B1 service (oil, filter and tire rotation) the car is perfect.

    We also replaced windshield wipers with Valeo brand. These are not OEM Honda (quite a complicated design of the blades) but they are OEM on most European cars and are cheaper than OEM Honda wiper blades. In my opinion, they are better than OEM. Depending on climate, wiper blades should be replaced at least once per year (or every oil change). The reason I am saying this is because some 2009 models are sitting on dealer's lot for almost a year and rubber on those wipers goes bad.

    Another item to check is the tire pressure because people that prep new cars at dealerships (for close to min. wages) tend to over-inflate tires.

    Other ownership experiences.
    My wife first complained about the "second" tachometer display (speed) above the lower instrument cluster but after she got used to it she actually loves it. It shows you (in big numbers) what you need to know most - the speed!
    We also replaced the fabric floor mats with custom made rubber floor mats, both in passenger compartment as well as rear cargo trunk.
    One draw back is a relatively small gas tank. But I guess it's that way for a reason - you get a better overall average mileage with a lighter car!

    Happy motoring!
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    One of the favorite things I like about my Civic (or any Honda for that matter), is that they use the straight shifters. Unlike Toyota, which gives you the GATED SHIFTER (very ugly IMO, and not useful at all, I don't see the advantage). I would suggest Honda to keep it up and don't fall for those stupid shifters.

    One thing, though, which someone mentioned before, and both Toyota & Honda are accused for that, which I would like to see changed: Give the option for a car charger to work even the engine is off. You can not charge a cell phone or any other device with engine off (unlike all American vehicles, which gives you the ability).

    Interesting though, speaking about the battery, that Honda doesn't have a battery saver feature like most other manufacturers, especially domestic. Meaning, if you leave an interior lamp ON by mistake, it won't turn off automatically after a while, causing your battery to drain. Thankfully, they had the same problems with (more common) headlamps -- I had an incident with a 2005 Accord --, but that was recently corrected on most Honda models. Still need to do the same for interior lamps.

    Another minor improvement I would like to see in Toyota/Honda cars, to get rid of the intrusive trunk hinges, which limits trunk space & crushing cargo. Again, in this regard the US manufacturers are better. So copy them.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    I think it was mentioned on this forum previously that designs of Hondas (like most other brands) are based on frequent consumer's clinics where consumers fill out features that they prefer or what they would like to see on future models. I was on few of them myself.
    Only then some of these features are implemented into production.

    Gated shifter is a safety issue (so that kids bouncing inside the car, for example) do not accidentaly shift gears. All Subarus, for example, have that feature. You may not like it but most people surveyed probably do.

    Ditto car charger. If these were "live" and someone would leave some electronics plugged in, it becomes a fire hazzard.

    I agree with you on the lights accidentally left on and draining battery. One example, daytime driving lights on VW Jetta do not automatically turn off, when you turn the iginition key off. That is annoying. Typically, a small interior bulb should not drain the battery although in some instances and climates it might.

    Withe regards "copy them" - they did a lot of copying in the past and it seems that is now the other way around; i.e. US car manufacturers are copying them (in my opinion)!
  • Signed Scarborough ON Canada deal on Oct 31 2009. On the road (OTR) price is $24,999. No options / extras in this deal except wheel locks and touch up paint. Only regret (so far ... delivery is later this week) is that my first offer (accepted) didn't go into managers office lower :-(
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Gated shifter is a safety issue (so that kids bouncing inside the car, for example) do not accidentaly shift gears. All Subarus, for example, have that feature. You may not like it but most people surveyed probably do

    I disagree - I can just as easily shift down a gear in a gated shifter as in my inline auto shifter. To go past neutral or 3rd, You have to push the button on the lever. In my girlfriend's Hyundai Santa Fe, you just push forward and the gates guide you to park; no button necessary. I'd say its safer to have to make two steps to shift (button+movement) rather than just movement. At least the gates in my friend's old TL ('96) required one push down on the shifter to move it past Reverse or into lower gears.

    Whose kids are bouncing around the car while driving down the road? The driver should be buried under the jail for not buckling the kids up.
  • With regard to Honda's use of a non-gated has garnered universal dislike in the automotive press for the ease with which it slides past D (drive using all 5 speeds) into 3 (I believe) which eliminates overdrive use causing the car to motor along in other than 5th gear with the driver mostly unaware. Can you say worse, relatively speaking, fuel economy? If I remember correctly at least one poster here also complained that he found his daughter consistently driving in 3 rather than D. It isn't too confining to follow the gated shift pattern found on Hyundai among others since you generally only shift from park to drive or reverse once or twice during any given drive.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    No kids should be bouncing - that was just a figure speech...although I have seen that around here quite a lot... for that matter, there are many other distractions like texting, handling food, smoking, animals running back and forth ... etc. that could trigger shifter to's a jungle out there....
    I like the gated shifter and apparently many others as well...had it on my Subrau ....
  • max09max09 Posts: 4
    Wow! Is this for a 2009 or 2010? $24,999, does that include taxes & freight? I think no matter what price you get your vehicle for, you always think that you could of gotten better! I was very happy paying $25,900 for my 2009 EX-L!
  • Had my 2009 Civic LX-S ( 5000 miles) stolen from my driveway last week. Car was locked and I am still in possesion of both keys. No alarm was heard and car has not been found to date. This is my second Honda stolen from my residence in 7yrs. Either it's time to move or better start buying Lojack.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Most stolen cars:

    1994 Honda Accord
    1995 Honda Civic
    1989 Toyota Camry
    1997 Ford F150 Series
    2004 Dodge Ram Pickup
    2000 Dodge Caravan
    1996 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee
    1994 Acura Integra
    1999 Ford Taurus

    Hondas are stolen mostly for parts because thiefs can make more money on parts rather than on stolen cars - those are harder to "unload".

    Get a dog! The best alarm ever!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I'm surprised. I wonder how they got around the immobilizer key?
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    One popular way nowadays is towing the vehicle away. They push/pull/drag the car to a secure spot and then pull it on a tow truck.
  • I changed oil on my 2009 civic when it had 5000 miles on it. This was the first oil change. Being old school, I didn't want to leave the break in oil in past 5000 miles. Ever since then, my mileage dropped from 32 to 27 and the motor seems to start like the battery is low. Did I make a mistake by not leaving the break in oil in longer? I changed it in November just before it turned cold. This may contribute to it also. Any info would be appreciated.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Assuming you've used the correct viscosity and OEM oil filter, earlier oil change should not effect your mileage.
    Could it be the "cold" weather? Not sure in what climate zone you live but that could have an effect on starting.
  • I used 5w20. It is in Michigan. The motor seems very tight acts just like the battery is low. It is inside overnight and has not been super cold. I have read that mileage drops but I never had a car drop so much. Does anyone know what makes the original break in oil so special?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    My mileage here (Birmingham, AL) dropped fairly significantly with winter-blend fuel. Combined with new tires, I'm down about 4-5 MPG from where I was over the summer on my 4-cyl Accord.
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