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Buying a Vehicle with Cash, Check or Credit Card



  • jmonroejmonroe Pittsburgh areaPosts: 7,491
    this new application that came in yesterday from the dealer whom i bought the car from has one document required which i cannot provide.

    You haven’t said what the document is that you can’t provide. If that is a personal thing you don’t have to say what it is here but I would call the bank to see if they can clear this up.

    If you already got approval for a loan from that bank I don’t think you would have a problem but I’m not in the biz.

    If you hang on a little longer a salesman may show up. A call for help by the host went out to another forum and there are some pretty savvy people that hang out here at Edmunds but I can’t see why a call to the bank will hurt.

    Good luck and don’t worry, it’s only a car purchase. Paper problems can always be fixed.


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  • Thanks.

    Its a doc that shows i paid off my charged off account that shows on my credit report. but i have disputed that fraudalent charge. so i dont want to pay them.

    i am going to call the bank, hopefully they can clear this.

    thank you
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,675
    OK, you can relax.

    No smart dealer will assume that when a customer tells them their loan is "Pre Approved" that it's a done deal.

    To protect themselves, they will have the customer fill out an application. They will then have an "Option Contract" ready to go just in case the "Pre Approved" loan doesn't go through.

    No, I hav never had this happen but it does happen.

    The dealer faxes the information to the customers' lender and the lender delwys paymnet fotr some reason or they decide they want to throw some "stips" in before they approve the loan.

    So the dealer doesn't get paid. The dealer will then call the customer and they will prod them to get thier lender on the ball. We do like to get paid!

    As a last resort, the dealer can use the Option Contract fo fund the car deal.

    As far as your chargeoff that has now been paid, it couldn't have hurt you too bad or you wouldn't have been approved. If a person has otherwise good credit the lenders will assume it was a mistake of some kind.

    I wouldn't be worried.
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