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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Noises and Sounds



  • OK I'll try and do this step by step as it happened. 1998 Cherokee 4.0L 151,000 miles. About 2 weeks ago I noticed the Alt. gauge dropping-it comes and goes but still starts and runs OK. I was planning on replacing it this coming week. Of course yesterday we got a foot of snow (just to add to the upcoming aggravation). Awhile ago I went to start it and the key wouldn't turn in the ignition. So I did the usual twisting, turning, wiggling, etc. Finally it broke free but with some effort and started fine. However immediately I noticed the following warning lights- "Brake", "Air Bag" and "Check Engine" (I quit paying attention to this one several years ago). As anyone knows who has ever owned one of these models usually a good "Fist to the Dash" makes the warning lights go away. Not this time. Then I noticed no wipers, radio, pwr. windows, turn signals. All gauges were reading OK. So I go ahead and drive to the local mini-mart for supplies. I left it running just in case. After a couple minutes a VERY loud grinding noise started coming from the engine compartment. I only live about a mile away so I put it in drive and hoped for the best. Immediately the noise stopped. So I make it home and put it in park and it starts again. After more scratching my head it only makes the noise when in park or neutral. Still no wipers, radio, etc. All fuses are OK. I don't have a garage and I'm to old and spent way to many days and nights under a car in this kind of weather to mess with it any longer. My first guess is the bearings in the alternator finally went but I've never heard one that loud. And also why only in Park/Neutral? And why no wipers, radio, etc.? Any help is appreciated.
    Merry Christmas,
  • Almost everytime i brake, there's a clicking sound coming from the rear of my car...idk if its the brakes or not...just wondering if any of you guys have had the same problem as me or not..and if so how to fix it..
  • do you have a part number or the actual name of the part?? i have this same problem with my 04 grand cherokee limited.
  • I have a 2003 Jeep grand Cherokee. When I shut off the engine, in approximately two minutes, a clicking noise occurs. It sounds like someone tapping their finger nail on a Formica counter. It will last for between 72 and 74 clicks then stop. It's been doing it for about two years, so I can live with it, but I would sure like to know what it is. I had blend door problems with this car and assumed it was related to that but I recently repaired that problem (Heater Treater Kit, highly recommended) but it has nothing to do with that. Any suggestions???
  • I have 99 JGCL and i have the same problem that you have with rear end making noise when going over bumps. did you get a cure for your problem. thanks Christian
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    heck lower shock mount bolt make sure it is good and tight
  • ampy1ampy1 Posts: 1
    ive got a cherokee v8 2000 model and it makes a bad whining noise on full lock and it feels like the brakes are on but when i straighten up it stops
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    check front joints on the axles also front drive shaft
  • I was driving on a slight incline and heard this grinding/clucking noise underneath the bottom in the center I continued to drive no noise then as I came to the slight inclined I heard this noise again Has any one else had this to happen What is this noise?
  • joe284joe284 Posts: 3
    I have the same problem. Were you ever able to figure out what was wrong? I took it to a mechanic he said maybe some bad suspension bushings, nothing he would worry about.
  • branskebranske Posts: 2
    I took my Jeep to the Jeep house and had it checked out. I am not confident of the answer I got but I was told that I needed to replace the front brake caliper with a new design that Jeep had come out with. To be honest, I thought the answer was a bit flaky so I just left it. It has gone on for some time now. I thought I would try one more time but, no, I can't say that I have sorted it out yet.
  • nlb71nlb71 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee with approx. 160K miles. There's a squeak that sounds like it's coming from the rear drivers side. It's almost as if something needs to be oiled? Has anybody had this problem; and if so, what was the cure?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    rear wheel bearing or you have to replace the emergency brake shoes i would at least check them
  • nlb71nlb71 Posts: 2
    Thanks ... I'll get it checked
  • nichman63nichman63 Posts: 1
    Daughter has 95 Laredo that I cannot locate/fix ticking noise coming from underneath front passenger side of dash. Noise is 24/7 when key is either removed or inserted. I can only assume it is occuring when engine is running also. All lights, and flashers seem to work. Has anyone got this figured out?
  • joe284joe284 Posts: 3
    Thanks for your reply. My front tie rods had a lot of play in them so I thought I would change them on the drag link. I thought maybe as the weight shifted when the brakes were applied the noise was coming from the rotation of the drag link bar. Even after the tie rods were changed the noise is still there. I hate to keep guessing and throwing money and parts at this but before my wife drives the vehicle I'd like to get it fixed. Thanks for your information.
  • joe284joe284 Posts: 3

    I just changed my front rotors and the popping has stopped. The rim of the rotors was really pitted. The rotors were rusted on there pretty good too. I had to take a dead blow hammer and beat both sides off. I replaced the rotors and the noise has stopped. Hopefully this was the issue. Good luck.
  • The A/C went from cold to cool to nothing. Vacuum system recharged and the compressor is working. Still not cooling.
  • Sounds like something needs to be oiled. I've paid $750 so far on my 1996 Grand Cherokee Limited. When I start the jeep, it sounds like the engine is coming apart. Long, loud and continuous screeching comes from the front of the serpintine belt area , near the A/C compressor and alternator. They've changed the belt, (twice) replaced the compressor and clutch, installed new a/c dryer and piping, supposedly checked all pulleys and adjusted the tension-something or other. The car worked great, the three times I took it from the shop. Ten miles of driving or the next day, after being in the garage all night, the noise repeated louder each time. Jeep has 105,000 miles The sreeching sound lessens after driving it for a half hour or so, but then it continues with a constant chirping noise. It seems to chirp faster and slower with the vehicles speed .Any wizards or magicians out there? Thanks E R Failla mad:
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    replace serpentine belt tenser and spring replace hole unit not only the pulley
  • Don't know if you've found the answer but my experience was very similar and it turned out that you have to have an OEM belt from the dealer not from an auto parts store. This took me quite a while to figure out. I installed several belts from auto parts stores but they were just slightly larger and so I was continually having a squeal. Also you might replace the serpintine tensioner pulley if they haven't already.

    These are both cheap and easy fixes.
  • Thank you for your reply (jrmecu) I'm contacting my " mechanic" today and giving him your message on the OEM belt. So far, they've changed the compressor, clutch, belt tensioner. new serpentine belt, a/c dryer and feed tube. It's been in their garage for two weeks and $750 later, stilll squeeling. I don't think they've changed any of the whole pulleys.. Welcome to FLORIDA
  • Sorry forgot to up date. It was the over drive bearing. He was able to replace without removing the tranny. Able to replace from side plate. It cost me only $300.00 from a local tranny shop. Good Honest man. Quite as a church mouse for over 20,000 miles
  • I have a very annoying knocking in the passenger side rear of my Jeep. I have replaced the shocks, due to one being bad, and since it has made noise.
  • topat46topat46 Posts: 20
    I had the same issue with my 2004 GC Limited. I had new shocks installed and had a knock on the rear drivers side. Turned out to be the shock was not tight enough to hold it still on the shock bracket. It made quite an annoying knock.
  • My 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee is doing the same thing. Shut off and then about 15 seconds later, about 30 clicks. If I start the engine back up it stops but when I turn off it will continue. Doesn't do all the time, but very frequently. Have you had any success in finding out the problem? Thanks
  • Mine is still making the noise. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the "blend doors" that regulate and mix the passenger air. I've had problems with the blend doors twice before and it costs about $800.00 to have the dash pulled out to replace a $20.00 part so I've learned to live with this particular irritation. The noise on mine doesn't start until the key has been turned off for two minutes and by then I'm usually long gone from the car. Another reason I'm reluctant to have it fixed is because, after owning probably 40 cars in my 70 years, this one has caused me more grief than all the others combined; it's just one thing after another, but I'm nothing if not stubborn. I bought it new thinking it would last me until I quit driving; we'll see.
  • Thanks for your reply. If you please, I have another question. You think it has something to do with the blend doors/passenger air. Is that after you've run the a/c or heat, or all the time? Also, after you pulled the dash and replaced the part, did it stop for a period of time. Since I live in a climate where a/c is not used a lot...Muchos Gracias...
  • funzone, did the OEM belt fix your problem. I'm experiencing the same thing on my 2004 4.0
  • enyawrejenyawrej Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    were my front driveshaft is i got a leak. i thank it is a bad pinion seal anybody knows for sureand also hearing grinding and clicking sound when turning corners slow
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