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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Do It Yourself Solutions



  • Automatic shifter hard to find a gear. Shifter doesn't seem to lock into drive or 3 etc just kind of slids between the gears without stopping. Have to move it around D until the Jeep moves. Do I need new shift cables and if so where do I buy them.
  • My Msg. is very similar to others. My 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee is ;cutting out at all times. Iy used to only be while idling or slowing was down to turn a cormner.....Now its done it 70 mph and went down to 40 mph before I decided to stop risking it.... my bf thinks it may be the water pump want doyou think ?????????
  • I have 99 GCL 4x4 130k . Sometimes it cranks and runs fine other times it will not. I replaced the fuel pump , regulator ,full tune up same problem. It throws zero codes and seems to be a fuel(electrical) problem because the fuel pump will hum on the times it cranks . Silent when it won't crank. Due to it being unreliable it just sits.
  • So my jeep has been leaking transmission fluid for a while, i've had to constantly top it up...but just recently it started leaking so bad i basically lost it all and the car wouldnt start and i was stranded. i managed to fix it by getting more fluid and topping it up and pushing the transfluid line in with a clip, but the clip is broken and it wasnt too long before i was stranded on the side of the road there anything i can do to fix this at all? Can i find a new clip from somewhere? I was going to clamp it...would that work?
  • I had the same problem with my 94 GCL. When it doesn't start check and see if the check engine light is on when the key is on but not yet turned to crank the engine, and if check engine light is on when it does crank. If so and it's like mine more than likely it's your PCM. Computer. I tried everything then finally broke down and bought a computer off ebay about 2 years ago and haven't had any problem since.
  • I have an 02 gcl I6 2wd with 209k miles, it just started staying in 2nd gear and will not upshift. I changed the fluid/ filter...didn't help. Is it possible that it's just a sensor? I could drive it to the shop, but I can only do about 20mph due to the rpm's running over 4k. Is there a common trait with these when the mileage gets up there? Simple fix hopefully without having to tow it? thank you
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