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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Driveline

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
We're consolidating several discussions relating to the driveline into a single topic which includes everything in the drivetrain after the engine and transmission.

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  • jgerdingjgerding Posts: 4
    Recently, the CV joint in the front drive shaft of my Grand Cherokee destroyed itself. I find that, in fact, there are two types used in this car, one like mine with a CV joint, and one with a U joint at both ends. Is there any reason I can't replace mine with a U joint type if I change the bracket on the differential?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    what year gc ?
  • jgerdingjgerding Posts: 4
    '95 with the 318 V8. It really looks like it will fit. Can't find any like mine at the junkyards, and new ones run about $400+. We only use the car when we need something big.
  • I have a 94 Grand Cherokee with the 4.0 litre six. The gas mileage sucks. Since I am on dry pavement 99.9% of the time, I'm thinking of removing the front driveshaft.
    Does anyone know of any problems with this?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    94 - did that have the Command Trac transfer case? Can't you just disengage the 4WD?

    I suspect that even if you could remove the driveshaft, the impact on your gas mileage would be minimal.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I have Quadratrack which is full time 4WD all of the time. Transfer case has Low, Nuetral and High selections only.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    had to remove mine on 2000 gc and had no prob milage only went up 3/4 per gal so put shaft back on

    i have a 4.7 and average 17 to 19 gall all the time can't complaine about that also have quadratrack with nv247j transfer case
  • ladybirdladybird Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 leased Jeep Grand Cherokee, which I purchased in October, 2006. It currently has approx. 13,120 miles on it. I took it in today for an oil change, and the service person called me over to show me excess wear on the front 2 tires, on the inside and the outside - not in the middle. He indicated he thought it was caused by the drive axle (or drive train - can't remember which), and he thought there might be some kind of "recall" on it. He called the service manager over, and after they discussed it - he told me no - there's no recall, and I am out of warrantly. He also told me that this is a known problem with Jeeps. He told me I will need to rotate my wheels every 3,000 miles, and do a 2 wheel alignment no less than once a year. Although I didn't have enough time today to do so, I assured him I would be back tomorrow to do this alignment - he was insistent it be done ASAP. Obviously, this "problem" will cause me to have to replace my tires each time much sooner than normal, as well as added costs for the rotation and alignment. Has anyone else experience this problem - and is it in fact a "known part problem" that Jeep has chosen to ignore?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i have a 2000 jgc never had to have front alignment
    from the sounds of the ware patern you are running to low of air pressure
    if you check your own pressure your gauge may be off new gauge cheep would try that and move tires to rear
    have michilln x tream have 75000 on them and just now starting to look for new tires
    cant replace them in size i have so will get michilln FORTERA SILENTARMOR this time
  • offroadpepoffroadpep Posts: 11
    Re: Jeep Cherokee Drive Axle problems? [ladybird]
    A Tip from the Old Man....................
    Fly away ! [Lady Bird]. Get away from those guys, there after your money.
    Now lets put some air in those tires ! And move them to the back if there wore bad enough. Always keep your best tires on the front of the car / truck.
    Tires will ware on the outsides if under inflated /excessive ware in the middle equals
    over inflation.
    If it worries you go by your local tire shop and ask them.
    Also the tire pressure should be in your owners manual and its written on the tires.
    Good Luck.
    Cactus “PEP” :>)
  • carltwocarltwo Posts: 2
    Hi everyone. This is my 1st post!
    I recently ran over a curve going 50 miles per hour. After I notice a vibration under the driver's floorboard when I continue up the ramp while placing stress on the front end. Later, I found out that I did bend my driver's hub and replaced it along with a new axle. My jeep is a 1997 Grand Cherokee V8 with continuous 4 wheels drive. If I remove the front driveshaft completely the vibration goes away and the jeeps drives perfectly normal. While the driveshaft was out I had it rebalance, however as soon as I hookup the driveshaft the noise recurs but only going up hills when the gas pedal is accelerated. The noise and vibration is felt under my left foot when driving. As soon as I release the gas pedal the vibration goes away. When the vibration begins again and I continue to leave my foot on the gas pedal and reach higher speeds the vibration and noise goes away. Can anyone help or come up with a solution.
  • Please help!I have a 95 ZJ with about 4" of lift,249 t-case and 5.2V8 3.73 gears and 32" tires.The problem is the front driveshaft or rather the mods that I have done that caused front driveshaft problems.My guess is the reason it broke is partly from vibration and the flexy suspension causing it pull apart at the axle.It does not have a u-joint at the axle it has a type of c.v. joint with a rubber boot covering the end of it similar to whats on a drive axle.My question is can I replace this driveshaft with something else without having to change the yoke on the axle housing.?Maybe a c.v. double cardan with some type of flange to mount to the axle? The shops around me are no help.Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    google front axels and drive shalfs for jeep with lift
  • I pulled the right front axle to put in new u joint and I can't get the axle go back in all the way. Does anyone know how this is done the hub and bearing assembly are secure to the spindle but the axle wobbles on the back side. You can turn the axle and it turns the other side axle of the vehicle. Is it in place? The front hub with the studs on it seems to be loose also. Worried it will fall off. Help: Thanks
  • It sounds like you could use a professional to get you through these trying times. So I'll do my best to help. Check the nut that holds the bearing assembly to the axle. It's a large nut with a cap and keeper over it. If not that it's possible that your U joint was improperly installed or it may be the wrong size.....hard to tell but things to think about. Other than that as long as you know the hub is completely seated in place and securely fastened with the three 12 sided bolts then you should be ok with the axle. Other wise if the axle is all good than you need to pull the diff cover off and make sure everything turns strait and true like it should....without the axle in. :shades:
  • jeep94jeep94 Posts: 1
    I did this the only problem which can be serious is the this 249 transfer case (the one you have) locks the truck in park using the front wheels and drive shaft. This means when you park on a hill without the front drive shaft on, the vehicle will slowly (very slowly) roll down hill unless you APPLY THE PARKING BRAKE everytime you put the truck in park. You will not be able to see the truck roll, but after 5 minutes the truck will have moved 3 or 4 feet.. I have experienced this myself....
  • Hi. My drivetrain works normal for short drives around town, but after longer drives on highway, the front differential starts sticking so that sharper turns like pulling into a driveway, causes the front end to jump around. It's a 93 grand, with fulltime 4 wheel. Does this sound like a mechanical failure, or just the need for a better lube. Haynes book covers nothing on drivetrain. Any good books out there on troubleshooting and repair for these things?
  • Hi all,
    We recently bought a 1985 Jeep Cherokee in good shape except the engine. We had a new engine put in plus all the hard ware that goes with it,'water pump, fuel pump ect...; $2,300.00 worth of work.
    Now we have a new problem. The lever for Hi & Low drive is locked in the Nutural position and the Jeep won't move. You can hear the tranny kick in when it is put into drive or reverse and hear it whine. Somtimes if you race the engine really hard in drive or reverse it will kick into gear, but as soon as you change the gear or put it into Park, it won;t go back into gear again.
    If anone has had a similar problem or knows of a solution please let me know. We are told the problem is in the transfer case but no one seems to know how to fix it.
    Thanks so much,
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    if you have cvc type joints on front drive shalf they are prob bad
  • A few months ago my check engine light started coming on and it would downshift from overdrive to 3rd. I replaced the throttle position sensor, and still no luck stopping it. I had Auto Zone put their scan tool on it twice and it says transmission control module, but several friends say Neutral Safety switch. ANY Suggestions??
  • scottiviscottivi Posts: 1
    Mine does the same thing. Fine for around town, but after a highway ride the front end is locked. Is this the transfer case of the differential?
  • mworleymworley Posts: 41
    I have owned 4 Jeep's so far. 87 Commanche ( sold with 193,00 miles on it) 90 Cherokee ( donated with 215,000k ) currently 2001 GC limited ( has 73,000 ) and a new 08 Patriot. My experience has been aligning/wheel balance at new tire change due to age of tires only. When I have asked the service man ( Sear's auto )they told me that the alignment was not nessecary. Jeep front ends are rock solid and very rearly need alignment. This problem indicates a wore front end component, such as a tie rod, steering stabilizer, and so on. I have had front ends components fail usually around 80,000 miles. This is common with FWD due to the stress associated with type of system. Good luck too you in your correction of this problem.
  • mworleymworley Posts: 41
    What vehicle? what year ?..Older Cherokee's have a shift xale motor which sometimes needs removing so the axle will slide into place. the hub attached to the axle is then locked into place at the axle housing.
  • I have a 2001 Cherokee sport that just about 4 months ago had my rear axle rebuilt. About a week later there was a sound of winding up then down when I accelerated and decelerated. I took it back, since it is still under warranty and they said it was nothing. Few weeks later it started with a low rumble and vibration through out the jeep. It has got mcuh worse and now when I make tight u-turn to the left there is a heavy grinding under my front right tire.

    Also, sometimes when I go over a bump something sound loose. I have checked under my jeep and cannot pinpoint where the problem is.

    Appreciate any help on this.
  • skidoo3skidoo3 Posts: 1
    Did you figure out a solution to this problem or does the driveshaft have to be put back in?
  • Hi Guys,
    This is my very 1st post on any forum.
    This is actually my first vehicle and with the year as you know it has some problems.
    And i know nothing about cars what so ever.

    I actually just purchased a 95 JGC Limited with approx 176,xxx miles.
    There are a few problems-

    1) The front axle boots are completely garbage. lots of dirt and other debris in the bearings and joints. my question on this is- am i going to not only going to need to purchase new boots- but am i going to have to replace everything included with the front axle???? if so what am i looking at to replace these parts and fix this problem??

    2) The front drive shaft was removed before purchase due to a gear. neither i nor the previous owner can recall the weather the gear is in a differential or a transfer case. now my question to you guys is seeing as none of us can remember the issue would you recommend re-installing the drive shaft and see if we can figure out what/where the problem is??? in doing so i have a couple buddys who know how to install it but would you suggest taking it to a shop and paying to have it installed,diagnose problem, remove, fix,and reinstall...

    3) I have a LOUD ratle somewhere in the exhaust system.. Again my question to you--is there a common reason this may happen or is there a large number of things that could cause it.

    4)Another issue is that more often than not when the car is started and in park it idles at 1000rpms for the most part after about 30 seconds it drops down to almost nothing as if the car is going to die that jumps up to 1500+rpms than drops back to 1000, and repeats every 30 sec or so. The other day it seemed to be doing the same thing while i was driving a really worried me. Does anyone know the cause of this?

    5) My last issue is when i park at a slant. The other day was the first time and its happened numours times since. When shifting into park, releasing the brake the car proceeds to roll back wards. it actually ended up in the middle of the road behind my driveway rolling about 20 feet. Again what is the cause and how much is it gonna cost to fix...

    I believe these are all the main issues im having right now other than the rear windshield wiper motor not working but thats minor and can wait.

    I greatly appreciate any help your guys can give me. id live to get these issues resolved asap.

    Thanks Everybody.
  • I have a 98 JGC, and because of snow yesterday(rare occasion) I had to put into 4x4. When roads cleared up wanted to put back to 2 WD, and it will not go back. What does anyone think about this, and has anyone else had this problem? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
  • rkmachenrkmachen Posts: 1
    If you tow with your jeep (I do), you will really regret this. Your mileage will not change that much, compared to the ability to split the load between two axels.
    Just a thought from a guy who uses his jeep on rare occasions to do something off the daily grind
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