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Hyundai Santa Fe Indicator Lights and Gauges



  • I originally started posting in May of this past year. After over a dozen different trips to the dealership for the same TPMS issue, a lot of phone calls, letters and contacting a lemon law lawyer - Hyundai finally acknowledged that there 'may' be a problem with the TPMS system on my 2007 Santa Fe. However - they made it very clear to me that I am the only owner in the entire country having this issue.
    When they received the letter from the Lemon Law Lawyer saying that they better fix it or we move forward legally, Hyundai was very generous in putting me in a brand new 2007 Santa Fe (with only 11 miles on it) and they also cut me a check equal to two months of car payment (since that's about how long I was driving their rental car).

    I wish it had just stopped there. But...I am sad to say that two weeks after getting into my new Santa Fe - the TPMS light went off. Here I am again, with a second car and on the 4th trip to the dealership with the TPMS issue. It's not even coming on in the same areas that it came on in the other car - so I'm not drawing any similarities to the area (ie - electromagnetic interference). Hyundai continues to send up a "specialist" mechanic every time I call. According to Hyundai, it's all a very strange coincidence and I have been told on numerous occassions by their customer service specialist that I am indeed the only person in the country having this problem and while it's very coincidental, they're looking into it.

    Any thoughts??? Any solutions? Anyone else having these problems???
  • I have had my SF for a month now and I have never seen the TPMS light come on. I love my SF so issues to report.
  • That really is odd. I have had my SF since last April...never seen it come on after self test....I wonder what is happening at your end and feel for you. Having a new car 2...with a problem like that is frustrating to say the least!

    Good Luck
  • I agree with you. I can tolerate the bright blue during the day, but in night driving it is very distracting. I used some blue masking tape (the kind you use for painting) and cut it out to block off a lot of the display. I would like to know if there is an electrical fix to add some more resistance to the dimmer switch to dim the lights further. Insteresting that if you put your headlights on during the day the display is nice and dim???
  • Is there any way to have the lighter and/or other power outlets be on when the car is turned off? My other cars always were wired that way. There are times when you want to leave an item to be charged (cell phone, etc) while you are in having lunch or whatever.
  • I don't have an answer for making the dash lights dimmer, but there is no difference in the display brightness during the day or at night. The display just looks dim during the day because it is so bright out. We run with our headlights on all the time. We turn the display to full brightness during the day, but have to turn it down at night.
  • I know that most people find the Santa Fe's blue displays to be very cool and I do like them while driving around town. However, while driving where there is no lighting, such as in the country at night, I find them very irritating. When it is very dark out the blue is so bright that it reflects off of my glasses, even when I have them turned down as low as they can go.
    Does anyone else have the same issue and is there any way to dim them even further?
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    I keep mine dimmed down and have absolutely no problems with them, even in dark areas.
  • I wish I had found your post before I posted mine (Dec 6/07). I recently leased a 2008 SF Limited and also find the blue displays far to bright in country driving. I didn't know it was so bright because when I test drove it at night it was in the city and tested it in the country during the day. I can accept the brightness at night in the city, it's only in the country when it is completely dark out that it becomes a problem. Have you found a solution to the problem?
  • I agree re the distraction of the blue lights at night. I apply some strips of window darkening film to the blue areas when I drive at night. If it's a cloudy day you don't have to remove them during the day as you can read the info thru the strips, but on a bright day I just peel them off and keep them in a compartment.
    I think the Sante Fe is a great car. I've had it for about 5 months and have almost 12,000 miles and no complaints.
  • 4 Bulbs have burnt out on my wifes 03 Santa Fe. The two that light up the AC/Heat, Fan Control, Air direction knobs have gone. The other is the fog light button which actually has 2 really small bulbs (a white and green). I've been to the dealer and they can't seem to figure out what bulbs they are even from the blow up diagram they have. The first time they ordered the wrong bulbs and then the second time, only the bulb and not the base. Is there anyone that may know what bulbs I am talking about, if so the part numbers? there a website I can order these bulbs from instead of the dealer? I have not been successful in finding a website for these bulbs.
    Any help is appreciated in advance!
  • Can anyone help me on this issue??
  • If the dealer with his diagrams can't figure it out I think the only thing to do is go to Hyundai tech service. You can call them and they are usually pretty good with customers. They should be able to tell you and the dealer what it takes. Getting them in there may be another story.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    knowing how cars are designed these days - you probably need the assembly - not bulb - you would most likely need to replace the knob and the switch as a unit....

    i had to replace the power outlet thats located in the bottom rear of the center console... instead of just an outlet - had to replace the entire back of the console - everything is integrated...
  • Did you get an answer to this as the same bulbs on my 2005 Santa Fe have gone and I dont want to pay dealer prices. How did you access the bulbs?
  • MIL light had come on at 123,000 I've had the O2 sensors replaced and a tune up, the light came back on within 20 miles of having both things done (about 3 weeks apart). The diagnostis comes up with a general/generic code but the light came on before (2 years ago) and magically went off. It's keeping me from passing inspection. Any ideas? :cry:
  • My 2002 has 123,000 miles on it, the MIL (Check engine) light came on a couple years ago and then went off by itself. However, it came on again last month and I had to have the 02 senson changed, no relief, last week I had the sparkplugs and full tune-up done. No relief. I can't pass inspection with NC, any ideas?
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    what is the code you're getting? how does the car run?
  • Scooby runs fine, I haven't noticed any changes, the code was 1167.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    no performance mods on this car right? and change all bank 2 o2 sensors already - then i would say have tech check these things -

    test mass air flow sensor operation

    test air temp sensor operation

    check for any leaks/cracks on intake and exhaust manifolds....
  • fred63fred63 Posts: 23
    I have a 2007 Santa Fe Se and have noticed that the auto headlights do not come on until it is almost dark. I could barely read the gauges when they will come on. I do not know if this is normal because we have a GMC with auto headlights and they come on much sooner. Does anyone know if there is an adjustment to make them come on sooner or if they are defective? Thanks, Fred.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    I've noticed the same thing - it has to be nearly dark for the auto headlights to come on. I'm not aware of any adjustment to get them to come on sooner.
  • drwoodrdrwoodr Posts: 88
    I'm not a big fan of the auto headlights, in addition to my SF, I had a car a few years ago with the auto headlights that also came on later than I would have liked. We leave the lights in the "on" position all the time (wish they would make the daytime running lights standard). It does mean we have to adjust the dash lighting to turn it up during the day and down at night, but still like having the headlights on, and they do go out when the engine is off.
  • jackcobjackcob Posts: 13
    I've had my 07 sf for about 7 months and have almost 13000 miles on it and really like the vehicle. Only problem I had was with the passenger seat warning light and dealer claimed it was only caused by the way someone sits in the seat???? Didn't know there were too many ways to sit in a seat, but after I left it with them it has only rarely popped on for a few seconds.
    I also found the dash lights annoying at night and I also resorted to using the dark blue window film strips to dim the effect. I don't understand why they can't make a more effective dimmer switch.
  • 988f988f Posts: 1
    My 2005 Santa Fe odometer light recently burnt out. Before I start tearing into the dash, does anyone know if it’s just a bulb or do I have to replace the odometer, since it is an LCD unit?
  • We just bought a new 09 Santa Fe SE FWD a week ago and took it out for a roadtrip this past weekend. In the middle of the 3 hr drive the TPMS light went on. It then went off about 45 min later. Hasn't been back on since. What do you think? Just a fluke?

    And just so I know... what is the proper tire pressure for these tires?
  • jackcobjackcob Posts: 13
    One blip of the light probably doesn't mean anything, but the TPMS is a wonderful device. I have a 2007 Sante Fe and I find the light goes on when tire pressure drops below 26 pounds. The proper air pressure for your vehicle is on a plate on the frame of the door of the car and I usually keep my tires at 32 pounds..
    You could mention this to your dealer just to put them on notice.
  • Just bought a new SF Limited. Did not test drive it in the dark. What a shock to drive at night and not be able to see out the windows clearly because of the reflection of the panel!!! Live in suburbs...but not lots of street lights. Had to open the window to look out because all I could see were the blue reflections which were VERY distracting. I never read any comments on this issue on Consumers and neglected to search I ever sorry!! I hate to think that I have to put film on the car every night. This is my first SUV....does this happen with regular panel lights as well. Had I been aware of this, I would NOT have bought the car. Very disappointed with this distraction. It should be brought to your attention by the salesman in my opinion!!! I wish I could get my money back right now!
  • Did you try turning down the instrument panel lights?
  • still is a distraction at night to see those blue lights reflected on the windshield and side windows.
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