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Acura MDX and car seats



  • familycar5familycar5 Posts: 12
    edited April 2010
    andrewnj- No problem! :) I think that you'll still be able to do the marathon and radian next to each other when using the separate LATCH anchors you'll find outboard and in the center position.

    Just thought I'd post some more info for others that come to this thread that I gathered about the dangers of sharing LATCH anchors:

    LATCH anchors are designed to hold just one connector and be pulled at a certain angle on impact. Having two connectors on one anchor would overload the anchor in terms of force, but also pull the anchor in two different directions. Add to that the fact that two connectors attached so closely together could potentially cause each one to either fail completely or detach from impacting against one another, and you basically have a recipe for disaster.

    There is no safety advantage to using LATCH. Seatbelt installation is just as safe. It's not uncommon to hear of people using LATCH in a seating position that does not offer it (also known as "borrowing"), and using both LATCH and the seatbelt... "just in case". So in the end, it's never okay to double up. Not a single seat manufacturer allows for it, nor do any automakers.
  • Hi all,
    I'm new to this thread so my apologies if this is a repeat question, but I'm in a rush to get my carseat fixed!! How do I get the radian to install tight in my '04 mdx (behind driver side)? I went to 2 fire stations and the techs could only get it installed (w/LATCH) in a way that made the seat still move up to 5" side to side... I'm not impressed!! My Britax Regent and Marathon each install *solidly* in the car... the car moves, not the seat - but the Radian is terrible. Don't want to replace it but am at a loss on why it's not installing tightly... please help!
  • That doesn't sound like a good install on your Radian, I agree. Were you trying to get it forward facing or rear facing? I've heard that rear facing is HARD (unless it's in the center) but i hear forward facing installs are great with the Radian in the MDX.

    I highly suggest visiting the website. Start a thread in the "carseat question, tips, and advice" section and there will be lots of people to help you out. There are a bunch of ladies on there that are quite familiar with the Radian and how to use it in the MDX.

    Good luck!
  • mdxer4mdxer4 Posts: 3
    Is it possible to remove the 3rd row? Will I get additional trunk room for the golf clubs and will it help mileage?

  • Hi,
    does anyone have any experience with rear-facing convertible car seats to put in the rear passenger-side 2nd row? we are both 6 feet tall, so we need something that is not too big to allow the front passenger seat to be back a little, not forward all the way. we have a sunshine kids radian 65 forward facing for our oldest...but when that was rear facing in our Maxima, my knees touched the glove box when I was in the front passenger seat.

  • I'm trying to provide day care for a friend but it would mean fitting two rear facing car seats in the middle row and two front facing car seats in the back row. The manual says the back row can hold front facing car seats, but when we took our car seats to our local police department to have them properly installed, the three police men gave up after an hour and a half. Something about the angle of that back seat and the seat belt was causing the seat belt clip to move, meaning the car seats would get installed securely, and three minutes later they would be loose again.

    I've been told by Acura that it is possible, but it's going to depend on the car seat as much as anything else, and they have no recommendations. Does any one have a car seat that they have safely installed in the last row that they can tell me the make and model on? Thanks in advance for any help!
  • solaris72solaris72 Posts: 15
    edited July 2012
    I have 2 kids with ages 4 and 5, and installed two car seats in the 2nd row. But now the problem is i cant access the 3rd row completely. Is there anyway i can fold the middle seat on 2nd row alone? I cant put a car seat in the middle row as there will be fight .

    Now that I'm using this MDX 2012 as my 2000 model car! (5 seater)...I'm little upset about it.

    Any help/ideas?
  • You need to get a car with bucket seats in the 2nd row
  • 2010 MDX. I have my car seat in the center, I cannot see out of my rear view mirror with a Britax Car Seat in the center. It just isn't safe for driving. I am ready to get rid of the MDX because it just isn't big enough to have a car seat in the back and have anyone else back there. It's just so small. I have three kids and they will be squeezed in so tight with the car seat in any position besides center. how has anyone else managed? Also, when adults get in the back seat (not the third row) they always state that the car is so small and it's such a tight squeeze for an adult to sit.
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