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Jeep Liberty Warning Lights and Gauges



  • jrsrjrsr Posts: 3
    Does your Jeep Liberty have the above referenced problems? My girlfriend has been having a recurring problem with her JL 2003 for at least the past 5 years. She has struggled with a recurring check engine light. Every time she has brought it in to a shop, they discover that the problem is a poor sealing gas cap. Today I decided to actually do some investigation of my own.
    The first thing I did was look at the gas cap compartment. I noticed that it was filled entirely with a persistent film of black, sooty residue. This is not normal. I then removed the gas cap and inspected it closely. Upon inspection of the underside of the cap (the white part that screws in), I noticed more black soot all around the upper seal mechanism, but mostly in two locations. I also noticed that the bottom-most seal had a spring-loaded pintle that is meant to act as a pressure-relief valve should the internal gas tank pressure go above the spring pressure. HOWEVER, THIS PINTLE APPEARED TO BE INSTALLED UPSIDE DOWN AS IT NEVER SEEMED TO SEAL AT ALL!
    So I disassembled the entire gas cap. I cleaned all the parts with carb cleaner, and reassembled the cap components the way that I thought they should go together. I then re-installed the gas cap... and voila'. The car is now a joy to drive. The hesitation - gone! The poor shifting - gone! The rough idle - gone!


    If you have this problem, please bring it up to your Chrysler dealer. They will probably hem and haw and will not believe you, but I guarantee you that if you have been having the problems my girlfriend reported, replacing the cap with a correctly assembled version will solve the problem.

    Good luck, as most OEMs are not very good at admitting their mistakes.
  • jrsrjrsr Posts: 3
    I just posted a message that could be a valid reply for your problem. Please check new posts.
  • jrsrjrsr Posts: 3
    Please see the message I just posted.
  • zeta1zeta1 Posts: 5
    Hi I have a 2007 Jeep Liberty -- the window on the driver's side continually gets stuck about 1/2 way up when rolling the window up -- I have to take it down again and then try again and it usually goes up -- it also makes noises when it is getting stuff. Chrysler said -- put a little WD 40 on the edges of the window and all will be fine -- forget it - still gets stuff. Chrysler sent me a notice in Feb that the warranty on the window - drivers side front was getting an extended warranty -- another 2 years, because of problems with the window latch, etc. So, I went to the Chrysler shop and they said -- we have to take the window apart to see if it is the part that Chrysler will fix and replace -- if it is not this part, you pay all costs of looking and fixing!!! I find this unbelievable!~! Is the warranty good or not ? I contacted Chysler in Ontario and they said, too bad - that is our position -- it may not be the faulty window lever or such and you will have to pay all -- I said -- shove it!! Has anyone else experienced this type of poor service from these people ? You can rest assured, we have purchased our last Chrysler product and I will do my best to let others know just how good the warranty really is and how dishonest this company is -- don't buy Chrysler- they cannot be trusted and their word is not good -- they are all smoke and mirrors and really do not care about the consumer. Anyone else have this problem with these guys. Thanks. Zeta
  • ree691ree691 Posts: 8
    Manual? After a year of thinking we didnt have one, we found out that there is a slot just above the inside of our glovebox.
  • mzmmzm Posts: 1
    hey, I've been seing this same issue, I was just about to change the EGR valve and buy a new gas cap, per my mechanichs recommendation, but I decided to before look into the web and I found your msg.
    I'have just did what you said, i'll see later wat's going on, i'll let you know
    Thanks in advance.
  • cinwri1cinwri1 Posts: 1
    I just recently purchased my 03 JL and everything is all right with it, except for the ck engine light that just came on today...I just purchased a locking gas cap for it. Checked that the gas cap was on correctly and tight, but ck engine light is still on. I bought the gas cap two days ago and the light wasn't on yesterday or this morning. But when I left work it went on and I ck'd everything I know (like the gas cap) and it still is on... what can it be?
  • I had the exact same thing happen to me today in my Liberty -- and I am looking for an answer to the mystery! I read my owner's manual cover to cover but couldn't find any information about what the bell sounds indicated. Have you gotten the answer yet? If so, please do share! :-) Thanks!
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    What code are you getting with the Check Engine light?
  • I have an 07 Jeep Liberty 4 x 4, 6 cyl...approximately $53K mi on $49K miles...I am just driving down the interstate, in 80 degree weather, dry conditions, and hear the warning light tone (& I wasn't low on gas this time!)...& all 3 of these lights were on....when I got to where I was going & turned the engine off and back on they did not come on...this had happened once several months ago also, when I had started up my vehicle to warm up the vehicle....same thing, I turn off the engine & back on & they go off. This has happened twice again this past week...once while driving, & once on the cold start....I keep reading things about this but not sure if I need to have it looked at...I am seeing a lot comments where no problem is ever found when these come on....I am not getting any warning lights that illuminate for the 4wd system...
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    And it doesn't register a code? Even though the the check engine light doesn't stay on, it should still log some type of code. Did you check?
    Try this (I posted this here some time back:
    This is how I read the codes on my wife's 03 Jeep Liberty.
    1) Insert key and turn forward as if to turn on car, but DON'T turn on. You will hear the chimes.
    2) Turn back to original position.
    3) Do this 3 times.
    4) On 3rd time leave key in forward position (do not turn on), the car will chime. Look at the odometer section beneath the speedometer, I believe. Otherwise, look under the tachometer, there should be a small digital display as well. If there is a code, it will appear there starting with the letter "P" P0122, P0171...etc.
    This is off the top of my head since I am not in front of the vehicle. Our 03 Liberty had a stalling/rough idle that gave a code of P0122 (throttle position sensor) I ordered the part based on that code, swapped the part and the car runs great now. Hope this helps.

    On thing I have noticed on this car. all the hoses on this car are rotting very quickly. Most problems I have had with this car have been results of rotting hoses. Some I fixed by replacement, others.....good old duct tape. The other problem is the severe rust on the rear.

    See if it registers a code. Otherwise, you have a real frustrating mystery on your hands.
  • Hey, Thanks! I will try this today...In case you didn't figure out already, I am a female...without much knowledge on mechanics except where the oil & gas go, & how to change a tire but that is about it...which is why I have never held a car title...the bank always has since I keep buying newer vehicles to hopefully avoid mechanical issues! I will post after I try this...this seems to happen just occasionally but then all the lights go off..could be 2 weeks, or 2 months til it happens again..but about the hoses...appreciate that tidbit as well.
  • the 3 bells are your scheduled service indicator. Check your center console, when you get it serviced (oil changed) the mechanic should be able to reset your next millage indicator. :)
  • So I own a 2003 Jeep Liberty, and about...two weeks ago the serviced required chimes came on. I have an oil change scheduled but it took a while to get my car down for an appointment. Just this morning the check engine yellow light came on, is that a reminder to get my car's oil changed? or does it mean there's a completely different problem? I got gas the other day and I know that once before the engine light came on...(this was about six months ago) and it was due to the gas cap, could it be due to that? Also I'm away at school...and I'm not quiet sure how to find a garage that is reasonable to go to.
  • I just bought a 2007 Jeep Patriot and after almost getting the car home (about a 25 mile drive) just about every warning light came on with the chimes ringing and the temperature gauge failing, etc. Got it to the dealer and they said an after market sunroof was wired incorrectly and there was some arcing someplace but that now all was well. Picked up the car at the dealer, ran a few errands and halfway home all the lights once again came on, the temperature gauge and tachometer both failed, and when the chimes rang the speedometer momentarily went to zero. This has to be a somewhat common problem as there are comments posted about it. Do I simply have a "lemon"? There are about 75,000 miles on the car.
  • I have a 2003 Jeep liberty sport 4x4 with 123,000 miles on it and about a month after I bought it the gauges would all sit at 0 until ten minutes or so after driving then they would all jump up to their proper levels. I found that if I pounded on the dash they would correct themselves but lately that doesn't seem to help either. I don't know if there is a plug issue in the back of the gauge cluster or what's up but I'm about three thumps on the dash away from tearing into it and checking everything. Has anyone else experienced this kind of malfunction?
  • I recently traded cars with my son, I now have the Jeep Liberty again, I purchased it new in 2003, Had several problems with window motors, again the rear window off track and taped in place, but the most recent problem is the Engine light and (Trans Temp) light coming on. It looks like I have a Trans Sylinoid problem?? Does anyone know anything about this or how many $$$ we are talking about to repair. I have just moved to MO, trying to find a place to live, and here goes a problem with my Jeep. Just wonder if this is a huge problem or not. 4,000 miles ago I had a tune up, and trans flush, etc.
  • nursembnursemb Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. The trans solenoid is what comes up. I took it to the jeep dealership here in my town and they didn't even fix the problem. They told me I needed a new timing belt and replaced it and charged me a ton of money (go figure). The problem is still not fixed. The transmission light continues to stay on. It also does not shift from first to second. I have to pull over, turn off my car and turn it back on in order for it to shift. And sometimes that does not work. My dad has warned me that if i continue to drive it, the transmission will probably need to be replaced.

    If you have found any new information about this problem, will you please let me know and I will do the same for you.
  • bladonbladon Posts: 1
    I put new brake pads on and now my ABS system come on when I apply the brakes
  • Last week my 2002 Liberty developed a crack in the radiator. Our local mechanic replaced it. The first time we drove it the air bag warning light came on (after having driven about 5 miles). Since we have obvious concerns about unanticipated air bag deployment due to the module problem, we are now wary of driving the car. The mechanic that did the repair work doesn't think anything he did could have triggered this problem but i find it highly coincidental!
    I looked in the engine compartment today and noticed wires that plugged into a sensor (?) on each side of the fan shroud. One of those plugs was partly unplugged. Any chance this could be the source of my problem?
  • tammyd3tammyd3 Posts: 1
    my battery light was coming on but there was no problem detected until one morning when the radio went out and I turned the jeep off and had to get a jump to restart it (2 times) it wouldn't take the charge I drove home with both feet... when I got there it purrrred like a kitten and 2 hrs latter my husband started it up put the gauges on the battery and there was nothing wrong, nothing wrong with the alternator either or the starter. the next day the battery light didn't come on. well I drove it to work today got 1/2 way there had to turn around because it was happening again, but this time when my husband got home it didn't start ..HELP do we need a battery or a new starter or an alternator? :cry:
  • I am having the same issues with my 2002. If you figured out the problem and can offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated.
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    Had a somewhat similar problem with my wife's liberty. Battery like came on, car stalled. Next morning, the car wouldn't start. Jumped battery, car came on but once I disconnected the jump, it wouldn't turn on again. After an hour of frustration, carefully inspected the battery terminal and realized that the engine battery cables were not making good contact with the battery. After cleaning, adding vasoline and retightening, the car worked fine.
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