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Jeep Liberty Noises and Sounds



  • Update: Replaced the breaks this weekend. The grind/creak noise persists..
  • mcarver82. Ok, well we weren't happy to say the least about how it was all handled. We took it in, they did the flash update, luckily she had a free car rental policy in her contract when my girlfriend purchased the car, gave her a car rental, returned the next day and they said they thought it was still doing it. She drove it and agreed. They said they wanted to leave it there and contact the Chrysler engineers to see what there thoughts were after replacing the front and rear driveshafts at this point. They had the car for 3 weeks until the 2nd representative could come out from Detroit and take a look at it just to tell us afterward that there was nothing that they were going to do about it nor would the dealer. They said that it was just something that was a characteristic of the vehicles for the 09' and 10' Liberty models. How many miles are on your vehicle? I later found out from a friend that knows someone that works at a Chrysler dealership that when that flash update occurs at the dealership the computer reads how you drive your vehicle after that point, shift more effectively and completely adjust itself at or right after 4500 miles. Hope this helps. I think we were one of the first to report it to Chrysler. So I hope that by now it has become more of a routine issue and they will know how to handle it better for you. I will say that the vehicle does not now have the issue and hopefully will remain that way. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for sure. I don't know how much of the issue was helped by the replacing of the parts that were replaced with even newer ones. (She had 3600 miles on the vehicle.) The parts were the front and rear driveshafts, and I believe the gear-box.

    Good Luck,

  • KBeast1979,Mine only has 950 miles on it? I did not want to drive it too much knowing what was going on with the vibrations. I got two people to ride along last night to ensure that they could pinpoint at what shiftpoint the vibrations start and stop. I at least got acceptance from the dealership that something was wrong. I'll keep you updated when I hear back probably today or tomorrow, and unfortunately they nor I have rental coverage if they decide to keep it for a while.

    Thansk for the info.
  • Do you really like the vehicle? My girlfriend absolutely loved the style and all the neat stuff on it. She is now glad, because of that, it does not do that anymore. Good luck and please keep me posted.
  • Oh, also you should probably have them, if they don't already, contact Chrysler on the issue and nip it in the butt ASAP! I would tell them you are aware of the issue and don't want a lot of the dealership guessing and replacing unnecessary parts in an attempt to address the issue. I would certainly hope that by now Chrysler will know what to do.
  • Yeah the vehicle is great, I have had a 98' Cherokee forever and this seemed to fall right in line with what we needed, just big enough but not huge, momma and new baby are happy too!

    I picked the Jeep up this morning and the dealer said they can not do anything unless there is an error code or something obvious the Chryster would approve for warranty work. They said the vibration was caused by normal exhaust fucntions, I told them I wasnt an idiot and took my car back. They keep pawning it back on to me and will not follow through with the complaint. I have yet to call Chrystler but I had a few questions about the flash updates for you.

    Once the flash update is completed, we must drive an additional ~4500 miles for the adaptive stuff to figure itself out? or is it total miles on the vehicle? I am hoping that when we get that many miles on the jeep it will fix itself and not have to worry about working with these people any more.
  • Yeah she had a 99 cherokee classic. (which she loved) And obviously felt the same way you do about the new Liberty. To answer your question I was told it was total miles on the vehicle. She now has a little over 4,000 on it and it corrected itself before the 4500 mark. I was told the flash needs a little bit to see how you drive the vehicle to know how to correct it properly. YOU MUST HAVE THE FLASH UPDATE INSTALLED FOR THAT 4500 MILE MARK TO BE VALID! The Chrysler rep had explained the vibration to us to have something to do with the gear box or ratios or something that has to do with the vehicle trying to save you gas. I would tell them now that you have found all sorts of stuff about this flash update and that you want the description of what it is for. They can provide that for you. It is an exact description of your problem. They may not know about it. And if it was a vibration in your exhaust they should be able to fix it no problem! Good Luck and keep me posted!
  • Doneill I am sorry I can't help you but.....I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM with my 04 tires and brakes and rotors all around and it is occuring more often now. Did you ever find what the problem was?
  • Hi Kate32, Does your car challenge sound exactly like the one I described? If so, it's a long shot but I found out what the problem was last week! It was my rims. Apparently the owner of the car before me hit something hard enough to damage the rims. While replacing the back two tires last week, once my mechanic took the tires off of the rims, he told me the rims were damaged as if I hit something really hard. It did not make sense to him though, as my two front rims were in perfect condition. There is a crack in one of my back rims, where the tire and rim are connected, which could not be seen until the tires were taken off.
    As I drove my car slower, the weight of the vehicle more noticeably shifted around the rim, creating a pulsating creaking/grinding noise.
    The bad news... $200+ a rim. Hope this helps
  • Thanks for the reply tires were rotated all over and even had the spare on At first I was told it was a bad tire. I got new tires and I still have the problem it hasn't done it for two days now. I got new brakes and rotors and nothing is loose.I really think it is a caliper hanging up. I am working 7 days a week and it is my only vehicle so it is hard to get it back in the garage. I guess I will have to just keep replacing parts until I find the problem. No one else ever hears the noise so I feel as though I am being blown off at times by these mechanics. I won't take it to the dealer since I've done that with other vehicles and know all to well the price tag.
  • Hi All - Same issue for me this week 02 Jeep Liberty w 99K - anyone have an update on the Whining Noise at start up in the cold? I have changed the belt - fluids topped - no change. Hate the fact I wake my neighbors up every morning with it....
  • Hi-
    I have a 05 Liberty-Sme issue- There is a Technical Service bulletin on this- =
  • I have a 2003 Liberty which I bought new. I have had so many problems with this vehicle. 2 motors, 3 transmissions (the 1st was replaced at 4000 miles) bearings, air conditioning problems nonstop......etc.

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed a growling noise with matching vibration, during acceleration. We checked bearings and differential then changed the fluid in the transfer case because we saw that it was a dark brown color. Growling noise didn't go away. A few days after that, a medium pitched whining noise that sounds like it's coming from the tranny or transfer case area. Few days later, the transmission is slipping.

    Any suggestions are very much appreciated.
  • lakelvrlakelvr Posts: 21
    Have similair sounds from my 05 CRD that I am trying to diagnose. What was outc ome of your problem back in 08? At idle mine is quiet but it screems at higher rpms and seems to come from the rt fwd (looking fwd) area of compartment but no sound when the belt is removed and all the pulleys etc spin free and quiet by hand. Idlers were quoted at $81.00 ea so I'm trying to be cautious. Comments anyone?
  • ragribbenragribben Posts: 1
    I own a 2002 Liberty and recently I have noticed a noise coming from the front while braking. I had my rotors checked and they are fine.
    The noise is odd, not metal on metal, kind of a pulsating whine maybe, it is hard to describe.
    If you stop hard you don't hear it as much but if you brake slowly the noise starts.

    Any thoughts on what this could be would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You
  • I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade Edition. It has been very well cared for and just went over 100k. We had a major snow storm here in MA on Wednesday. I put it in 4 wheel drive to get through the snow and it seemed to be fine. I never use the 2 low or the 4 wheel drive. After the storm I put it back in the normal gear and now it is having a hard time reversing. I put it in reverse and sounds like it is in neutral and when I turn at very slow speeds (i.e. parking there is a grinding sound). This sound cannot be heard at any other speed. Both issues only occur occasionally and I have no clue what it could be.

    At first I thought it could be stuck snow but it is not. Since I do not use the other 2 low or 4 wheel drive could this be a factor? Does anyone have any clue what is going on with it?

    Thanks for any help!
  • cbh5cbh5 Posts: 1
    I've driven my eight-year-old Jeep through a lot of rough roads, and over time it started to make a sort of squeaking, swinging noise in the front wheels or axles. The noise has finally grown so loud that I want to repair it, but right now that I'm in a more humid city it is temporarily not making the noise, and a couple of mechanics who have inspected it have said nothing looks wrong just from looking at it. When I'm in Austin, TX, the noise is very defined and loud with the slightest speed bump or other pothole or hump I hit. Would anyone have any idea what it could be?
  • I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty with 112,000+ miles on it. When in reverse it is making a "ringing" kind of sound and also when making a left turn. I hear it once in a while while driving. What can it be? I hope nothing major, going to take it to a mechanic since I have an 1100 mile trip ahead of me. Please help and give me a heads up on this so I can give mechanic an idea what is going on? Thanks!!! :confuse:
  • rcandyrcandy Posts: 1
    Monotone rhythmic noise under the hood passenger side of '02 liberty. Sounds like something is rhythmically turning on and then off 5 seconds later, and then back on and then off. This continues while stopped at a stoplight or while the engine runs while in a parked position. It is not a high pitched whine or whining sound but more lower sounding monotone buzz or hum. Any idea what it could be ?
  • danid2danid2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 liberty. I have a shuttering in my car during breaking. When I complete the stop the car seems to "reset". It is felt throughout the car and causes my arms to shake with the steering wheel. Started several months ago, then stopped with no known reason. Started again today. Then shuttering makes a loud noise that can be heard by people on the street. I know because I've gotten looks. Any ideas? Mechanic found nothing.
  • did you ever get this issue figured out? I just bought an 02 liberty and have the exact same symptoms
  • mikeandamy1013mikeandamy1013 Posts: 2
    edited June 2012
    mine did the same thing, it turned out to be the bushings on the subframe were gone

    new subframe from jeep was told to be 475 for the part. they don't sell the bushings I guess. i never fixed it
  • i have an 03 liberty sport with just over 100k on her and she recently started making a groaning/whine sound when coasting over 40 mph, it gets louder when i accelerate downhill but goes away if i accelerate uphill. im at a complete loss here. i cant afford to be carless as im starting a new job this coming week. any tips/solutions?
  • Our 2002 Liberty makes a crazy weird whistling noise when we go over 55. It is inconsistent and only started after we replaced the windshield. We replaced it again, thinking something was installed wrong. Still there. It actually got louder recently to the point where it is beyond annoying to drive the car now. Anyone ever hear of such a thing? I can't find any loose trim and have tried taping down different parts of the windshield. Nothing changes. The wipers don't seem to be the issue either. I'm about to drive the thing into a tree!
  • has any one had a problem with a klinking noise in the rear of the Jeep when you shift from 1st to 2nd.. I had a problem with my 2005 Jeep Liberty Sport.50,000 miles. I just had to replace the rear upper support arm, that goes from the top of the rear housing to the Body, three points. took care of the noise. took about three hours to replace. bought complete unit at Oreilly Auto Parts for $200.00. Dealer wanted $200 just for the center bushing.
  • :cry: I have a 2010 Jeep liberty with 30358 miles. The day before yesterday on 09/02/2013 It started making a sound like a stuck Carburetor plate when you step on accelerator. And when you level out on the speed you want then the noise stops. No warning lights are coming on at all. I was told it could be a bad alternator but I'm wondering how that could be. Does anyone have any ideal what's causing that?
  • Hi All - I have a 2012 Liberty and since day 1 have had this sound like i was driving over the "wake-up" bumps on the side of the road. Have had it in 6 or 7 times to 2 different mechanics who say they dont hear anything. Its intermittent, have noticed it more in the cold. Anyone whose ever driven with me have heard it and say they can feel it in their feet if theyre sitting in the front passenger seat. I know I read in the beginning of this forum of the same noise in another Liberty, but that was from like 2007. Any similiar issues lately?

  • boeing787boeing787 METAIRIE,La.Posts: 3

    I have a 2006 Liberty with 22,000 miles on it. In 2011 with between 11,000 and 12,000
    miles on it both sides of the rear windows failed with the windows falling into the door.
    I started reading Edmund's and found out about a semi secret extended warranty. My
    wife took it to the dealer where she bought it. She asked the price and was told that it
    would cost over $250.00 for one regulator plus labor. She left without the parts or the
    labor. She called them later and asked about the extended warranty, and they said they
    had not heard of it.
    In the mean time my brother-in-law said he could order off the internet. We got new
    regulators (Chrysler/Jeep) original equipment for $60.00 each. My nephew a ase
    certified mechanic installed them fir $60,00 each. I decided to call Chrysler to see
    if they had processed my paper work. They had but it wasn't good news. First he
    denied me because I hadn't used jeep parts. I then asked him if he was looking at
    my paper work, and he was not. I told him that if he had bothered to look he could
    see that they were original Jeep parts. He conceded. His next reason for denying
    me was that my Liberty was not a 2006. I told him that it was most assuredly is a
    2006. My registration shows 2006 as does my title. He said that according to the vin
    number my Jeep was manufactured in 2005. I then told him it was obvious they were
    not going to waive the requirements. I knew when I sent off the paperwork that they
    would have to bend the rules, because the Jeep warranty is 3years or 36,000 miles,
    and the Jeep was 5 years old with 11,000 miles when the failures happened. No
    mention was made that it was out of warranty due to the year.
    I told the consumer affairs guy that he should tell his CEO and anyone else that he
    could find who would listen that I would never buy another Chrysler or Jeep for as
    long as I live. I also told him that I would bad mouth their products to anyone who
    would listen. From here I go to FACEBOOK.



  • I have a 2002 liberty with 135,000 miles ...I recently noticed a tapping or knocking noise coming from rear can not hear it in the engine compartment just towards the rear ... has anyone had this issue?
  • Found the problem of the hoses to my evap near the gas tank was cracked
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