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2013 and earlier Nissan Rogue Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • patg2patg2 Posts: 24

    are you at liberty to let us know how much you ended up paying? ;)
  • beafokbeafok Posts: 14
    MSRP: $27,940.00
    Invoice: $25,709.00 (which I paid)

    I also got 60 month at 5.59% (I think this is the best Nissan can offer on this model right now).
  • I purchased a Nissan Rogue today! SL AWD premium pkg white with grey cloth interior, splash guards, mats, rear bump protector.
    MSRP: 25110
    Paid invoice : 23265

    Very pleased with my purchase and internet :) sales experience thus far! I had a 2002 Acura MDX but the gas was killing me ($250-275 in gas per month!)
    Thanks to this forum I got a great deal on a great car!
  • patg2patg2 Posts: 24

    is anyone purchasing the base model? what are they going for? ;)
  • HI Roguemomma or any other Rogue Owners...

    I'm interested in a SL AWD White Premium Rogue...

    Can you tell me your experiences or prices if any of add on options concerning

    Extended Warranty, Rust Protection, 3M Hood Protector?

    Is the 3 M hood protector need on this car since it's higher up?

  • Thanks for all Edmunds posters - it helped me alot in making my search so much easier.
    Just (Nov.3) purchased SL AWD White Premium Rogue for my wife:

    AWD Premium Package
    Moonroof Package
    Leather Package
    Rear bumper protector
    Splash Guards
    Premium Floor Mats
    Roof Rail Crossbars
    MSRP: 27,940.00
    Invoice: 25,709.00
    Sent my exact options wish list via internet to couple dealers+ Carsdirect & Costco . Costco was the about MSRP, Carsdirect $800 over Invoice, but they didn't have options & color I want. The best instant offer was from Universal City Nissan internet (Los Angeles):
    $25,999.00 or $290 over invoice. My own max price I was going to pay was $26,000.
    So next day I went and got it. Fast, no hagling, no surprises,pleasant dealer.
    Total, incl. all tax and fees $28,444.21
    Wife loves her Rogue. So far milege is about 24.7 (70% city/30% freeway).
  • patg2patg2 Posts: 24
    has anyone made a deal for the base model and what should one expect to add-ons, except for mats...please i need some direction asap...thanks :blush:
  • Hello can anyone tell me how much is the lower price that I can pay for a Rogue SL AWD with the Premium Package and all the fees includes? Is my first car and I want to make the best deal. I live in New York. Thank you. :blush:
  • In pretty much the same situation as you. Although this is not my "1st" car purchase, it is my 1st time doing it on my own, and it can get intimidating. My 1st step was to go on and found out what the Rogue I want MSRP's for and what the invoice price is. Then as a Costco member (kinda like a Sams club out here in Cali) they give their members special pricing. The quotes I got were $300 above invoice, w/c out here in So Cal, Is pretty good, since there aren't a lot of Rogues to be found (they're selling like hotcakes!) To figure your OTD (out the door price) Destination Tax Title and License, add about 9%. From other forums that I've been on, people have been offering just the invoice price + TTL, and getting it. It just depends on the dealership--best way, though is to do by internet. Another site that really gave me a lot of help is--> just scroll down to Rogue forums from there you'll find a couple of really informative discussions on what owners have paid for their Rogues. Hope this helps, good luck :shades:
  • I've been to 3 of the 4 Nissan dealerships in town.........I got the internet price over the phone before walking in the door with each of them........Planet quoted me $26022 and United $26140....(AWD, Premium Pkg, Leather Pkg & Moonroof)......However, when I got to Planet they changed the numbers on me didn't give me the internet price when I got there...It was like trying to buy a car in the 70's with them....The car also already had 800 miles on it.......United did offer their internet price and kept true to my trade in....but didn't have the color I wanted (they don't have one coming in).........Does anyone know anything about Douglas Nissan at the Henderson Auto Mall? They seemed ok...Thanks!

    I've driven 3 of these.........The Rogue is great.......I have been an SUV girl for a long time but this one really rocks over the CRV & the Rav4.......I can't wait to get one!!! My Christmas present to me... :shades:
  • It is official. After 4 weeks waiting, I finally picked up the car from Puyallup Nissan in Washington State. I paid 26028 for a Rogue SL AWD with premium and leather package, moonroof, splash guards, floor mats and roof rails. Great customer service. Thank you Travs, my dealer.
    Love the car. I feels I am driving a 50,000 SUV.
  • 26028 is a good OTD price,,,, any more you would have been raped.
  • I bought one today, all accessories, but the small town dealer still has to trade for the exact model. The deal: He offered 3% off sticker. I countered by asking for throw-in Nissan extended warranty (Gold, 5 year 75K). This is retail 1300. He revealed his cost was 684. After a bit of talk, he agreed. Smooth deal with a guy who has been around and maybe part owner. Oh, I had a trade in which he valued at about what or figures.
  • patg2patg2 Posts: 24
    LOVE IT...Rogue S FWD base model with mats and spalsh guards...gotham interior...$18,900 OTD...didn't need all the add-ons...comments? :shades:
  • Comments? I usually don't bother to respond to these columns but this one I feel that I must because it may give someone who is sincerely looking for buying advice the wrong impression. I just want to make sure I have this right, in the city I live in with 5 Nissan dealerships, the largest one just got 6 ROGUES in, 3 were presold and 3 were going on the lot. Their internet manager was very candid when he told me that unless I was willing to buy one at $300-$500 below MSRP, he really would prefer that I would go to one of his competitors. (By the way this was to be a cash deal since my neighbor already bought my old car). However, you were able to find a dealer that was willing to sell you a base model at approximately $400, not below MSRP, but below EDMUND invoice. :surprise: :surprise: :surprise: Please share your secret. Thanks.
  • patg2patg2 Posts: 24
    i would be glad to respond...i decided i would do all my dealing i sent out to 4 dealerships in the st. louis area that i wanted the base model with the only add-on gotham gray...i went back and forth with a couple of them for about 3 weeks and they would not be clear on their did finally lock himself into a price and i counteroffered with, and i think it was $19,500 approx...he stuck to his price...that was the "best" he could i dropped it for about 2 weeks, then contacted a dealership in st. charles and over about 1 week we were able to come to the price i offered...that was the only offer i made and they was very, i did not think i was going to trade my current car, so that was never in the equation...then my personal deal fell through for my current car and i was curious as to what they would offer, well my car is still under warrenty and in great condition and they offered way below what i would even consider, they probably thought they could "catch" me on the other end...i came down a little they came up a little, but they were still way off, i decided not to trade...then came financing...i went through a divorce about 3 years ago and to be honest, i have a few black marks on my credit report...the finance person told me she was at 9.99%, but if i would purchase an extended warrenty for $2050 i could get my financing for about i decided to pay cash for it at that point...that is my story...i paid $18,900 for the base model, with mats and splash guards(which were already on) and it's gotham gray...of course, this doesn't include the tax and license...pat
  • Hi Roguers ;),

    Just got my Rogue,SL AWD , prem pack, leather, moonroof
    MSRP:$27940 + Dealler added features $735
    Total: $28675

    Sale Price: $25.387
    NY Tax: $2126.16
    DMV: $90
    Doc fee: $135

    OTD: $27738.16

    What do you think about my deal?
  • hackdhackd Posts: 65
    The problem with your post was that you did not pay $18,900 OTD. Out The Door means tax and license included. Not a big deal but that could mislead some so it is good you clarified. Actually the most interesting part of your post was the dealership offering an extended warranty to help your finance rate....kind of scam move on their part. Enjoy your car.
  • Interest rates are so low now that most dealers can beat your glorious credit union rates or definately your own bank's. When I worked at a Nissan dealer when customers would play the "car shopper" and say I have my own financing through my credit union I don't want to hear what you have to say. I would be kind and not argue. About half the time, I would be able to get better for them and wait until the transaction was over. After we cashed the check I would call the customer and politely tell them that I didn't want them to feel I cheated them, but I was able to get a lower rate for them and didn't want them to see it advertised. I would laugh as they would attempt to go through us and I would tell them, "We already cashed the check; sorry".
  • patg2patg2 Posts: 24
    well, here in missouri otd means pay tax when you license the car...maybe every state is like that, i don't know...anyway...with that said, do you still think i made a pretty good deal? :blush:
  • hackdhackd Posts: 65
    Yes at the dealer in NY we pay tax at the transaction. It seems to be under invoice which for a new 2008 Rogue is hard to believe...congrats.
  • Sounds like a good deal. Even if you value the dealers package as being worth about $100 (is it wood trim?), you are about $400 to $500 below invoice. I am starting to look for one (in Northern NJ) and have had offers around invoice. Was there a trade-in involved?
  • Yeah and you most likely cost the dealer sales in the future,by rubbing your CUSTOMERS face in what was their mistake. IMO that call was not necessary.
  • No trade in.
    dealer added Door Edge Guards, wheel locks, handpainted pinstrips

    Classic Cars Nissan, mount holly NJ
    Very pleasant buying experience. No pressure at all.
    Call Orlando, say: "I'm from Sergey ;) ". Beast Deal guaranty ;) .
    If somebody have a portrait of best salesman - it is Orlando.
  • Hi, I am trying to purchase Rogue but the prices are a little high. But the price that you got is excellent, I am just wondering where is the dealer that you bought your Rogue. :)

    Thank You,
  • patg2patg2 Posts: 24
    get some chrome strips for my rogue and chrome grille???
  • I found about 90 Nissan dealers on 75m distance from my home.
    Sent to all of them quote requests.
    Some of them called back with appointment invitation - you can just ignore that calls.
    But some of them sent offer with real prices.
    Analise that offers select best for you and call to dealer.
    Or cal to Classic Nissan NJ and ask Orlando. Say "I'm form Sergey" I think he can beat any best offer you'll receive.
  • Here's what I think about your deal. Your story is the best yet. If my math is right you got it at approximately $1,100 under invoice. Even if Nissan offered their dealers 3 percent advertising and marketing incentives that would make $860.25, leaving the OTD dealer loss of about $239.75 plus interest on his interim loan. Oh please share your secret. This way others finding their Nissan dealers having most Rogues presold and only a couple on the lot can use your technique to convince them to lose money. I can't speak for other Roguers but I certainly want to learn your technique. Thanks. :surprise: :surprise: :surprise:
  • patg2patg2 Posts: 24
    i explained how i did the, i want to be in missouri...OTD can be before taxes and license and my price was before T &, what did you really want to know...this is what i paid... :confuse:
  • patg2patg2 Posts: 24
    sorry...i thought you were commenting on my deal... :blush:
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