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Nice techie useful CUV



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Isn't that a bit like saying I can't compare the Camry with the ES350..??
  • Not really because at least the Camry and ES350 are from the same family.
    The CR-V and EX35 shouldn't share anything, now the CR-V and RDX might share something and the EX35 I guess might share stuff with the Rogue.
  • And on CRV V6 is not even an option
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Oops, so sorry, I was actually thinking Rogue...
  • Was reading your posts and couldn't resist to chime in. We purchased an Acura CLS in 2000 - mainly because we wanted to have the car for a long time with minium problems. We are now on our 4th transmission!!! Honda has tried to keep this one secret, but it is strating to come out. From what I hear from many mechanics (including the dealer's) this is across all Honda lines. It is a continuing problem. They say they changed the transmissions ion 2004, but the mechanics are telling me different - they are seeing alot of them having problems. Also, we recently had a new one - motor mounts. The dealer first tried to tell us this was a normal maintenance item. Since I have owned more than 20 vehicles, and never had this problem, I had a feeling they were full of it. Then I went online I googled (yeah, I know, it's a verb now) "honda acura motor mount" - there were more than a few hits :) When I contacted Acura, they first gave me the same line as the dealer. When I pointed out the unusual nature of this, and the number of problems online, they told me it had to do with a high torque engine, then it was the bad transmission (how's that for a stupid response - one defect leads to another). After "befriending" the Acura "investigator" he broke down and admitted this was a design defect and he was giving me lines from a corporate script. They will most likely be quietly paying for these in the near future - I've already filed compalints with state and federal authorities. As I said - stay away from Honda and Acura. There are a lot more problems I could go over - Honda is very good on damage control.
  • Honda and Acura are on top in JD power and assoc list across the board. While a few models might have had an issue I think that you cant go wrong with Honda or Acura and Hyundia and mitsu are at the bottom of the lists. So you decide.
  • chelentanochelentano Posts: 634
    I would care less for JDPower ratings. They are not independent, but they get paid by car manufacturers for advertising, unlike Consumer Reports. According to Consumer Reports, Mitsubishi Outlander ranked best for 2008 predicted reliability, beating Toyota RAV, Honda CR-V and everything else in the category.

    Small SUV
    Best: Honda Element, Mitsubishi Outlander
    Worst: Dodge Nitro, Jeep Wrangler (four-door)

    Midsize SUV
    Best: Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot
    Worst: Land Rover Range Rover, Land Rover Range Rover Sport
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