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Hyundai Veracruz Lights and Headlights



  • jmaulsbyjmaulsby Posts: 54
    What is the expected difference between H11 and H7 or whatever we have on our 2007 model?
  • jmaulsbyjmaulsby Posts: 54
    When you say "no matter what screw you adj. it turns both screws." Are you talking about adjusting the screw inside the white nylon piece? Or one of the screws on the top (L/R, U/D)?

    Did the Hyundai mechanic have a special tool to adjust the L/R, U/D screws on the top?
  • ml0126ml0126 Posts: 19
    From the top I used a #2 philips. When you turn using the funnel hole at the top. if you watch the 2 white scews holes behind the light assy, when you turn it, both white screws are turning. If you adjthe low beam using white adj hole, the high beam adj screw turns also. If you use the high beam white adj screw, it will also turn the low beam. This is because if the little transmission unit mounted on the back of the housing mechanically connects both low and high assy. You have to remove the trasnmission or break the connecting rod at the bottom to adj each beam independently. A phillips works fine or a large allen wrench.
  • konacqkonacq Posts: 6
    I am the one who posted this message, and I am here to eat humble pie. I was mistaken - the only way to aim the high and low beams separately is to remove the housing that physically connects the low and high beam headlight adjustments together. It is what I did to my Veracruz, Once the housing is removed, you can adjust the high and low beams separately.
  • xquuzmexquuzme Posts: 18
    Sorry I'm leaving town for a bit and don't have time to pull up the specs for you, but others on this post and elsewhere have talked about the merits of upgrading your headlights. From what I've read, the difference is like "night and day". While the headlights on the Veracruz are certainly bright, any improvement is a safety advantage from my view.
  • konacqkonacq Posts: 6
    Has anybody replaced the 55W high beam lamp with a 100W lamp? I am interested in doing this, but I don't want to fry anything.

  • jmaulsbyjmaulsby Posts: 54
    Can you provide details on how to remove the housing and then what to look for once the housing is removed? Thanks.
  • conr2286conr2286 Posts: 1

    Can the housing be re-installed after the high/low beams have been independently adjusted to eliminate the gap? Or would that bring the gap back again.

    And... I suppose no one has found an improvement/adjustment in the 2008 model headlights.

  • konacqkonacq Posts: 6
    Yes, you can put the housings back after you have finished aiming the headlights. I did not put them back, but I did keep the housings in case I decide to re-install it some day.

    No, putting the housing back in will NOT force the aiming back to its old position.

    If you do re-install the housing, then the housing will lock-in the relative high-low beam headlight aiming that you had set at that point. In other words, after you put the housing back in, when you adjust the high beam aim up or down, the low beam will also adjust correspondingly, and vice versa. Presumably this is not a bad thing.

    I speculate that the housing is there to support motorized headlight aiming, the way upscale cars are built in Europe. It makes sense that all you have to do is attach a drive motor to the housing, and you can remotely adjust the headlights up or down using a switch inside the car. Upscale european cars have this so you can adjust the headlight aiming based on the weight loading of the car, so that if the rear end is loaded down, and the headlights are now pointing too high, you can lower them manually.

    If someone can tell me how to post a picture on this forum I can show you what the housing looks like.">
  • xquuzmexquuzme Posts: 18
    I saw no need to replace the housings (my dealer removed them). I have kept them, however. They've been off for almost a year with no problems whatsoever.

  • konacqkonacq Posts: 6
    Here are the instructions to remove the Hyundai Veracruz headlight aiming linkage housing. This should only be attempted by people who are comfortable and experienced in working on their cars. If you don’t want to do this yourself, print this out and show it to your mechanic.

    NOTE - I am not a mechanic - so use this entirely at your own risk.

    1. Aim your headlights (with the housing attached) so that the LEFT low beam is at the desired position, and the RIGHT high beam is at the desired position. You will need to calibrate the headlights this way so that you have a proper reference to aim the headlights later. You can aim both high and low beams at once using a short #2 Phillips screw driver on either the high beam or low beam adjustment screws.

    2. Locate the driver side headlight assembly inside the engine compartment. At the back of that assembly, you will see a black housing with four white holes aligned in a vertical pattern. This is the low beam part of the housing that you will remove.

    3. Use a #1 or #2 Phillips screw driver to remove the 5 screws on the perimeter of the housing that fasten the housing to the headlight assembly unit. When you remove all five screws, the housing will come loose, but will not pull away, because there is a shaft at one end of the housing that is still connected to the headlight assembly unit. You can now pull the housing free, and twist it so it is out of the way, but DO NOT force, bend, pull, dislodge, or break the shaft.

    4. Trace the shaft to the other end, and you will find a smaller housing, which is the high beam part of the housing. Use a Phillips screw drive to remove three screws from this part of the housing. One of the screws will be hidden from view, and you must feel for it with your finger, but all screws are easily accessible.

    5. When all 8 screws are removed (5 from the low beam housing and 3 from the high beam housing), pull the housing away entirely, and store it with its screws for safe keeping.

    6. Turn the ignition switch to ON (but do not start the engine) and use a #2 or #3 Phillips screw driver to adjust the LEFT high beam headlight to match the RIGHT high beam headlight, which you calibrated in step 1.

    7. Turn the ignition switch to OFF.

    Note: The passenger side headlight assembly is not accessible, because there are things blocking it. You must remove these first.

    8. Remove the screw holding the upper neck of the windshield washer reservoir. Pull the neck off the reservoir, and safely stow the reservoir neck and screw for later retrieval.

    9. Unlock and then unplug both connectors from the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) module. Use a long piece of electrical tape to loosely fasten the connectors upwards to the engine hood strut so that the connectors to do not fall into the engine compartment and get dirty or damaged.

    10. Using a ratchet wrench with an extension shaft, remove the three bolts that fasten the ABS mounting bracket to the body of the car. These three bolts are at the bottom of the bracket. Safely stow away the bolts for later recovery.

    11. The ABS module and mounting bracket are still connected to the car frame with a nylon tie – you do not need to remove this tie. Carefully lift out and twist the ABS module out of the way so that you can now access the headlight assembly.

    12. Repeat steps 3 thru 5 for the passenger side headlight assembly unit.

    13. Turn the ignition switch to ON (but do not start the engine) and use a #2 or #3 Phillips screw driver to adjust the RIGHT low beam headlight to match the LEFT low beam headlight, which you calibrated in step 1.

    14. Turn the ignition switch to OFF.

    15. Re-seat the ABS module in place, and use the ratchet wrench to secure it using the 3 bolts you removed in step 10.

    16. Remove the tape from the ABS connectors, and firmly re-seat and re-lock the connectors onto the ABS module.

    17. Re-seat the windshield reservoir neck in place, and use the screw you removed in step 8 to secure it in place.

    Note: When you turned the ignition switch to the ON position in step 13, the main computer sensed the ABS module was disconnected. Even though the ABS is now connected and working, the computer will activate the engine trouble light since it has historical data showing the failure of a critical system.

    18. Disconnect the main car battery, wait for about 5 minutes, and then reconnect it. This will reset the main computer so the engine trouble light will not come on.

    19. Test drive the car to ensure: (1) proper headlight aiming; and (2) proper ABS functionality.

    Note: Once the housings are removed, you do not need to remove the ABS module to aim the headlights. You can use a flex shaft screw driver, or someone with small hands, to access the low beam aiming screw.
  • ml0126ml0126 Posts: 19
    After 4 trips, 240 miles and still at square one on trying to get my dealer to adj the headights correctly....lows are to low and highs are good for spotlighting wildlife in the top of trees. Service Manger finally made me mad when he told me there is nothing wrong with the adj and Hyundai will not allow the lights to be adj any other way. Looks like an accident waiting to happen because you can see in front of you. Sure looks like a law suit just begging to be file....It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.
    Maybe someone will start a class action suit????? I love my VC, but when driving on a dark wet night on a dark highway, it's a gamble, better hope the road is straight!!!!
  • xquuzmexquuzme Posts: 18
    Per my previous posts, I had the same problem and had to go to another dealer to get the job done (Vaden in Savannah, GA). Hyundai just doesn't seem to be very helpful in the customer service department, even with a critical safety issue. You'd think they'd bend over backwards to keep customers in today's economic climate!
  • ml0126ml0126 Posts: 19
    I will not buy another Hyundai which is a shame because with the exception of the headlight aiming issue, we love the car. Hyundai refuses to fix the issue, and told me if I broke the connection between the high and low beams and adj it myself, I would void the warranty on my car. I have asked them to put that in writing and also put in writing that the refuse to fix the headlight issue. So far they have refused that also. I guess it's time to file a complaint with the BBB, our state attorney generals office and the NHST.
  • jmaulsbyjmaulsby Posts: 54
    What should the high beam pattern look like on the garage wall when it is properly adjusted?
  • The lights were not calibrated before they put the gear on the high and low beam.


    You have to remove the 8 screws on the transmission and then you can adjust them indiviudually. Pull the transmission unit out and then adjust with the phillips screws still there. This is the only way to adjust low and high beams individually.

    When adjusted they are fabulous!
  • Does anyone know who to activate the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) for a 2008 Veracruz? Is it a module or an activate in the computer system.
  • chumochumo Posts: 7
    I would like to get DRL for my 2008 VC. What did you find out regarding your quest?
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