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Chevrolet Cavalier Audio

rahlcepx88rahlcepx88 Member Posts: 1
I have a 1998 Z24 Cavalier, and am trying to figure out if there are audio jacks in the back of the cd player deck so I can hook an Ipod up to it. I would look it up in the manual but I do not have one. My other concern is that if it does, does it have an auxiliary selection for it?


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    eh85eh85 Member Posts: 1
    hi i hope someone can help me here, i bought a used cd player from a 2002 sunfire, and im trying to add it to my 1995 cavalier, i plugged it in and it lights up..shows the time and will even eject a cd, but wont turn on at all, the theft lock doesnt light up either, anyone attempted this yet? any feedback would be greatly appreciated..thanks
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    ceilidthbearceilidthbear Member Posts: 3
    Hi. I'm looking to remove my fixed mast antenna from my 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier. I'm not much of an automotive expert, so before i start messing around with the thing can someone advise me whether or not it's a simple matter of unscrewing or "unplugging" it? Is it easy to do, do I need any specific tools or should I just take it to a dealership and get them to take it off? Thanks so much for your help! Cheers!
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    whsolmwhsolm Member Posts: 3
    Hey, i got a ? i just hooked up a system in my third car and i triple checked everything. I got a 1997 cavalier 2.2L 5 speed It will not work at all, is there like some type of protection on the car that wont allow it to work? And if so how do i turn it off or...just get my system to work?
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    whsolmwhsolm Member Posts: 3
    Hey, is the deck from the car the stock radio? And if it is just buy a different deck but one from a store.
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    maryjanemeowsmaryjanemeows Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Chevy Cavalier with 51,000 miles on it. The radio works, but recently my CD player has been acting up. If I put a CD in it, it plays but won't eject. Does this seem to sound like I need a whole new CD player installed?

    Thanks for any insight.
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    dj125dj125 Member Posts: 1
    i have an insignia cd player that was working fine but now it has stopped playing i've checked all the fuses and nothing's blown but when you take the face plate off the reset light blinks i've tried resetting it but it still doesnt come on i have a 1999 chevy cavalier
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