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Volkswagen Rabbit Engine Questions



  • What did you end up doing about this?

    I have an 07 Rabbit, auto, 4 door. I've been to 2 different dealerships to get my car checked after multiple stalls. Both places told me that since the car's internal computer did not "make note" of the stalling and record any problems with the engine, there is nothing they can do for me (unless they keep my car and experience the stalling for themselves). But since the engine stalls happen so randomly, there is no way to ensure that the stall will happen if I leave my car with the dealer.

    To add salt to the wound, now I'm having issues with the windows rolling down by themselves and my sunroof opening and closing by itself!

    :lemon: :lemon:
  • Get your message - and mine - out to more people. And anyone experiencing this problem should do the same. Copy this information and send it to everybody on your email list and ask them to do the same. This car is dangerous and VW is ignoring identical reports on this matter. I'm very concerned about my personal safety in the car and for certain I would warn any friend or business associate to stay away from the Rabbit new or used for their entire family's safety. In the event of an accident, the Edmunds reports may be your only protection in litigation.
    John Randle
  • donwwdonww Posts: 3
    No solution arrived at. It is the same story to-day after 18 months. Dealer cannot do anything unless he can experience the problem!
    Still hesitates once in awhile - can be warm / cold, wet or dry.
  • Send all of this to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    and to all your friends and anybody else on your email. At some point VW is going to have to issue a recall. Then demand an apology for this putting this dangerous VW on the road! One thing's for sure... I'll never own or lease another VW.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    ..and to all your friends and anybody else on your email.

    Where I come from, that is considering "spamming" (and that's the nice word for it). There are viruses that do exactly what you are telling this person to do.

    How about just telling other Rabbit owners, which is what is being done via this forum, plus there are other forums just for Rabbit owners? And of course, reporting the incident to the NHTSA is the best idea, since they can force an investigation and, if appropriate, a recall.
  • In attempts to have this problem corrected I have been referred to 2 German auto mechanics in Orlando and 1 former VW management employee now with Hyundai. All 3 have confirmed the corporate 'position' from VW is that during production 'no problems exist' of any sort and will be dealt with case by case, i.e. they will not admit a problem exists and you can forget a recall. Meanwhile my Rabbit did have over five rpm drop-offs in a 2 hour period a few days ago. If you are new to this problem or just putting up with an ongoing similar problem, your similar accounts will be appreciated.
    And the incidents were reported to the NHTSA for over a year ago!
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Of course everyone has their opinions, but then there are actual facts. I'm not sure what the deal is with your VW, but ours (2005 new Jetta) has had 3 actual recalls, several repairs under warranty that had TSBs issued, as well as several case-by-case repairs under warranty. These recalls, as well as the TSBs, would seem to be admissions of problems by VW.
  • jbrandlejbrandle Posts: 7
    Mr. Backy, regarding your 'best idea'...
    After the March 1st revelation 2 NHTSA officials were given jobs at Toyota for their kid glove treatment of the car maker, your admonishment I file yet another complaint with NHTSA makes your suggestion even more odd.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    You can condemn an entire organization for the behavior of two people if you want to. Better not turn to any group or org for help then, as there"s probably bad apples in all of them.
  • mstroh55mstroh55 Posts: 1
    We have a 2007 Rabbit 4dr auto -- with 21,000 miles and it is now starting to stall -- it has never stalled until now. It has done it when cold on two different occassions in the past few days-- stalling twice each time. This very upsetting, as the car has been virtually perfect for over 3 years and we just bought it at the end of our lease.
  • vw08vw08 Posts: 1
    I think I had the same problem with my '08 Rabbit and the dealer fixed it. My Rabbit has 54,000 miles and has never had problems until last week when it started randomly shutting off while I was at a stop. It would just shut down but then start right back up again. I took it to the dealer, and after they replaced random parts trying to guess what the problem was, they finally found it. It was the J-519 module that had to be replaced. They said it was shorting out and that caused the car to shut off. I brought it to the dealer 4 different times and they had to wait until it would fail for them, but luckily they were persistent and they finally found that this was the problem. I hope this helps some of you.
  • I'd like not to have to post this message, but the problem with my 2007 VW Rabbit's near stalls on normal acceleration has not only continued but increased in frequency. Now it occurs almost daily. If you have an 07 Rabbit, 2.5 automatic and are new to this dilemma, please get on board and describe it for those who have had a similar problem. For the 2nd time I will file a report with the NTSB and provide any feedback as I receive it.
    J.B. Randle
  • I know this is a little old, but i just came across this. My rabbit is doing EVERYTHING that has been mentioned here. Its actually, currently at the dealership, they cant ever find anything wrong with it. Has anyone had problems with a knocking noise? Has anything been resolved? I honestly dont know what to do at this point, im so frusterated.
  • kbootskboots Posts: 1
    My 08 VW Rabbit just stalled at a stoplight today - meaning my car was in D, my foot was on the brake and the car just shut off out of nowhere. I tried to turn my car back on 3X. Nothing. A neighbor jumped my car, and I went home. Not sure what the deal is. Battery connection problem? Alternator? I will be going to get a system diagnostics done tomorrow. Seems to be unusual for just being a battery needing replacing...

    A similar, but more dangerous occurrence happened last Fall, where I was slowly creeping to a stop sign (car in D, foot touching brake pedal) when all power was lost. I had no control over the brake, so I used the emergency brake to get my car to a complete stop. I put the car in N and pushed it aside after several attempts to start the car failed. After I allowed the car to sit for around 30minutes or so without heat or radio, it turned back on as if nothing unusual just occurred. Very very scary. The dealer also thought I was nuts.

    Please get the word out that something is clearly not right here.
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