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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • m34mem34me Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Honda Civic.....I want to remove the word "civic" and "ex" are they held on by bolt thingies or are they held on by gluey stuff...if they are by gluey stuff..whats a good way to take them off? Thanks Everyone.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798

    My wife used our 2001 Civic EX and left the light on while she went up to her office in the morning (I still don't get how she didn't hear the alarm). Anyway, the battery was dead at the end of the day, and someone else in the parking lot helped her jumpstart it.

    However, now the radio does not work. It says 'Err E' in the field, and none of the buttons affect anything. It first used to say 'Code X' where 'X' was a number, but after pressing the radio channel selection buttons a few times, even the 'Code X' does not work and 'Err E' is all I get.

    Has anyone seen this before? Is there any way to return this to normal without spending a lot of money?

    Did you have the car since new? If so, you should have the card with the numbers on it. It says keep in safe place. You should also have gotten an owner's manual, where it would explain how to enter the security code for the radio.

    We should have a quick link button to say: "RTFM!"
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I have a 1998 Honda Civic.....I want to remove the word "civic" and "ex" are they held on by bolt thingies or are they held on by gluey stuff...if they are by gluey stuff..whats a good way to take them off? Thanks Everyone.

    Hair dryer and dental floss will remove the "civic" and "ex" badges. The "H" badge has pins on the back and will leave holes behind. Unless 1998 was different from 1999.
  • fe203fe203 Posts: 21
    After trying to put in the radio code three times the stereo will lock up. You have to disconnect the battery for about a minute. Reconnect battery & you will have three more chances to enter the stereo code.
  • krismkrism Posts: 11
    I would go back to the place that replaced the struts and have them checked out. Worn sway bar bushings could cause that but its highly unlikely on a 4yr old car with only 43k miles.
  • mwhipplemwhipple Posts: 1
    We are looking at purchasing a 1998 Honda Civic EX. It has 115,000 miles on it and its for sale for $5000. I think it is a fair price - but I plan to ask tomorrow if the timing chain and water pump has been replaced. If not, does anyone have an estimate on how much this will cost?

  • phatmattphatmatt Posts: 2
    I spoke with another owner of a 1998 civic LX 4-door, and his car also had a cracked exhaust manifold. Is this common? How could this happen? Does anyone know of a recall? Thanks.
  • port_48port_48 Posts: 27
    By won't start do you mean it turns over but won't fire and run? If it cranks but won't fire I'd start drying things off. Since it's been 3 days since you did this, maybe it's running now?
  • port_48port_48 Posts: 27
    In response to msg #2800, I finally went to the dealer with a list of items needing attention before the 3 yr warranty expires at the end of this month. At the top of the list was the clutch noise which I've pasted at the bottom. The dealer replaced the clutch master cylinder and the noise is gone. He referenced a service bulletin (which I called a recall below).

    The other items on the list were moisture condensing in right headlight (they replaced the headlight), paint damage from the front mudflaps rubbing on the body (scheduled time at their body shop which they contract out), and front seat belts do not retract without being "helped" (they've ordered the parts). While there they took care of the low beam "safety campaign" which apparently there can be a fire in the steering column if not addressed.

    "The problem is the noise that occurs when depressing the clutch, about 3/4" of pedal travel to nearly the floor. It sounds like plasticy metal on metal, like the hinge point is tearing itself apart. It doesn't happen all the time and seems to occur more consistently/frequently with warm weather (heat causing expansion?). I'm aware of a recall on the hydraulic line connection that creaks/pops when using the clutch - the fix there is to remove the hydraulic line, grease the fitting, and reassemble."
  • lexielexie Posts: 45
    BBB might work for your if your problems meet the CA lemon definitions. I recently contacted them and they would not even look at my case because I did not meet the definitions so in my opinion, they are useless :mad: I also contacted them for other non car issues and that was useless. All they did was add one more # of complaints to the list for that vendor. I do give them credit for at least passing on my complaint to GM the following day I filed it. I would go back to the dealer and demand that they fix it.
  • I am also having Acceleration Noise when I accelerate from STOP and then the noise disappears . Please advise .

  • asg2307asg2307 Posts: 8
    I finally solved the idle and solving problem!!! I put 2/3 of a can of SEAFOAM in a 1/2 a tank of gas. I drove it around at highway speeds on a Saturday. After refilling the tank I had to adjust the idle down towards the idle speed on the hood of the civic. It seems to run fine now. I am sure there are other things to do, but I think the gas in the tank and carb were the biggest culprit. Thanks.
  • lionman1lionman1 Posts: 2
    Hello all. I have a '96 Civc Dx hatchback, recently the service light came on. so I jumped the two pin connector by the ECM to get the troble code and it flashed 5 times to indicate P0106 - Manifold Absolute Pressure circuit range/performance problem.

    So I checked all the Vac lines and they seemed ok, the throttle body connector for the vac hose was definately sucking air, so I figured it was the sensor itself. After swapping it though, the problem persistes, it fact nothing has changed.

    I know I gotta be missing something, if any of you guys could lend some advice that would be great.

  • fe203fe203 Posts: 21
    Hey, Replaced both front sway bar bushings & noise is gone. The right side bushing was worn more than the left. I was hearing most of the noise from the right side. Easy repair, it took me about 45min & the two bushings came to $8 from the dealer. The guy at the parts counter @ Honda dealer said it is a quite common complaint on the Civic's since 2001, when they changed the front suspension.
  • Usually happens in the rain, then goes away after a day or so but now it isn't going away. When the under car gets wet it stalls, then when I finally get it restarted as soon as you give it gas from idle the rpm drop and it bogs, backfires & stalls, smells and sounds like a poorly running 2 stroke starting up cold. Changed fuel, put some water remover in tank, replaced coil wire, cleaned out cap & rotor which was already new, recently replaced timing belt, battery, plugs, wires, starter, etc. :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • rbprbp Posts: 1
    hey all
    trying to help out my girlfriend - her '95 Civic LX sedan is
    bucking/hesitating on acceleration and under load
    ran a little injector cleaner through, which helped but did not clear
    up the problem entirely
    wondering if this is a common issue with a common fix
    this is a computerized injection system, I assume
    is there a particular sensor that's prone to failure?
    need to check dist cap and plugs, but this feels like air/fuel and not
    thanks for anything you can tell me
    Cambridge, MA
  • tricepghtricepgh Posts: 1
    Hi, i'm sorry to reply with a question!
    I have a 92 honda civic, automatic transmission. i've had it for almost five months. when i turn the car off, and put it in park or neutral, it idles really hard. when i turn the lights on, it does not do this? lately, it putts a lot when i'm driving in 4th gear, and it feels like fuel is not getting to the accelerator (if this is possible?). it has never stalled out...but occasionally the engine light will come on. when i turn the car off, and restart it, it doesn't come back on. do you think this is a transmission problem? do these sypmtoms connect to any other possible diagnosis that you know of? Thank you for you're in-put! i know nothing at all about cars. i'm taking it to my mechanic tomorrow.
  • Hi all,
    I have a ~1 month old 2005 civic which is so far running well. However, I have noticed significant rust on the screws and bolts on the top of my front struts (visible under my hood) as well as on the screws and bolts on the underside of the front struts (when looking up through the wheel well). I first noticed this a few days after purchase. I did a quick search through this message board and could not find anything about this. I was wondering if anyone else with a newer civic (with front macpherson struts) have had this problem? -And is this a problem I should be worried about?
    Phillip from California.
  • I'm here to commiserate, Rolf, and join you in looking for a fix. I have similar prob with my 95 Honda Civic. Been going on for about a month--"bucking" is a good way to describe it. I've said it feels like I'm about to run out of gas, it just kind of jerks unexpectedly when I'm driving it. And when I'm idling it sputters and feels like it's going to die - but rarely does. All this happens only about 50-60% of the time.

    Mechanic and dealer could both replicate but not figure it out. In the past month I've gotten a new battery & starter (separate prob), then tried ignition cable with no improvement, then tried fuel pump with no improvement. I also did a timing belt just because I hit 100,000 miles. I'm the original owner, maintain it well, and have had NO problems before this.

    Frustrated in Michigan, hope somebody has some clues!! thanks
  • jmisentijmisenti Posts: 1
    I have had a squeaking noise that sounds like grasshoppers chirping when I idle or have the clutch engaged; however this happens only intermittently. Additionally, This happens when I first start the car as well as after running for an hour and in cold or hot weather. I asked my mechanic to look and he was able to duplicate the sound, but was unable to determine the cause. Any suggestions?
  • Hi,
    My '93 Civic EX Coupe has 114K mi. on it and about 8 mos. ago the a/c went out. I was sitting in it parked and running with the a/c on and all was working fine. Suddenly I hear a deflating sound really loud as if a tire had been punctured, but I was just sitting there. I get out of the car while it's still running and I can tell the sound is coming from under the hood. I looked but could not find where. I get back in the car and the a/c is still going but now only hot air is coming out. I took it to the shop. They said the presure valve was bad and replaced it. A few weeks later it stops cooling again. I take it back. It was out of freon so they said there's a leak. They replaced the hose to or from the condenser (the one with the red cap - I don't know if that's supply or return). Again a few weeks later out of freon. So it's never been fixed properly and clearly has a leak because when there's freon in the system, it all works. No one seems to be able to find the problem and I feel like these repairs were unnecessary and futile. I managed to get my money back and took it to my regular mechanic. He says he thinks the condenser is leaking and it would be at least $650 to fix. Here's the thing - I don't have time or patience for any more guessing. I trust his instincts about the condenser but $650 seems rediculous for a car of this age especially when I know I can get a new Honda condenser for less than $300. I'd like to just do this myself. The system's already evacuated obviously, and I'm pretty handy and have a repair book. Anyone have any tips for me or know of any repair shops in LA that are specific to a/c. I would only go the shop route again if I know I have a specialist and it's not going to be rediculous. I'm just trying to get through the summer while I wait for some more hybrids to come out. If I was going to keep the car for any extended period, I wouldn't mind the expense but it's too much for a car of this age and how long I plan to keep it. Thanks for any suggestions. p.s.-the system is R134. It was changed over after an accident I had in '97 or '98.
  • trantitranti Posts: 51
    Hi! Take your civic to any Honda dealer. They will find out the radio code for your car. It cost around $50 , I guess. Good luck!
  • When i start my '99 civic dx, it idles fine, smoothly. but after like 2 minutes, it starts to make a wah, wah, wah, noise and idles choppy.i put a different throtle body on and still the same problem.
  • Yesterday I checked the oil and it was lower than expected. I added about 3/4 quarts to bring it to the recommended level. I'm not sure why I had to do this since I had my oil changed at the honda dealership 4 months ago (I've driven ~2-3k more miles).

    I checked the oil since I could hear a crackling noise (light but noticeable that wasn't happenning before). Driving today to work I didn't hear the noise, but on the return trip I heard it again. I believe its coming from the front of the car. Both windows are closed (earlier message mentioned something about crackling due to a window - I doubt this is the problem since I haven't openned my window earlier in the week and didn't hear anything before). Today, I heard the noise going between 55-80mi/hr and also during some of the bumps when coming home.

    The car was purchased in March 2003 and now has a bit under 20000 miles on it.

    Also, how often do you guys change the oil on the newer hondas? My owner's manual says every 10000 miles or once a year, whichever being shorter if I'm driving in "normal" conditions.

    Thanks in advance for feedback.
  • civic2001civic2001 Posts: 30
    My 2001 Civic (41k miles) has developed an annoying squeaky / rattling noise from the left rear since last week. The noise is very obvious, especially when going over any small bump at low speed. Both a Midas store and a Honda dealer thought it may be coming from a bushing that is drying up - except they could not tell exactly which one. They both tried to spray lubricant over all bushing. However, this approach has not helped. I could also duplicate the noise by either pushing down or lifting up the rear bumper.

    Interestingly, neither store thought it could be from the shocks. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.
  • tanya2tanya2 Posts: 29
    I still believe in 3,000 mile oil and filter changes. I know, the owner's manual recommends 5,000 for severe service, and 10,000 mile for normal service, but I like to give my vehicles extra maintenance. My goal is to keep the engine, and crankcase clean! In terms of the noise in the vehicle, I would bring the vehicle to the dealer, and have the suspension examined for damaged parts. You could have hit something in the road, (a hole), and damaged a component! My Honda does not use any oil between oil and filter changes. When the vehicle is on the lift, the mechanic could look for exterior oil leaks. Does the engine smoke when coasting going down hill? Do you have the correct type of oil in the engine? Do you see oil drips on the roadway when you move the vehicle from it's parking space? ----------Tanya
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,436
    I can't say that a 3000 mile OCI hurts anything as compared to a 10,000 OCI except for increasing the per mile lubricated costs. A lot has come a long way considering the 10,000 mile OCI's are done with specified CONVENTIONAL oil. Also noteworthy is the recommendation of every other oil filter change or 20,000 miles.

    My goal is also to keep the engine clean (etc) and INXS of 250,000 miles. So over 250,000 miles as an example, one will do 83 vs 25 OCI's.

    After the meager warranty period of 3 years36,000 miles. I have no qualms in going to Mobil One 0w20,5w20 and doing OCI's of 20,000. or 13 OCI's
  • gx222gx222 Posts: 32
    The front end on my 2003 also clunks when during low speed driving, like backing out of parking spots etc. Is this the same problem that is common with the newer Civics?
  • gx222gx222 Posts: 32
    My drivers seat rocks back and forth, like a quarter inch or so, just enough to drive me nuts. Anyone else have this problem, and if so whats the fix? Thanks.
  • civic2001civic2001 Posts: 30
    What year is it? My 2001 Civic EX had a similar problem in 2002. Dealer determined it was due to a worn bushing and replaced the driver seat rack under warranty (SB 01-057).
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