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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • Hello, I have a 2003 Civic SI. I really do love the car despite the high insurance rates...however, the clutch pedal makes a dull clicking noise with a slight squeak whenever depressed. This didn't happen immediately, it started last year and the Honda folks said there was nothing wrong with the clutch, but they could lube it and the noise should go away, and it did. This problem occurred about maybe a year ago, and the noise has come back. The performance of the car is not affected, it is just an extremely annoying noise... Has anyone else had this problem and should I expect this to occur every year?? Are the Honda dealers going to lube the pedal once a year for as long as I have the car? :(
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,338
    Check the level of your clutch hydraulic fluid to see if you have a leak either in the clutch master or clutch slave units. If they are okay but the fluid is very dirty, have it flushed out and bled and see how everything works.

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  • I recently bought a 2005 Civic LX 4DR Sedan. I absolutely love the car except the audio system.
    Can anybody please advise about the MP3/CD players and speakers that fits this car.
  • I replaced the fuel pump and the fuel pressure regulator.
    Everything seems to be working we :) ll thus far if anything changes i will let you know.
  • vix4vix4 Posts: 52
    25,000 2006 Honda Civics are being recalled due to a defect with the accelerator. Its possible the accelerator pedal could get stuck so they are recalling the vehicle.

    Here are the VINs affected by the defect:

    JHMAFA15216S000026 thru 0541
    1HGFA16876L000001 thru 12981
    2HGFG12836H500089 thru 09942
  • How much oil should a high mileage Civic burn between oil changes? My 96 LX has 136,000 and uses up to 2 quarts per 3,000 miles. Is this normal. What should be the amount?

    Thanks- Larry
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    no that's not normal.. the normal amount is nothing burned at all. If you continue to burn oil, the catalytic converter will be plugged and oxygen sensors damaged, you're looking at over $1000 damage just from that. What you should do is go to a trusted mechanic and have them do a compression test on the cylinders.. One of the rings probably have failed, or the cylinders have opened up allowing you to burn the oil.. Have you noticed a "clacking" when the engine is cold.. the 96-2000's (among other years) had this problem.. It was called "piston slap" and it could lead to oil consumption (no matter what people say).. I would get your car to a trusted mechanic.. Sounds like engine work is in order..sorry I couldn't be of better news..
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,551
    I totally disagree.

    We are talking about a car that has 136,000 miles!

    It is using a quart of oil every 1500 miles which is not a big deal at all. ALL cars use SOME oil!

    How does a cylinder "open up"?

    It is also possible the oil pan gasket is starting to leak a bit. At this point I would NOT worry but I would keep an eye on your oil level in case this worsens.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    it's possible your PCV valve is sticking. this might account for high oil consumption. (google it).

    it's pretty easy and inexpensive to swap out as a test. should be less than $6.00.

    try for example:
  • My civic currently has about 99,000 miles. The problem started about a year ago. The check engine light turned on. When I took it to Miller Honda, they ran a diagnostic and indicated that there was a leak with the gas vapors. They went ahead and changed the 2 Way Valve. A couple of days later, the check engine light turned on again. I called Miller and they said they would have to pull the gas tank out to check where exactly the fumes were escaping from. Making this another expensive cost, I decided to go to another Honda service center in Torrance, for a second opinion. After another diagnostic, the rep told me that the gas cap was broken. They replaced it an ran another diagnostic and no vapor leak showed in their system. She said that I did not need to change the 2 Way Valve and that I should get my reimbursement for it. Well, I left it at that.

    Now, a year later, the light turned on AGAIN! Guess what Downtown Honda service center said. I need to change the 2 Way Valve AND the bypass. Called Miller and the warrenty on that part has just expired. Is there anyone else with same exact problem out there? Or, is it just my luck? I somewhat feel as if they are taking advantage of this situation and ripping me off for everything they can. :mad:
  • patripatri Posts: 2
    where is it located, how hard to change and tools need to do the job
  • Last week my head lights started blinking by themselves while driving at slow or moderate speeds. This week my battery warning light (dim) has been going on and off at slow speeds and after arriving home this afternoon it was slow cranking. My repair manual does not mention these specific symptoms for a bad alternator. If there was a alternator warning light this would be cut and dry. The car has 199K miles and the battery is only 2 years old...will it be a walmart battery or a honda alternator?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,338
    Alternator I think, especially if it has a built in voltage regulator.

    And when you get the new alternator, don't use it to charge your low battery, or you'll fry that alternator, too.

    Alternators can be easily bench tested at Kragen or Autozone.

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  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,551
    Buy a cheap rebuilt alternator or you'll be replacing it again in a short time.

    This does sound like an alternator. After 200,000 miles, it deserves to be retired.
  • Spent a lot of effort trying to buy a Honda Civic 06. I plan to keep this car a long time, since I spent so much time looking for it and bargaining for it, and still waiting for it to come. Would like to buy an extended warranty. The dealer is talking about Honda Care? Honda Care offers services like the triple A and also offers repair services. The dealer talk about an eight year Honda Care offer. Does Honda Care duplicates the existing 3 year 36000 warranty? Any information would be welcome.
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    I love how you salespeople continue to ask 'what do you expect for 130,000 miles".. Um I expect HONDA-QUALITY! Have you forgotten that? Or do you just want to sell another car? Most Ford's and GM can make it to over 100,000 miles.. Honda's were SUPPOSED to be BETTER!

    And no, it is NOT normal for a car to use oil. That shows an oil leak, maybe you should stick to selling cars, and I'll stick to engineering. So welcome the the real truth. IT IS NOT NORMAL FOR A CAR TO BURN OIL.. If you do, you have a leak..

    And please don't bore us with your "How does a cylinder 'open up' ".. You know darn well of all the Civics coming into a dealership that have the infamous "piston slap".. It's a fact that Honda did not engineer the block correctly on some civics and a clacking can be heard because of the piston hitting the cylinder walls. So don't sit there and act surprised! I love how you salespeople act all innocent..

    And I wouldn't take advice from a salesperson.. Fact is, you should get to a mechanic and see if you're losing compression.. plain and simple..
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    Jules.. Have you tried replacing the gas cap again? The 96-2000 Civic were notorious for this.. Honda went cheap on the gasket for the cap, and after repeating tightening it opens up.. I've seen it almost every other year with the civic.

    The other thing that might be the cause.. And please answer honestly. When you go to fill up your gas tank, do you stop when the pump clicks off or do you keep clicking until another 50 cents or dollar amount of gas is put into the tank? If you have continued to fill up after the pump clicks off you are actually over-filling your tank and this can lead to gasoline backing up into the emissions system and putting gas where vapors should be.. And that could be how this is getting ruined.

    If not, I would try a third dealer to make sure that's the correct diagnosis.. I don't think you should keep having to pay every year for that part..

    But try the gas cap again.. and reply back to this.. let us know if you've over filled your tank.. always stop at the first click off..
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    "Most Ford's and GM can make it to over 100,000 miles.. Honda's were SUPPOSED to be BETTER!"

    How so? Honda cars are machines. Machines wear. No magic metal in them.

    "And no, it is NOT normal for a car to use oil. That shows an oil leak, maybe you should stick to selling cars, and I'll stick to engineering. So welcome the the real truth. IT IS NOT NORMAL FOR A CAR TO BURN OIL."

    Every internal combustion engine ever built burns some oil as it operates. Some more, some less. If that wasn't the case, every engine would seize solid about 20 minutes after it was started. Which field of engineering are you in?

    " Fact is, you should get to a mechanic and see if you're losing compression.. plain and simple"

    And ignore the most likely cause of high oil consumption, worn valve stem seals?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,551
    Exactly...he doesn't know what he's talking about.

    I've spent most of my life in and around shops and I once managed a large auto center.

    So a high mileage car uses a quart of oil every 1500 miles?

    Big deal! Just add a quart between changes and drive it another 130,000 miles!

    I suppose our "engineer" would pull the engine apart, overhaul it, replace the valve stem seals, rings etc.

    After all of that effort, oil consumption might improve to a quart every 3000 miles.

    I love being insulted because of my profession when the person doing the insulting has no idea of my background.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    "Exactly...he doesn't know what he's talking about"

    Sorry, but managing an auto center and selling cars isn't the same as being an engineer or a certified mechanic. I agree with Mark19. A 97 Honda Civic with only 130,000 miles should not be burning that much oil. A quart every 1,500 miles is way to much. Theres a difference between burning a thimble or two of oil every 1,500 miles and burning a quart. The question was "IS IT NORMAL?" The answer...No,it is not. ;)
  • patripatri Posts: 2
    were is the filter located at?? looking for it on my car.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    go here:

    select Honda Parts
    choose Civic
    select Model Year, Trim Level, Transmission Type and Component: Fuel Pipe(1)

    you'll find a nice diagram of the system. perhaps you can identify it by shape and relative position to the lines running up to the engine.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,551
    Well, jipster

    I would guess I've probably torn apart and overhauled a couple more engines than you may have?

    Being an "engineer" can mean many things. My next door neighbor is a Boeing Engineer who has a degree in Rocket Science. He knows little about the workings of a car.

    And, usual, we disagree. Remember, the car in question has over 130,000 miles. 1500 miles between quarts isn't a big deal.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    How often do you change your oil and filter? Is it possible that you have piston rings that are stuck in the pistons, and not following the cylinder wall? There are automotive chemicals that you could pour into the each cylinder and let it sit to loosen the rings. If your oil turns dark very quickly after it has been changed, you could possible have blow-by within the cylinders due to stuck piston rings. Blow-by would cook the oil and force it into the PCV system. Some old shade tree mechanics have some solutions for problems like this! See if you can find one of these old guys! Best regards! -----------Dwayne
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,551
    I would put in a bottle of Rislone Concentrate. I wouldn't have believed it but this stuff really does work.

    Put the Rislone in and go drive the car HARD for awhile.

    You can also spray some combustion chamber cleaner into the intake system to looosen any carbon that could be gumming things up.

    Even so, adding a quart of oil every 1500 miles isn't the end of the world nor is it expensive.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,551
    It is obvious that you don't know what you are talking about.

    And, yes, Honda dealers do perform a treatment that helps remove carbon from the combustion chambers.

    Just because your opinion differs from reality, you really don't need to call people names.

    Your last sentence makes sense. Any good mechanic will tell you to simply check your oil often and just drive the car. This is not a crisis.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441

    Sorry mark19, but I've seen nothing in isells posts that would indicate he is insane...or has lost touch with reality. Though usually opposite of mine, he is certainly free to express his own opinion. And the original poster is free to accept it or not.

    I believe the original poster has options to which you both have suggested. #1 Take it to a trusted mechanic and have it checked out #2 Try the automotive additives like rislone to see if they help or #3 just add a quart of oil every month. It is still my opinion that losing this much oil is not normal. But, I certainly would not be spending a lot of money on a vehilce 9 years old...unless the original poster plans on keeping it 9 more.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,551
    That was my point.

    ALL cars use SOME oil...they HAVE to.

    For me (and most people)having to simply add a 1.00 quart of oil every 1500 miles is completely acceptable.

    Of course, the origianl poster could spend thousands of dollars tearing the engine apart. Valve job, new guides, rings, maybe overhaul the lower end while they are "in there".

    And for what? Maybe oil consumption would improve to a quart every 4000 miles. Maybe.

    If the car is otherwise running fine, leave it alone!

    I would, of course, check my oil frequently in case it worsens.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    i suggest you pull the PCV valve and shake it with your hand. if you don't hear the ball-bearing inside move, it's stuck. if it's stuck, it can contribute to oil consumption. they are cheap cheap to replace ($5/6 at AutoZone). some people clean them (not sure what product). but why bother at that price?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,551
    Yep, that's another possibility.

    After that many miles, it's not uncommon for a Honda to need an oil pan gasket. One drip once in a great while can add up. Unless it's dripping on my garage floor and making a mess, I wouldn't bother with that either.
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