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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • ldog01ldog01 Posts: 4
    I've been driving my 2006 Civic for 6 months now. I had no problems up until a couple weeks ago. I noticed that when I hit a big bump in the road, the car kind of jumps or slides to the left. I've never felt anything like it before. It's kind of weird. Any ideas?
  • jkrummjkrumm Posts: 3
    I've noticed the exact same thing. What's worse is that the whole rear end is extremely squirrely when I drive on snowy roads at speeds above 35 (my 2004 Accord is fine on the same roads). I've never felt anything like it. I'm hoping that it's the rear alighnment problem someone mentioned.
  • ldog01ldog01 Posts: 4
    I'm thinking it's a problem and not some sort of trait of the civics. I drove the same route every day for 4 months (the PA Turnpike) and never had any problems. Now, it all of a sudden started sliding.
  • yeomeoyeomeo Posts: 2
    Hi There,
    I was wondering if anyone could help me....? After driving for about 15-20 mins a high pitched sound begins seemingly coming from the front of the car. It is not constant, but does seem to be influence by a small amount of movement to the steering wheel-------straighten up to the right and sound appears, correct to the left and it disappears. Most noticeable on the motorway, radio blocks it out!
    Cheers ;-)
  • yeomeoyeomeo Posts: 2
    If you've hit a bump and started to slide in or out of corners, its most like to be that your wheel tracking is out of alignment ie. front wheels not parallel or front-back not parallel. You'll probably feel like there's more chance of sliding when turning one way as apposed to the other. understeer and oversteer...?
  • eyeauneyeaun Posts: 1
    hey i am having the same exact problems with my car. I did not see a resolution to your problem did you ever get it figured out. If so can you PLEASE let me know. thanks alot. heres my email:::
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    Can any one tell us how often your compressor cycles on and off. When idling, recirc on, fan at level 2 or 3
    Example on for 10 seconds, off for 40 seconds and back on again, what ever times you get.
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    Some Mazda 3 owners are also having the same problem with their A/C not cooling down. If the compressor cycles on for 10 seconds than off for 40 to 50 seconds than the A/C has a hard time cooling the car. When the compressor is off all it is doing is pushing warm air. It should cycle on longer to push cold air into the car. So yes it is a design and engineer defect. Maybe the same people, suppliers, make the same A/C units for both cars. I would think Honda can't fix it??/
  • magoosh1magoosh1 Posts: 13

    What is the general overall feel of the 06's? I know it look good and drives well. It's NA Car of the Year! But is it holding up compared to other Hondas? I want to buy in Sept./Oct. Should I wait for 07 Civics? :confuse:
  • ellllellll Posts: 18
    Everything is fine on my Civic, 2006 LX, and I like it very much.......:

    EXCEPT !!!!.. the difficult to find "tak tak" in the front right suspension. I have found even front-end experts are not sure what to do other than item-to-item replacement, which can become very expensive, and I am now better aware of where to continue looking, than any techs I can find. I intend to find it myself, over the next few months, working on it when I have an opportunity, and believe that I can find it...

    I do believe my dealership could have made a bigger effort, but I don't know their limitations yet, having never bought from them before.

    I do believe that in general, the car is not a milestone other than general design; Others have problems, and there seems to be some controversy as with any complete re-design.

    I cannot at present, say I would buy the same car again, but I believe I might, given the "nice and neat" appearance. I do think I might have been happier with the SI or even EX..

    Regards, All...John :)
  • ellllellll Posts: 18
    In Addition,

    Should have read todays news before my last post....sorry,

    New satisfaction survey out today, from major survey co. lists satisfaction after three months ownership for all autos, and they did also rate previously their usual "number of problems per 100 vehicles" which also should be examined. Honda and Civic fair well in general.

    John :)
  • magoosh1magoosh1 Posts: 13
    Do you have that info linked so I can check it out on the web? Thanks!
  • My 2002 civic LX which has 44k miles on it has the engine light lit up I took it to my mechanic and he told me there is a torque converter transmition code has anyone experienced this and is it a defect in their transmitions? Also if it is is there any warranty for it?
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    Wheel bearing or brake pad drag is my guess.
  • ellllellll Posts: 18
    I assume it is O.K. to place sources here...

    The material available from..J.D.Powers..(Just do a search..), covers all sources well for all cars, and they are tops in areas of automotive survey, I believe...They have just completed the new satisfaction surveys...

    Along these lines, there is some strong evidence, (Some writers say), that ALL mfgs. who have a lux. line of auto, are putting INCREASING R&D and "fine tuning and finishing", in these lines, (like Acura, Jag, BMW, etc. etc...), and much LESS actual time in the entry level through standard units...I have seen it mentioned by some and I cannot remember a source at present on this...This would be a change from earlier practice, if true...ANYONE???

    Regards, John :)
  • mk2000mk2000 Posts: 1
    Hope this isn't too late but I have a 2000 Civic LX with the same exact problem. I have 199,400 miles and just passed smog about 2 months ago. Then this week found the crack in the manifold. Anyway, since I am in CA our strict emissions left me with little choices but I did find one place...and its the manifold/converter. I ordered yesterday morning and it was at my door today.

    Hope this helps!
  • src2006src2006 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2006 Civic LX model. One question about the MP3 player. I burned a CD-R / CD-RW with MP3 files. I have 5 folders on the disks with each folder containing around 10 songs. When I install the CD, on the display I see folder 2 come up. I turn the folder knob and then folder 3 will appear. It never shows folder 1 on the display read out. Has anyone notice this and what did you do to fix it or is this normal?
  • manuelafmanuelaf Posts: 1
    i have a honda civic 2002 ex,my alternator went out, so i put a new one in, drove it home, would not start up, so i put a new battery in it, had to jump start it, as soon as i take off the cables, it turns off, what is wrong, is it the coil, the sensor, please help :confuse:
  • roundtriproundtrip Posts: 105
    I just learned that sometimes songs get saved as audio files (instead of MP3's) that won't play on certain machines. If you got your songs from different places/files, that may be the problem.
  • dave388dave388 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with the AC, if you found an answer could you please email me at thanks
  • hangaralf1hangaralf1 Posts: 107
    got - you'll probably find headers for alot less than a new manifold- plus you'll get a minor hp boost
  • isaakgirlisaakgirl Posts: 2
    I have a silver 2005 Honda Civic Coupe EX Special Edition. I noticed dirty, greasy windows a few months after I bought it. The dealer called it "lot rot" and said it would go away after the first winter. It's still here. I clean them and they're grimy the next day. I've noticed it on other cars identical to mine. I think Honda should address this problem.
  • gprenticegprentice Posts: 6
    I had that problem on all my 85 prelude, 92 integra. It is like a new car smell - it goes away with time.
    I miss it - must be time for a new car :-)
    (Still driving my 92 integra)
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    my 05 civic ex-se sedan does not have "greasy windows" unless I forget to clean them or wipe them after I wash the car due to hard water stains. When I take it to the car wash they are very clear.
  • Hi all,

    Just bought the sedan for 10 days and I have the same problem with the tak tak noise and it was pretty annoying. So went into the dealership today and the tech guy told me that my front left shock was blown and leaking. Less than 1300km and I have this problem. Is it a common thing with the new civics? Now I am having 2nd thoughts about introducing this car to my friends.
  • isaakgirlisaakgirl Posts: 2
    this stuff is on the inside of the windows. the dealer said the chemicals in the upholstery react with the sun and make the windows cloudy. i found a cleaner called invisible glass that works pretty good, but they always get the same film on them a few days later. this is my first honda, i had two mustangs and a probe before and their windows were never like this. i like my civic, though, it runs beautifully and gets great gas mileage.
  • maleko42maleko42 Posts: 3
    Folder One is the top (root) folder.
    If you stored some files in the top folder, then folder 1 would show up.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    i once had a jetta that had a heater core go and refrigerant coated the inside of my windows.

    in my mind, an oily film is not from outgassing of dash and seat / trim materials.

    if you clean the inside of your windows with windex, they should stay clean and dry for a long time. if not, i think you may have other issues.
  • Need a little help...2006 Honda Civic LX Coupe

    I was kindly hit by someone while my car was parked this morning and I have a few questions and hopefully some feedback from all of you if you can help out.

    #1 - Drivers side front end, pushed the bumper in, not tremendously far, but pushed, cracked the fog lamp framing, took off some mighty big chunks of paint, wedged into the grill and pushed the headlight up...there's also an odd "outie" dent from something underneath the bumper (i'm assuming the frame itself) that poked out but not through the bumper. Question - Will any of this make the airbags more sensitive should there happen to be a minor fender bender? (ie...can I buy some time before I have it all repaired? or should I run to my nearest dealer now)

    #2 - Anyone know any good dealers or body shops in the Los Angeles area? Will travel up to 50 mile radius for a good, reputable, BBB Approved shop.

    Any help you guys and gals could offer is superb!

    Thanks so much!
  • dawnnidawnni Posts: 2
    I have never had any problems with my car except for the other day I had went into the store, came out and my car was completely dead. I bought a new battery installed it, then was on my way to work and every time i would stop at a light or stop sign my car would completely die again. I can down shift and the car stays running but as soon as i come to a complete stop it just dies. Can anyone give me an idea what could be wrong? :confuse:
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