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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388

    Although I do not own a 2006 Honda Civic, I do own a 2006 Honda Accord which makes a popping/rubbing/tak noise at low speeds (5-15 MPH) front/left when the car is warmed up. I would say that is may do it more when going up a hill. Please note that I posted this same concern at the dedicated Accord Thread, but I only got one reply stating that it may be the weld issue (from a 2003 TSB) during the manufacturing of some cars at that time. I also read somewhere that Hondas are experiencing these issues across all lines. Is this a bad shock or some other proble with the springs, etc.? I can duplicate the problem by shaking the wheel a bit when the car has really been warmed up. The dealer now maintains that the car is operating normally, but they initially changed the wheel bearing. I have no confidence in the personnel at that dealership. The car has about 700 miles on it, and I just purchaed it a brand-new a couple of weeks ago.

    Again, sorry for posting here but some of the posts here appear to be related to my issue. Any thoughts/tips/suggestions are appreciated.
  • ellllellll Posts: 18

    I have just returned from an overnight prepared and done, the Forth "leave it with them"..,and they say there is nothing wrong, and they can't reproduce the sound..

    BUT...indep mechanics have heard, and say it is upper strut mounting...needs re-assembly....This by four diff mech, inc a front-end/align specialist...

    Can anyone tell me for a person with lots of auto mech exp, from the 1950 through '80's era...Can I safely disassemble the right front strut for a "check it out", myself?..?

    Any advice appreciated!!!

    My Regards, John (ellll)
  • heart2heart2 Posts: 38
    '98 civic with 60K miles. Runs well. Told it was time for tune-up and quoted $300. by private garages and a dealer. Seemed high but they both said plugs, wires, distrib. will be replaced. Seem correct? Also told by dealer to replace timing belt, water pump now not based on miles but on age. However, private mechanic (usually very reliable and fair) states it can wait to 90k and not worry about the age now. Both priced in the $600. range. Any suggestions?
  • maleko42 is correct. Folder 1 is the root folder of the CD. The first folder with MP3's in it is Folder 2. I have a collection spread out over 16 CDs (A-Z, folders by artist)and I randomly double-checked to see what was the first artist folder on them. The first one was what showed up as folder 2 each time on my 06 Civic EX. So it is not skipping anything. :) :shades:
  • ellllellll Posts: 18

    Having gotten no res. from any on last message...I mention...

    I am trying another dealer on my knocking/tak/tak ing sound ..(rt front sus over bumps), BUT.. also ask for ANY info on this work, inc. independent type repair businesses that could be depended upon to test it...remember, the dealer where I got the car, AGAIN says there is NO problem with the car...

    I am now willing to pay for repair....what kind of shop should I try????

    My Regards, John (ellll) :confuse:
  • abby68abby68 Posts: 1
    Hello, I am having the same problems with my honda civic 2002 ex. My car was starting funny for about 8 months but it always started so I wasn't to worried. Then about 3 months ago the car wouldn't start. I had the alternator, battery and starter checked and they were all fine. The only thing that they found was a corroded ground coming off the battery. That was fixed and the car started consistently for 3 months until yesterday. The same symptoms are happening. Car would sound funny when starting then all the guages on the dash would jump sporadically for 10 seconds after the attempted start. There is a small drain coming off the battery when the car is completely off. So the next step would be to find the source of the drain.
  • heart2heart2 Posts: 38
    Any cautions when replacing a battery in a 1998 Civic? It is long overdue and will probably go to Sears and try one of the gold series. Also no replies to my 5086 post about timing belts and tune-ups.....any recs?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    follow instructions in the owner's manual.

    i believe it is remove negative cable first, then positive cable, and when installing the new one, positive first and negative second.

    replace your battery with at least the same CCA (Cold Crank Amps) capability or better than what is currently in the car, specially if you live up north.

    you've had a battery last 8years? you're doing something right.
  • jakeb1jakeb1 Posts: 2
    I have a 99 Civic with 100k on it. The alignment has been taken care of, but the wheel still sits pretty far to the right during normal driving...also, the car makes a jarring sound when i go over bumps, like there is a lot of play in the wheel or suspension. i can hear a clunking sound when i turn the wheel from right to left, especially at a dead stop. is there some sort of loose knuckle in my steering shaft, or what? any help is appreciated!
  • dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Posts: 364
    Sounds like a worn tie-rod end problem to me.
  • spdj20spdj20 Posts: 7
    So I've been monitoring the MPG on my car the last couple weeks, it's no where near EPA estimates (30/40) (21 all city/28-29 Highway). I've noticed that while drving the transmission appears to shift eradically. For example tonight, I was driving down a hill, took my foot off the gas completely and the car stayed rev'd at 3 RPM, i pumped the pedal once it dropped down to 2 RPM, pumped it again, it dropped down to 1 rpm. Also when the car downshifts it tends to rev a lot higher than normal, or at least from my previous car (03 Explorer). On regular flat streets it also tends to stay rev'd in a higher gear than it should, unless I pump the gas pedal, then it will drop. This can't be normal is it? and I'm wondering if this is attributing to my poor gas mileage? Any ideas?
  • rajatgargrajatgarg Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    I need to figure out whats going wrong with my 92 Honda Civic and I need your help.

    Couple of days back, my car engine light turned on and then, it started making some wierd noise like grrrr grrr grrr. Although car still works, but its noisy and not able to accelerate much.

    On accelerator pedal, i get slight jerks as if there is knocking while car is driven.

    Have any of you experienced something like this. Can you tell me whats wrong with the car.

    Please let me know
  • zigzagnzigzagn Posts: 5
    I would take it back to the dealer. I have had my 2006 Civic for 10 months now and I am getting great gas mileage. City is 31/32 and on the highway I get 37mpg.
  • on a cold start the idle is about 2000-2500.. if i drive it like that it will continue to idle that high unless after it warms up i turn the car off and turn it back on then the idle will drop to about 800-1000 RPM.

    i had changed out the IACV and i have no vacumm leaks and not throwing a code... what could it be?

    i will pay pal or send someone $20 if you can help me resolve this problem meaning problem fixed
  • roundtriproundtrip Posts: 105
    Driving downhill--
    My '06 Civic sedan LX AT downshifts when I put on the brake to go downhill. I don't know if this is the same thing you are talking about. It's weird. The car doesn't just coast downhill like you'd expect.

    Emergency brake--
    Also, when I use the emergency brake, it does not pull straight up. It pulls toward the driver kind of sideways or at an angle. Is this normal because it looks like the actual lever is off-center from the opening it comes out of?
  • skorpeo75skorpeo75 Posts: 2
    I get the same MPG. An average of 25 MPG. I'm not really sure how they can claim the EPA estimates that they do. It no where near reflects reality. I haven't noticed the RPM problems, though.
  • mcap56mcap56 Posts: 48
    I have been getting poor mileage as well. I average about 28 mpg. However, I have a lot of full stop and go traffic on my commute. So, I don't think it's abnormal. Even my highway driving is curvy and hilly and requires lot's of gas.

    As for the transmission, it's 5 speeds and shifts aggressively. I have expereinced a lot of the same performance quirks and I don't think it's abnormal. It's a little bit closer to how you handle a manual. As this is my first auto car, it doesn't seem that strange to me.

  • steve613steve613 Posts: 5

    I know there are already some similar posts on here, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas more specific to my problem.

    I just bought a 98 Civic LX 4-Dr. The power locks don't work, the guys said they just stopped working when the stereo was replaced with an after-factory CD head. He also told me that the old stereo is still in behind the new one because they told him that removing it would have some bad side-effects.

    Any ideas on why the power door locks won't work?

  • I have a similar complaint with mine.

    I took my LX 06 Coupe to the limits (within reason on a SoCal freeway) and the RPM stuck at 5K. It wouldn't back down at all unless I went down to about 30 mph. Granted, I pushed it, 80-100 mph, this isn't something that should happen. It's happened once at 60-65 mph. 3 times outside of that speed.

    I took it to a dealer and was told very honestly by them that it's a new car, the bugs aren't worked out yet. The one thing they did say is that if it's got less than 500 miles on it, they'll take it back and give you a new one. Unfortunately, I have 13K miles on mine.

    As for mileage...I'm doing fairly well at 35-40 highway and 22-26 city.

    Best of luck to you! If you find anything out, please share!
  • Just got the bad news that the compressor for our 1999 Civic LX needs to be replaced (told it would cost about $1300, but we are getting another estimate).

    The car itself is pretty sound (aside from some minor body damage that we never fixed) - no major problems until now at all. Has about 130,000 miles on it - young! We're worried though, that this might be the beginning of a long cycle of expensive repairs...

    Advice from any vetrans? Should we make the repair and keep it, or start looking for a newer model?

    Many thanks, in advance, for any help anyone can offer!
  • freedmlfreedml Posts: 43
    take it in two more times. then, you'll qualify for a new car or refund under the Lemon Law.
  • Has about 130,000 miles on it - young! We're worried though, that this might be the beginning of a long cycle of expensive repairs...

    It's not unusual for an A/C compressor to be replaced after 130,000 miles, and you will most likely need other repairs in the next few years. But, assuming that the car is paid for, it would be far more expensive to replace your car now than it would be to keep it and pay for a repair every now and then. As long as your car is maintained properly, it should last easily past 200,000 miles. Keep it!

  • volandvoland Posts: 1
    What causes my 1995 Honda Civic RPM to go down to zero when you start the engine while still cold (e.g., in the morning after the engine had been off overnight; or after leaving it in the parking for at least 8 hours). After engine gets warmed up (50-60sec) it runs excellent. Took to a dealer for diagnostic. They said bad fuel injectors, do not hold a fuel pressure and flood the engine. Replaced them all. Did not help a bit. Car has 133,000 miles. Please help.
  • Hi,

    I have the same problem could you find out what the problem is??

    Thank you
  • i have a 95 eg2 coupe. it needed attention to its braking system. i have put new pads, wheel cylinders and hardware on the back. im also on my third master cylinder. ive bled the system so many times ive got new fluid coming out of the bleeder valves. i cannot build any pressure in the system however. the connections are all tight and not leaking. there does not appear to be any failure in the lines anywhere. any suggestions as to why i cannot get any pressure in my brakes? the only piece i have not changed yet is the proportioning valve. could my deficiency be explained by that valve? thanks for any help
  • I just replaced the fuel pump in my 94 honda civic. When i put the pump in and started the car i heard a bothering humming , like a vibration. My buddy is a mechanic he came over and listened. He told me that the fuel pump sounded bad. So i returned the pump and got another new one. I replaced it and i still get the vibrating noise. He's not sure what the noise is but we know it's from the pump itself. Does anyone or has anyone had this happen? Looking for answers.
  • tomsr1tomsr1 Posts: 130
    I came to this sight looking for problems with current
    models but find 5 year old cars with problems.I expect to have problems after 100K miles.I have had my CIVIC 2 weeks
    and so far I get 28 MPG compared to 15 mpg for the Sorento I had.The negatives are it is noisy and rides rough but probably no worse than other sport tuned cars.The new
    Rabbit is quieter and smoother but reliability has yet to prove itself.Equipped as the Civic EX it would be more
    expensive and get only 22mpg. :)
  • montztermontzter Posts: 72
    Hi: I had a 1997 Civic with power locks. The car also had the remote keyless entry option that was a dealer installed option at that time. The dealer had to program the keyless entry by holding the key chain transmitter (key fob) up to the radio and pressing buttons on the fob in a certain sequence.

    I don't know why, but the power locks were all controlled through the radio. And I'm pretty sure numerous other cars are that way too.
  • Recently I have been hearing a noise similar to that of a circular saw underneath my 200 Honda Civic EX. I have noticed that the noise only happens when I hit the gas hard and while the gear shifts up from first to second, second to third and occasionally third to fourth.

    If I let off the gas and ease into each start from a red light or a stop, the noise does not happen.

    Any idea what might be causing this problem? I am guessing it might be something with the transmission, but everything works fine with the transmission when I do not gun the gas.

    Any ideas on this one?

  • harvey44harvey44 Posts: 178
    Just a guess.
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