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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    I have a '90 Integra and I am replacing the right front half shaft tomorrow. The Part came in today, and I was looking at it and I noticed that the inner joint turns very freely and will flop over on its own as the shaft is rotated. The outer joint is much stiffer and needs about 5 pounds of force to move it.

    Is this normal or did I get a bad half shaft? Should I cancel the appointment to put it in and get a new one?

    I know this isn't a civic, but they are cousins. ;^)
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    When new they are stiffer on the outer joint than on the inner. The design of the inner joint is differant than the outer which is why it is like that.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,905
    Well...I am aware of the resale situation on Proteges since we buy and sell a few here.

    Personally, I think that they are a great value used. They are very good cars and they can be picked up for a lot less than a used Civic or Corolla.

    My post wasn't intended to slam Proteges. ONECE AGAIN...I think they are great cars.

    Just pointing out the fact that for whatever reason the market for Proteges has never been a strong one.
  • i was thinking of buying a 2001 civic lx, but after reading about the problems on here, i am not quite sure. I am definitely looking to buy a car within the next month and am wondering if i should still get the civic...any suggestions?
  • fxashunfxashun Posts: 747
    to Honda standards. But when the average interest rate is 6% to 9% a NO interest deal along with at invoice pricing goes a long way to blunt the effects.
    Every dollar spent goes toward the car and not to the bank. Actually a new Pro is probably a better value than a used on right now when the interest costs are figured in.
  • anezanez Posts: 2
    I'm trying to buy a new car for the first time in my life. After reading the Consumer Reports books, I was all set to buy a Honda Civic LX 01. Then I started reading here about all the problems with recalls, etc. Does anyone know if those 2001 Civics manufactured after the recall went into effect are likely to be any better? I'm concerned about price, reliability, and safety, and don't know if I should just give up on all 2001 Civics now...
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,905
    I guess it's easy for a potential buyer of anything to get scared away.

    Too bad. The new Civics are a great car and a great value. Recalls and updates happen to all makes and models and usually don't really amount to a hill of beans.

    Pick a car...any car and there will be reports of gloom and doom. No car is perfect.
  • I just bought a 2001 Civic LX, manual transmission. I find the drive noisy (engine and vibrations from the road). Also, on certain parts of a road, the road noise level increases. The engine is 1.7L, 4 cylinder with 115 hp. The dealer told me that 4 cyl engines usually generate some noise. Honda customer service also said that some noise should be expected on a Civic. I drove a rented Chevy Lumina till last week and that was any day quieter than the Civic.

    I’d appreciate if anyone could shed some light on this - if I have to live with it or there’s something to be fixed or anything I may be doing wrong.
  • anselmo1anselmo1 Posts: 163
    What you are describing is typical of Civics in general. They are not quiet a car as you compared it to the Chevy Lumina you drove.

    Honda doesn't use a hood insulator on the inside of the hood like other cars in its class. You can buy an aftermarket insulator for the inside of your hood which should quiet down the engine somewhat. There are other sound deadening materials you can purchase that quiet the car down but add weight to the vehicle.

    Some people swear that undercoating the car will make it more quiet. Otherwise, the sounds you are hearing are typical.
  • mpynempyne Posts: 120
    i too was considering between a civic and a corolla, and read about allot of the problems with the 2001 civic. this caused me to buy a corolla instead. i bought mine for $15242 from carsdirect (le black with auto,abs,auto win/looks/mirrors,cd,5 piece floor mat,all weather guard package(heavy duty starter),cruise control) this was only $200 over invoice. the car thats closest to this is the honda ex which is priced allot higher (but you get a sun roof). i personally think the new civic is ugly compared to the corolla (im one of the few i guess)and am really impressed at the quality of the car. the interior is very nice, it shares some of the lexus design of there older models, also with the vvt-1 timing. so if i were you id get the corolla.
    (also i was thinking about the protege, but i could get the corolla at a lower price, everything else about it i loved)
    hope this helped
  • barnonebarnone Posts: 118
    one major advantage of the Civic vs Corolla is
    the Passenger Space
  • Can you please give me more info on this ? Where to buy it, how much it'd cost, are there any drawbacks in installing ?

  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Thanks for the reply.

  • geck066geck066 Posts: 5
    I just read a whole mess load of complaints on this site.
    I can't believe potential Honda buyers are scared of some of these problems...go check out Fords message boards if you want to see problems and scare yourself.
    I own a 2001 Honda Civic EX coupe...big deal about the hose clamp recall....BOO HOO.
    I have had no problems yet with my Civic. I have over 10,000 miles which is nothing, yes, I know, but I have always owned a Honda and I have been satisfied. Look at consumer reports and compare those red circles to other autos with loads of black circles. Honda come out tops.
    My point is, don't let some complaints by Honda owners scare you. It is very normal for cars to have some sort of bug now and then.....hey, at least the bugs in a car are far and few then a PC...could you imagine if cars were like PC's? Yikes!!
    sorry, needed to vent... just my opinion on Honda.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    Civics are just getting worse, but they are still a little better than your average Focus and Neon, for sure. The Corolla is a fine car - but with the room you get in the back seat you might as well buy the MR2 Spyder instead - about the same amout of passenger space....

    I have a feeling that the Elantra GT is going to start being pretty popular. The only economy car with a little style and still has a good price. The Protege 5 is cool - but underpowered and pricey compared the Elantra GT.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    What makes Civic better than new generation Neons?
    Our Neon (AT, 4 W disc brakes/ ABS, traction control) has 7K on it no single ding, ping or problem, runs like Swiss clock and paid $11.5K. Can you get a comparible Civic for that price?
    Well, I know you will start with resale value. But you are forgetting that you pay $1.5K-$5K extra up front. Depreciation rate difference less than 10%.
    You rate protege under powered, what about 115hp Civics?
  • Isn't the Neon still using a 3 speed automatic?
    I can't remember.

    I'm glad that you've had good service out of your Neon. Our family has just had bad luck with many Chrysler products (Minivans and Jeep Grand Cherokees). We just don't buy their products anymore. The 4 speed transmissions in the Chrysler minivans are notorious for not lasting long. We had problems with three of the four vans that we owned over the past ten years. I can think of several other people that have had similar problems with the transmissions, even in the Jeeps.

    I haven't had any problems out of my 2001 Civic EX 2 Door, and I'm about to roll 5,000 miles. I'm hoping to get many years of trouble-free service out of it. Hondas are usually known for that.
  • fxashunfxashun Posts: 747
    The Pro5 has the same engine and bases at 16K or so with very few options. I'm getting one when they can be had for invoice. After loving my 1987 Civic wagon with it's sub 100 hp engine the Pro5 is gonna be a hoot. Consumer Reports like the Pro too.
  • j_eddyj_eddy Posts: 8
    Hi Auburn,
    I got a whole new distributor. The only thing I had to change over was the rotor and shroud. I am guessing that the ignitor and coil are part of the distributor assembly. Anyway, I went ahead and got a new rotor,cap, and plugs. The guy at the parts counter said to bring in the Ignition control module and have that tested. The new stuff didnt work, but was needed soon anyway. Another friend said that the circuit for the plugs route through the Injector wiring for ground. I believe that the ecm controls the injectors and fuel pump through the main relay. The main relay did check good, but I guess I could check it again.(I popped a fuse or 2 while troubleshooting--jumped out to test pump)
    thanks for the input, I am getting tired of dead ends. My wife needs the car soon and I am close to sending it to Honda. I don't have much time to work on it. I really want to find the fix myself. There isn't much satisfaction when somebody else does the work. I'm rambling, Thanks for the help.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    To me, the one and only reason that the Neon is below the Civic is that the Neon is not as refined as the Civic. I drive an automatic 2001 Civic EX. What gives with the AWFUL automatic transmission in the Neon? Who besides DC still used a three speed auto? Even Hyundai and Kia use 4 speed automatics. I can't vouch for Neon reliability - never had one. It can't have any tranmission problems, thats for sure. The technology has been tested for what, four decades now? ;)

    I am not saying the Civic is the best econo car either. I am finding that out as the days go on. Things that I don't like about the Civic are the ride comfort and the interior. To get my seat back far enough (5'11 here) I have to reach too far to use the radio. I have rented two new Neons. Both were fine, but the interiors did not seem as well assembled.

    I really think that if the new Elantra did not have the Hyundai name, that the Civic, Neon, Focus, Sentra etc would be pointless. Just my opinion.
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