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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • espc75espc75 Posts: 3
    (1382)typo: I did NOT see leaking.
  • espc75espc75 Posts: 3
    Coolant loss:
    the Honda technician spent 1.5 hr to check my car's cooling system and found no leaking. where did the coolant go!? Add to max and I drove it back. what should I do now? Is it serious if it is internal leaking? Should I allow them to open the engine?
    yesterday, I also noticed click noise coming from left front? (from spring?)
    I had my car for only two weeks
  • If you fill your reservoir tank too much, it will loose some via overflow; this is normal. It doens't need to be to the "max" line, it probably should be somewhere in the middle. Keep an eye on it, if it falls below the "min", then you may have a problem.
  • My 1992 Civic has 106 K and has been trouble free. Somewhere after my 90 K service I began noticing a rapping noise from the engine when I accelerated and the engine was cold. The noise was clearly noticeable, but not loud. It doesn't happen if the engine idles for 2-3 minutes before driving, and goes away after 2-3 minutes of driving in any case. I don't hear it if the car is restarted when the engine is warm or if the car has been sitting in the hot sun. My mechanic says he thinks it is piston noise and is not of particular concern. I thought it might be the valves, but an adjustment had no effect. The idle is slightly rougher than I recall when the car was young, but no stalling problems. Gas mileage is around 40 mpg, as usual.
    Has anyone experienced similar problems or can comment on the diagnosis? Also any thoughts on corrective measures, likelihood of its causing engine damage or possible remedies?
    Many thanks.
  • kukarekakukareka Posts: 20
    Hi there!
    I have 2 Civics LX 2002 and 2000. No regrets for both models. Little hard working horses that don't "eat" much and very loyal for someone who doesn't race!
    No problems for 2+ years of the ownership. I shouldn't call it a problem, but this noise annoys me on hot summer day when windows ask to be open. Whenever either(or both) front window is down, I hear some vibrational noise coming out from front side passenger's door. It's hard to say if it's a window itself or a door vibrates because of the air is pushing from insige out. Something is loose. Who knows what? Does anyone experiences something similar?
  • kukarekakukareka Posts: 20
    Your 2002 civic uses syntetic oil that is good for 5,000. mi for severe conditions, otherwise it is good for 10,000.mi. Why would you want to change oil more often, if Honda specifies 5,000 mi? Besides it's time and money consuming!
  • amber31amber31 Posts: 3
    can anyone tell me why my honda is still pinking. it has been back to the dealers, it has been connected to the dealers machine everything o.k. and they can not find any problems with it, full service, new camblet, timing ok. i am lost! has anyone else had this problem with the 1995 honda civic coupe 1.5 lsi?
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    If all else is fine then I would have to say oil consumtion. Does it use alot of oil?
  • amber31amber31 Posts: 3
    The honda does not use a lot of oil. apart from the PINKING its like having a new car. it has been well serviced by the dealers from day one.
  • Hi all. have what I find to be a strange complaint. I have about 68000 miles on a 1997 civic 4dr lx,and for the last couple of weeks, after driving about 1/2 hr on the highway, esp at around 65-70 mph, i hear a grating noise (sounds like a can being dragged behind a car) which i think is coming from the r side of the car (? front/below passenger seat?)which starts intermittently then lasts about 1-2 mins. I turned off the radio and ac with no result, and it doesn't seem to be assoc with acceleration per se or deceleration/braking. Doesnt happen at slow e.g. 40 mph speeds. Appreciate your help re possibilities.
  • jfigueroa1jfigueroa1 Posts: 209
    look under the car and see if it could be a lose guard cover muffler bracket? in what kind or road is this happen?
    Greetings from sunny Miami.
  • Thanks for the response...Just had an oil change and had the guys look under the car, they didnt see anything. Happens on highway roads. Doesnt happen everyday but most days, strangely enough.
  • glb5glb5 Posts: 39
    In response to the two replys about my slow refueling problem (replys 1321 & 1322). I have had cars that shut off 1/2 gallon before full but never 2 to 3 gallons before full. Although I may not be alone on this because most people say there cars only take 10 to 11 gallons after shutoff when empty which is not enough for a 13.2 gallon tank.
  • glb5glb5 Posts: 39
    In response to post # 1334 about the window slime, we have a 02 civic bought in Feb 02 and ours does the same thing. It seems to be worse on the windshield in front of the driver than on the side windows and it is not so much streaks as round spots of an oily substance that are very hard to remove and the are worse when it is hot outside.
  • exownerexowner Posts: 3
    I own a 2001 Civic EX Coupe with under 24,000 miles on it and I'm not happy. At about 13,000 miles, the left front strut blew a seal, then a few thousand miles later, the right front strut did the same thing. After having driven the car around both times without realizing I had problems until the handling became noticeably bad, the car developed a squeak on the right rear side, probably because of being driven with the suspension messed up so long. Took it back to the dealer who replaced a rear link. Was fine for a couple days then started squeaking again. Back to the dealer -- this time they replaced the entire rear stabilizer bar and both links. Again, good for a few days then the squeak returned. In addition to serious suspension problems, there've been others. There was (and still is) excessive play in the windows when driving with them part way down. Dealer replaced guides and weather strips in both doors to no avail. The interior trim panels on both sides of the windshield have been replaced due to serious rattling, both sun visors have been replaced due to not staying up properly, and one of my mud flaps came unscrewed and messed up my paint. Oh yeah, the door under the CD player sprung a hinge and was replaced. The dealer tells me the struts were factory junk, but they wouldn't replace both at the same time -- said Honda wouldn't allow it. I can't imagine what sort of other problems I'll have down the road . . . makes me want to run out and buy a Toyota! Anyone else have these kinds of problems?
  • staglestagle Posts: 1
    Hi, I just purchased a new 2002 Civic LX sedan four months ago. Over the past two weeks my gas tank gauge either gains or loses from 1/8 tank to 1/4 tank while I'm driving on even terrain. For instance on a 10 mile commute to work it will lose 1/8 tank and then on the commute home, it will regain it magically. It's still under warranty and the dealership replaced the send unit in the tank that relays the gas level to the dashboard gauge; however this doesn't seem to have fixed the problem. Anybody had any similar problems with their fuel tank gauge readings? In addition I noticed this problem about the same time I kept getting a check engine light which was caused by a emissions leak (they have replaced the charcoal canister, the two-way valve, and the vent shut valve). They tell me the emissions system is made to be super-sensitive and they suspected a crack in the charcoal canister, but replaced the vent shut valve to be sure there would be no other problems. Could anyone give me any suggestions?
  • rae52rae52 Posts: 103
    I've got a '99 DX hatch w/ 57 thousand miles.

    When I park my car outside overnight in cool humid conditions, I start it the next morning, the drive belts squeal for the first 2 minutes or so. When I start my car in the afternoon (after sitting in the parking lot at work all day) the drive belts are silent..

    These are the original belts, EXCEPT for the A/C belt which was installed last year. I did check the belts' tension and they are correct.

    Is this situation (cool, clamy mornings/dry afternoons)causing the belts to contract when cold therefore squealing a bit when cold, and expanding when warm-squeal stops!

    I would appreciate Auburn63s' help on this one or anybody else who is knowledgeable.

    Thank you, Rich.
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    Going just a bit tighter on the noisy belt will stop it and not harm anything as long as it is not extremly tight. If you do not know which is the noisy belt you can have the hood open and some silicone spray ready when you start and hear the noise spray one belt at a time and see which one is the noisy one..Good luck
  • Now things seem worse. Just drove it and seemed to hear this grating, high pitched noise even at slower speeds. Revving the engine doesn't produce the sound. Worse, as I put the car in reverse and backed up slowly, i heard a sound again somewhat similar: I wasn't hitting the brakes in any of these situations..Nothing obvious under the car per quick inspection by oil change shop... ? muffler? trasmission (hope not)? help pls from Auburn 63 or any of you!
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    It sounds as if it is a loose heat shield which can't always be seen until further inspection of the shield bolts. Or an internal failure of one of the exhaust components, which usally you can find either by getting under the car and banging on the exhaust with your hand or something and listening for a similar noise..It is probably just a shield by your description, they rust away alot of the time.Good luck
  • deluxcardeluxcar Posts: 47
    Where do you drive this car? Switching to Toyota will not help if you continue to drive this badly. I suggest you look closely at an SUV or a Ford 150 pickup.
  • Hey, people!
    I'd like to offer my Honda Civic 1996-2000 service manual (Honda Motor Co is the publisher, no USBN number unfortunately) for sale. I bought it, but didn't use it. So it's in "like new" condition. If interested, please e-mail me at
  • I drive my car back and forth to WORk, mostly on the freeway. I've owned two previous Hondas, a Civic and an Accord, and drove the same roads with those cars with no problems. The dealer told me the struts were both defective from the factory.
  • I just bought a civic coupe and almost every time I step on the brake, I hear a distinctive and loud "click". The dealership has advised me that that's just the way this car is and that replacing the switch won't change the noise. Has anyone else had this problem? I would greatly appreciate any feedback!
  • I have had problem in Hodan 2000 4-dr Sedan.. Soon after I bought this one, I have had on-going clicking/rattling noise problem at right rear car.. Within a month, the dealer changed the right rear strut.. The simliar noise from rear of my car came back early this year.. I went to a dealer.. They changed the both of rear arm bushing.. Since then, my noise probelm gets worse.. The dealer started to claim that the noise is normal(even thought the noise gets even worse..) So overall I've pretty much disappointed with this car... and the dealer which refused to look at my probelm any more..
    So I had to drop by another dealer.. I bought Honda becuase I've heard that honda is worry-free.. But I could not say that I have been happy about this Honda.. Pretty much frustrated experience from both mechanic and dealer at Honda.
    Have you ever heard like "What did you expect after buying Honda Civic".. Could say that it was the humuliated experience.. I don't know whether I will go with Honda next time.. Probably I will go with another Japanese car maker.
    My car milege is under 20,000.. But I think that I've visited at the dealer about 15 times for this on-going noise problem..
  • I have the same problem with that annoying clicking sound coming from the front driver's side of my brand new (55 miles) 02 EX coupe. I first thought it was coming from the door, but I guess it's the struts? For you guys who've had this problem: was the cost of the repair covered under the warranty? How long did it take? Thanks.
  • I bought mine civic last satuday and i noticed the noise but it sound too close to the upper right side between the air vest and the fire wall but in the inside there is no way that click could come from the out side then you would feel the ckick either on the way it ride /breake pedal/or a more dole noise. it is too close and fine to be suspension. have to be a module or a relay that was not properly mounted.
    Greetings from sunny miami.
  • I've been to the dealer this past year 9 times for strut and other suspension related problems. The current squeak I'm hearing after having both front struts and the rear stabilizer bar AND links replaced is probably something I'm going to have to live with unless they replace the rear struts too. I don't think I want another Honda after this, at least not a Civic. the 1988 Accord I had was the by far the best car I've ever owned, but both Civics have been disappointments.
  • The dealership from where I just bought my Civic told me nothing could be done about the loud brake switch! So, I have contacted American Honda Corporation and am waiting for a response...
  • Hi all. I had a '99 Honda Civic DX 5-speed and had one too many problems. I traded it in at Toyota and got a corolla. I am never going to buy a honda again. But I notice some ppl love their hondas. Just curious if any of you experienced these problems and if they are common:

    Squeeky noise when driving over bumps

    Driver side front window rattling at speeds of 35+ (continually cranking down window and rolling it back up to create better seal...never worked)

    Slow crank down in hot weather and rain with windows.

    Radiator busting after 2 months of owning new car

    Seatbelts breaking 4 times 1st month, 3rd, 4 and 6th month of owning car...

    Air conditioning going out 5 times (3 times componets had to be replaced)

    AC never really getting cold...even after 30 min of being on

    Clutch going out after 2 yrs (car was never raced and clutch was gently handled when driving)

    Idle and engine problems at 2 1/2 years. Thank goodness for warranties!

    Oh and then the crowd service techs forgetting to put the new oil in the car after an oil change. Never ever go to Rock Honda, Spreen Honda or another honda dealer in Ontario...bad service ppl.
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