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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • rom1rom1 Posts: 1
    I have '01 Civic LX automatic with 30,000 mi. I noticed that if the car is loaded, e.g. 4 people are in, the gas mileage is not great. It is less than 28 mpg on a highway. If it is only 1 person, it is 33 mpg on a highway. Is it normal or my car needs tuneup?
  • I'd say: normal. The engine in your Civic has to work harder to move around the weight of four people then when you're alone in the car, so the mileage will go down.

  • drejdrej Posts: 119
    Hi -I have electrical problems and recently noticed also water in my lower wheel-well (car usually is garaged but was out in rain for a few days).
    1)The " Shift interlock " does not release.
    2)The seatbelt and door ajar light beeps and signals when I apply my brakes and other times.
    Help, Any Ideas? Ground problem? I feel I'll have to dissassemble the trunk area to search around for loose or corroded connections. D~
  • not too long ago I bought a radio on ebay the guy did give me the code ,Ok, six month later I have no idea of where I put the piece of paper with the numbers. I do not want to know what it might happen if I have to disconnect the battery. Is there any way to get the code.
  • Hi
      I hope someone can help us. Our new Honda is doing the exact same thing that the the civic in message # 1836 is doing. It makes this extremely loud whistling noise when at highway speeds going into the wind. It's so loud we can't hear the radio or conversation. It continues until we change direction or the wind stops. The dealer can't hear it, and won't look into it until he does. Has anyone else had this problem? Maybe we can show the dealer a solution. It was not difficult to hand the dealer the $$$ for this car....
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    Maybe you could first diag it your self then try and convince them of what you find. Take some masking tape and put it across the top of the windshield from the glass to the roof. Drive it and see if the noise is gone. If so you can either stop there and say it is the upper winshield or you can remove small section at a time and pin point it. If not in the right area try the sides or the mirrors..Good luck
  • Dealer said my 2001 Civic EX needs front struts. Car has only 38,000 miles. Car well cared for. Should struts be worn at this mileage? Dealer quote is $475.00. Comments/suggestions?
  • Do you also feel your car is too bumpy? I don't know if it will be worn this early. But it just doesn't sound right. Mine only has 299xx miles and the ride is extremely bumpy. I believe it should be covered under the standard warranty. But since you're over by only 2000 miles, you might consider negotiating with them. I think I'm going to take mine in tomorrow.
  • Guys,
    I am replacing the muffler assembly on a 99 Civic EX with the V-TECH engine. When taking the muffler off, I tried unbolting the hardware from the muffler side of the flange (where the small coil springs are on the special bolts). Well, both of the "bolts" broke off just where the threading starts on the. Yes, the muffler is off, but the remainder of the hardware is still in the nuts that are on the flange coming from the resonator. My question is this. Are the nuts on the resonator side of the flange welded on to the flange itself or are there supposed to come off? I got onto them pretty well with a 15mm wrench and they didn't want to budge. If these are welded onto the flange, how do I go about removing the rest of the bolt? There is about 3/4" of the bolt sticking out the back of the nut and I tried, with no luck, to spin them out with a pair of vise-grips. Any help will be graetly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    If the car is bumpy, then the struts are doing their job by controlling wheel movement. If the car is bouncy, the struts are bad and should be replaced.
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    #2139 of 2145 radio code by jfigueroa1 Sep 06, 2003 (5:19 am)
    not too long ago I bought a radio on ebay the guy did give me the code ,Ok, six month later I have no idea of where I put the piece of paper with the numbers. I do not want to know what it might happen if I have to disconnect the battery. Is there any way to get the code.

    If you remove the radio and take it to the dealership, they will give you the code after they verify your identity and ownership.
  • Well,

    before I take it to the dealer to be checked out i wanted to see what you guys thought about this. Well heres my situation. I drive a 2003 Honda Civic Coupe EX and I love it to death. The only problem is that often after long drives the downshifts arent smooth as normal. For example, if im driving for an hour and i have to stop at a stop light, when i brake you can feel a noticeable jerk. im thinking maybe it has something to do with the anti-lock brakes but im no mechanic. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    i had a 2001 EX Coupe automatic. the car was notorious for loud, hard, downshifts at stoplights. one thing i found that helped was downshifting it myself from D to D3 as i slowed down from highway speeds. also, when driving in town, i kept it in D3 so it wouldn't upshift.

    the problem is the car going from D4 to something much lower, in a fast manner. i would often get to the stop sign, be stopped, THEN the car would downshift. the whole car would move (felt like the entire transmission was loose).

    i dumped the car. made me nervous. it also had strut issues. apparently all 01 Coupes had rough ride issues....

    engine was great, gas mileage great, but the rought tranny was a little much for me.
  • I just bought the Honda Civic Hybrid. After 2 days of driving it- the indicator light came on, the engine sounded extremely rough, the speedometer quit and would not move while I was driving and the ESP light came on- the engine actually sounded like I was trying to drive with the parking brake on. The electric battery gauge stopped working as well. I had the car towed back and the following day it seemed fine- Honda checked it out and reported that it had no problems at all. Does anyone have any experience with this- I would appreciate any help with this. I love the car, love the mileage but really want a reliable vehicle.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    Any new technology is going to have its problems. It will probably be another few years before hybrid technology will be accepted as equally reliable as non-hybrid technology. There are still some issues such as battery life, that still seem to be unknown.
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    Try looking on your car topic "Civic Hybrid". There are 503 posts about your car, just scroll down a little. I don't think you will get much help asking the help of regular civic owners. Try reading the other posts before posting your issue. You will learn a lot more that way.
  • I just purchased (2) '03 Civics and have noticed a significant braking/downshifting problem that has me worried. When I'm traveling either down hill or faster than 30 mph, when I apply the brake to prepare for a turn, before I get to my turn, the car jerks forward and appears to either engine brake or the brakes are doing it themselves. I cannot discern between the two. I have brought this to the attention of the dealer and they cannot reproduce the problem, so I'm stuck. The main reason I am worried: I live in Wisconsin and I can just see my car jerking down an icy/snowy hill and losing control. This doesn't paint a pretty picture... Does anyone have any advice/comments/opinions to offer?
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    that is Honda's infamous "Grade Logic" automatic transmission doing its job. you will come to appreciate it after you get used to it :)
  • I have a 94 Civic EX. It also has a keyless entry alarm. Yesterday, I just notice that my door no longer automatically lock and unlock. I have to lock it with my key. When I press the unlock/lock bottom, it just makes a shhhhhhhhh sound but nothing else happens. Anyone ever had to this problem? Thanks...
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    Sounds like a bad power door lock actuator..
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    You are not alone with your concerns. There is a school of thoughts about FWD and even FWD-biased AWD vehicles that, when the front wheels are engine-braked when negotiating an icy downhill curve, the front wheels may lose traction, causing the vehicle to plow.
  • I have a 2003 Honda Civic Coupe EX, 5 speed, 6,500 miles on it. The car is 1 inch. taller on the passenger side, than the drivers side. on the front and back tire to wheel well measurement I did on the car on a flat surface! Looking at the car from the back, it is very noticeable. Please help! What needs to be done?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    For the last couple of months, the shift quality(smoothness) in my 2003 Honda Civic EX Coupe has diminished. I have 40,000 miles on it. Sometimes, the transmission seems tired and confused after driving around town for a while. I don't understand why my transmission is doing such a lousy job right now. Soon I have to go get some regular maintenance done. Should I get them to run the codes to find the problem or where could I go to get the codes for free? Thanks and I hope u guys have some suggestions

    I don't know what the owner's manual calls for transmission fluid change intervals, but look it up and see if you are due for fluid change. You should only use Honda ATF ZF1 (I think) from the dealer or online dealer, or you will be looking at getting a new transmission. If you fall under any of the severe schedule instances, then look it up for severe schedule.

    If your "Check engine" light is on then you have fault codes stored in the computer. You can go to Auto Zone nad get the codes read for free.
  • I need to replace tires on my 01 Civic EX.Originals only lasted 36K.(Firestones) Would like suggestions as to brand. Thanks.
  • The original firestone tires are crap. I have a 2003 Honda Civic and I have 17x7 inch rims and 205/40 tires. My Firestones have 100 miles on them if you want them? I don't like them, and I live in Northern California, so I need a good all season wet climate tire for the stock rims. I am looking at the 185/65 15inch "Bridgestone Potenza RE910" $59.00 each at, "Bridgestone Potenza RE950" $71.00 each at Tire Rack, or the "Goodyear Aquatred 3" $70.00 each, but with the Goodyear, 185/65/ 15 is not available, so I would go with 195/65 15. They will be wider, but not by much, and better traction! I hope this helps. Tire Rack will ship to you for about $30.00 total. Also all these tires look good, if that matters to you. It does to me! -Jeff-
  • Thanks prowler 161 for your info.I am leery of Bridgestone since they own Firestone. Once burned, twice shy. However, I will check the Goodyears.
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    I would pass on Goodyear Aqua treads! I had a set on my Nissan Sentra. I did regular tire rotations (back to front is the only way you can rotate them), alignments, checked tire pressures weekly, and they still barely lasted 38,000 miles. They were also very noisy, but they did get good traction in the rain. My Nissan is a very light car and I expected to get at least 70,000 miles from the Aqua treads. They were a very disappointing tire.
  • I have Firestone LH30's on my 2003 Civic EX Sedan and they work great wet or dry. I drove right from the dealer to Firestone and they exchanged them for around $120
  • I don't think I would ever buy A firestone Tire, but I would buy a Bridgestone tire. I know one company is owned by the other, but bridgestone has better looking, and better quality tires for a good price!
       Also anyone with a 2003 Honda Civic coupe EX, could you pull your car into a garage or on a flat parking lot, and tell me if one side of the body looks taller than the other from the back of the car. This would help me find out if my car is messed up, or if it is normal. Thank you
  • Both are good tires however the Aquatred is a fairly hard compound tire from what I'm told. The ride will probably be a little harsher and the road noise a little louder. My 2002 EX coupe has Michelin MXV-4 and they are pretty noisy also. When it's time for a change I'm going with either the Nitto 450 because I really like the look or with the Continental... unless something new is developed before then.
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