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Infiniti G35 Electrical Issues



  • Hi All,

    My electrical problem with the radio/AC controls is Fixed! WOOOHOOO! All for under $225. Compared to the dealer's quote of $1,500. I went with the fix on post #153. My husband removed the radio, with the help of you tube. I sent the radio to Nahhed at Electronic Masters in Deluth, GA. (Need to send a money order) Received the radio back about 1 week later, installed and is working just great! Great timing since the weather has changed and I don't need the A/C cranking in my face anymore.

    Many thanks to all you, I couldn't have done it with out you. :)
  • Thank you for sharing. My car is all fixed. I got the radio back today, installed and works beautifully. It cost me $225, Naheed went down on the price. He must have so many of the g35 radios in stock! LOL. I am so happy especially since the dealer quoted me $1,500. Thanks again.
  • jim590jim590 Posts: 2
    I am new to this forum so possibly this has been asked and answered before.

    I am having the same electrical/AC problem with my 2003 G35.

    The solution in Post #452 sounds great. Does anyone know where I could get this done in Canada?
  • If you are in the Toronto area, I know where you can get this done. I had my done for $300 in one hour while I waited. I need to check my invoice as I don't recall the name of the place at the moment. If you're not in Toronto, it might not be that helpful.
  • jim590jim590 Posts: 2

    I don't live in TO but I go there a few times a year so if you have the time I would appreciate the name and address where you got your car fixed.
  • DanMax Electronics
    They are in Mississauga, near the airport.
    2311 Anson Dr., Unit B
    L5S 1G1,
    (905) 673-0090
  • vidro1vidro1 Posts: 2

    People keep referencing post #'s, but even while logged in, I don't see any post numbers anywhere. Can you please tell me where to look or do I activate them somewhere? thanks

  • vidro1vidro1 Posts: 2
    edited July 2014

    Question - for me I have the issue of both the center console (navigation/radio) that froze the other day, therefore debilitating the air and radio feature. I turned my car off and back on and it went back to normal. But... prior to that i'd first noticed the speedometer area's lights had started flickering and turning off in areas - so the combination of things really started to worry me. Does anybody knows if replacing the radio solves both the console AND flickering dashboard lights issues or are they separate problems? Thanks!!

  • g35ug35u Posts: 2
    when you hover over the QUOTE/LIKE/LOL, there's a post# in there. Otherwise, if they're referring to a different post count, I think there's ~30 posts per page.
    vidro1 said:

    People keep referencing post #'s, but even while logged in, I don't see any post numbers anywhere. Can you please tell me where to look or do I activate them somewhere? thanks

  • g35ug35u Posts: 2
    So, my 2003 g35 sedan only started experiencing this issue 2 months ago. I have less than 50K miles on it because it was driven very infrequently prior to 4-5 years ago.

    My dealer quoted me $1500 to replace both the audio board and the radio (refurbished).

    Anyhow, I've read through all these 15 pages worth of posts ... is the replacement choices below any different if the car has the NAV system?

    I see my options really as being the following:

    OPTION1 - replace with unit from john huang for roughly $250 before crediting the return (xw1600 on ebay) --

    Question - has anyone who's replaced it with one of his units had any issues if you've had it 1+ year?

    OPTION2 - Get the metra kit (PN 99-7604), Amp Integration Harness (70-7551), Antenna Adapter (40-NI20), PAC ROEMNIS2 (2003 model only, factory premium sound interface) and a radio/deck of my choosing. I see this as the most expensive option ($500-700) but it should fix the issue once and for all.

    Question - Does my built-in NAV require a different metra kit or anything? I couldn't see anyone definitively talk about it in prior posts. Or is the NAV completely separate from the radio/ac control/etc?

    OPTION3 - bring the unit into a Clarion service station and have them replace it with a refurbished unit as someone else mentioned which has upgraded electronics to fix this issue.

  • foxx2foxx2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe I had some engine work done and now the mechanic can't get the car to start ...the car has NO SPARK but turns over strong! Crank sensors cam sensors all replaced.

    Has anyone experienced this problem PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks in advance Foxx2
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