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PT Cruiser Air Conditioning Questions/Problems



  • sweeks1sweeks1 Posts: 2
    I have an 07 pt cruiser. Where can I find the a/c relay?
  • sweeks1sweeks1 Posts: 2
    Where is this door you mentioned?
  • I recently purchased an 05 or cruiser I recently had the sputter at idle with AC on then temp shot up overheated I didn't even go a mike my question is after reading all the posts is where is the AC cycle switch located on the car
  • Can I get the fan relay switches at prolly or AutoZone
  • It's atop the accumulator on the right (passenger side) firewall. The accumulator is an aluminum, round-ended cylinder through which A/C lines pass.
  • I have an 09 pt cruiser and it started running hot at idle and it's winter so I haven't been using the ac only heater but when I'm driving it doesn't over heat so I replaced the thermostat and put new hoat coolant in it cause I figured it needed to be changed but now the temp hand won't move much over the c and the heat isn't really getting hot just a little warm and I have noticed sometime it idles rough and it will shudder some times .I had the compressor replaced a few months ago and it stopped shuttering at idel but some times it still does once I get off the gas and still kinda idles rough i turned the ac on low speed and the fan came on and the high speed fan works too I'm not a great mechanic when it comes to things like this. Any clue whats going on
  • I have a 2009 PT Cruiser. The AC in the works when the car is in motion, but blows warm air when stopped. I took it to the dealer today and they told me the High Pressure Cut Off Switch is broken and needs to be replaced. However, they could not confirm this would fix the problem. It will cost over $450 to have the dealer complete the repairs. Is this a simple repair I can do myself?

  • dg1953dg1953 Posts: 1
    Here's a "shout out" to bthompson40207 on the topic of a/c for the 2006 PT Cruiser. Came across your comments on July 2010, as my a/c had gone out last fall. I am not, by any stretch, a mechanic, but I did the paperclip test, replaced the pressure switch, and the a/c works great. Many thanks for saving me, potentially, big bucks. You're "the man"!
  • cruiserdgnr8cruiserdgnr8 Posts: 1
    edited July 2015
    2002 Pt Cruiser, Limited, 87,000 miles, owned for about 5 months. Everything works on the car except the A/C. I have the shop manual and have trouble shot the best I can. I have read many posts by bthompson40207 and others (thanks for all the help!). Here is where I am: Noticed the “Low Speed Fan (Radiator Fan)” wasn’t coming on when the A/C (dash switch) was turned on to low setting (or any other). Checked fan with a 9v Transistor Radio Battery (as suggested by Parts Store guy) both speeds work. Found a short in the wire on the car side of the connector. I repaired the wires by cutting out the bad spots, soldered the wires back together and used Dielectric Grease and heat shrink tubing over joints to seal them up. Start the car, switch on the A/C; Radiator Cooling Fan comes on and the compressor cycles on and off. Sweet! Hook up Gauge Set to check pressures and Thermometer in the center vent. Pressures seem OK, vent temperature 40 - 42 degrees and ambient temperature 80 degrees. Nice! Go to town to return unneeded repair parts. A/C blows hot air all the way there and back, 12 miles round trip 30 – 45 miles an hour. I do more research.
    This morning I try again. Start car and switch on A/C, Radiator Fan comes on and compressor cycles on and off, cold air blows from vent. Hook up gauge set (high side was on the wrong port yesterday) Low Connector to low side by accumulator and high side down by the compressor (not up by the accumulator). The ambient temperature is 70 degrees. The low pressure gauge was reading high 70 psi. and the high pressure gauge was reading low 70 – 80 psi. I decided to add 134a refrigerant. Everything was going fine until 15 minutes later when the 12 ounce can was about empty the fan quit and the compressor quit cycling. What the??? It seems when everything gets hot everything quits. The fan quits, then runs only on High Speed when it has too? The compressor doesn’t ever cycle (I have a chalk mark on the clutch). Check the engine temperature gauge (on the dash) and it reads dead center between hot and cold. Pulled the Fan Relays (from the Power Distribution Center) check for continuity with the 9v battery and ohm meter. The A/C and Fan (High and Low) Relays all check good. All the related fuses are good (checked visually and with ohm meter). I try the “Paper Clip Test” shorting the Low Pressure Switch prongs inside the connector wire (not the switch) but nothing happens. No compressor and no fan. (I did all this while everything is still hot at operating temperature.)
    After adding the 12 ounces of 134a the low side pressure went down to about 45 psi. and the high side got up to about 100 psi. The center vent was blowing 95 degrees because the compressor isn’t cycling anymore? I thought everything was going fine until everything wasn’t. Got the engine cooled down with external (house) fans. Start the engine switch on the A/C and everything works. Fan comes on and the compressor cycles on and off. I think more refrigerant is needed to get the pressures right, but with the fan and compressor not working at temperature, why add more until I figure out why. The manual chart states: Ambient Temperature 70 degrees, vent temperature 29 – 42 degrees, Compressor Discharge Pressure 145 – 175 psi. (high side) and Accumulator Out Pressure at Service Port 18 – 32 psi. (low side).
    Not sure what else to try. The only thing I can think of is the Low Pressure Switch. Maybe on the 2002 model year the “Paper Clip Test” doesn’t work but I don't understand why it wouldn't. The coolant level is full in the radiator and to the full level mark in the auxiliary tank. This is a real puzzler any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and ideas.
  • smaller80smaller80 Posts: 2
    edited August 2015
    Thank you bthompson40207!!!!  My friend told me that she had replaced some rely on her two pt cruisers at about 60,000 miles (lucky me I made it to 80,000!)...was $400 a pop... Searching here you gave me the right name and part number MT1191 for 2006-2010 models.  It didn't come up when they search in on Auto Zone computers for my year, but with the pretty number they found it. I went to the auto parts store...$18.99. I know I still have a leak to fix, but after your advice and a youtube video I did it myself. It wasn't even a big thing! Did it in my scrubs before work! $380.00 was something I couldn't afford. I was able to go home and recharge my freon now that the LPS problem was fixed. You have made this single mothers hour drive and contentment in herself so much better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! God Bless!
  • And just fyi to the people who are having issues with filling the freon.  From my experience and internet search: When everything else is working right and it's just a freon issue.... Turn the a/c on full blast with recycled air (I find it helps a little...) And let it run for a sec. The high pressure is when the compressor is off, the low is what your pressure is on when the compressor is on. If your pressure isn't high enough, the compressor will not stay I for long. Fill it a little bit at a time to watch the bottom pressure rise. Once it is high enough, it will not keep cycling off.  I am not a proffesional, but this IS what worked for my car. My next step is finding the leak in my own and fixing it (I saw the color stuff that goes into the!) But in the mean time, my leak is slow enough to only fill maybe every 8 months. A 20 dollar gauge and a 20 dollar can that works for more than one fill definitely beat approx $500.00.
  • I need some help!! I have replaced all the ac system components on my wife's 08 pt ac compressor (witch was the original problem), the high and low side lines, the the dryer, the LPS and the high side cutoff switch. I have a problem with the LPS before I was reading 12v with the volt meter and now I have nothing. Hence the paper clip will not do anything. The only thing I can think of is to trace back the 2 wires to where ever they are coming from, but I wanted to ask yall before I do that. This car has 46k only. 
  • davidio50davidio50 Posts: 1
    This is my second PT Cruiser. A 2002 and now a 2008. In both cases, my air conditioning only works when my car has been moving a while or when the outside temperature isn't too high. Also, my car sometimes makes noises when my AC is on and my car isn't moving.
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