Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Transmission Swap

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Looking for some adivce. I have a 91 GMC s15 sle
extended cab, with a 5 speed manual tranny,That has seen the best of it's life.
I was looking in the auto bone yard yesterday and came across a 92 chevy s10 regular cab with the same 2.8 litre engine and a 5 speed manual, upon a quick look this transmission appears to be the same type. WILL it work ?
also what other years of the s10 and gmc will be interchangeable?
thx for all the help.


  • oljoe91oljoe91 Member Posts: 2
    HELP WOULD BE great, any one know the ansers to my questions
  • philscbxphilscbx Member Posts: 33
    The Junk Yard Guys always Know what fits.
    They deal with stuff a 100 times a day.
    DId you even ask them?
  • leeshermanleesherman Member Posts: 1
    Got a 95 GMC sonoma SLS, 5 speed, 2.2L...replacing engine and need to replace tranny. Will a 94 sonoma or S-10 work? If not, can anyone tell me what I can swap my transmission with?\Thanks
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