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Mercury Mountaineer Electrical Problems



  • I am having the same problem as some other users here. The fuel guage has dropped below "E", the service engine light is on and now the auto-lamps will not work. Are there any solutions to this problem yet?
  • while changing the drivers side sun visor on my 2004 mountaineer accidentally shorted it out blowing a fuse . immediatly after check engine light came on with a code p0193 also started to have abs problems as well . ideas ?thank you
  • chancestranechancestrane Posts: 1
    edited August 2014

    Hello, new here. I just recently bought a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer and I was driving it at night two days ago and the dash light and night driving lights and brights went off same time the dash did. Also the lights on the temperature and compass will not light up as well as the radio. This vehicle needs some work! As well as new brakes and struts. If anyone has any ideas PLEASE email me @ [Email removed] Or post on here so everyone can benefit but email is best to get ahold of me.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited August 2014

    Sorry, we frown on posting contact info here.

    First thing I'd do is a battery load test. Then check all the connections from the battery back to the engine/firewall, etc. Old or weak batteries can cause weird electrical stuff.

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