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Hyundai Santa Fe 2007+



  • ottoman2ottoman2 Posts: 2
    Do the red lights that are mounted in the rear bumper light up? I know they didn't in the previous generation Santa Fe; I always thought that was kind of dumb - to put them there only to not have them do anything. They'd make great brake lights or rear fog lights (as found on most European cars). As far as I know, they do. However, the rear turn signals are very small and hard to see. My husband noticed this while following me one day.
    I have a 07 limited and I also noticed that the turn signals were small and hard to see. I ordered a pair of functional rear bumper fog lights to replaced the OEM reflectors and wired them so that they flash with the turn signals. Now there is no problem seeing them.
  • colklinkcolklink Posts: 20
    Mike -

    Thought I'd go ahead and chime in as well. I have the same setup you are looking at only it is FWD. Bought mine in late Sept and have about 6500 miles on it.

    I've used only regular 89 octane and have had no problems. Mileage took awhile to get up there, but now is holding between 18 - 19 mpg city driving. Highway I get around 20 -21 maybe.

    I love the black or "carbon" interior. I don't like wood paneling (real or fake) in cars, but the black "wood" paneling is nice looking. I don't notice much dust build up, but I try to keep my pretty clean.

    The stock stereo is nice, except for the FM tuner. At times it will drop a few decibels because the digital signal is lost. This is a known documented issue by Hyundai and the stereo is supposed to work like this. :confuse: After 7 months though I don't notice it as much, but I may replace eventually.

    Happy Driving!
  • slateblueslateblue Posts: 110
    ottoman, how difficult was it to install the rear fog lights and did you purchase them thru your dealer? Would appreciate any information you can provide. Thanks.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Thank you everyone for your quick replies. You've provided me with some great info. A couple of quick follow-up Qs...

    - Does the owner's manual make a specific recommendation regarding gasoline octane requirements?

    - To ottoman2 and pelican 19, can you provide any add'l. information on the aftermarket rear bumper light modification? (Pelican19, I couldn't find the info you referenced in your reply; ottoman2, can you please provide a few more details e.g. source, how tough to install, do they use the factory lenses, etc.?

    Thanks very much.

    - Mike
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    I have never had any problems with regular 87 octane gasoline.

    Here is the excerpt from the manual about fuel recommendations (Section 1, page 2):

    Use Unleaded Gasoline
    Unleaded gasoline with a Pump Octane Rating of 87(Research Octane Number 91) or Higher must be used. For improved vehicle Performance, premium unleaded gasoline with Pump Octane Rating of 91(RON 95) or higher is recommended.

    What About Gasohol?
    Gasohol (a mixture of 90% unleaded gasoline and 10% ethanol or grain alcohol) may be used in your Hyundai. However, if your engine develops driveability problems, the use of 100% unleaded gasoline is recommended. Fuels with unspecified quantities of alcohol, or alcohols other than ethanol, should not be used.

    Use of MTBE
    Hyundai recommends that fuels containing MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) over 15.0% vol. (Oxygen Content 2.7% weight) should not be used in your Hyundai. Fuel containing MTBE over 15.0% vol. (Oxygen Content 2.7% weight) may reduce vehicle performance and produce vapor lock or hard starting.

    Do Not Use Methanol
    Fuels containing methanol (wood alcohol) should not be used in your Hyundai. This type of fuel can reduce vehicle performance and damage components of the fuel system.

    Gasolines for Cleaner Air
    To help contribute to cleaner air, Hyundai recommends that you use gasolines treated with detergent additives, which help prevent deposit formation in the engine. These gasolines will help the engine run cleaner and enhance performance of the Emission Control System.
  • dchindchin Posts: 2
    Howdy fellow Santa Fe towing enthusiast!
    I just purchased my 2007 AWD Ltd T/P (Touring /Premium ) and yes, it does include the Towing Prep Package . . . beyond all the nice engine/drive train upgrades to boost internals to handle from 2000lbs to 3500lbs tow capacity, it does come "pre-wired for trailer" providing two Female connectors behind the left rear wheel well.
    One of us stated a DEALERSHIP received a Hitch kit WITH Harness?!! Pray tell the details and PART NUMBERS - especially the HARNESS. (and what is on the other end of that venerable harness?!)
    In several calls to the Hyundai hotline, they still have no part number or knowledge of a harness/pigtail adapter to take power from the "pre-wired female connector" to your favorite American trailer plug (i.e. - a Male connector to a standard flat four plug . . . wouldn't that be wonderful?).
    If you've a lead on a factory compatible or even OEM harness, (not the T-One connector that intercepts the brake lamps!), pls provide the part number and best way to order it.
    OR, if anyone has figured out . . . (should we, ahem, snip off the factory Female connector), what wires go to what wires on a stnd 4 conductor harness, pls fwd the wiring diagram/sequence - THAT would be awesome!! Okay, to be really OEM and true hobbyist - just find me the male connectors somewhere - the Radio Shack I went to could not figure this one out from their inventory. . . we can make our own, make use of the pre-wire and not have to drill holes in the cabin floor to route wires.
    Good luck guys / gals - you're a great bunch and I hope to see you all well beyond 100K miles with smiles!
  • ottoman2ottoman2 Posts: 2
    Here is the web site where I purchased the bumper lights link title. They were very easy to install. They come complete with light bulbs & wires. I just removed the tail light [non-permissible content removed]'y that has the turn signal in it and spliced into the turn signal wires. The hardest part was fishing the new wires up into the area of existing wires (but even that was not hard). They are brand new lens, not a modification of the existing reflector lens. Total time for me to do this mod was about an hour. Hope this helps to answer your questions.
  • dchindchin Posts: 2
    The Trailer Prep Package (included in the "Touring Package")for the 2007 SantaFe includes:
    Transmission Cooler
    Upgraded Radiator
    Upgraded Engine Fans
    Trailer Pre-wiring

    With the larger 242Hp engine, when combined with a trailer WITH brakes, it increases your tow capacity from 2000 lbs to 3500 lbs.

    Yes, I think we all would like to see in addition, Higher amp Alternator, High Capacity Battery, Heavy duty Signal Relays, Oversized brakes, and Rear-suspension with auto-leveling air assist . . . the works, but I think we all realize, it's an SUV, not a real dedicated tow vehicle.
    BTW, the Veracruz has a stnd 3500 towing capacity . . . still no word on a "Tow Package" for the new comer to Hyundai yet. . . .
    Right now, just a factory HARNESS would be the Bomb!

    NOTE: As per manual, make sure your nicely burn in at least 1200 NON-TOWING miles BEFORE you start towing anything with your new vehicle!!
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    I just installed some OEM mudguards on my 2007 Santa Fe. If you want to see photos of how I did it, see here . It's fun to play with our toys :D

    2007 Santa Fe Limited AWD with Premium and Touring packages
    Dark Cherry Red with beige leather interior
  • dbz36dbz36 Posts: 5
    Good photos and descriptions. Did you buy your mudguards through a Hyundai dealer? If not, where did you get them? They seem to match the vehicle contours very well.
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    They are made by Hyundai (well, actually their supplier) for the 2007 Santa Fe. I imagine you can order them from your dealer. I ordered mine online for less than $60 (including shipping) from the Hyundai Accessory Store operated by Gary Rome Hyundai -

    Really easy to install. No drilling required as they use existing screws. Now I need to go out and find some mud :)
  • drwoodrdrwoodr Posts: 88
    davesuv, after seeing your photos, I stopped on the way home tonight and picked up mudguards for my Santa Fe. I'll get them on this weekend. dbz36, they are $26 a pair at the dealer, and I was sent a 10% off coupon by the dealer last week.

    Now I have my eye on the all-weather floor mats they had at the parts counter :)
  • 4pmg4pmg Posts: 12
    Has anyone actually had this issue (map lights)fixed yet? Are we all getting the run around? Also, I have been waiting over six weeks for a repacement part (inside door handle. The dealer replaced it with the wrong part. A new one was ordered six weeks ago? Are we all waiting this long for parts for our SantaFe's?
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    I can't find any information in the brochure or on the Hyundai web site. Does the Santa Fe have any factory-installed anti-theft gear? Thanks.

    - Mike
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    One thing that has me still on the fence is that the Santa Fe isn't available with a factory-installed navigation system. Has anyone here had an aftermarket system installed? If so, I'd be very interested to know:

    - What system did you go with?
    - Where is the screen mounted?
    - Does your system replace the factory stereo's head unit?
    - Are you satisfied with the system's performance?
    - How much did it cost?

    Thanks very much.

    - Mike
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    My Santa Fe AWD Limited came standard with the "Keyless Entry System w/Alarm" according to my window sticker. 30 seconds after the doors are locked, the alarm arms itself. Pretty standard operation compared to other keyless entry systems I've owned.

    As far as I can tell, it does not come standard with the Immobilizer System, although the owners manual describes this system as an option. This system uses special keys that the car senses when the key is near the ignition and turns off the immobilizer. The keys that came with my car match the picture of the standard key in the manual and not the immobilizer key (which has an 'M' on it).
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    After doing a bit of research, I can confirm your assertion that U.S. versions do not include an immobilizer. There's actually an indicator light near the top left corner of the instrument cluster that comes on briefly with the rest of the warning lights in immobilizer-equipped Santa Fes. This light does not come on in the Santa Fes that I checked.
  • caribou2caribou2 Posts: 6
    Hey Mike,
    I purchased a 2007 Santa Fe 2 months ago and it does have the anti-theft immobilizer (a computer chip or something embedded in the key). I have the Canadian Santa Fe and I know there are certain differences i.e., we don't have the TPMS or the illuminated ignition key ring.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Good info, caribou2. One can only wonder why they build the U.S. and Canadian versions so differently from each other!
  • jtajta Posts: 17
    My new 2007 Santa Fe is just over 1 week old. My salesman, who I must preface by saying was not a "reliable" source of information, told me there was a "type" of anti-theft built into the car. I do NOT have the key depicted in the owners manual, with an "M" on it. He tried to explain that I have an anti-theft system that arms when I use the Keyless entry to lock the doors. If you were to try and start the car after locking it won't start. ( the door with the key after locking with the keyless entry, it won't allow the car to be started, unless you unlock the door with the keyless entry....) I have not had time to investigate how correct he was with this feature. I can say that I noticed if I hit the "lock" button on the Keyfob 2x, the horn beeps, and a small red light on the dash flashes. It only comes on when I hit the "lock" button twice. I did not remember reading anything about this in the manual(?), but I may have missed it.

    So far, the car is great. :)
  • caribou2caribou2 Posts: 6
    I know my system arms when I push the "lock" button once. Pushing the "lock" button the second time is just for a verification "honk". Actually, I believe the system activates 30 seconds after the "lock" button is pressed....just in case you change your mind and go back to the car for something.
  • edmac1edmac1 Posts: 36
    As you have probably found out by now, if you lock the door with the remote and then unlock it with the key, it will start without any further action. As you said, that salesman was not very reliable. Few of them are.
  • dmarzanodmarzano Posts: 3
    I live and southwestern PA and not sure if I would need the AWD. However, I know on some SUV's FWD does not do well in the snow. I only ever had FWD sedans and have never had a problem in the snow. Any thoughts on if AWD is really needed?
  • caribou2caribou2 Posts: 6
    I'm sure the FWD will do just fine...the ESC and TCS work quite well in the snow. Although, I did buy the AWD. I took both models out for long test drives during one of our snow storms (Winterpeg). There was aprox. 6-8 inches of snow and lots of ice (especially at intersections). What I found was the AWD had way better traction pulling out of intersections when the light turned green. They both went through the fresh snow very could feel a bit of vibration on the FWD (as the ESC and TCS kicked in) on the heavy snow. The AWD just purred through it a summer drive. My wife felt the same when she drove them....I'm not sure if part of this was just "in our heads" but even the cornering seemed to have more control.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Posts: 335
    I also bought the AWD SE model. The price was right and where I live, you can get a few inches or a few feet! It also seems more stable on wet rain slick roads in the AWD version. As others have mentioned, the AWD does not kick in until traction is lost in the front. It was great this winter! (But then I always buy 4 wheel drives...worth it since my area is also hilly)
  • ppborcebppborceb Wallingford,CTPosts: 61
    Nice job and it looks great!
    I would like to know where you bought it and the price paid including rebate, taxes, registration, dealer conveyance fees, and any other miscellaneous charges. Thanks.
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    Hi PPB,

    Thanks for your feedback. I love my Santa Fe. You can find a lot more info on prices at the "prices paid" Santa Fe discussion board. Briefly, I bought mine in Toledo, OH (Brown Hyundai) last October. Paid $28,904 + $250(document fee) + $15(various filing fees) + $10(30 day tag) + $1968(sales tax) for a total out-the-door expense of $31,147. They did not have any rebates at that time.

    I've also purchased the cargo mat to protect the back floor. Even though they say it's just for the 5 passenger version, it still fits nicely in the 7 passenger model. The side flaps just stick up because of the different side wall contours they use with the Touring package.

    2007 Santa Fe AWD Limited with Premium and Touring packages + Floor Mats
    Dark Cherry Red with beige leather interior
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    I've also purchased the cargo mat to protect the back floor. Even though they say it's just for the 5 passenger version, it still fits nicely in the 7 passenger model. The side flaps just stick up because of the different side wall contours they use with the Touring package.

    Dave, what can you tell me about the cargo mat? Is it a Hyundai mat that you bought through your dealer? What is it made of? How expensive was it?


    - Mike
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    Hi Mike,

    The cargo mat is called a "cargo tray" by Hyundai. I bought the official Hyundai cargo tray from my dealer. It lists for $65, but I used a 10% off coupon that my parts department had online. It's black, made of heavy gauge semi-flexible plastic (almost has a slight rubber feel to it), and fits perfectly to cover the floor behind the second row seats. As I said in my prior post, it's really made for the 5 passenger version, but will work without any problem in the 7 passenger model with the touring package. It has two built-in "hinges" (places where it's designed to fold). One is aligned with the small storage compartment at the rear of the floor space, so you can easily lift it up if needed with the cargo mat in place. The other hinge is placed so the mat will easily fold for access to the large rear storage space in the 5 passenger Santa Fe.

    I've found it invaluable during this spring season. We can pick up flats of plants, pots, and bags of potting soil without worry of getting the rear carpeting dirty. The mat easily lifts out so you can shake it clean, or if needed, hose it off. Also, the sides are slightly raised, so if you spill a small amount of any liquid you are transporting, it will stay contained on the mat. I've already gotten my money's worth out of it and it's only 6 months old.

    2007 Santa Fe AWD Limited with Premium and Touring packages
    Dark Cherry Red with beige leather interior.
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