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Hyundai Santa Fe 2007+



  • zebzeb Posts: 57
    Sounds about right - I test drove the SE, 3.3L.
    I think one reason everyone seems to like the Outlander so much is that it's so technologically option-based - something that I don't care about.

    MPG do matter to me, but it sounds like all these SUVs/crossovers are somewhat similar for that.

  • mcq1mcq1 Posts: 103
    The best mpg that I have found on the midsize crossovers is about 17/24. I look at the outlander but it just looked cheap inside and sort of cramped.
    I think you would be happy with the Santa Fe. Is an all around nice crossover. I test drove it and the ride was smooth and plenty of pick up. Not sure about the AWD.
  • I've also ordered my hitch from etrailers and purchased the Hyundai electrical Harness from a local dealership (part# 00262-71003) $96.65... I've just found that the instructions for the installation of the wiring corresponds to the 2001-2002 santa fe.
    Does the part number corresponds to the same you purchased?
    Does anybody know if there's difference in older models and 2007 wiring?
    Do you have some pictures of the cable installation for 2007?

  • On the 07, You just plug in the 2 existing plugs (on the car) to the harness and route the wires. if you are talking about the crimp on wiring harness...I do not know. The part#'s sure are different.

    I would follow the instructions that came with the harness if it matches your SF. If it is not the plug in type, I would check with the dealer too since i am unfamiliar with any of them except the 07.
  • I wouldn't use that generic "Hyundai Wiring Harness", because there is a specific plug-in harness for the 2007 Santa Fe. It simply plugs into the connectors that are under the body just behind the left rear wheel of your Santa Fe.

    Here's a post I made in another thread:

    "Hyundai has finally released a plug-in trailer wiring harness for the 07 Santa Fe. It is part number U8612-2B000. It's so new that my dealer didn't know it existed, and tried to tell me it didn't. They wanted to sell me part number U8614-2B000, which requires splicing. I told them to check with Hyundai, which they did, and surprise! I was right. The computer showed it in-stock in the warehouse, so I should have it in a few days. Retail price is $81.61."

    I bought mine from Morrie's Hyundai in Minnetonka, Minnesota. It took them two days to get it. I installed it myself in about 15 minutes."
  • My story is very similar to kdahlquist's. I was very close to buying a RAV4 but ended up going for a SF Limited AWD. I just felt I was getting some much more car for the $$$. I loved the V6 in the RAV4 and was impressed with the fuel economy, but the interior looked & felt so cheap. In comparison, the SF Limited felt absolutely luxurious, and offered a much quieter ride.

    I've had my SF for 6 weeks now and have put over 4,000 miles on it (including a 3,000mi road trip through the Rockies) and I have no regrets with my purchase. It's an incredibly comfortable car with loads of useful features. It's easy to drive around town and great on long trips.
  • Thanks for the info, I went to the dealer yesterday and they assured that the wiring has not changed... I'll insist to order the new 2007 harness.
  • Caution is indicated. My dealer said it did change (HE PERSONALLY CHECKED) and that was the reason the PLUG AND PLAY harness for the 2007 did not appear until a few months ago.

    I think he may have been talking about the crimp on connector that POSSIBLY did not change!!!!. Just my guess.

    The 07 PLUG and PLAY harness was the source of much consternation on this forum, and another member posted the correct part#'s for the 2007 models!

    1st step is to locate the plugs on the car (07 they are under the driver's side fender well - REAR!....then make sure the new harness plugs match with the car....there are caps on the car end which must come off ist.

    You can always call HyundaiUSA to confirm the correct part#. I would not leave with the part until you open it and make sure it is correct...something just feels wrong here! I wopuld not just take the dealer's word for fact he probably had your year or similar on his a comparison!

    let us know
  • " went to the dealer yesterday and they assured that the wiring has not changed... I'll insist to order the new 2007 harness."

    Most dealers don't seem to know about the plug-in harness for 2007+ Santa Fes. Make sure you have them order part number U8612-2B000. Write that part number down and take it in with you. They'll likely tell you it's the wrong part number and isn't in their catalog. Have them punch it into the computer, anyway. It will come up, and the suggested retail is $81.61. They can have it from Hyundai within a few days. If they give you any grief, tell them you will call Hyundai direct and complain about them.

    My dealership didn't know about it until I told them about it. When they ordered one for me, the service manager asked if he could open it and show it to the techs, because none of them had ever seen it before.
  • I'm trying to find my radio ID for XM. I want to sign up to XM's online site. I just got my car 3 weeks ago and XM was included for 3 months. I don't have channel 0 and channel 1 is just XM promotions. They said that I would find my radio ID on either of those 2 channnels and I don't. Anyone have the same problem? Thanks.....
  • XM radio ID is on channel 000. Access it by holding the seek button until the channel comes up.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    "XM radio ID is on channel 000. Access it by holding the seek button until the channel comes up."

    Yup. It's only accessible by using the seek button.
  • XM online is nice, my wife listens to it all the time when she is on her computer. While on the subject of XM, we let our subscription expire after the free 3 months, we missed our CD's. If you let it expire, XM will send you a letter offering you deals. The first letter was for $4.95 a month for 3 months. The next letter was $77 for a full year. We did start to miss XM, so we took the $77 deal, and we're glad to have it back. I've seen on other sites how some folks have renewed at this price for years.
  • Thankyou all for your responses......Funny thing, I got home last night and there was mail from XM and it included my ID.........We love XM.......
  • zebzeb Posts: 57
    Well, I am 99% sure I am buying a Santa Fe SE on Tuesday! I have one question that I forgot to look for - do you guys know if the back cargo area has a cover so that you can put items back there without them being open to everyone to see? I like that with my hatchback, I can throw things in there and not be visible for thiefs.

    I'm very excited (and also a little sick at the $$ - not a Mercedes cost, I know, but still!). Can't wait though!
  • There is a cover but if you read around it sucks. Costs about $275 extra.
  • zebzeb Posts: 57
    Oh, well that's too bad. What do you do if you need to put something back there to keep it hidden? Maybe a tub or something?

    Also can't decide between silver and steel grey. It's killing me! Steel grey appeals to me more at first sight, but I think silver would age better. Driving myself batty!
  • js06gvjs06gv Frisco, TXPosts: 434
    Bought the cargo cover a few weeks ago for $275. Wouldn't go as far as saying it sucks, but it is not perfect. There are two sections to it - the main shade that rolls to the rear and two smaller shades that roll toward the seat. The reason for these additional shades is that the rear seat sections recline and these are supposed to move with them. The problem is that the hooks that attach to the rear seat headrest poles aren't nearly sturdy enough and the shades reel themselves back on their own. I just leave them unhooked. The main shelf is plenty sturdy and ends up covering about 90% of the cargo hold.

    2016 Kia Optima SX, 2015 Ford Mustang GT, 2013 Ford F-150 King Ranch, 2000 Pontiac Trans Am WS6, 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic

  • cnodcnod Posts: 5
    The cargo area was one of the "little" things that sold me on the Sante Fe. I carry laptops and other pricey items with me. In addition to the nicely tinted rear and side windows of the limited edition, there is a "hidden" cargo compartment in the deck of the rear cargo area. This recessed area has dividers you can move to adjust to your "hidden cargo". To make it less noticeable, I have the special floor mat made for the cargo area, that complete hides the "hidden cargo" area and the additional storage compartment for the car jack and tools area.

    I would invets in the floor mat (if yours does not come with it) rather than the awkard cargo cover/shield that is much more expensive and cumbersome as folks have described.
  • On a 07 Santa Fe 2.7 can I change my oil filter and oil myself or does it need to go to a shop>how complicated is it to get to the filter and drain plug>>>>
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    The under-floor storage area (which is only on 5-passenger versions) is great. I use it all the time. If you need to cover the main storage area, the only solution I know of is the shade. If you buy the car, you might try getting the dealer to order you a shade at zero or reduced cost; you could try using it as a leverage point.

    I'm curious - what do you mean when you say that you think silver would "age better"? If you're thinking that the gray will go out of style a few years down the road and look out of place, fear not. Like silver, white, and black gray (pretty much all shades) never goes out of style. I offer you two final suggestions:

    1. Get the color that appeals to you the most; you'll end up with regrets if you second guess yourself.

    2. Don't over-think or over-research this! Doing so will drive you crazy and you'll end up not getting a car that you like.
  • tint the back windows....
  • I was compulsive about buying the cover for security, but have not used once since purchasing last March. With the "curtain rod" installed, it limits your ability to load things - groceries, suitcases for a trip to the airport etc. It's just in the way. Might want to save your bucks for awhile and see if you really need it.
  • My experience: 'requested the fix from Hyundai Customer Service last May; the courtesy light fix kit was installed last week. Along the way there were 3-4 follow up calls. Hyundai Customer Service reps apologized [always nicely] for the repeated delays, but said they had many back orders. My dealer, Fitzgerald Hyundai - Rockville MD, said I was the first to have this fix done by them. It took 2 hours, and I love the improvement in front entry lighting.
  • Wow...seems like that map light fix was eons ago. it really was pretty dark up front before the fix now that I remember!

    My entire experience with the 07 SF and Hyundai has been excellent. This is my 1st vehicle from them and I am really enjoying it. I am also very curious how it does in the snow (AWD SE Model) since I bought it at the end of last winter and did not have occasion to see how their AWD system does in the real world....The 50/50 lockout really has my attention as well!

    I think I was one of the 1st on these boards to have my map lights "fixed" last spring. Took about 45 minutes (mine was the 1st the dealer had ever done (or for that matter even knew of).

    No mess, bother or otherwise...Came on and worked great the 1st time and Hyundai was great and arranged everything including parts ordering etc... My service dept really makes it easy for me too! (and of all places...a Lithia dealer!!!)

    I think since I have owned it last Feb, there were the map light fix and the outside temp TSB, Now a new window regulator is needed on the driver's biggie though!...Pretty good for a new platform under any one's banner IMHO
  • lv2drvlv2drv Posts: 132
    I had to purchase mine for around $270.00. It's ok, but the prongs that connect to the back seats don't stay put. But it does do the job of keeping things hidden from view. However, I have no clue how to take it out. I barely got some purchases from Lowes in there.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    I share your sentiments 100%, gizzer. I've had my Limited AWD for exactly 4 months and I'm exceptionally pleased with it. My wife and I just returned home from driving it to/from brunch; it was yet another very enjoyable drive in what we refer to as "The New Car". So far, the only thing I've had done is the tightening of the parking brake cable as it wouldn't hold the car in a stationary position. My dealer took care of it in less than 30 minutes and all has been great.

    To anyone reading this who's on the fence about which mid-sized SUV to buy, I suggest this: Take a Santa Fe for a test drive. If you can, do it when it's dark enough to appreciate the blue interior lighting. Drive it on city streets as well as on the freeway; notice the solid build quality, smooth power train, and absence of road noise. Listen to the XM stereo and notice the sound quality, even with the standard audio system. Pay attention to the details e.g. auto-dimming inside mirror with compass and HomeLink, illuminated visor vanity mirrors, illuminated steering wheel buttons for cruise and the audio system, the forward/backward adjustable headrests (VERY cool), the excellent under-floor storage compartment (5-passenger models), the illuminated front cup holders(!), the standard ASC and traction control, and the list goes on. In the middle of all that, don't forget to pay attention to the overall "feel" of the car. It positively reeks of quality. I consider myself a bonafide "car guy" with a passion for anything automotive. (My other car is a current generation Corvette.) IMO, Hyundai hit a grand slam with the Santa Fe.
  • zebzeb Posts: 57

    Yep - that's what I mean...I worry that the gray will go out of style. As far as trusting my instincts, many times I'll go for one thing and then wish I went for a different one down the line, so I'm trying to make the decision now that I'll be glad with in a few years!

    Over-think - that's me. As soon as I settle on the silver, I think I want the gray. As soon as I settle on the gray, I want the silver.

    Which (if you know) seems to be more popular with people on this board? I'm such a lemming!
  • Zeb..

    A suggestion...
    You are not buying this for anyone else but what if Grey goes out of style (grey never goes out of style...Orange does though! :P . I suggest you buy what you want TOMORROW, never look back and enjoy it! There will always be something new to look at but if you want a car it now...or you will always be second guessing yourself!
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