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Hyundai Santa Fe 2007+



  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Check out Dealer Ratings & Reviews while waiting for responses in here.
  • Just picked up my Santa Fe AWD 3.3 and drove 40km home. Engine is very quiet and ride is smooth. It recalls me my experience with a Lexus RS.

    I know Santa Fe is built in the US and I would never say that US production quality is worse. But to myself and people I know, we just prefer to buy Japanese/European brands cars (now I'm buying Korean brand), even if they are built in Canada/US. Maybe in your part of world people are so proud of US brands and keen to buy US brands cars. I have no problem with that.

    I met the general manager of the dealer before leaving their lot. He told me that they've sold more Santa Fes than their sister Toyota dealership acorss the street selling the RAV4 these months. I don't know if this is universal in Vancouver or just an isolated case.
  • Try this:

    But there's a dealer said that in the future when you resell your car purchased in the US, you lose more on ammortization. I don't know if this is true.

    Today's CTV features a story about this issue:link titlehref="">Consumers not benefiting from strong loonie
  • zebzeb Posts: 57
    Well, also, you have to keep in mind that I live 40 miles from Detroit so people are a little more entrenched in the American car industry here than other parts of the US.
  • zebzeb Posts: 57
    Does anyone know the best place to get some dog bars for a 2007 Santa Fe SE? (one of the reasons we bought the SF was so the dog wouldn't have to ride on the back seat with the child, but now with the pristine new car, I'm not sure I want either one of them in it - ha ha!)

  • I don't know if this is what your looking for but WeatherTech carries a pet barrier. I remember seeing it when I ordered my floor liners. 7
  • Thank you for the info.
  • I bought my 2007 Limited in late May. In August, the offers from XM started arriving, but they were quite expensive, so I let the service go.

    They just called me this morning (one month after service expiration). At first, they offered the $4.95/month for three months deal. When I said no, she started on to something else. I cut her off and said I would take the $77 for one year deal if they had it, and otherwise I wasn't going to renew. She immediately said I could have it.

    So there you go -- whether it is a letter or a phone call, they will give you a year for $77. Just be careful of your renewal date, because if you don't cancel by the 1 year anniversary, they will automatically charge your credit card for the regular annual subscription price (currently $144.25) when your one year at $77 is up.
  • I live 10 miles east of Los Angeles Ca and am looking for a 2007 Santa Fe GLS FWD with a 5 speed manual transmission. I have found several 5 speed GLS's, all located on the east coast or other far away places.
    I am confident that amongst all of you wonderful Hyundai lovers someone will know where my crown jewel GLS 5 speed is hiding.
    Thanking you in advance.
  • I had heard you don't have to wait for the letter to get the deal. I asked them not to keep my credit card on file to auto renew after the year, so they will invoice me instead.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Even though I've had my 2007 Santa Fe Limited AWD with Premium Package for 4 1/2 months, it wasn't until this past weekend that I drove it on a trip of significant length. We did a 450 mile round trip, up on Friday night and returning home the following evening. The drive from Santa Rosa to Eureka (CA) is mostly highway with a lot of twisties through the redwood forest. Not much of the drive is on level ground; most of the time you're either going uphill or downhill.

    Driving the Santa Fe on this trip was an absolute pleasure. With the moonroof open, the XM radio playing, the strong engine, and nicely-tuned suspension this was one of the most enjoyable drives I've had in a long time. The Santa Fe handled very well through the twisties and rode beautifully. There were no squeaks or rattles. Even going up some rather steep inclines, the transmission did surprisingly little downshifting. The driving position was perfect - high enough for great visibility without being so high that the car felt tipsy in the corners.

    We arrived at our destination in complete comfort with no fatigue; I could easily drive this car 600 - 700 miles in a day. Fuel economy for the 450 mile trip was 22 mpg, not great but certainly acceptable for an AWD SUV with the Santa Fe's power and heft.

    To those who may still be on the fence regarding the Santa Fe as a tourer, I say go for it. I can't imagine that you'll be disappointed. It's really a terrific SUV.
  • Hi Pelican,

    Your vehicle looks great! Did you install the nerf bars yourself? I am interested in adding a set, but I'm not sure where they'll mount. All of the bars that I've looked at so far say that installation takes 45 mins and that you just need to bolt them on to the existing side mounting locations. I checked under the vehicle yesterday and saw what looks like rubber plugs - is this where the bolts are located? Figured I'd ask for some advice before I start making any changes!
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    After speaking to a close friend who is a tech at our local Hyundai dealership I decided to cancel the order. I do quite a bit of off roading and the bars would have reduced my clearance by 3 and half inches. If you do not plan on going off the beaten path much then go for them. They look really sharp. As for the mounting location I am not quite sure but from my past purchases from this company the parts come with very simple and easy to understand intructions. I do know several Santa owners who did get them and I will ask for you.

    Anthony, si-ny
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Posts: 335
    Does anyone know if Optima makes a battery for the 2007 3.3L AWD Santa fe.
    Leave it to is a special size with no markings on the OEM currently installed in it, and I do not want to buy another "no namer" (especially what I can imagine they charge for it!)

    The only battery I have located for it is from Autozone (Duralast...never heard of it though)
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    I just checked Optima's website and they don't have ANY direct replacements for any Hyundai product. :cry:

    Optima batteries

    Guess I won't be putting an Optima in my wife's Sonata or my Tucson anytime soon.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Posts: 335
    Yep me too. The only thing I can think of if is to either 1) go with the Hyundai oem, go with the autozone at about $80 Inc core chg probably most reasonable choice, or custom build a new battery box for an Optima what I really want! (even though Interstate now distributes them....why can't they make it easy? :cry:

    Had a battery on an 05 honda Element go bad after 1.5 yrs, a mini go bad after 2 yrs...never hurts to be ready since the battery in the SF looks to be as ceaply made as you can get (bety it costs about $150 as well!@!!)

    Rumor has it that Interstate also has one that will fit. I will be watching closely. Problem here is the extreme changes in temps we have and the relatively little use the SF will be getting this winter
  • Very interesting write-up. As it happens, my local Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep dealer is going to soon become a Hyundai dealer, also. I'm giving serious thought to looking at a Santa Fe when it comes time to trade in our Jeep Liberty. I wonder if anyone has done a one-on-one comparison of the two vehicles.
  • lv2drvlv2drv Posts: 132
    In my quest for an SUV, I did test drive a Jeep Liberty. This has been almost two years ago. I don't think much has changed with them. I found it to be pretty small (for our family) and the ride to be noisy and rough. I drove it about three miles (and over some rumble strips) and decided this was not the vehicle for me. I felt every bump and couldn't stand it. I was also looking for something a little more luxurious and the Liberty's interior is spartan. I THINK it would be correct to say the Liberty is built on a truck platform.

    I read this forum (and others) for months before deciding on the SF. For me, it is quiet, smooth and the interior is luxurious. The SF is built on a car (Sonata, I think) platform. I really love my SF and when my husband took it on a trip last weekend, I was bereft :cry: .

    SF Golden Beige, Limited Premium FWD with XM; built late Feb. 07. It came with cargo mat and floor mats. I ordered the cargo cover.
  • dezman1dezman1 Posts: 16
    Picked up a set of Romik Brand running boards few months back. Had to wait 2 months till it was shipped direct from manufacturer. Was missing 2 pieces but that was sent quickly. The boards went on easily with existing holes on the under carriage. After I noticed how deeply inset the boards were next to the lower body panel with little area to actually step on.
    I called Romik directly and the said they had an extension which they could send to me. After got it, it added about 3 extra inches outward and wife was now satisfied.
    The boards do come in a stainless steel finish but went with the powder coat black.

    link: /page/photo.html#pic

    Not sure if this link will work but I have it uploaded into an album in carspace.

    It feels solid and supports weight well. Big help when wiping down roof after washing.

    Only other addtion was tints :shades: all around. Went with Solargard 35% front and rears. Immediately noticed reduction of heat inside especially out here in hot & sunny Hawaii. Dark enough but not view restrictive at nites. ;)

  • ghd1959ghd1959 Posts: 24
    I spoke to some idiot a month ago at Consumer Affiars who told me that the gal everyone mentioned dosen't work there anymore. He said he knew of the map light issue for my 07 Santa Fe and 3 weeks later the dealer called and scheduled the installation. My wife brought it in and picked it up to find out the dome light was ordered from Hyundai and the stupid repair dept went ahead and replaced a perfectly good rear dome light. My wife picked it up and was very upset, especially with grease all over the seats and maps, which they cleaned. Talked with another moran who just left me a message that at first he said they wired the dome light wrong and now he says there is no such thing as a dealer part that can be wired to have the map lights come on when the doors are open. He said maybe its an after market part. My experience with my local Az. dealer and Consumer folks has really been the worst. I too have a beige w/sun roof. Any suggestions????
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Maybe try a different dealer?
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    there is a part# but you need the right one for the color of yours... call back to consumer affairs - you don't need to speak to anyone in particular... just tell them you want the front map lights to come on when you open the doors- tell them you know several people with '07 santa fe's that already had this problem corrected - you can't see anything in the front when you open the doors at night...
  • ghd1959ghd1959 Posts: 24
    Believe me I said everything to them on your last post.There are people at the Consumer Affairs who know nothing when you explain this.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Posts: 335
    Ask the morons what this was for??

    ....1 00305-92800-J line item # was 530 "Dome light kit installed map light kit to work with door PER HYUNDAI. That was the Number/description for the map light kit (AUTO ON/DIM DOWN map light.... for the Grey FABRIC interior, no sunroof, WITH OUT THE MAP LIGHT CORRECTED. THEY REPLACED ALL PARTS...ABOUT 45 MINUTES INCLUDING THE RE-SNAKING OF THE HARNESS TO THE DOOR SWITCH...,,,NO GREASE MARKS EITHER (looked perfect!!!)...MY DEALER HAD NEVER SEEN ONE as well, AND ALL WAS /IS PERFECT since last spring.! He thought I was nutsu until he saw it for himself and the parts had arrived!!!!!!!!! (I always keep all correspondence from my vehicles! He then enjoyed a fine meal of crow while the work was completed...apologizing all the way!

    ( I made it a point to blame Hyundai corp, instead of the dealer who I praised..been best friends every since hehheh

    After what we all went thru :mad: ...I can't believe it...You will most likely even find the correct parts kit for your SF, # somewhere in here...hours and hours of member research went into this one The orig rep's name was Barbara...that much I do remember. (I am NOT senile YET either! :shades:

    Mine is a 11/06 build SE (2007 SF)where the lights were not coming (they screwed up the line for a few months and Hyundai went thru a large expensive to have it put on as described and later field repaired PERFECTION I MIGHT ADD!>....HYUNDAI USA ordered the trim color and parts and even made up the order for the dealer (who had no clue) to place.BTW: they also PAID FOR IT!

    If I remember, it had a new dome light, new map light and 2 harnesses in thwe correct color ed parts...2 weeks from beginning to completion! Do a search for map lights in this forum, and you should be flooded...
  • I bought an '07 Santa Fe in Jan and went through the rigamarole of trying to get the map lights to go on with the door and got nothing but promises to look into it. I then got sick and am just now back into it. I appreciate the effort you have given and have copied the part# etc. and will try again with my dealer. I wonder if you might give me the name of your dealer and your contact man? From past experience, I believe I will do better if my service adviser gets some help. Thanx.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Posts: 335
    usa hyundai SF 2007 SE w/ XM, prod date of vehicle (Alabama )11/2006

    I have found with these Hyundai folks, the more info you can supply, the better off you will be...start with a good sized dealer that sold lots of em! Geez, it should be in someone's computer...only been a few months and I was an early bird!

    I cannot believe this is happening again. Remember that part # I JUST POSTED FOR you was for the grey cloth NO SUN\ROOF VARIANT of the kit (SEPARATE VERSIONS FOR EACH TRIM should find many of them...quite a few were posted!)...different for each type of trim level and color.

    I had to get a case number from Hyundai consumer affairs but as things progressed and the fix was more normal and well documented, the dealers were handling it by themselves!!! It was called EXACTLY " a Dome light sensor KIT " ON MY PRINTOUT (parts + LABOR)Do keep should get lucky with at least one rep who is still, there and remembers!!! Do NOT LET IT DIE OFF AS IT IS WELL WORTH IT AND THE WINTER DARKNESS IS A PAIN!

    As I have mentioned, so far communication within Hyundai has been its major obstacle thus far. Work was ordered and completed this last spring.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    if all else fails - there is always the better business bureau...
  • wjanerwjaner Posts: 25
    As an avid reader of the Hyundai 2007 Santa Fe message logs during the past 14 months I can attest to the many problems Hyundai is confronted with.
    The MAP lights- DOME light problem has generated more postings than perhaps any other Santa Fe customer complaint.
    Other problems exist that causes one to question why the Marketing division is not better equiped to make adjustments.
    Hyundai knew from prior market knowledge that a sizable market exists for the 2007 Santa Fe equipped with the 2.7 ltr engine and the 5 speed manuel transmission. We must give credit to Hyundai for recognizing the 5 speed market and besides, very few other manufacturers offer that option other than the Saturn suv.
    It is very difficult to find a dealer that would be interested in stocking the GLS 5 speed Manuel tranny. Many sales are being lost because of this serious problem for the dealers and the consumer. A dealer cannot order these vehicles and the dealer has no way of being sure he can get one. The standard transmission cars are distributed haphazardly. The dealers cannot cry low profits as many potential buyers would pay a premium for the car.
    In September I posted a message begging & hoping that some one out there in Santa Fe land would advise if they had come accross a GLS with a 5 speed manuel tranny. To this date I have not received a reply.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Have you checked Fitzmall? According to their web site they have 3 GLS AWDs with manual transmission in stock, 1 each in Platimum, Platinum Sage, and Natural Khaki. Here's a link:

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