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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Wheels and Tires



  • First, you need to decide "how big" you want to go. If it were my truck, I'd want to consider that the computer reads the vehicle's speed electronically, and in turn tells the tranny to shift, the ABS to function, etc, therefore, if you deviate too much from the OD of the original tires, you could have drivability issues.

    Having said that, you'll also need to consider new wheels, to go along with your new tires, since the OE wheels are barely wide enough for the OE tires, let alone anything wider/larger.
  • I'm Not sure, but I just put a set of Michelin XTR AT 265 70 R 17s on my 2007 Crew Cab 4X4 and the ride comfort increased significantly and it looks awsome...
  • does anyone know 15x10 wheels will fit on a standard 05 z71 colorado?
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    The problem is this....Yes, you'll probably get a 15x10 rim to "fit", but it won't work well.

    The Canyon/Colorado twins use wheels that have a large amount of positive offset, in essence a FWD wheel. The "backspacing" on an OE wheel is approximately 5.25". Most 10" rims out there on the market have 3.75-4" of backspacing. The added rim width itself, PLUS the amount that will be "pushed out" due to the lesser backspacing, make it impractical, from a clearance standpoint, as well as a little risky, by putting the additional strain on the hubs and bearings, with all that rim/tire further out.
  • txtrkfantxtrkfan Posts: 1
    I bought my son a new 2010 Colorado LT for Christmas in 2010. Currently he is stationed overseas, but will return to his base in New Jersey in a couple of months. Prior to his return, I want to "beef" up his truck. If it were here in texas, I would know what to do. I don't have access to the truck, but want to have a lot done to it. Any of the 4x4 buffs out there that can tell me what to do with this thing to make it bad [non-permissible content removed] would be appreciated. I want to lift it (suspension lift), PUT BIGGER TIRES AND RIMS ON IT, put some skid plates on it, grill guard, rear bumper, and maybe even a winch. The V-8 should handle all of the extra weight easily. Give me your ideas please.
  • wothy44wothy44 Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    I am thinking of putting 32.5" tires on a 17" rim 12.50. What does my offset need to be? I have a leveling kit on it, everything else is stock though.
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    I've had 8" wheels on my Canyon, both 15" rims and 16". While offset is indeed a legitimate wheel design parameter, backspacing is easier to calculate/understand. Having said that, the place where the backside of the wheel comes closest to hitting anything is the upper ball joint.

    A 15 or 16" rim, with 5.25" of backspacing will clear the ball joint. A 17" rim, due to its larger diameter, will have a little more room here, and possibly more backspace can be tolerated. My suggestion would be to go to a wheel/tire shop that actually stocks rims, and try a wheel on the truck in person. You want to get a wheel that's as wide as possible, to accomodate the larger tires, yet with the most backspacing, in order to work as well as possible, without putting undue stress on the hubs/suspension parts.
  • I have a 05 colorado crew cab LS
    its level (torsion bars) and its pretty much same height as a z71 from what I've noticed
    I have stock wheels now 235-?-16"

    I have 31-10.5-15 and im going to order black steel rims

    I found 15x7 rims with3.75" of backspacing

    Think ill be safe with that? Think I can get wider rims with more backspacing? Or should I just stick with what I found
  • I just got my '05 colorado to haul my bike and it has been back to carmax 4 FOUR times. I explained to them that it was almost a grinding feeling as I used the brakes in traffic, a jerking grab as i coasted to a stop and a wobble at Hwy speeds ( I use cruise control for my commute to and from work). The second time I was told they couldnt find anything. (The Tech has me drive the car with him to try and explain what I was feeling) But, it might be the tire out of balance and they would go ahead and get all four balanced for me, lost he truck for a few days. I got the truck back had the same issues. call them back to set up another appointment. The third trip they told me the rotors were warped and they would have to replace them, lost the truck for about a week. The customer service rep assures me that they've nailed the issue and the truck is good togo. No more than a week later I'm setting up another appointment due the same wobble shaking the truck so bad you'd think a tire was going to fall off, absolutely driving me insane with the grind making me think I'm going to kill myself trying to get home one night when the breaks fail. Back to setting another appointment (fourth), the service Rep tells me that the tech ( a different one from the last) would like to drive the truck with me to see if they could "recreate" the issues I'd been having. sure enough the truck wobbles and grinds before we get out of the parking lot. We continued the test drive and I point it out to him as we ride and he give me the story of how hard the truck is to work on and how it still might be a balancing issue. I leave the truck with them. Day two the service rep calls me and says they have to turn the rotors. I ask could this be because when the put the new rotors on the didn't replace the pads? he had NO CLUE! the kicker that makes you want to freak out is the machine to turn the rotors was broken and they were trying to get it up so they could get me fixed up. OUTSTANDING! Now the question is when will I actually get the truck back. Three days, (3) days later I get the call the truck is ready and all issues have been resolved. I rearrange my wifes schedule and make plans to pick up the truck and once again before I can get out of the parking lot we ahve the same issues. My scheduled wouldnt allow for me to head strait to the Chevy dealer to have the people who built the damn thing tell me what was really wrong with it. and after reading these post, sound like they have no idea how to correct the problem either. The Christmas gift (purchase date DEC 21, 2011) to haul the motorcycle around and allow us to not be tethered to on car when we haed out of town has turn into a pain in the A##. Three months I'm working on and the truck still runs like S%^& and I just got an email from a Carmax manager asking my how was my last how my last visit went after seeing I had been in for service. I emailed him back asing if would cold talk about my visit(S) this friday and i"ve yet to hear from them. Of course the 30 day warranty is up and it nothing buy a up hill battle now. Shame on Chevy for neglecting a design flaw, not standing behind its brand and issuing a recall to fix this. Easy to see why they needed a bail out! a sad shame. If anyone can help I thank you in advance. :confuse:
  • gmoney26gmoney26 Posts: 1
    Currently I have 235 75 15 tires would 235 55 15 fit on my truck
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 859
    That would be going down in load carrying capacity - and that leads to tire failures - very bad!!
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