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All-New 2009 Toyota Matrix



  • Yes, I do miss it. I'm not sure why that change was made. I also feel like it could use a 6th gear. With the engine being bigger, it accelerates a lot faster and I'm finding myself at about 3 RPM when I'm going 65-70 on the freeway - same as it was in my 07 with the smaller engine. All in all, I haven't really found any major complaints in the redesign.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Well I checked, and with the 1.8 in my '07, I am at 2600 rpm or so when I'm going 65 mph in 5th.......the '09 actually revs HIGHER, even though it has a bigger engine??? No wonder its fuel economy is lower than the Camry with the same engine then.....

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • mantechmantech Posts: 28
    Could you double check again your 07 Matrix, can't be 2600rpm at 65mph (110kph)
    1ZZFE is a high revving engine. Why I can't forget these things I used to own an 07 Matrix and during that break in period I never exceed above 3000rpm. A 60mph(101kph) speed is already at 2900rpm! So please re-check it again.
    My 09 Matrix (2ZRFE) revs 3000rpm at 110kph of course in 5th gear, but right now our gasoline are oxigenated that's why the MPG became lower, but still i could get 580k at 45L fill up. The 2.4L engine is a different story, It could consume 20MPG in city driving but this engine is really smooth running like a V6! 2300rpm at 100kph.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Double-checked my '07, mantech, definitely 2600 rpm at 65 mph in 5th gear. One of the reasons the '08s and older had such good mileage with the manual was fairly tall gearing for such a small engine. I was disappointed to see that mileage drop by a point for the '09 models with the 1.8.

    This was the wrong time for Toyota to be engineering new models that consumed more gas than the ones they replaced.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • mantechmantech Posts: 28
    There's no difference in fuel economy Nippononly, The 09 Matrix 1.8 has wider band of torque compare to 1ZZFE, that's the only difference. Actually last summer I got 620K from a full tank of gas(mixed driving) I can't believe that 2600rpm at 65 mph in fifth gear?? maybe 6th gear if you have an XRS. Oh common..
    I believe the "S", XR in Canada and XRS 2009 consumes more gas than the ones that they replaced.. Maybe this sounds make sense to you.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    In the United States of America the 2008 Matrix 1.8L 5-speed was rated 27/33 mpg by the EPA.

    The 2009 model is rated 26/32. Lower.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • We picked up our 09 Matrix last night and found that with the engine running we could NOT shut off the headlights -- or even dim them. Is this normal?? Know that there is an automatic sensor for the headlights so the car probably "knew" it was nighttime, but we need to be able to dim our lights to the parking lights at night. WE want to be the ones in control of the lighting - is this phenomenon a glitch, or something standard on the vehicle?
  • It's standard on the vehicle. The lights are always on, as long as the key is in the ignition. Congratulations!
  • For the last few weeks I've been looking to buy a Matrix, however, due to this article, I'm now on hold and looking elsewhere, eventhough I've been a toyota, honda and acura guy since 1968. Why is the gas consunption so different between a corolla and Matrix?

  • The MPG is actually not that different when you compare the engines of the Corolla and Matrix. I have an 09 Matrix S - has a 2.4L engine with about 158 HP. The Corolla XRS has the same engine size/HP and they get almost identical. My 07 Matrix had higher EPA rated MPG, BUT I got even better than what was promised. I saw it get dramatically better after about 5K miles. I am consistently getting about 27 MPG with my current Matrix - I'm at about 2K miles on it and expect to get much better than 27 MPG in a few more thousand miles. I am a HUGE fan of the Matrix, it's basically the best car in my book. Go test drive the S model, I think you will fall in love.
  • I will love it too, that is the nature of this 2AZFE(2.4L) it's fuel effecient compare to 2.3'L of Mazda3. But Mazda 3 beat it in 0.6 sec (0-60mph) Matrix S rated 7.9secs and Mazda 3 is 7.3 secs if I'm right. The height of 3 is lower than Matrix, not sure the curb weight of 3. I'm used to be fan of Mazda but not anymore, but I'm might come back to Mazda since this 09 Matrix has very disappointing interior design and materials, well pronounced road noise in coarse pavement too. Maybe the next model year will be improved that(hopefully) I'm supposed to purchase a 2010 Matrix.
    But I got 09 already. :cry:
  • Just I put back the 55 series from 45 series, the road noise has been reduced.
    One of the director of driving television said that this new 09 Matrix is quieter than his older Matrix. One thing I notice is the water splash to the body is noisier than before (when you driving in the rainy weather) Has anyone who notice that??
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    Saw this earlier today, and thought I'd share. The 2010 Matrix is being manufactured starting this month, and all 2010 Matrix models will have VSC. Corolla as well. Source is

  • Any chance that Toyota will switch up to the 5 spd auto tranny with the new 1.8 base engine in the Matrix or Yaris? I want the better FE that comes w/. the 1.8 vs. the 2.4. Thanks
  • Maybe or not, It's possible in the next engine with 2.0L displacement (3ZRFE) will mate with 5 speed CVT. In Asia this engine 3ZRFE is using by Corolla Altis with 5sp auto CVT. rated at 147hp!. This engine is supposed to be for Matrix just leave the 1.8L (2ZRFE) for Yaris! You know this 3ZRFE has valve-matic, fuel economy is almost the same as 1.8L that uses by Corolla and Matrix.
  • apologies for the cross post but this seems the more appropriate place for my question:
    I own an 08 Matrix and like the car, except for the harsh road noise at highway speed and the equally harsh jittery feeling on rough pavement.

    I know that goes w/ the territory of a small car, but I'm wondering whether this has been abated at all in the redesign for 09. when I testdrove the 09 it didn't seem all that much different to me.

    so....anyone who's upgraded to the 09 from a previous Matrix: is the new one a smoother ride?

    also wondering if there are any mods that might address this.

    thanks in advance for any insights!

  • usaf66usaf66 Posts: 6
    just read your post about gas miles on 09 Matrix S....I got one in Nov 08 and 90% of my driving is 55mph or better and I am lucky to average 26.mpg--it seems to lurch when starting either cold or at a stop. I have 4K on it my dealer won't talk to me because I had trouble when purchased and I contacted our state attorney general. It has been a very disappointing purchase but I'm stuck with it. Does anyone know wht the lurching could be.. would another dealer be willing to talk with me?

  • johnxyzjohnxyz Posts: 94
    mantech and nippononly - Thanks for the reply - great info. Timeline on when the US/NA gets the new 2.0 (3ZRFE) engine?

    Also how does 'direct-injection' assist w/. fuel economy? Any engines from Toyota getting it?

    OT - I've read that the Subaru Impreza WRX and STi really need direct injection to alleviate the subpar fuel economy (or lack thereof) those models get....
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Also how does 'direct-injection' assist w/. fuel economy? Any engines from Toyota getting it?

    Direct injection cools the combustion chamber, allowing them to up the compression ratio while continuing to run regular unleaded and boosting low-end torque and fuel economy while reducing emissions.

    Just about every Lexus engine has it now that the old 4.7 V-8 is as good as gone - the SC430 and the 4Runner rebadge (GX?) may be exceptions to that.

    I would expect the new 2.0 Valvematic engine in Japan to have it, which is why I DON'T expect Toyota to stick it in a U.S.-bound Corolla for a while yet......the Corolla in the States is all about being cheap and durable, not about being at the leading edge of its class in technology.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • mantechmantech Posts: 28
    Attention to all Matrix 1.8L engine, Base, B package, Touring same as in Corolla
    Check your engine oil level, This is not new, It was posted last year in Toyota Nation Forum. Those 09 Model manufactured in 2008 requires an ECU RE-Flash.
    What happened to me was, they did an oil change to my 09 Matrix 1.8L last March this year. My odometer was 22,KM and after that I checked when it reached at 26,K I found out that the oil level was 1mm below center line of the dipstick in just 4,000 kilometers, so I bought a liter of 5W30 and I added up half a liter, and then after 2,000Km the oil level dropped again about 3mm below the max level.
    I already booked a service for my car, I will let you know more details after this.
    I do not know where that oil goes, It could already been burned.
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    Yikes! That's quite a bit of oil lost in a small engine.

    Is there some reason to think that re-flashing the ECU is the answer?
  • Does any 09 matrix fwd owner have any experience with an engine ping or knock in their cars? I had only run 18,000 km or about 11,000 miles. Nothing comes out in the computer diagnostics of my dealer. I suspect this ping was already present earlier when I bought the car in May of 2008. It's because beginning in the fall and in the winter all my windows are rolled up and I was only able to hear it during the start of the warm weather in '09 when my windows are rolled down. I sometimes pass through bridges or places where there are walls on the passenger side. This is where you are going to hear it prominently.
  • grey09grey09 Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 1.8L matrix, when I am about to stop, may I put the auto transmission to neutral? I found by doing this the braking distance is shorter. But I heard I am not supposed to do so, coz this will damage the transmission. :confuse: Thanks.
  • I just got a new 2009 Matrix Base. It has the dealer added option of Floor Mats Set, $199 value. It includes four floor mats and one cargo mat. Only the cargo mat looks unlike the OEM mat to me. It doesn't have the embroidered Matrix logo, and it is not fully extended to the slots between the wheel wells and rear end. The material is not the same as the floor mats. It does have cut out for the tie-down hooks tough. I want to ask other 2009 Matrix Base buyers whether you get this same cargo mat as me. I assume the OEM Matrix cargo mat has the embroidered logo and fully covering the cargo floor, like this one:

    Also, on page 255 and 257 of the owner's manual, it mentions a tie-down belts and tonneau cover bag. Does Matrix Base comes with these two accessories?

  • The tie-down belts etc. are in plastic bags down where the spare tire is.

    I found two inexpensive rubber-backed rugs from Wal-Mart for the cargo area ~$20.
    I don't care about logos.
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