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Toyota Corolla Electrical Problems



  • I installed new battery few months ago. Since then, the auto start (dealer installed when car was new) will not work. Dealer says costs 100$ minimum to reset the remote start on key chain. They did quick check and said it is problem in dash and cost depends on how bad.
    Any thoughts on how I can try to reset the auto start? I have hard time believing this is problem in dash.
  • rhoeltrhoelt Posts: 1
    My 2004 Corolla does the same thing. Any ideas as to the cause or how to troubleshoot?


  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    I can't help you with the reset, but yea, I gota agree with you there's no dash problem; just another reason why you can't trust a dealer.
  • breth21breth21 Posts: 1
    96000 miles, daughter drove it to a friends and then the car wont start, no turn over or anything, all other electical works fine. New battery. Next morning, car starts fine, drive home, park and the car wont start. Any ideas
  • Coincidentally I have the exact same issue - but mine is different in some respects.

    Did not drive for 3 weeks. Dome light might have been on. The battery was drained completely. Jump-start worked twice. The first time I drove around 100 miles - still it would start with a lot of difficulty.

    The second time I drove 7 miles(20 mins) and turned it off in the shopping lot of a parking lot. Came back and tried to start - the dashboard lights came on, but the car won't start. My friend tried the ignition too many times and the dash lights dimmed too. Tried jump-start: got a few strong sparks when the negative terminal was being connected to metal part on the engine. The headlights shone bright but the car won't start. Dash lights did not turn on. Next time I tried to jump-start no lights go on - neither the ones on dashboard nor the headlights. It's been dead since then. Another thing to add - the brake became really hard after this jump-start attempt.

    I suspected the battery was absolutely bad and replaced it. But it still is completely dead after connecting the new battery too. No clicking sound, no lights. Could you point me in the right direction? do you think it would be an electrical/fuse problem? Or do you guys reckon there might be something else wrong?
  • Folks,

    If the car will not start and the battery checks good, more than likely it's the starter.
    Sometimes you might get one "click" but no start. Then it might start on the next try.
    I've heard it called the "corolla click". Over time the contacts wear out in these starters and you can have the starter replaced or get a replacement contact set. Starter replacement is the more costly option. The contact replacement is less expensive, but in both cases the starter has to be removed.


  • markgmmarkgm Posts: 3
    I'm just starting to look at this on my car. The first thing I noticed was that the power windows wouldn't go after I started the car. I thought maybe a wiring problem somewhere, since the front passenger door sometimes doesn't work.

    Next, I have to get going. The gear shift won't get out of park.

    Next I look at what is not right electrically. The fan motor won't go (dash) and the wiper motor won't go.

    There is in the main fusebox one socket for a 50A fuse called "FL ABS" next to one called "FL ALT" (100A) that is missing, or maybe it originated that way.

    The horn works. The headlights work. The blinkers do not work. I think I'm o=unable to move with the gear-shift issue!

    Any help is appreciated!
    Thanks, Mark
  • markgmmarkgm Posts: 3
    Fixed... The gear shifter was in park, but electrically not all the way in park (in the front, near the radiator).
  • gebasegebase Posts: 1
    engine shuts off while i am driving, after it can not start again until i touch almost every thnig without knowing what am doing. I suspect there iz loose cable, what that could it be ? Please help
  • Three months ago, battery died and had it replace. Short time after, power lock on drives side door stopped working. 2 months later, power lock on drives side stopped working. 1 month later, rear door on passenger side when out. Now fan blower is acting up. It works sometimes. When it does work, speed fluctuates on its own; stops, then starts again. It still cools but the fan has a mind of its own; works when it wants. I was thinking an electrical short but have no clue at this point. I will need professional help, however, trying to get an idea... because I don't want to get railroaded. Help!
  • 2010 corolla, 72K miles. Installed HID lights, and removed them cause system couldnt handle. Have added prestige remote start/security system.(they insist it draws very little juice) Removed trunk light.

    Symptom: When rolling down express power window gets to bottom, slight shudder from the engine when window motor coming to a stop (draws a bit more current before it stops) or when the battery was low at one point..., stepping on brakes causes a shudder (shudders are when waiting at red traffic lights durng idle)
    My battery dosent hold up for two weeks during Sandy superstorm when car was not used. I installed dash mounted solar panel to trickle charge battery every day (150mils- very little but to compensate) I think something is draining the battery.

    Suggestions for most likely culprits?? The solar cell was a quick fix (connected direct to battery)
    Installation of the HID lights ccaused some wire heating just under the steering wheel so I uninstalled them, but electrical drains are usually shorts, not past heated wires.

    Or maybe the alternator isnt bad but going? Rolling down power auto express window shouldnt
    have any affect on idle or make even a slight shudder when at light....

    I did remove the trunk light, but wondering if there are any other culprits? The security system
    does keep a security code on all the time, but I popped the led.
  • Intermittently, when I start my 2007 Toyota Corolla the radio and clock do not work. When I get 10-15 miles down the road power returns to the radio and clock.
  • When I turn my car (1994 Toyota Corolla) off the front side light and the tail light stay on.

    I have to disconnect the battery to get them to go off. What part could short out or get stuck in the on position? I don't think it has anything to do with the light switch itself.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Why would you automatically rule out the switch stalk ? That would be the first thing that comes into my mind.
  • You may be right. That may be the issue. I thought (but am probably
    mistaken) that my lights normally would turn off automatically after a
    period of time if I forgot and left them off.

    I can't remember if that is the case however.
  • I'm taking the car in Monday to have it looked at. It seems odd that none of the fuses, when pulled out, will make the lights go out.

    I'm tested the ones for the headlamps and when pulled they make those go out. There are some fuses labeled "fog" and "tail light" and when pulled they don't make the lights in the front side go out and tail light doesn't make the light in the back go out?
  • Did anyone figure this out? This is happening right now with our 1994 Corolla Wagon.....have to take the battery cable off to shut lights off. Mechanic already ruled out the steering wheel light switch.....says it might be something fused together in the fuse box.
  • arkiarki Posts: 1
    08 Corolla S.

    I noticed my dashboard lights, tail lights, license plate lights and the side headlights were not coming on when I drove at night. I tried a couple if things like checking the fuse box and changing out the multifunctional switch out and the problem still persists. I'm totally clueless where to look next. If you can give me a step by step procedure on how to tackle this problem that would be amazing-- maybe even a video?

  • darb109darb109 Posts: 1

    I just replaced the starter and the battery on my 2003 Toyota Corolla. When I attempted to start it, there was a pop, then it lost all electrical power. I have checked every fuse, and they are all good. Is there an in-line fuse somewhere going to the power distribution box?

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