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Honda Accord (2008-2012) Maintenance and Repair



  • Glad to hear that the newer paints should be as good. That's why I used "may" in my comments, just in case.

    The one negative comment I have is with the level of "orange peel" in the paint. Hondas used to have one of the smoothest, glossiest paint jobs of any manufacturer. Now what I see is equal to the rest, but not better. My old 88 Accord (with paint equal to my Dad's old 80 Accord) looked far better when parked next to my 04 Accord. Is this fault of Honda, or is it from the switch to water based paints?

  • gyushergyusher Posts: 67
    The one negative comment I have is with the level of "orange peel" in the paint.

    I agree. . . The other day on TV no less was a comercial with a closeup of a new Corvette. I couldn't believe the level of OP. New Caddys, Mercs, on and on it's terrible I know.

    My 08 Accord coupe (Red) has plenty as well but no where near as bad as I see every day.

    From my point of view as a painter which I'm no expert even though I've worked in this field for 40 years there are kids out there that put me to shame. Anyway I have noticed how hard it is to let these newer coatings 'flow' without sagging or running. 'Color Sanding' is almost a necessity anymore for a 'perfect' paint job.

    Sorry to drift OT . . . Now back to the topic at hand.
  • sky16sky16 Posts: 20
    Thanks for responding back to my question I really appreciate it; thus, this is the first time I have had so many problems within the first year of owning a honda. They said they will have my car back to me this Monday and were not able to get the car to me yesterday since they could not get the part they needed in to fix the problem. When I pick the car up on Monday I will have had the rental car for seven days. With the first fix and now the second fix I have a total of 9 days in the dealership shop for the same problem. I have been working with the dealer and told them I realize they are trying to do everything to resolve the problem which is a possibly a manufacturing/design flaw in the manual gearbox/transmission. I feel like Wilde Honda has done the best that they can do given the situation and I have let them know my frustrations with having so many problems with a car that is $32K. I asked them yesterday how much they would give me on a trade in and they advised that the best they could do is $22K. I really do not want to have to have them buy my car back if this is a lemon since I have added $600 in extras to the car such as door side molding, interior lighting kit and tinted windows. Also I already have an attachment to car since it has been a part of my life for coming up on one year. I called the service department and spoke with the service manager and he is willing to ride in the car with me when I pick it up along with driving it along with another service manager so I feel like they want me to be happy with the product as well. Anyway I will let you know how it goes and hopefully the fix this time in the dealership is the last one.

    Can you explain to me when you had to deal with the lemon law why it was painful? Did you have to get an attorney to handle it or did the dealership work with you on this? How much out of pocket expense did this cost you? title? etc.....

    Let me know when you have a free minute and again thanks for taking the time to respond to my current frustrating experience.


    3rd and 4th Gear Popping Accord Coupe v6EXL
  • sky16sky16 Posts: 20
    Hello Bug 4,

    Thanks for responding to my question on the TSB's and how to look for them.

    My car is still in dealership and I was suppose to pick the car up yesterday but they advised that the part had not come in yet so the car would not be ready until Monday.

    I spoke with the head of the service department at Wilde Honda in Waukesha,WI and he is willing to drive my car with me in the car along with another service manager when I pick the car up so I can point anything out to them that may not be right.

    I feel like the dealership is trying to do everything they can to get this problem fixed.

    I have advised them of my frustration of paying $32K for a car and having so many problems with the gearbox/transmission with gears popping out on 3rd and 4th gear.

    I really hope the fix is for good this time on this accord 2008 v6exl 6 speed manual coupe. The fit and finish of the vehicle, comfort, styling, interior, exterior design have been excellent with no rattles so A+ to the engineers that worked on those areas of the car at Honda.

    The interesting thing is that the both the 2001 Acura 3.2tl and the now the 2008 Accord Coupe EXLV6 w/navigation have both had transmission/gear problems and both were made in Marysville, Ohio.

    The 1998 Prelude that I had was made in Japan and I had it for 45,000 miles and not one problem. Anyway that has been my experience; thus, Japan rocks they seem to be on top of it. :sick:

    Thanks for time to write back and clarify.

    I talked my friend into buying the 2008 4 cylinder Accord EXL coupe and he does not have any problems with it and averages 30-32 city/hwy driving and 33 on the highway and is very satisfied with the car with no problems at all. I really wish I could say the same.

    Honda does an excellent job on four cylinder engines with the best in the industry, however I am not so sure about the v6's given my current and past experiences; thus, I am hoping Honda gearbox/transmission engineering department will win my confidence back.

    Take care and have a great day.


    3rd and 4th Gear Popping Accord EXLV6 with navigation 6 speed manual :sick:
  • I just had my rear brakes replaced at 20k miles on my 2008 Accord Coupe. I agree that this is ridiculous. Mine were not under warranty also because Honda of course says that this is normal! I bitched and moaned so they only charged me a $100 - but it still didn't make me happy - Honda has really screwed up on this car!
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76

    Has anyone had any problems with the paint on their 2008 Accord? Just bought a 2008 Accord LX-P (red) - there are little round spots on the roof paint that look sort of like the dealer left sap on the paint and it etched the clear coat. Others look like they are in the paint below. Dealer offered to color buff the roof, but I figure it's taking off paint. Should I just let it go and keep it well waxed, let him try to buff it out? The other alternative is to repaint - but it will probably not look the same??

  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Should I just let it go and keep it well waxed, let him try to buff it out? The other alternative is to repaint - but it will probably not look the same??

    Hard to say without looking at it. You might want to take it to a reputable detail shop to get their opinion.

    If something is "in the paint", that would mean that it went through the clear coat. You might try using a very fine polish on one of the spots to see if any of it is removed.
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    FYI - I'm not sure this is relevant to your situation, but I just had my rotors replaced on my 08 EX-L I4 AT Accord last week. The car had 14,500 on it. The pads were in almost new condition, but the dealership found that the rotors were warped. The repair invoice says "poorly machined rotors." Indeed, I brought it in because I hardly use the brakes (almost all interstate driving) and, yet, the brakes were pulsing and beginning to feel significantly warped. It was all handled under warranty and I paid nothing. If your problem was brake pads with no rotor warping, then that is different.
  • I had a similar thing happen to my truck. I could see what appeared as drops etched in the paint. In my case, I think it was actually mineral deposits from the dried water leaving marks. They have since disappeared. If it's mineral deposits on your car, you may want to try and rinse them with applying a little vinegar. That should dissolve the mineral deposits if that's what it is. If not, no harm done with the vinegar.

    Many car dealerships have been installing DE IONIZERS for their car wash to eliminate the spots. Hopefully that's all you have.

  • gyushergyusher Posts: 67
    Has anyone had any problems with the paint on their 2008 Accord?

    I also have a red Accord coupe (08). Build date was mid August and I bought it the last week in August. I looked real close at the finish and other than some orange peel it was fine. 3 days later I washed it by hand and noticed little white spots all over the paint. . . I know they weren't there when I brought her home and the car sat under cover those 3 days. I think it had about 40 miles on her at the time. . . I rubbed them out and then waxed it real well.

    Let the dealer rub on it with instructions not to cut the paint. You might try a clay bar. . . They do very well at removing this stuff.

    Now and then I still see those little white specs or dots. . . I have no idea. . . Could be anything from acid rain to tree sap. . .

    They don't stay new long.
  • the rear brake pads were completely worn out - as far as having warped rotors - i believe that i have that in the front cuz i do have the pulsating and vibrating when braking. i didn't even bother telling the dealership because i know they would turn around and blame me somehow since they've been doing that since i got the car a year ago. i'm hoping to trade out of this car by the end of the month...until then i can deal with the slight vibrations when braking - it only happens at high speeds so anyone who would test drive it wouldnt notice ;)
  • gyushergyusher Posts: 67
    it only happens at high speeds so anyone who would test drive it wouldnt notice

    Not very neighborly. . . Might be one thing to sting the dealer but a private individual ?
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76
    Thanks for all the replies,

    I have already clay'ed the car - that's how I found the defects. I found a worse one when I clay'ed it again. This might be a painting defect. The problem I'm worried about is several years down the line - it will start peeling. I'm not happy about buffing them out since it thins the clear coat. If it is below the clear coat, then the buffing process removes the clear coat. I think the only real fix is repainting it, but I don't think it will be as good as the factory finish. I'm thinking of bring it back to the dealer and see what they can do after I try a little polishing compound. At least they will have a record that I did notice a problem.

    It looks like tree sap, which eats the paint if it is not removed.

    The white dots that other's mention I've seen on another person's older Honda. Those appear to be a paint defect. He only got rid of them after having to paint his car after it got in an accident.

    May be I can post a picture of the problem - not sure if I can focus down that close.
  • gyushergyusher Posts: 67
    It looks like tree sap, which eats the paint if it is not removed.

    I park under a tree every day and I get tree sap on it every day. I worry more about the hot sun than the tree sap. It washes off with plain water. . . I've done this for 40 years plus with no ill effects. Just keep her waxed.

    You might color sand it then a new clear coat. . . Used to be that Reds, Blacks, Whites etc had no clear coat, only metallics. . . Not sure about todays coatings. . . I work in a labratory for one of the largest paint companies if not the largest but my expertise os wood and composite coatings not metal.
  • i agree but once i give the car back to the dealership it is their's not like i'm selling it directly to someone else. i've already put close to 2k into this car for repairs out of the 7k that has been done....i will not put anymore money into it
  • rbbrickrbbrick Posts: 37
    Update on oil consumption
    I thought I was out of the woods with oil consumption after the removal of breakin oil ----NOT so. I have 16500 miles on the car now and it consumes 1 quart every 3500 miles!!!
    Using Castrol GTX 5-20 - dealer is escalating to Honda but have not really had any answer to the question of why. We have completed the Honda oil consumption test but Honda engineers dont respond with anything. Can you guys check your oil consumption or report back so I can get a clear picture that I am the only ONE out here with this issue.
    Thanks so much
  • My O8 Accord V6 (VCM) used about 3/4 of a quart in the first 3,000 miles. After that it stayed on the full mark to my recent first oil change at 8,000 miles (Oil life at 20%).
  • Once again I had to add a quart of oil around 6,000 miles since last change. While some have mentioned in these forums that their experience has shown that Honda engines do not consume oil, my personal experience is add a quart every 6,000 miles. Engine currently has 6,100 miles miles on its' current oil with MM showing 30% oil life. Could the oil consumption be another result of VCM?

    The system is electronically controlled, and uses special integrated spool valves that do double duty as rocker-shaft holders in the cylinder heads. Based on commands from the system's electronic control unit, the spool valves selectively direct oil pressure to the rocker arms for specific cylinders. This oil pressure in turn drives synchronizing pistons that connect and disconnect the rocker arms.

    The above is an excerpt from a post I had made in the fuel economy forum. It seems as if Honda is using the engine lubrication oil also as a form of hydraulic oil.
    I don't know if this could cause a consumption issue.

    Let's keep in mind that before maintenance minders most of us changed our oil between 3,000-5,000 miles before any consumption would be noticed. Our manuals do state that we should check our oil level every time we fill up. I would venture a guess that their isn't a single owner that adheres to Honda's suggestion. Personally I check mine about every 1,000 miles and sometimes in the oddest places. I might be waiting for my wife to check out of a store and I'll check it in the parking lot and people look at you like you've got 3 heads, I mean c'mon a new vehicle and he's checking under the hood, whatever would he be doing that for? I'm just plain old school and fluid conditions and levels can tell you a lot about what's going on under the hood.
  • My 2008 EXL-4 XM radio just started doing exactly the same thing. The dealer actually had a service note on it saying it could be loose connections on the XM receiver. I'll have them check it out at the next oil change. Have you taken your car back to the dealer? How did they fix the problem? I am curious as I'll be going through the same routine. Thanks.
  • rbbrickrbbrick Posts: 37
    Thank you guys for the feedback - I would also state that Honda has no idea if this a systemic problem or isolated since they dont nor do the customers check the oil before changing for the most part.
  • gyushergyusher Posts: 67
    they dont nor do the customers check the oil before changing for the most part.

    It's one thing not to check your oil once you know how your car acts between oil changes.

    I check my oil weekly (typically before starting it in the morning when it is sitting in the same place each time) whenever I buy a new or new to me car. I check for leaks, under where the car sits at home and at work. I pay close attention to pressure gages if so equipped as well as odd smells, sounds etc.

    Once I have a good idea of how the car operates over thousands of miles I might not open the hood between changes but I still look at where the car sat and do everything else but physically check the oil and all other fluid levels under the hood.

    At oil change time I either check the oil before changing or visually check the amount drained from the crankcase.

    In my mind there is nothing more important than at least knowing your car's habits when it comes to service items including brake linings, tread depth, coolant and other fluid levels.

    I lost an engine one time in my youth from not paying attention to how low it was getting on oil. It only takes once.

    btw. . . My new 4 cyl coupe just hit 3,000 miles today and the oil level is exactly where it was the day I brought it home. my fingers are crossed that she stays this way.
  • lb85lb85 Posts: 1
    We are curious to know if anyone who has had the XM problem has gotten it fixed? We just bought a 2009 Accord EX-L last month and are having the same problem with the XM. After a few turns of the select knob to change the station, the XM starts making a noise like the station is going in and out (stuttering) and then it goes silent. All the stations will still show the info, (Name/Title of Song) but nothing will play. The only fix is to turn the car off and then turn it back on.

    We have talked to the dealership about it and they say that they have never heard of the problem before.
  • My 08 EXL has 4000 miles on it. Oil level is 60%. Last week for a couple of days the TPMS signal was remaining 'on' while driving. I just had a look on the tyres by simply pressing with my fingers and I thought it was in good shape. After two days or so, the TPMS signal remain off while driving (as normally it does). Is this an indication that I have to check the tyre pressure? Or it just appeared due to some ignorable reasons. :confuse: Thank you for the help in advance.. :)
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Yes, try a tire gauge instead of your fingernail.

    When the weather starts to get colder, the tire pressure will be lower.

    Undoubtedly you are a little low on one, (but pump up all) of your tires.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    the XM starts making a noise like the station is going in and out (stuttering) and then it goes silent.

    I've had that happen a couple of times in my 06. I think the radio only fades in and out but doesn't go out completely. I just turn the radio off and then back on and it is fine. As I said, very rare.
  • I am so unhappy with my brakes!!! I have an 08 EX 4-banger with 20,600 ish miles. Some scraping noise started last week so I take it in to Pflueger Honda where they charged me $89 to change me oil and tell me that my rear pads are gone. I ask how much to replace the rear pads, the lady says $389. I tell her to not touch my car. I start checking on the net and can see that I am not the first unhappy customer. I showed the Service Manager a couple websites where people that have complained got their brakes fixed for like $145 and $100. He tells me the factory guy is coming tomorrow (that's today) and for me to call back and he will see if they can cover it. I call back all morning, no answer. I call back this afternoon, and I finally get him. He tells me that he did discuss with the factory guy and the answer is the horrible, "that's normal wear and tear". I called up Honda Windward and had a nice chat with a service guy there who told me he's been seeing the 08 accords coming in for brakes starting around 15K miles. If you don't use your brakes much, the rears will wear out first. If you are a heavy braker, the fronts will go first. I purchased for $80 a set of Honda pads and will attempt to change them myself.

    Other complaints- headrests are terrible. I have both of mine turned around which completely defeats their attempt to overengineer the things. AND, yes, the brakes have squeaked since week 2, but I got used to it.

    Other than that, it's a great machine.

    What we need to post is the email addresses for these factory people that decide when they will be responsible for their mistakes and when they won't. IMHO, disc brake pads should be engineered to last 36k miles. This 15k-20k miles is complete crap.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    $389 is highway robbery. The pads are less than $50, and they can change them in less than one hour easy. Changing the pads yourself is not difficult, but you have to know what you are doing. You will probably have to re-use the shims and know where to put the anti-squeal paste. If you are going to do any maintenance or repair work on your own car, I suggest investing in a good service manual.
  • I have a '98 and an '08 EXLV6. The '98 has about 75,000 miles on it and is still on the original pads. I will be greatly disappointed if my '08 gets only 20K and I agree that your dealer is a ripoff artist. Also, $89 for an oil change?? I just got my first at the local Honda dealer for $40 including filter and tire rotation (and I didn't even buy the car there).
  • My 08 V6EX had it's first rear brake job at 18K. Rotors warped and pads done. Many of those 18K were rural highway (non-traffic). First noticed heavy vibration when getting on brakes to exit freeway. From what I'm seeing everywhere, mine was not an isolated instance. My dealer replaced/repaired at no charge as I have other conditions with my car they are still unable to fix.

    Have you suffered from any highway vibration or stuttering when cruising at certain speeds? Curious to know as there is an entire thread regarding that.
  • I have a 08 LX I4 w/5 speed MT, 5,000 miles that has an intermittent problem of popping out of third gear when I let the clutch out. No problems downshifting. It usually does it before the transmission gets warmed up. Instead of the usual precise easy shift into third it feels rubbery or numb (sorry, don't know how else to describe it) followed by a lovely grinding gear sound as the shifter gets pushed back at my hand. It occurs sporadically without any warning. Has anyone else had this problem? I know the six speed tranny has had this issue. I will be contacting the dealer soon for a oil change appt. and will let them know. I'm sure it will shift just fine for them when they take it for a drive. Isn't that the way it usually works?
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