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Honda Accord (2008-2012) Maintenance and Repair



  • I am from UE Malta ,my 09 Accord is still new only 3 k but when i look trough web sites of new American Accords i saw even the look is different than of those built in Japan,although in the insight remains the same.My tyers are the Yokohama that came with ,they are smooth tyers and have a very good grip although I like the best Michelin because of soft compound and smoothy ride than hard compound tyers.The only objection i seen is that in my country some roads are bad and in these you can hear the impact noise of the suspension and the tyer. :) :)
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    I sure agree with you that Hondas can be noisy. We had two Odysseys that were really noisy, especially window/door seals. If you buy them new, and you have a good dealer, their mechanics will at least attempt to fix/reduce the noises.

    I believe what we're seeing is the Americanization of the Japanese car makers, meaning that Japanese cars that are made in America are more and more starting to resemble American cars when it comes to poor quality control and more importantly, excessive COST CUTTING. The problems we are seeing with our Hondas (by no means are these Honda-specific though) are primarily due to these two items. Unfortunate for us.

    Perhaps it's just the nature of the auto industry in today's economic environment, but I first noticed the decline in 1995, when I bought a new Toyota Tacoma pickup that was so bad Toyota finally took it back after two months and gave me a different vehicle instead. Looks like the days of thoroughly testing and improving vehicles before they hit the market are gone forever and the manufacturers now prefer to let the consumer do the testing (the Microsoft model). A good reason to not buy the first year's production of any new model.
  • berriberri Posts: 7,603
    Japanese cars used to be safer to buy the first year out because they had already been on the market in Japan. That isn't true anymore and there are specific US models. It seems to me lately that some of the Ford and GM cars are actually quieter, screwed together tighter and more comfortable than some Honda and Toyota. If they get their long term durability up to snuff they may become serious challegers in a few years. Competition is good for the buyer.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    Today I had the chance to hit the freeway to see if my application of Dynamat under the rear seat and in the trunk had any effect in reducing the road noise.

    Good news!! Yes, the road noise WAS reduced a bit, but I may order some additional Dynamat (I ran out) and proceed to finish the trunk and maybe do under the carpets too.
  • dpmeersmandpmeersman Posts: 275
    Had my 08 EX-L V6 serviced yesterday @ 29,400 miles. Got a call @ work about an hour after dropping it off and to no ones surprise I was told I needed the rear brakes done, rotors and all. Quotes $418.00 for rear brakes to which I replied that all my previous american cars could have had all 4 corners done @ close to that cost, and around 30,000 miles later. They finally acknowledged that the rear brakes have been somewhat of an issue and we settled on splitting the cost.

    My transportation to pick up my car after work was a Buick Lacrosse 2010 AWD with pretty much all the bells and whistles @ an out the door cost of close to $40,000. I drove the 10 miles or so to the dealership and was left with mixed impressions. Acceleration was acceptable at best. While the car seems even bigger from the outside then the Accord, it seemed a tighter fit inside. Not compact car tight but not as roomy as the Accord. Seats seemed a tad more comfortable but visibility fore and aft were much worse then the Accord. For a GM product the ride seemed tight and well controlled with none of that boaty-floating over the road sense I've always felt from their vehicles. Steering was better weighted then most of the overly assisted feeling I remember from most GM vehicles. Bottom line, @ near $13,000 more then I paid for my Accord I felt most of that money went to all the electronic gadgetry and the vehicle dynamics while a big improvement over former GM vehicles still fell somewhat short of the Accord.

    All serviced up and ready to hit the road in week for a 10 day 3,000 mile+ plus trip. We'll see what my impressions of the Accord will be after living in her and thrashing her up and down the east coast.

    Happy motoring to all!
  • Hello Roger,

    I now have 43,000 on my 08 accord V6 and the oil consumption has increased to 2-Qt's every 4000 miles. Honda America continues to state that this is normal for my vehicle. I have a case with BBB and im hopping they can help resolve the situation. Where are you at with your 08?

    Any input would be much appreciated.thanks

  • rbbrickrbbrick Posts: 37
    Hey Steve,
    I have 54K on my 08 Accord Coupe V6 AT, with my new short block and heads at 24k I am going 4500miles using less than 1/2 qt. I drive spirited and cruise at 78mph for my daily run to San Jose. The first 10K miles on the new short block I was using about 1 qt at 3500miles than decreased to current over time. I also switched to Mobil 1 5-20w at about 15K miles as well.
    Honda will not help you until you get to 1qt per 1000 miles. I noticed that my prior oil consumption went up as the oil aged and I drove it hard by keepin it in 3 and 5000 rpm for 5 miles. If you try that and see what it does on your dip stick. You should see movement on the dip stick after doing that a few times. Wipe out your exhaust ports before and after you should see black oil residue. I checked my oil everyday during the time I had issues which helped me reach the conclusion. Honda did for sure have some of these engines go out of factory missing one oil ring on one cylinder but will not admit it. Honda dealer can scope into the cylinders and see what is going on in my case they saw scoring and a oil fouled head on that hole.
    Keep at them or go to a new dealer
  • Thanks Roger.

    Do you know where I can obtain a copy of this Honda internal service bulletin that states- 1qt. per 1000 miles is acceptable?
  • itsmaheshpitsmaheshp Posts: 11
    edited March 2010
    I am having 2009 Accord EXL 4cyl Sedan and having the same problem. I have taken to Woodbridge, Virginia Honda Dealer and they checked it and said that the wheel rim has bends. I am really surprised that he said that I need to change all four rims for $2000. Since this is with the wheel rims, he told he cannot do the Road Force check. I am now 32K miles on it. Now I am having doubts on Honda quality.

    Any solutions ?
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76
    It is surprising that all 4 of your wheels are bent - did you hit something really hard?

    There are places that can repair your wheels, or you can go aftermarket for cheaper.

  • ming2ming2 Posts: 17
    I just took my Accord EX-L V6 Coupe in for the B12 Maintenance work to the dealer. The car has 28,000 miles on it. I was told the front brakes had 75% life left on them but that the rear brakes had only 10% life left on them. I questioned that it was hard to believe that a car with only 28,000 on it had used up 90% of the rear brakes and told them that I was going to wait on this. I would like to hear anybody elses thoughts or experiences with this. I will take it for another opion.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Since the inception of EBD (electronic brakeforce distribution) many cars (not just Honda Accords) have been wearing the rear brakes quickly. EBD sends more braking force to the rear, to prevent nose-dive and increase stability when braking. My 03 Accord's rear brakes did wear out before the front pads did (47k rear vs. 60k front). Seems like the larger/heavier 8th generation is making the situation worse. I think if you complain about it ;) , they will give you a break on the price. Many have had the job done free of charge (if under 20k miles I think). There are revised pads for the 8th gen Accord, so make sure you get the new (improved?) pads, when you have it done. Good luck
  • pgm17pgm17 Posts: 51
    Seems Honda is settling rather than recall or other measures.

    Quick recap:
    "Here’s what is proposed:

    • Owners who had the pads replaced and rotors resurfaced before approval of the settlement would be reimbursed for one half of the cost, or a maximum of $125, “whichever is less.” That would be for repairs in which the original worn pads were replaced with pads of the same type. Owners can file claims for multiple repairs, and the work does not need to have been done at a Honda dealership.

    Owners who complained on the N.H.T.S.A. Web site typically said they paid from $100 to $300 for the repair, which sometimes included the brake rotors being smoothed out.

    • Owners will also be given a one-time payment of up to $150 to have the new, redesigned brake pads installed.

    Mr. Gibbs said the $150 should pay for most repairs, but some consumers might have to pay an extra $10 or $20. He said that seemed like the best deal possible because there would be no guarantee that consumers would get more after a trial."

    Full article: brakes/

    My 09 just hit 13k and still ok on the rear brakes...">link title
  • ming2ming2 Posts: 17
    Thank you so much pqm17 for your response. This gets me so mad to think that at the exact time that this article came out this morning I'm having the service manager telling me that I need the rear brakes never telling me about the problems that their having because of the quality of the brakes and when I was questioning him about them he made me feel like the dummy.
  • ming2ming2 Posts: 17
    So what do I do now just go back and have the brakes done and foot the whole bill or see if the dealer is doing anything about this? What gets me mad is that I wasn't told by the service manager about the common problem all he wanted to do was sell the brake job.
  • pgm17pgm17 Posts: 51
    just my opinion, but if they treated you like that I wouldn't go back. maybe another dealer or shop? it seems as long as you keep records of what was done you can seek reimbursement later.
  • pgm17pgm17 Posts: 51
    Does anyone change their own oil on the L4 engine? I'm a little concerned with the amount of oil needed to bring it back to the full mark on the dipstick. The manual indicates oil change capacity with a filter change is 4.4 qts, mine needed the full 5 qts to bring it back to the full level. The manual also says full crankcase capacity is 5.6 qts. Maybe it depends on how much you let it drain?
  • I have a 2008 2.4 (L4). When I've changed the oil, I let it drain for a good while. I found that 4.5 quarts filled mine back up to the full mark on the dipstick.
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 823
    The 5.6 qt crankcase capacity but only 4.4 qts when doing an oil change is the same with my 04 I4. I'm not sure why the difference, but I would assume there is areas where oil is trapped and cannot return to the oil pan. Do you drain oil while on jack stands? The extra tilt may help more oil to drain. Just be sure to check the oil level once the car is level again.

  • pennyk88pennyk88 Posts: 2

    I have a 2007 Accord, 5 sp, 20k miles and I just had to have the rear brakes replaced. I did not even realize that they were failing until this past Saturday morning when they started making a crunching noise that got progressively worse and ear-splittng. With little to no braking power, I never would have made it to the dealer which was about 10 miles away so I brought it to VIP which was a mile away and they told me the brakes were shot. They asked if I drove around with my parking brake on--which I do not. I have a friend who is a mechanic and he said that it is very unusual for rear brakes to go so quickly-especially on a standard. He suggested that I take it to the dealer and demand reimbursement for the repairs.
    Take your chances with the dealer-demand repair under warranty. Worst they can say is no. Good luck
  • Not sure on the 2007 Accords... but my 2008 Accord EX V6 the rear brakes had to replaced at only 18k miles. But there was a TSB on the 08, so this covered 100% under the warranty. They have a new revised or improved rear brake pad.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    I have a 2007 Accord, 5 sp, 20k miles

    I have an 06 Accord with a manual transmission (basically the same as the 07) and I have almost 80k on the original brakes. Either our driving habits are very different or there was a problem with your car.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    edited April 2010
    I have an 05 Accord with manual tranny. Mine has 95000 miles and the front brakes are still good. When you are talking about an '08 Accord, they are a different animal. This is the reason I will not be buying the new generation Accord. His experience fits with everyone else who have blogged about the '08 forward. I do not understand the '07 because that is our generation Accord. I replaced my back brakes at 80,000 miles. Something is wrong with the brakes wearing out that soon on the '07.
  • pennyk88pennyk88 Posts: 2
    I called the dealer and he said that 'they see this all the time, very common' which rubbed me the wrong way. The mechanic that fixed it asked if I drove around w/my emergency brake on...which I don't. They suggested that the cable got hung up and never completely released, thus the premature wear.
    I like Hondas because of their reliability and low maintenance costs-have been driving them since 1990..well, up until now that is.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    well, up until now that is.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. If they fix it, you'll be fine. Things like this can happen to even the best cars. I think the 06-07 Accords are pretty decent.

    I'm curious if you ever had them measure the brake pads during routine maintenance. They might have been able to solve the problem before the warranty ran out.
  • Having had an '08 EX V6 Accord then dumping it, I wouldn't buy that generation again either. If you do, only buy the 4cyl. Yes, everycar has it's issues, but I don't expect these from a Honda.

    1. VCM issues V6 (no fix, dealer admits it's a problem) reason I dumped car at 20k miles. Read about that in VCM section..

    2.Rear brakes only lasting 15k to 20k miles ( TSB on this) Dealer will replace for free under warranty with the new improved rear brake pad.

    3. Key fobs, known issue where they have intermittent operation, (TSB on this, dealer will replace free under warranty)
  • pgm17pgm17 Posts: 51
    Out of curiosity what did you dump it for?
  • "Out of curiosity what did you dump it for?"

    Infiniti EX35 all wheel drive, got a great deal with VPP pricing and rebates.
  • pastatiepastatie Posts: 26
    Having read all the posts on the rear brakes I am pretty much up to date. I have some questions ( I wish Honda would answer) but others might have some insight.
    1. Why no distinction on the Accord models--no badging for the LX Ex etc. Are we all to be alike?
    2. Look closely at your front rotors--Honda spent the money to paint black the area on the rotor closest to the center---now look at your rear rotors. Were they trying to save money on the rear rotors? Looks like crap behind those nice aluminum wheels when you clean them. Front looks a lot better. Why the difference?
    3. Who told Honda to put 225/50/17 aspect tires on the EX models? Has anybody else noticed the rougher ride? Maybe 2010 models will go to 225/30 tires. 60 seemed fine on my 2004 Accord but this 2009 might be my last as the ride is not what I expected. Feels like I have a sport suspension.
    4. I purchased an aftermarket grille guard to protect the air conditioner condenser from road debris for my 2004. Well the 2009 has the same grille you could throw a golf ball through and I can't find a reasonably priced grill guard on Ebay---chicken wire is out of the question. Couldn't Honda make the openings slightly smaller??
    5. I have the EX automatic 4 cylinder which has more horsepower than my 73 Corvette. At night with the air conditioning on why am I able to feel the compressor kicking in and see the lights dimming slightly?
    I have owned 76 Civic CVCCs, 1981, 1984, 1991, 2004 and now a 2009 Accord and frankly this car is not what I was used to. Just thought I would throw some things out there for discussion. Thanks.
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