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Honda Accord (2008-2012) Maintenance and Repair



  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    My '05 Accord does the same thing. The seat belt turns around, after use, and causes a rattle.
  • hondalovahondalova Posts: 189
    I have a brand new Accord V-6 EX-L Coupe (6 spd., no navi). Occasionally, I get a "springy" noise from the rear of the car. I suspect it had something to do with the cable release for the rear seat but have not been able to pin it down. I intend to have the dealer address it at the 1st oil change. Anyone else had this, know of any TSB that addresses it, or have any other ideas about what it might be?

    I like my car a lot - but I miss my 2004 EX-L Coupe. It got better mileage (old car averaged 27 mpg, new car is averaging 24 on same commute) and Honda has "cheaped out" on a couple of things in the new car (solid rear seat instead of split rear seat, no door sill plastic covers, only 1/2 the front storage binnacle has a door to cover what's inside, etc.). In fairness, they did also add a few things (one-touch up/down on both windows and sunroof, voice-activated bluetooth, & fog-lamps). Perhaps the most annoying thing is that the inside of the sunglass case only has rubber on the bottom and not on the rear vertical flange (unlike the same set-up in my wife's '07 Odyssey) and so my glasses rattle whenever they're placed inside, rendering it largely useless to me. I plan to glue a piece inside one of these days.

    Guess ya' never appreciate what ya' had 'til ya' ain't got it no more. ;-)

  • picswimpicswim Posts: 2
    Just got back from a B1 service @ 45k miles. Shop (not a dealer) recommended transmission and power steering flush. They also recommended a fuel injection servicing. I passed on all of them but wanted to get thoughts on how often these and other fluids should be serviced.

    The shop also really pushed the air filter change. I'm following Honda's recommendation on this and I don't drive in dusty environments.
  • cdamechcdamech Posts: 31
    My wife has the same 2010 Honda Accord with the Rattling noise ... Tried everything and still cannot stop it... Let us know what the dealer finds.
  • Ther are pros and cons to having the flushes.. They may be pushing them becuase they have equipment to pay for... If you were to get the flushes ask if these are BG flushes.. I never ever had a power steering flush . I have had a brake fluid flush and an engine flush and tranny... Problem are the seals.. They my leak afterwards.. To me this company is the standard in the areas you are inquiring about and I would call a local shop that does these BG flushes and discuss with them what they think.,-Are-They-W- orth-It?&id=300855

    Have a prosperous day.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I have had the transmission and power steering flush at a comprable mileage. The transmission flush is a must, as far as I am concerned. When they recommend any other flushes, ask to see the fluid. The service supervisor showed me my power steering fluid and it had lost its red coloring. I changed it. Apparently, Honda dealers recommend this fuel injection servicing. I always pass on that. I don't think you can go wrong with fluid changes; they are the life of the car.
  • fnc119fnc119 Posts: 12
    edited June 2011
    After 22,500 of mostly highway miles my 2010 Accord EX I had to replace the rear brakes. I asked the service rep how the front brakes were and he said they were almost new. I asked him how that could be, back brakes shot, front brakes new and told him it didn't pass the smell test. He said the dealership would call Honda and check. The next day he told me Honda was not backing my assertion and that I had to pay for it. I called Honda and after an argument and a week's delay with three different settlement offers Honda sent me a check for the full cost of brakes. A month later my son in law's 2010 EX-L V6 had the same issue at 26,000 miles and the dealer worked out a $25 replacement cost with Honda. My family has five Hondas and an Accura and this run around is causing us to rethink our loyalty.
  • kendall8kendall8 Posts: 28
    My 2010 Accord 4cly LX, has 25k miles. I drive 100 miles per day (round trip) When I got oil change (local shop) Said rear breaks are bad. Called Honda of America. They said take it to Honda Dealer. (south Shore Honda on LI NY) They gave me the run around, saying rear breaks last only 25k. LIE, LIE. They wanted $225, for new ones. I said what about the recall/ and class action law suite, They said do you want it or not. After you get it, call honda. No thanks, Left with out new breaks. Why pay 225, than not know, if get compensation. Called honda of America, they said they will get back to me. IS this a HONDA, or a FORD. What poor dealer service. I have had 4 Hondas. This will be my last. PS My wife;s lease is up, in 2 weeks. Was going to buy a Honda. NO THANKS..
  • isles1isles1 Posts: 116
    A strongly worded letter faxed to Honda Customer Service did the trick for me a few months back (refer to my prior posts on this topic in this thread). I was able to recoup from Honda my out-of-pocket costs for pads and brake repair inside of a month. By the amount of people showing up on this Forum, I'd expect a Class Action Suit that includes all 2010 Accords in the near future.

    I am having my next oil change done at the Dealer just so they can do their free inspection thing so the wear on the new rear pads after about 5K miles can be properly documented. We'll see if using ceramic aftermarket pads cures the problem or not.
  • I will never set foot in a Honda service dept ever...rotors bad at 7500 , then at 15.. said I needed rear brakes and blame the rotor problems and brakes on me. Charged me 700 dollars to turn the rotors.. I almost fainted. I f Only I had a flamethrower... Unlike most who had their brakes changed By honda with the same lousy pads, wtc, I took my care to a local shop and changed every brake related part in my car , even the calipers.with non OEM parts.. Honda can kiss my [non-permissible content removed] and now When My wife takes the car at least I know she will be safe with new rotors, pads and calipers.. ell worth the 700 additional dollars.
  • isles1isles1 Posts: 116
    I should have clarified that I did not let Honda do the work. I purchased the pads myself and had my prefered repair shop turn the rotors and install the new pads...labor was about $140 and about $20 for the pads after rebate. The Honda offer was about $20 less than the invoices I submitted, but covered my actual out of pocket costs (after rebate) so I did not make an issue about it.

    And I generally expect one set of front and rear pads during a 3-year lease term, so there is also normal wear and tear to consider. No sense in getting gready.
  • kendall8kendall8 Posts: 28
    I have the same problem 2010 accord 25k miles(highway) South Shore Honda (LI NY) saying talk to Honda America. American Honda, giving me the run around. How do I make them do what is right?
  • isles1isles1 Posts: 116
    See my post from earlier today. Contact information, including fax #, is on Honda America website. Referring the the Class Action Lawsuit for 08 and 09 models, and the numerous complaints found on the Internet about 2010 models should help.
  • mcar10mcar10 Posts: 2
    Ok, looks that more and more of the 2010 owners are coming out, so the PROBLEM IS WIDESPREAD AND THEY DID NOT DO NOTHING to remediate a known issue.

    I really hope that SOON a Class Action lawsuit will be in place even for ALL 2010 owners...
  • chebuckchebuck Posts: 3
    I have an 09 Accord Coupe V6 and have experienced oil consumption of about 1 qt every 6,000 miles. I now have 25,000 mi and oild consumption continues. Under dealer test presently. I am very disappointed with oil consumption. I have owned numerous Honda's, both 4-cyl and 6-cyl and never encountered this problem previously. I am suspicious that consumption is related to the VCM or valve seals. I have been using 5W-20 synthetic oil with no change in consumption.
  • 2hondaguy2hondaguy Posts: 14
    For waht it's worth i have 46,000 miles on my 08 exv6. I do change oil at 3,000 mile intervals with no oil consumption between changes. I use recomended weight. My previous Hondas have never used oil. Make sure to not give up on your issue with the dealer. Also, no real problems with the car whatsoever and on my original tires and brakes. Was one of the first coupes off the line.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,613
    one quart every 6,000 miles you say? There's nothing wrong with that. That's quite normal. I wouldn't even worry about it.

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  • rkirchoffrkirchoff Posts: 65
    oil changes every 3000 miles? lol your honda has a maintenance minder built within the system and it will tell you when you need to change your oil. changing the oil every 3000 miles is a waste of oil and assuming you have it changed at the honda dealership, all you're doing is putting money in their pocket. according to the honda factory reps, you ought to pay attention to the car's maintenance minder and only change the oil when it says it needs to be changed. i use honda filters and honda oil and go approximately 8500-10,000 miles per oil change and never has my car ever used any amount of oil even when i have driven in extreme heat and bitter cold and cruised at speeds of 80mph for several hours. i have an 08 accord ex-L v6 with 79,000 miles and my dealership reminds me to pay attention to the maintenance minder on my honda. they have also told me they will not change my oil unless my car's minder says it has 20% of life or less. this is my 2nd accord ex-l v6 and i had 85000 miles on my 04 and it never used any oil between changes and it too went 8500-10,000 miles between oil changes per its maintenance minder.
  • 2hondaguy2hondaguy Posts: 14
    edited October 2007
    Thats just fine sir. What you do is your business. What i do is mine.
  • chebuckchebuck Posts: 3
    One quart every 6,000 mi may seem OK to you, but this is not normal for a brand new Honda engine. I suppose Honda will be more than willing to change my catalytic converter when it fails prematurely due to the extra hydrocarbons passing through the engine. I think not!
  • gee, my maintenance reminder crapped out on me 4 times.. Oh well.. And If I listened to the Honda Factory reps (which I didnt) they told me I dont drive my car correctly for my brakes and front rotors to go at 7500 miles... WOW , for 40 years I have driven my cars wrong... I change my oil every 3,001 miles.. wouldnt want to upset you.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,613
    edited July 2011
    I just wanted you not to worry. It is normal and it doesn't effect emissions or your catalytic. Trust me on this.

    NOW...if over time the consumption would get lower and lower at each oil change, THEN I'd be on the same page with you. But if it is a constant 1 quart per 6000 miles, then I'm with Honda on this one---it is perfectly normal. I have rebuilt many engines for many years, and this is the case.

    In fact, it's probably *good* for the engine to throw a few drops of oil every day into the upper combustion area.

    You would be *shocked* to learn Honda's official policy on how much consumption is "normal". It's well below 6,000 miles per quart.

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  • npolitenpolite Posts: 33
    Has anyone seen the brake pad issue on the 11? I don't mind changing them myself but hate to do it frequently. My sister had a awful time with her 08 before she traded it in 09. Her rear pads went out at every 15k. Now mom is up for a new car and why she wants an Accord I have no idea. I may have her wait another year before buying the full model change.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I don't care what your maintenance minder tells you. That is too many miles between changes. It may not show up in the first 100,000 miles, but it will show up in the 2nd 100,000 miles. I change mine every 5,000. Oil changes are not expensive and it is the life of an engine.
  • dont get me started... I was told I didnt know how to drive by the service manager because my brakes and rotors were going at 7,500 miles... I took my car to my local garage and told him to rip out everything connected with the brake system , even calipers.... 1,000 dollars later I must have learned how to drive the car... Now I feel totally fine when my wife and son take the car... I am not going to wait for some recall.. I would suggest you dont either and dont go to the dealer nor by OEM. You dont want the brakes going on you when you drive down a hill. good luck
  • rawhide4rawhide4 Posts: 1
    Handbook defines procedure for measurement of transmission level. Car on the level: warm engine with fan running: switch off engine and measure level with dipstick between 60 seconds and 90 seconds after switching off the engine.

    I find that the level on the hatched side of the dipstick is at the bottom of the hatching and a bit higher on the back side of the dip stick. This seems low to me since I am assuming that the level should be within the range of the hatching. I made the measurements very carefully, making sure the dip stick was clean and that the measurement was taken within the 30 second time range allowed.

    Yet Dealer claims that measurement is exactly where it should be.

    Would appreciate some expert comment on whether I should add some transmission fluid.
  • 2hondaguy2hondaguy Posts: 14
    edited July 2011
    I'm i wrong, but it seems that most of these problems are with the four cylinder models? My 99 was a v6 and i didn't have problems. My 08 is a v6 coupe and i have had no problems with brake wear. I was a member of the class action lawsuit but as i said i had no problems.

    The mechanic i use when i need brakes is very honest. Most people who own Hondas know about him. Adout 90% of his work is on Hondas.

    When he looked at mine he said that there was a modification of some sort that he installs. It's just not a straight replacement. It's suppost to keep the pads away from the rotors better. That's about all i know. I cant believe that Honda continues to have brake issues. It's been an ongoing problem for years. I have been lucky. Maybe because my last two Hondas have been v6's having different pads/rotors/calibers??? I don't know.

    Also, a mechanic is just that. Being human beings they are not always right. I had a Honda dealership tell me one time i had a bad instrument cluster when it was actually a bad alternator on my 99 Honda.
  • rkirchoffrkirchoff Posts: 65
    According to Honda's factory reps, the maintenance minder is correct and it will tell you the correct time to change your oil. I was a bit skeptical about it too and was worried the honda oil filters would collapse after more than 4500 miles. I then took an old fram filter that had been used for 5000 miles and my used honda oil filter that had 9500 miles on it and cut them apart. I wanted to see the contents. I was shocked to see that the fram filter was coming apart drastically whereas the honda filter still held together and showed no signs of deterioration. That alone helped me decide to pay attention to the maintenance minder.

    I must point out that I trade cars every 3-4 years or whenever my car's mileage reaches 85000 miles. And yes, I purchase a new car and it has less than 5 miles on it.

    In this day of oil problems, I am concerned with too many people letting the dealerships con their customers into believing the maintenance minder doesn't work. I've been told by some dealerships that my warranty would void itself if I didn't change the oil every 3000 miles. That is bs too. All you're doing by changing your oil every 3000 miles is helping the dealerships and oil change businesses stay in business.
  • icyou812icyou812 Posts: 77
    I have seen many debates on forums pertaining to how many miles to put on an oil change. It would be interesting if you would be willing to spend a little bit of money and have the oil sent to a lab for testing after 9,500 miles. Just Google "engine oil analysis". I think it costs about $25 and they can tell you the condition of the oil and the wear on your engine (if any). Depending on the results, they would either confirm or dispel that the maintenance minder is correct. Personally, I run Mobil 1 5-20 synthetic 5K miles or 6 months in my 08 2.4. It's what I'm comfortable with. I don't plan on trading my car as often as you do so it seems like cheap insurance to keep the oil as fresh as possible. Years back my father ran his little 88 Dodge Ram50 15-20K on AMSoil with a new filter every 5k and that thing ran forever, even after he sold it. It had to have at least 200k on it, very unusual for one of those 2.6's. :surprise: I'm not that brave though....
  • icyou812icyou812 Posts: 77
    I personally never had oil analysis done because I don't put that many miles on. For the first 30K I did use conventional oil changed at every 3K w/Honda filter. Now using WIX filters with the Mobil1. People that are in to AMSoil and other extended mileage oils tend to do analysis to find out just how long they can go. If anyone is interested in more info about oil and other lubricants then check out They have forums and a bunch more to read up on. (I am not affiliated with them nor even a forum member)
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