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Buick Century Electrical/Lights



  • yvesmyvesm Posts: 2
    Check the 15 Amp fuse labelled "INADV POWER BUS" (location E 7-8 on my fuse block). It blew in my 2002 Buick Century and I had no power windows, no courtesy lights and no radio. It looks like it happened a few times because I found a few blown 15 Amp fuses in the spares in the foam on the cover to the fuse box on the passenger side of the dash board and a blown 25 Amp fuse in the INADV POWER BUS slot. There is obviously a transient overload condition somewhere and whoever put the bigger fuse in (dealer shop?) probably hoped that would solve the problem.
  • whaywardj said:
    Recently had a mechanic replace the starter on my 1995 Buick Century (6-cyl). As I drove the car back home, I noticed the ABS light was on. Further investigation revealed that -- although I had turn-signals, the radio worked, and fuses I could examine in the glove box fuse panel were good -- I had no headlights, no brake lights, no interior lights, no courtesy lights, the power locks didn't work, and the radio reset everytime I turned-off the ignition. (Didn't check cruise control or hazard lights.) Is there a connection? I think there are four fusible links in wires going to the starter motor. Could one or more of these have been damaged during starter replacement and cause all this? Or (I hate to think it!) could the car's computer have been rigged during diagnostics to cause it?
  • I have a 1996 Buick Century, The car alarm dome light and the radio light stay on, even if the radio is not turned on to play, which if I do not go out and start the car everyday, the battery runs totally dead in less the 24 hours. I am a single mom with Stage 4 breast cancer, is there some way to disconnect all this to save money, and my road side assistance is starting to charge me to come jump start my car $20 now because it is the same issue. I don't have much money OR the energy here to deal with all this. But I DO Need my car to run and work properly, ALL Help is needed. Thanks.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    edited January 2016
    Not much you can do at home except disconnect the battery every time you park. This condition is called a "parasitic drain" and has to be diagnosed by a technician or perhaps a knowledgeable neighbor who has a volt/ohm meter and a little patience. It's possible there is a short somewhere or some module that is not shutting down as it should. A proper scan tool might also indicate something.

    There are numerous tutorials on the internet (such as on YouTube) on how to diagnosis a parasitic drain.

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  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 4,294
    @staycharged16 Do you have your owners manual? There is a 20 amp fuse in the fuse block that is in the left hand side of the glove box that is labeled CTSY which stands for "Courtesy". It controls power for the dome lamps and the radio keep alive memory. Your owners manual will show you the exact location of that fuse. If you pull it, that should turn the dome lamps off for when you are not in the car and that way you might not have to go through the trouble of disconnecting the battery. There is no way to know if the only drain on the car is the dome lamp circuit without testing.

    By chance do you live in the northeast US?
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