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Any CX-7 Owner Wish They Had Purchased The CX-9?

gordongordogordongordo Member Posts: 28
edited April 2014 in Mazda
I've reading these forum discussions about both the CX-7 and CX-9, and I'm still undecided about the relative merits . . . leaving aside the lower price of the CX-7 (most likely the FWD Touring for both). The larger size of the CX-9, I add, isn't a plus per se: the 3rd row of seats would remain flat down if I purchased it. What does interest me is 1) the handling performance of both models, 2) the noise factor (road and engine), 3) overall comfort for the driver and, say, three or four passengers, 4) fuel cost (considering that the CX-7, 2008, still recommends premium fuel, 5) safety, and 6)visibility issues.

I stress the latter, 6th, concern because I drive right now a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (2005): and visibility through the ends of the windshield is awful. To the far right, I have to bend my head both backward and around the post, and then forward and under the center rearview view to see approaching cars from that direction. From the left, you have to bend your head forward and then backward around that support post to see if there are pedestrians in the crossing walk if you're making a left turn. (I'm 6 foot, one inch, and my wife, 5 foot, six inches, has similar problems).

If any of you have tested both vehicles --- the CX7 and CX9 --- I'd especially appreciate your advice. (I suppose, to get a rounded set of replies, I should post these queries in the CX-7 forum too, mainly to see if anyone has regrets not to have purchased the CX-9 itself.)

Finally, have there been any improvements --- reliability, handling etc --- between the 2007 and 2008 CX models?

Thank you, very informative discussions.


PS: I should add that I'm in no great hurry to buy. My 2005 Grand Cherokee, fully paid for, still has four months to go under the original warranty, at which point --- or perhaps slightly before --- I'll start my efforts to sell it.

Oh, I should add that I don't drive that much: the 2005 Laredo, not quite 3 years old, has about 15,000 miles on it.


  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    Gordon, you said you're in no hurry, so recommend you simply create a checklist of the criteria you're interested in, thoroughly do your research, and conduct some test drives.

    BTW, since you don't drive so much, consider leasing.

  • gordongordogordongordo Member Posts: 28
    Thanks for the quick reply, Vince. What I'm really after here, though, is to get the impressions of CX-7 owners to see if, after driving for a while, they regret not getting the CX-9. I personally lean toward the CX-7, but it's had some obvious problems (transmission etc), and apparently there are some problems with the CX-9. Unfortunately, there isn't any clear evidence that the 2008 models of both Mazda types have dealt successfully with these problems.

    -- Michael
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    Guess you haven't made up your mind, eh? Those problems to which you refer, should have been fixed in the 08s, but only time will tell.

    At the risk of getting boo'd by my fellow Mazda aficionado's, why not consider the upcoming Infiniti EX35? Not even on the market, yet, but early indications it's going to be a hit and it's price set-point is anticipated somewhere between the CX-7 W/Tech and the CX-9. If I hadn't recently invested over 2 grand in new tires/rims, I'd seriously consider that Infiniti - it's that nice.

  • fonefixerfonefixer Member Posts: 247
    I have put on about 20,000 miles on an AWD CX-7 GT in the last year and have been fairly happy with the driving experience.Never test drove the Cx-9,so obviously can't comment on the drive. Only one real service event in the past year, after the intial gas cap exchange (caused the check engine light to glow) the pan gasket(caused a small oil leak) was replaced under warranty. Also, a recall notice was just recently received about replacing some items related to emission control.

    Handling, braking, cornering and acceleration are all good to excellent. Minimal turbo lag in regular driving. Of course gas mileage could always be better... receiving about 18~19 mpg urban and 22~24 mpg rural. Considering this is a 4,000 lb all wheel drive performance vehicle, it would seem the mileage is about average for this class.

    Thinking about visibility, after the initial driving adjustment, even considering the shaply raked windshield, visibility all around has been good. Drove 600 miles with a 6 ft 2 in. rear passenger/luggage and visibility was still good. Some have complained about the low seat in back, but the Mazda engineers had to design this to give ample head room back there. Actual leg room in the back seat isn't what I would characterize as being "roomy", but more along the lines of being "adequate." The Cx-9, being about a foot longer, is much more generous in these areas.
  • gordongordogordongordo Member Posts: 28
    Fonefixer and Vbuilt: I thank you both very much for your informative replies to my queries. I will look into the new Infiniti you mention, and I especially appreciate Fonefixer's comments about visibility and overall reliability of his CX-7.

    I should add that the only other SUV I'm seriously considering --- after looking at the new 2008 Highlander --- is the Buick Enclave. Buick has an enviable reputation for dependability (reliability): J.D. Powers ranks it in a tie with Lexus for overall dependability among various auto-makes. By contrast, it notes that Mazda's dependability rating has been descending rapidly, and that makes me so hesitant about either the CX-7 or -9, despite my favorable impression of how they look and seem to handle.

    Click here for Powers' latest overall dependability ratings:

    For Powers' summary article, click here:

  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    Yeah, I've seen those reports about Mazda reliability...makes you wonder what's going on. From my experience, having owned my CX-7 for over a year now, 33K miles, I haven't had any reliability problems. My CX-7 is a beautiful machine and it runs flawlessly. I've had the CEL issues, which I attribute to 1st year production problems and flawed design, but Mazda quickly came out with improved parts which solved those issues. If JD Powers and Consumer Reports respondents cite those CEL instances as dependability and reliability issues, then I can't agree, at this point. I consider something unreliable if it requires constant attention and fails repeatedly. A singular occurrence doesn't indicate reliability problem. If you look at CR for the CX-7, they clearly state that dependability ratings aren't available for 1st year vehicles. Only time will tell. Let's wait 2 - 3 years from now and see how history records user satisfaction.

    Michael, as for your own situation, all I can say, is go with your gut, your instincts. As Obi Wan is fond of saying, "Let the Force be With you" ;)

  • gordongordogordongordo Member Posts: 28
    Again, Vince: I thank you kindly for your information-laden reply. And yes, in the end, I need to make a choice that will always involve some gut-level gambling.

    -- Michael
  • mazdacx7mazdacx7 Member Posts: 7
    I have no regrets.about my CX-7 couldn´t be more happier...
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