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Honda Accord VCM



  • Nor have we had any squeaks, rattles, or groans.

    Yesterday, we were driving in an extremely heavy rain on the interstate. I noticed the stability control LED suddenly lit like a fireworks show. I immediately slowed since I suspected we had begun a slight hydoplane. I never could even feel it in the steering or throttle but I'm sure it had started (we saw many cars that had slid off the roadway.) This is our first car with SC and it is a life save. Our insurance company doesn't give much discount though. Seems like they should. Maybe people don't slow down when they see it lite up. They don't know how to use antilock brakes so no discount there either.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    We only had squeaks & rattles on our 2007 Element, after only about 6 months. I really did NOT like that car, although my wife loved it, and was PO'ed at me when I got rid of it.

    That Element was simply a poor choice for older folks, I think. Super noisy on the highway, really poor gas mileage, and the AWD system (same as the Crosstour, BTW) only cut in after you started slipping BIG time. I hope they have done some "Fine Tuning" on the AWD in the Crosstour.
  • We have a Pilot which we like. Seems just fine. Pretty good fuel mileage too with lots of room.
  • I just traded in my 2008 V-6 Accord for a 2010 Honda EX-L with almost all the bells and whistles of the '08. Rather than be miserable I decided to do what many of you non-enthusiasts suggested--I got rid of it.

    On the way to the dealership to pick up my new Accord a couple of nights ago I was reminded of how much I Ioved the 6-cyl engine when I had to make a power move to get on the interstate at rush hour. Man, it's nice to push the accelerator and get instant response. About 2 miles up the road I was stuck in bumper-to-bumper 65-mph traffic and on a slight upgrade when the hunting for the right cylinder combination began. Then I was reminded of why I was making this drastic move.

    It should work out though. I've got 190 horses on this model and that's adequate, if not exhilarating. I expect to get beter mileage and when it's time to move on to another car I'll have something of higher value to sell or trade. For all you folks that don't noticeVCM, or if you do, don't care...I salute you. And for all of you guys (like me) who can't leave a scab alone and are constantly picking at it--do something. But don't abandon Honda, they'll get it right eventually. There are other good Honda's without VCM. ;)
  • I am sorry you had such a bad time of it with your 08. Not sure why some v6s have the vcm problem. Ours doesn't. So, there is at least one good Honda with vcm. Anyway, it's a shame your dealer wouldn't/couldn't fix it for you. The big 4 is a nice engine/car though. I'm sure you will enjoy it now that the "hunting" will be missing. I am not sure I would have been so forgiving of Honda though.
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53

    How did your arbitration go. I just leased a 2010 Coupe V6 automatic and HATE the way it drives on the highway and when the ECO light is on. I am in the process of drafting a certified letter and sending it to Honda management and my dealer.

    Thank you
  • I had an '08 Civic Si with 5,600 miles on it that was already leaking fluid from the differential and the seats were already looking horribly worn. It also rattled to no end. So, stupidly I decided that it must be because I had a cheap Honda and bought an '09 Accord Coupe EX-L V6 5AT. That car only lasted 3,600 miles in my garage. First of all, the VCM is the most annoying techno garbage that I've ever heard of on a car. There is no way that people can not notice this junk. It would lunge back and forth in and out of ECO mode all the way down the highway to my home. On the interstate as you would start to go up a hill it would kick from 3-cyl to 4-cyl mode and make this awful droning sound until you pushed the gas down to kick it into 6-cyl mode. VCM was completely unacceptable for any car, regardless of price.

    Also, the paint was chipping around the back tail lights from poor fit, the headliner was hanging down on one side in the back seat, the rims all had clear coat drips that were dried and broken off (down to the metal), the interior made constant cracking noises, the "grade logic" (LOL) was so bad that when the car was cold it would shutter horribly up the hill by my house when it changed gears. The passenger seat had two missing bolts holding it down and had to be repaired!!!!!!!!! The driver seat track was warped, and called "normal". The electric steering jerked at low speeds when turning.

    Long, long story short: I drove two brand new Hondas for a total of less than 10,000 miles and will never own another. Both cars were junk. We drove other Accords so that the dealer could blame the problem on all Hondas and they all did that same idiotic VCM junk. You have to be clinically disabled to not notice it. Never again Honda!
  • Wow. You could have had a really nice 6-sp manual coupe without VCM had you just known. Too bad. The coupe is the way to go if you don't like VCM. Turns out, the VCM in my wife's sedan works just fine. Go figure.

    I have a pilot. Had I been getting one for myself, I would have gone for the coupe. It is stunning. But, the wife wanted an auto and it was/is her car. Maybe you will have better luck with your next car. You may want to give it a good long test drive first.
  • Are you really sure you had an '08 Honda Civic Si, in addition to your '09 Honda Accord Coupe???

    To quote you from a post you put on this forum a little over a year ago on 1-29-09, regarding your '09 Honda Accord Coupe, "...This will be my last Honda for sure. I have been very, very disappointed with this car and it was my first Honda. It makes me mad, but I can afford to laugh at how stupid people who love Honda are and write this car off as a total loss..."

    In view of this, I question your credibility, when you go on ranting about a car you may or may not even have. Let's be truthful here.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    If it sounds too bad to be true, it probably is. :sick:
  • Likley a Toyota owner attempting to sling some stuff in Honda's direction in an effort to deflect all the negativity being heaped upon Toyota.

    Really funny though! LOL! ;)
  • I certainly didn't write my post to elicit this kind of response. Yea, the VCM is an irritant but even I wouldn't call it a downright catastrophe. Like I said, if it doesn't bother you I'm happy for you, although I sincerely believe that Honda needs to phase this technology out.

    As for the 2010. I've gotten nearly 1000 miles on it and reasonably happy. I sure miss the power and to tell the truth--I'm unable to see better gas mileage but that will improve with age and no cold morning warmups I expect.
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    I have now had my month old 2010 Accord Coupe V6 automatic in the shop three times. I keep complaining about surging, vibrating especially on the highway. They did balance and tire rotation twice. I asked why they did it a second time in three weeks and they said it "needed" it and the car should be ok now. How is that normal?? Why would a car need it twice on a brand new car? They didn't give me an answer. Third time they did a "high speed forced balance" whatever that is. Now they are admitting they feel something, but still think its the tires. They refused to give me a copy of the service performed the third time because they say "they are opening a case with Honda" and I should drive it and see if it went away. This doesn't make sense because if they feel it, why would they ask me to drive it? They are hoping I will just go away? Since its the third time are they refusing to give me paperwork because they are afraid of the lemon law? I specifically told them to write on the paperwork I was feeling vibration, surging while in eco mode. The car is beautiful to look at, but a nightmare to drive. It also gets the worst gas mileage of any V6 I've ever owned. Owned a 95 Maxima and an 02 Mercedes CLK. Both were smooth and powerful. The Accord feels like a jiggly, vibrating noisy piece of junk in comparison!
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    The Accord feels like a jiggly, vibrating noisy piece of junk in comparison!

    If the car is that bad, I wonder why you didn't notice any of this on the test drive? Or was there a test drive? Once you sign the papers, it's hard to get rid of a problem car, and not lose a big chunk of moola on it. Live and learn I guess. I drove my niece's 2010 V6 Coupe, and I noticed it had a lot of road noise, but other than that, the car was fine. lots of power, and probably faster than my 03 V6 Sedan. It's a very nice looking car, but $30k is too much, for a two door car, IMO.
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    I test drove a V4 for about 5 - 10 minutes on secondary roads and never went over about 45. The dealership is pretty far from the highway. The 4 cyl felt fine. No vibration. I was going to get one but was going to have to wait a week. They gave me a pretty good deal on a 6 cyl that was on the showroom floor. Silly me thinking the 6 cyl would drive at least as good as the 4cyl. The 4 does not have the VCM/ECO mode, only the 6. I have been driving cars for 33 years and never experienced anything like this surging, vibration. In fact my first car after getting out of the army in 1983 was a 1980 accord hatchback that ran smoother and better than this. Between my wife and I, we have owned six Hondas and and I don't have one bad thing to say about any of them. All were great cars. That is why I am shocked at this situation. And obviously I'm not the only one. If you google Honda Pilot VCM you will get tons of posts complaining about it as well. In fact its even mentioned in Wikipedia. Unfortunately I am finding about all this now. I have never even had to think about what is going on in my engine before. I certainly never had a green ECO light flashing on and off constantly while I drive. Its all very weird. It does have a lot of road noise too as you stated. Maybe your niece's car is fine and I got one of the lemons. That's what I'm trying to figure out.

    Thanks for replying
  • It' better to do your research before you buy! If it is as bad as you say (and I have no reason to doubt you), then something is definitely wrong with your car. Just stay after them until you are satisfied.

    BTW, I've looked at other car threads here in the forums and every make of car gets whacked about something. There are a lot of people out there with axes to grind for one reason or another - and problems. Many get emotional and over-react so that it is hard to tell much about any of the cars based on their comments.

    Just stick to your guns and don't be too disheartened.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    You really need to test drive THE car you are going to buy. When I bought my first Accord, there was a red EX, just like the rosewood brown EX I ended up with, but the car didn't run as smooth, shift as good, or drive as good as the brown one did. Needless to say, I bought the brown one, even though the red one looked hotter. You never know which one is a lemon, and you can't tell by looking at them. You have to give them a good test drive, and compare.
  • Wow, I had no idea there'd be THIS much discussion on noticible VCM shifting.

    I just bought my second Accord this past Saturday. Its a 2010 Coupe EX-L V6 5A w/Navi. My first was a 2001 EX-L V6. Inbetween these two, I had an Infiniti G35 coupe and a FX35 AWD. Both Infinitis had butter-smooth transmissions. I never noticed any shifting around while cruising. I don't remember if the 2001 EX-L V6 had VCM back then, but maybe one of you guys here does. In any case, I don't remember ever feeling the Honda shift like I'm feeling my new Accord do its willy-nilly highway shifts in Eco mode.

    Its not bad...but since I came from butter-smooth...never noticing anything, this is noticeable...and starting to be a little annoying. I thought maybe it was just a difference I needed to get used to with a new (different) car. But coming here and seeing so much discussion, I'm starting to wonder if this is an issue I need to take up with my dealer.

    Certainly this issue wouldn't make the Accord not perform as well, or last as as good a car as I remember - right?

    I did take test drive... I didn't do a long one, and now of course I regret it a little. I drove on main artery streets, side streets, and highway. I didn't notice the shifty ECO mode when I was on my test drive on the highway. Weird...but I was in traffic and perhaps I was distracted trying to pay attention to merging, etc..and not a smooth coast.

    If this is something that cannot be fixed, then maybe I can get used to it. Its just odd enough since my last 3 cars didn't do this. Any advice?
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    My understanding is that they didn't start putting VCM into Accords until the 2008/2009 models, and only in the V6. Its been in the Pilots for several years and if you google "Honda Pilot VCM problems" you will see lots of complaints too.

    I've driven many, many cars in the 33 years of driving and NEVER experienced anything like this. I've had mine in the shop three times and they keep saying its the wheels. I KNOW ITS NOT THE WHEELS!! They refuse to take it on the highway and cruise it at 65-70 because "its not throwing an engine failure light". This is very frustrating. They are going to balance the tires a forth time next week!! I am almost at my wits end. If this doesn't work, I'm going to file for arbitration, contact BBB, lemon law, retain a lawyer and sue the crap out of Honda, maybe contact the newspapers, start a web page and start a class action suit with other Honda owners. I'm sure I can find some lawyers who would love to get their hands on some Honda money. Especially with what is going on with Toyota.
  • Did you take it to the same dealer each time? If so, you might try another one. In the past, I have gently reminded mine that they should go to bat for me before I give another dealer the opportunity to do so. They seem to understand better if you speak softly and firmly.
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    edited February 2010
    Same dealer I leased the car from. I don't want to have to start from scratch explaining the problem to a new dealer if I can avoid it. What benefit would it serve me to go to another service center/dealer? I have been very patient with my dealer, but have steadily been increasing my tone. Part of the problem is knowing who to talk to. I have dealt with my original salesman, the service rep that checks my car in, the mechanic and assistant service manager. Keep getting a runaround from each one. Not sure if I should speak to the general manager. Seems other posters have gotten an equal runaround.
    After you buy the car they don't want to hear from you anymore, unless you are a paying customer. Don't want to deal with warranty issues/customer complaints. From day one I told them its NOT the wheels and its coming from the engine, drive train, engine mounts. They refuse to listen even after three wheel balances!!!
  • I feel your frustration. Now, though, you know this dealer will not help. That's good information for the future. Tell your salesman you are going to another dealership to have it looked at and that if the other dealer fixes it you may not trade at the current dealership anymore. Give your salesman "one last chance" to stand up for you. If he is too stupid to realize what you are telling him/them - good riddance.

    ps they are wanting you to give up and live with it. They should be warned you have a long memory.
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53

    You have to be kidding me. They would love for me to go to another dealer!! Then I'm not their problem anymore. They even suggested it. I am NOT letting them off the hook.

    I have emailed other people with this problem and they assure me Honda will never admit its VCM and will never fix it no matter who I go to and my only recource is to continue to let them service my car, document everything and go the arbitration/lemon law route which is what I am expecting at this point.

    By the way I have spoken to the salesman on this at least four times. He keeps telling me Honda stands by their product and the sale doesn't end until the customer is happy. Lots of words and no action.
  • Well, it certainly sounds like you are having a rough time of it. I don't think surging is a symptom of all Accords having VCM. It certainly isn't with ours. So, something is obviously malfunctioning. Whether or not it's the VCM would have to be determined. The Eco light color depends on the # of cylinders engaged. The more often it blinks; the more the active cylinders are changing. Someone with an itchy foot (like my daughter and son-in-law) would probably see a lot of blinking. We both make an effort to drive as steady as possible (and have for years) and to use speed control where appropriate. Do you ever use speed control and does the blinking continue when it is engaged? If so, that would be valuable info to supply to the dealer/maintenance foreman. I hope you won't give up before you get some satisfaction from you dealer. Good luck.
  • I notice the surging and blinking ECO light primarily when the roadway is in hilly terrain - with or without cruise control engaged. When driving on the interstate and going over an overpass, the ECO light will turn off when climbing the slightest incline and turn back on almost immediately after cresting the top of the overpass or hilltop, but there is no noticeable surging. I wish there was simply a manual override so that I could just lock it into either 4 or 6 cyl operation for those times when it becomes annoying when driving in hills. I do, however, enjoy the 30 mpg highway driving when on the freeway - traffic permitting - with the cruise control at 70 or less. If you have the NAV screen set to 'trip computer', you can see a big difference in the instant gas mileage when the ECO light goes off - like immediately dropping from 30+ to 20, so I am sure the engineers felt the VCM was the least costly solution to obtain satisfactory highway mileage. Hindsight, the EXL 4 cyl might have been the better choice.
  • """start a class action suit with other Honda owners. I'm sure I can find some lawyers who would love to get their hands on some Honda money. Especially with what is going on with Toyota"""

    I'd recommend to you, just sell your go and move on / go away.
  • """start a class action suit with other Honda owners. I'm sure I can find some lawyers who would love to get their hands on some Honda money. Especially with what is going on with Toyota"""

    What losses exactly are you suffering.........My God people are always looking to hit the lottery with CALS, I guarantee except for those who were hurt by Toyota no one will make enough ti fill their tanks.....or maybe get a voucher towards a new Toyota,,,,

    They would laugh this one out of court.......
  • HOnda has been making the VCM engine since 2003.....Millions of vehicles have been sold with this technology. Only 115 pages in three years on this issue here in Edmunds. with many back and forths,

    Seems to me people either did not research the vehicle first, seek out "issues" then test drive the vehicle in conditions that would imitate those who are having issues and decide for themselves whether or no the V6 Honda AT is satisfactory.

    I believe many bought on faith alone THEN did the research. That is not Honda's fault and it is why they simply cannot do anything about the "problem" and will not and WILL continue to make the VCM engine becasue apparently they are selling everyone they are making.

    What people are experiencing is normal. I felt it when when I test drove mine as I was concerned after reading these and other forums. I had to decide for myself. I concluded the benefits far outweighed the minor feel of the VCM operating between this car and the Altima, DTZ Malibu, and Milan I drove. All four doors. I decided on the Coupe becasue I liked the look and we already have the RAV 4 (which has not been recalled becasue it was made in Japan) I would not hesitate to buy either car again. With or without VCM.

    I would say to those who don;t like their cars take advantage of the great resale and buy a Chevy or Toyota.....
  • Honda is no different than Toyota Motor. They are getting so big they do not really care about their quality and design.

    I gave up a year ago when I took my car many times to Honda Service about vibration around 58 to 63 miles .They changed tires many times. Even their service manager at local service center felt the vibration. But Honda Motor said the vibration is within their design. I filed the claim with State of Ohio , they said as long as Honda Motor claims it is in their design and it does not cause any problem with safety they can do nothing, It is up to us , STOP buying Honda
    Now with Toyota Motor get so much attention, may be now is time to get together to ask for review of Honda Motor on their design and safety issue. Is their any lawyer out there welling to help to set up a class action to sue Honda Motor?
  • Everything you said are correct, but majority people do not do research before they placed the order, Honda Motor just like Toyota one time they do make a good car, good design and good workmenship. So majority people trusted the reputation of Honda or Toyota and their dealers. This is a problem. This is the reason we need government involved to make sure the car companies does not hide their mistake.

    What is your suggestion?
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