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Honda Accord VCM



  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    I'm paying $370 per month and $1000 down on a three year lease for a 2010 accord coupe v6 piece of vibrating vcm junk. I spoke to a guy yesterday leasing a Hyundai Genesis coupe, turbo, loaded and loves it. He's paying only $280 per month and zero down! I feel totally ripped off. I will never buy another Honda.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    Yep! The issue is warranty work. When we first moved here, we owned a Mazda MPV minivan that we loved. But, it developed some intermittent engine problems and would have had to be trucked all the way to Denver to be fixed under warranty. Not one garage in GJ was certified to work on it. The real kicker was that Mazda would NOT pay to return the van to us. We had to find a way to get over to Denver & pick it up at our expense. A very nasty conversation took place between me & Mazda to no avail.

    Thank goodness the engine problem abated long enough for us to trade it in on our first Honda Odyssey--a 2005. Yet another first year of a new generation (like your 2008 Accord) that was chock-full of problems and recalls. Sure, Honda eventually fixed everything, but what a pain to take it to the dealer every week or two.
  • elliott2elliott2 Posts: 64
    When the Honda dealership replaced the torque converter on our 2008 Accord VCM, we ended up taking it back a few more times to get it repaired. The first was the transmission sensor for when the car is in "Park" was messed up so that the ignition would not allow the key to be removed from the ignition switch. The second, and bigger problem, was that the bolts in the steering column were loose and caused the steering to rattle and to feel as if it were disconnected (very loose steering). Not that all of these have been repaired, the car is better. HOWEVER, I would still not recommend a Honda with VCM to anyone. (Of the three repairs, Honda did not once send a questionaire on service quality. They apparently know that customers are unhappy and do not wish to hear about it.)

    Good luck everyone. We've starting shopping for a new car to replace the Accord.
  • robtroxelrobtroxel Posts: 103
    I also left the Honda fold rather than buy a VCM Accord. Perhaps they paid for this VCM "improvement" by chopping the LEDs. Our 2007 Accord had the LED tail lights and they are brighter, quicker to illuminate, and therefore safer especially when the trunk mounted LED brake lamps are also in the mix. So Honda did go upscale on some things then went downscale on the latest toadmobile. If you did not have a 2006/2007 Accord, you would not know what you are missing. All other upscale cars have moved to this. We went with a Maxima for very little more money than the Accord. There are some great deals to be had. Good luck to those of you who are trying to get away from VCM. Meanwhile Honda is still clueless.
  • Dealership has replaced the input shaft and output shaft sensors and says everything is fine??? They are SENSORS - if they went bad it is because they "sensed"something and set off the warning lights!!! Aren't they kind of like the canary in the coal mine? By replacing the sensors isn't that like replacing the dead canary? Doesn't the root problem still exist? Trying to get straight answer from American Honda with whom I have a case opened.
  • Last week while driving our 2008 Accord V6 at about 50 MPH, the engine malfunction light came on, then the VSA light, then the D on the transimssion indicator started flashing and then the speedometer began alternating between 30-50, AND the transmission downshifted two gears.
    After several efforts to address it by stopping the car and restarting it, all of them merely temporary "fixes", we limped back home at 2500 RPM in 3 rd gear( I think) at what speed I did not know, the dash ablaze in warning lights.

    After much analysis and diagnosis they have replaced the input shaft and output shaft sensors. HUH? Don't sensors cause the warning lights to go off when something is wrong? Isn't this kind of like replacing the dead canary in the coal mine? The gas is still there - just may take some time for the warning to go off (die) again. Am I going to be driving this car another 100 miles and have the same thing happen again? Cannot get a straight answer from anyone. Opened a case with Honda last week - have heard nothing from anyone.
  • michael0137michael0137 Posts: 58
    edited April 2011
    My advice for a "new" car to replace the Accord? Take a close look at low mileage used Acura RLs on the market. I just bought a 2008 with 18K on it for $26,000. Immaculate. This car is head and shoulders better than a new EXL V6 Accord, and 18K? Practically brand new. AWD, voice activated Navigation, back up camera, Bose 5.1 stereo, rear AC vents, manual rear side window sun curtains power rear window curtain, memory seats, and best of all - NO VCM!!! It cruises at lower RPMs and is SO much quieter than the EXL V6 Accord.

    Re the Honda's transmission? Dealer says it is now functioning normally. BS - hunting is normal? Failing to downshift as you brake and go around a corner normal? Failing to upshift from 2nd gear to 3rd until about 3000 RPMs normal??? BS BS BS Now I just have to find someone to buy it :(
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    edited April 2011
    I just "helped" my daughter buy her first car, a new 2011 EX-L V6 Accord. Love the new Orchid Pearl paint over tan leather, really a beautiful car and it drives great. I was very curious about the salesman's insistance NOT to come in early for her first oil change. In searching this whole topic about when and with what to replace the factory fill, I've discovered all the oil consumption and VCM complaint threads. Of course, this car is brand new and it drives beautifully. I will certainly be keeping an eye on the oil level while pondering whether or not I can stand to let this "wonder engine" go to 7 or 8,000 miles for its first OC. [I've always done the first change around 1,000 miles].
  • Honda uses a special "break-in" engine oil and it should be left in the car for a minimum of 5,000 miles.

    I have had 2 Accords, and a CRZ since Honda started using this and I've changed the oil on all of them around the 5,000 mark. No problems.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    FWIW, it seems most new V6/VCM Accords drive great initially. It seems to be after a few thousand miles that the VCM starts acting up, if it is going to at all. At least that's the general indication form the majority of the posts in this thread. One poster had troubles from the get-go though.

    OTOH, our 2010 has right about 10K miles on it now, and (keeping my fingers crossed & knocking on wood) we haven't experienced any problems with the VCM. Ours still runs great & we still like it.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    Good to see there's at least one good VCM out there! I will certainly be watching ours like a hawk. I checked the oil this morning (500 miles) and it is at exactly the same level as delivered--right at the full line. It has started to darken just a little i.e., it's easier to see on the stick than when brand new.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    edited April 2011
    I'm of the opinion that there have actually been very few problems with VCM. Sure, there are a relatively small number of owners (compared to the total number of V6 VCM owners--Accord, Odyssey & Pilot) that have reported VCM problems, but no more than one would expect in a mass-produced product. Seriously, what are we talking about here--one percent or so--maybe less.

    Several of those owners experiencing problems have been very vocal on this forum, with many, many posts. But, I have searched the web several times and have only found a small total number of complaints. There's another Accord forum called "Drive Accord" with zero VCM complaints and tons of posters.

    I really feel sorry for the folks with VCM problems, especially when Honda seems determined to not do anything for them. That is truly poor customer service, and those folks will never buy another Honda and I don't blame them a bit. Honda's response to VCM problems is atrocious. Shame on Honda.

    There is absolutely no discernable trend toward some sort of "Epidemic of VCM Problems." There's simply not enough evidence to support that or anything close to it. V6 VCMs continue to be sold in three product lines and for the most part must be OK, or there would be many more complaints. That isn't to say everyone is pleased about VCM, but only a relative few have been publicly vocal about it. Unless there's an uprising of VCM owners, I would expect the public number of VCM complaints to remain low.

    Having owned a '08 Ody with VCM and having no problems, we bought our '10 Accord with VCM and have had no problems with it either. Would I buy another Honda with VCM? Absolutely not. First, I don't want to become unhappy (it could happen) and second, there are now many options out there that are much nicer/better than the Accord at the same or better price. When we decide to eventually dump our Accord, we will surely look elsewhere before returning to the Honda dealer. Honda needs to develop some better answers to improving gas mileage.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    Rcummelin-agree with you 99%. I don't quite understand why what you've read on the Internet outweighs your own personal experience with two perfect Hondas. I just got under the hood of my daughter's 2011 at nearly 1,000 miles (and 90% on the MM) and the oil level is exactly where it was at delivery-precisely at the full line on the stick. Perhaps the improvements Honda has made in this engine are paying off. Of course it's not my DD so I can't really comment on drivability issues, although she seems very happy with it. I'm quite sure she drives pretty easily, mostly city, with numerous short trips to work and on errands (supposedly hard on oil).
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    The dealer told me I could go at least 7500 miles before getting my first oil change. The car will tell you the % of oil life left. I went 7700 and it said 5% left. I'm leasing so I went with the recommended amount.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    dinofl: that certainly makes sense for a lease. However, my daughter bought this Accord believing it would last her for a decade or more, so I'm most interested in doing those things I've learned over 40 years of maintaining many cars and motorcycles. I will be changing the FF no later than 5,000 regardless of what the MM says. I am using Honda Gen-u-ine Full Synthetic SN, GF-5 oil, OE filters and OE drain plug washers. If there is any warranty issue with the engine, they won't be able to blame the maintenance or products used.
  • dpmeersmandpmeersman Posts: 275
    I'm on my second Accord with VCM and it will probably be my last. I don't think going forward that Honda will continue to produce the V6 with VCM. There are too many viable options that will return the same if not improved fuel economy numbers. The "problems” with the engine aren't reliability problems; in that area Honda remains at or near the top. The engine, by its very nature is schizophrenic. Drive a Mazda V6 or better yet a Nissan, with VCM absent from those engines they drive as one would expect, with less driveline presence if you will. I guess it would be better to say that they are “VCM characteristics” not problems. Though ever so slight, I’ve yet to drive a gen 8 V6 sedan that didn’t exhibit these characteristics, and I’ve driven four in all. A small sample, but enough in my mind that under certain conditions VCM activity can be sensed by more than the eye registering the on again off again ECO light, it can be felt in the seat of the pants. Both my 08 and my 10 go thru about one quart in approximately 6,000 miles. Not something I’m alarmed about, not at that rate, but something to bear in mind as the MM usually has my oil changes around 7,500 miles.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    Hey dpmeersman, Thanks for answering for me. I really should have mentioned that once in awhile I can also feel the VCM transitions in the seat of my pants too--in both the Ody & the Accord. Not too often, and not in a way that gets me upset or irritated about it. Yet, those "VCM characteristics" are undesireable IMHO, which is precisely why I wouldn't buy another Honda V6 with VCM.
  • jr86510jr86510 Posts: 5
    Hi I'm new to this posting thing, but I really can't decide on the VCM. I'm buying my first official car from the dealership (after 4 bucket cars I bought off craigslist) and I'm looking at getting a 2011 accord EX-L V-6 Sedan. I test drove one and loved it. But doing research I came upon this thread. I'm just wondering if I should play it safe with a 4cyl. My dad has a 2008 4cyl accord ex. He says its ok but is lacking that uumph, when merging on the freeway or trying to pass someone.
    I'm just trying to make the right decision. I don't want to put any money into the car once its bought. $30,000 is enough and I expect it to be reliable. I can understand feeling the car shift from the 6 cyl to the lower ones, but is it really that big a deal? As long as its reliable and does'nt break down I'm ok with buying it.
    Any advice or opinion is appreciated.
    I already read through the first 30 pages of this post and I'm just undecided and very confused on what I should do.
  • dpmeersmandpmeersman Posts: 275
    If all your concerned with is reliabilty go for it, and it most likely won't break down. You didn't mention if your fathers 4 cyl is the base 177 hp or the 190. Most people will be happy with the 190 hp. I bought the V6 because of the very hilly terrain that I drive daily. People I've talked with that have the 190 hp and drive the same roads I do get just about the same fuel economy I do, right around 23-24 mpg. Nothing over 70 mph and long distance interstate trips you can get better than 30 mpg with the V6, probably up to 34-35 with the 190 hp.
    Want to feel like your in a richer ride? Take a VW CC out for a spin. My son just bought the turbo 4 cyl Sport model. Great looks inside and out. It's a great ride for around $29,000 and 0% financing right now. The downside is that it is a VW and while I've known some that have had exceptional luck with them, the overall quality numbers would certainly favor Honda. One other thing about the VW CC is while it has the germanic driving feel it is actually manufactured in China. VW has had a presence in China longer than most mfg's. I'm certainly going to be keeping a keen eye on his car as it ages.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    Have you driven the cars back-to-back? Depending on your driving style, the 4 cyl could be more fun to drive. Of course it is less powerful, but 190 hp is nothing to sneeze at. Honda is famous for it's inline fours, going back to the introduction of the 750-4 motorcycle in 1968. It's their bread and butter. If you corner a car aggressively, you'll appreciate the improved balance of the four. There is noticably less weight on the nose of the car so it understeers less. If you prefer the straightline get-up-and-go that the 276 horse six brings, well, you cannot replace that with the four.
  • jr86510jr86510 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the response. My dad has the ex model which is 190 hp. I've been looking all day and researching this. I too live in hilly terrain and thats another reason I'm looking at the v-6. I've been at stop signs on the top of hills in San Francisco and hate the weak feeling of my 92 camry trying to accellerate.
    I'm still undecided but I'm probally gonna go with the 4 cyl. I'm sensitive when it comes to a car so if i did feel it shifting alot I would probally get very irrateted and angry. I'm only interested in the Honda accord, but thanks for the advice. This thing is already driving me crazy trying to decide which version I want. :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • jr86510jr86510 Posts: 5
    I test drove the v-6 and I loved it!!! But just researching it more and coming across this forum has made me think twice. I really don't know which one I want and I know if I get the v-6 and start feeling the shifting vibrations Im going to think I should of got the 4 cyl. And if I get the 4cyl version I'm probally gonna say I should of got the v-6...
    decisons, decisions....
    Thanks for the response. I talked to the salesman at my local Honda but i don't trust them most them time. I worked for 2 car dealerships before in the service and parts department and know all the con games they play.
    I'm just gona have to test drive both versions and just make a decision already.
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    I am leasing the 2010 V6 coupe. I'm not happy with it at all. For the same money the TSX 4 cal is peppy enough and has many more options included like passenger power seat controls, much better stereo and none of the VCM problems! It should be very reliable. Or go with the Altima or try the new Optima turbo. Accords are now ranked very, very low. Good luck!
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    edited May 2011
    You mentioned you are ONLY interested in an Accord. If actually true, do yourself a BIG favor and take a very long test drive before you sign any papers. Drive the exact car you are going to buy, not some other dealer demo. I drive a 30+ mile loop before I buy a car, and I was pleased with our V6/VCM Accord during that drive. The VCM transitions showed up about 5000 miles later.

    I drove a 2009 4-cylinder Accord EX for several days (dealer loaner while our new Ridgeline was having it's camper shell painted) and I can honestly say that while the 4-cyl is totally adequate for around-town driving, it sure doesn't have the punch of the V6 when accellerating. Other than that, it should be OK.

    Do some more research--in a recent Consumers Report test of six sedans, the Accord came in dead last. Even the Kia Optima handily kicked the Accord's butt, with better handling, a six-speed auto tranny and a bunch cheaper too. Honda is making major mistakes in the way they are running their business, and while that was only my opinion for awhile, it is now being proven by comparison tests. Sad, sad, sad....
  • dpmeersmandpmeersman Posts: 275
    Some great advice being offered by rcummelin, don't go by Honda's reputation, many mfg's and many fine products in the $28,000-$30,000 range, even less. Test drive a half dozen or so and make your decision based on those drives and some online research.
  • robtroxelrobtroxel Posts: 103
    Great advice from the two earlier posters. Honda is OK but I thinks there is much better out there to chose from! I like the KiA Optima for the price and it is built off the Hyundia Sonata. 6 Speed auto etc, great mileage and super waranty
  • rustumrustum Posts: 100
    Check the competition. Optima might be close to Accord in terms of drive. Mechanically, it looks superior. Sonata and Optima are very good alternatives for Camry and Accord. Test drive yourself. According to the same CR report, Altima is the 1st in the list.
  • hondafoolhondafool Posts: 9
    If you go back far enough you'll see that I owned a 2008 V-6. The VCM thing was noticable enough for me to start researching the issue which led me here. I loved everything about the car except when I was going up a slight incline at speeds between 60 and 70 mph. That's when it "hunts" between 3 or 4 cylinders. 3 won't pull the grade so it goes to 4 and once you're up to speed it goes back to 3 only to begin the cycle again. Once I started noticing it I was ruined.

    So, I traded my otherwise sweet ride for another pretty sweet ride. A 2010 EX-L decked out with Navi, fog lights and every other thing I had on the 2008. Well, almost. There are some things like power passenger seats that aren't available in the 4 CYL. FWIW, I really miss the power but I'm getting 29-31 mpg and that was not really possible with the 6 cyl. But don't be fooled into thinking that you've got no power either. The 190 hp engine is adequate if not good in most situations--you just have to know your limits.

    I will say this again. When the time comes for me to buy another car I'll look at Honda first. If I can't get the power I want without the VCM at Honda, I'll be checking out other makes--starting with Hyundai. Bring on the 6-speed AT Honda!
  • jr86510jr86510 Posts: 5
    Thanks for all the responses. I was thinking of a Hyundai sonata or Ford Fusion, but I really love the interior of the accord, especially the leather and how spacious it is inside.
    Reliability and longevity are my main concerns, followed by the comfort.
    I'm definetely gonna go check out a few more dealerships and test drive more, but I'm really starting to lean towards getting the 4cyl Ex-l.
    Love the power of the v6 but all that constant shifting in the VCM makes me wonder how long the engine would last. I'm guessing the 4cyl would have a longer lifespan. I don't really need the extra power, its just me, my wife and my son, and the safety in the Hondas are very good. But for the hilly terrain i guess it would be nice to have that extra uumph.
  • michael0137michael0137 Posts: 58
    Our 2008 Accord V6 gave me fits when we first got it - VCM going in and out and very noticeable. Economy? Ehhh...27-28 MPG road and 20-22 arond town. Thinking of paying $30,000? SAVE yourself some money and go for a REAL upgrade - a CERTIFIED used Acura RL - NO VCM, Navi, wood, REAL leather, 4000 pounds of solid ACE construction, Bose 5.1 Stereo, rear AC/Heat vents, built in sunshades and power rear window sun shade, memory seats, paddle shifters, 290 HP V6, 28-30+ hwy, 22 around town, Super Handling AWD and MORE! All for $25,000-30,000 depending on year and mileage. I made the switch after the tranny went on the Honda at 28K miles - got a 2008 Carbon Grey Pearl/Taupe with Tech Pkg and 18K on it - for $26,500 - a 3 year old $50,000 car. I got a GREAT deal - the car is mint, and you may not match it but can still get into one for less than $30K Seriously - check it out. An Acura with less than 30 K miles on it for that money - this car is in an entirely different league than the Accord - you can see it, and you can feel it the first time you drive it - and Acura is offering GREAT financing if you need it. Go or it - you'll never regret it
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