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Honda Accord VCM



  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    edited August 2011
    Sorry, dinofl, but the Ridgeline has never had VCM. Only the Pilot & Odyssey have VCM besides the Accord. We are on our second Ridgeline (a 2010--first one was a 2008) and we're VERY pleased with how the engine runs--no vibrations/transitions and NO ECO light! Not so pleased with the mileage though--we average 18-20 mpg in combined driving and might see 21-22 on a long trip at moderate speeds, like under 65 mph.
  • Honda EX-L V6 - the road noise is killing me. I left the back window opened and the car sounded like it was about to take off like a helicopter. I know the navi is outdated but the large screen and type w/backup monitor is useful. I cannot get comfortable in the seats. I have buyers remorse. I wish I did less research as this was the top pick.
  • dpmeersmandpmeersman Posts: 275
    Almost all modern cars have a problem with open windows, try different combination of windows and you should find one that is less annoying. My 2010 EX-L V6 has way to much tire noise, as did my 2008. Seats may not be the best but I've done some 8-10 hour drives and found them OK.
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    My bad. My cousin thought it had VCM because he had similar problems as me before his tranny went. Glad you like your Ridgeline. I have always liked Honda products until my coupe and vcm. Best of luck.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    edited August 2011
    Road, tire & wind noise are all problems with newer Hondas. One reason is a lack or a reduction of soundproofing material. Saves money and weight I suppose, but the high level of noise on the highway is most annoying.

    I stripped the trunk and removed the rear seat in our 2010 Accord EX-L 4-door and glued in a huge bunch of Dynamat on all the exposed surfaces. This dropped the noise level to the point that it is now tolerable. It took an entire afternnon & evening to get the job done, but you can have Dynamat installed by some car stereo shops--expensive though. They can also do the inside of the doors & entire floor if you want more noise reduced. If you don't like noise, Dynamat is your friend!

    When I removed the back seat, there was only one very small strip, about 2" x 12-15" of what could be considered sound deadening material stuck on the sheet metal. I was able to simply pry it out and toss it away. I can't imagine it deadened or reduced much noise as it was less than 1/4" thick and resembled dried mud.

    High levels of road, tire & wind noise was mentioned by Consumer Reports as one of the reasons they no longer recommend the new 2011 Honda Civic. Older Civic models had been high on CR's list for many years.

    What the heck is going on at Honda?
  • dpmeersmandpmeersman Posts: 275
    What the heck is going on at Honda? That is the question that many are asking. When I'm watching their marketing materials on TV as well as print, I see a company that is resting on its laurels. With tag lines like Accord – The One and Only – I’m reminded that this claim is the result of accolades accumulated over many years. If they were to cull items from recent reviews they would read something like: Accord – a decent choice but no longer the top in its class. They worked hard and rose to the top as a result of that hard work. Over the last few years there has been little innovation and their vehicles now trail the competitors in area like automatic transmissions and ride refinement. To achieve the robust connectivity offered in many Hyundai’s and Ford and GM products, you would have to move to an Acura. While most of us want to remain loyal to the brand, in today’s economy we all want the most for our hard earned dollars and to get that we may be forced to bypass Honda in the future.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    First, we had a great buying experience: Internet quote for $5,000 off sticker. The car is beautiful with White Orchid Pearl paint over tan leather. All driving inputs are superior--acceleration, braking, steering and suspension. Space is commodious. I am 6'-4" and fit in the back comfortably. Granted, we only have 3,000 miles on this 2011 EX-L but it hasn't burned one drop of oil. It is sad to see other owners displeased but the point is, they are not all lemons.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    The newest generation Accord is still a very nice vehicle, but it is being surpassed (easily?) by its competition. We still enjoy ours and expect to keep it awhile longer, but it may likely be our last Honda. There's no valid reason, except brand loyalty, to keep buying inferior products. Honda really needs to stop resting on its past successes/laurels and start building vehicles that are at least competitive in the marketplace. I have read that Honda's new CEO, a fellow named Ito, is primarily to blame for the lack of innovation & state-of-the-art features in Honda products. If true, Honda's board should immediately replace him.

    The seemingly never-ending problem with excessive wind, tire & road noise is SO easy to fix, yet Honda won't step up and do what is needed. This issue will continue to plague Honda and become a primary reason potential buyers reject their products. IMHO, this issue shouldn't exist, especially in cars that were much quieter in the past.

    As a side note, this particular topic has seemed to attract an unusually high number of dissatisfied Accord owners, especially those with VCM problems/issues that Honda refuses to fix. Perhaps that's due to not having a different topic on this forum where problems/issues can be openly discussed/debated. Whatever. It's good for the soul to have a place to vent & rant, especially if you have been treated badly.
  • jmillerjmillerjmillerjmiller Posts: 113
    edited August 2011
    IMO - Honda is discovering that you can't cheapen the cost of the product without buyers noticing the results. A missing courtesy light here, more hard and cheap plastic there, topped off with less attention to detail on the design.

    If it's a person's first Accord, they don't notice. But if you have owned an Accord from certain prior generation models, it's painfully obvious.

    The car has gone from a slightly tight interior size with nice features/performance/build quality, to a butt large living room sofa (ala the Crown Victoria) with any model other than the EX or higher model feeling like a rental car due to strippage of features. That my opinion, as I have an 08 Accord EX-L V6 NAVI, and got an a 08 LX loaner from the dealer during service - BLEAH!

    The Acura TSX is what an Accord is overseas, and seems more in tune with what prior generations were. I should have looked at it, but I didn't expect the Accord to have certain issues, but it does.

    It also seems like the dealers are turning into the stereotypical domestic car dealers of old - feeding people bs on service issues, getting back into pushing packages of services for mileage intervals (instead of what the auto maker recommends), etc.

    And yes, every time I drive a decent highway trip, the VCM is right there bogging in and out, along with the rear package shelf rattle the dealer applied the supposed fix for. Top off with the brakes shuddering in hot weather on high speed braking, yet that issue doesn't seem to present on lower speed driving - weird.
  • robtroxelrobtroxel Posts: 103
    You really sumed it up nicely about how Honda has cheapened up the Accord! My son was looking for a replacement car for his 99 Civic Lx which gave him 200,000 miles of dependable travel. Wanting to upgrade, he went looking at the V6 EXL Accord. He test drove the vehicle then asked me my thoughts. His observations he noticed the "hunting" and the constant VCM light. He thought the transmission was the issue. Also noticed was the lack of the Key Lock on the seat back, something his Civic had. After learning more about the VCM, he quickly crossed the Accord off the list!

    He Ended up with a loaded Toyota Venza (ruled out the ugly slow selling Cross V6)with none of the VCM crap and a six speed auto>>something Honda is trying to avoid! While this may be an apple to an orange comparision, the Toyota V6s has NO VCM, is turbine smooth, with 6 speed auto and gets the same economy!.

    Honda is way behind the curve..even consumer Reports said the new Civic is no longer a class leader. The Accord is nothing more than an also ran. Too bad, as I had enoyed many years with the older Accords! Reminds me of how the old GM lost its way>> paving the way for me to go to Honda to begin with! Now GM seems to get it!
  • jmillerjmillerjmillerjmiller Posts: 113
    edited August 2011
    Yes, there is no inside key release for the rear seat fold down (you have to pull the release in the trunk) - one more thing that vanished during cost cutting. Though there is a key released pass-through behind the rear armrest for long items (at least on the higher trim lines).

    I always notice the VCM, don't need the eco light to tell. The people who pay attention to their cars functioning will notice the vcm easily after driving it a bit. Only reason I haven't traded mine, is the low mileage, and job uncertainty at the moment. Normally it's three years and out for my cars - and lately that's been before the 30K mile mark.

    I got a very good price on this car, even with dealer add-ons that I wanted. Trouble is, price is secondary to quality for me. My prior car was a 06 Subaru Outback Wagon XT Limited (4cyl turbo w/five speed manual) - which is a pricy vehicle for it's size. It's sticker in 06 was equal or higher than the 08 Accord EX-l V6 Navi.

    This Accord has the most paint flaws of any new car I've had since 96. Kinda sad, but since I had to wait for it to be produced and delivered, I couldn't turn it down for those minor things...

    I'm not ready to say GM has 'got it', yet. Have to remember that all the bankruptcy did was allow them to cut their personnel costs. It didn't suddenly create great designs, better quality, etc. The models on sale now are from before the re-org, and while they may be OK, it remains to be seen if GM will put too many incentives on them - resulting in the same 'dime a dozen' issue when getting rid of a used one (low resale).
  • Thank goodness - or I would be driving something else.
  • Pilot now has VCM too.
  • While Toyota has had its own issues regarding quality, I applaud your son's decision. The VCM is not "seamless" as Honda advertises - how they get away with that I have no idea. We have had 14 Honda/Acura products over 30 years and NEVER a problem with any until the '08 EXL V6 with VCM. The hunting drove me nuts. And gas mileage was nothing to write home about. At 28k it went berserk - lights flashing on the dash, speedometer stop working, D light flashing , VSA light flashing, and the tranny downshifting into what seems to be 3rd gear - all by itself. Fortunately it happened within about 20 miles from home and we were able to limp - literally - back. Paragon Honda replaced input/output sensors and pronounced it fine - I drove it - uh-uh. Was not downshifting when slowing down and going around a corner - stayed in 5th. They wouldn't listen to me - so bye bye. Overall, I would say the car was not the best built Honda I have ever had - certainly the biggest and nicest equipped - but the ONLY Honda product EVER to scare me that it would leave us stranded, and that includes a 1990 Legend with 180,000 miles on it that ran like a top when we got rid of it. Our newest acquisition - 2008 Acura RL with Tech package gets BETTER mileage running on all 6 cylinders at 75-80 than the Honda did with 3!!! Never again VCM for me. Interesting that if VCM is such a great idea, why it is not on any Acura - including the V6 TSX - the European Honda.
  • That's not weird at all. You have to sand the crud off of your rotors that have built up from the pads. Normal.
  • GM seems to get it? By going bankrupt and claiming all of the new problems their cars are having are the customer's problem because the "new" GM didn't sell them the car? Right. GM is a joke. You couldn't pay me to drive that trash.
  • I recently purchased this 2011 honda accord from Tempe Honda. Currently it has approximately 4000 miles. Last week all of sudden my check engine light came on and it started to flashing and my car started to shake badly. I took it to the dealership and they said one of the cylinder was misfiring. They kept the car for 3 days and told me that cylinder 2 valves were too tight and this was causing the cylinders to misfire. They claimed adjusting the valve got rid of the issue. I came home happily and the next day when I was going to work it happened again. I took it back to the dealership and the service manager refused to take the car back. I told him I am not driving this car until you fix it and he told me if I can reproduce the problem he would take the car back to the shop for repair. I drove with him for half an hour and was able to reproduce the problem multiple times. after 2 days the service manager got back to me saying the problem is in cylinder 1. they replaced some valve controls to fix this issue. The dealer has driven 200 miles and they could not reproduce the scenario. I got my car back yesterday.

    Today I have been noticing this new problem. The car vibrates when I am driving on the freeway. At this point I am not sure what else I can do to fix this issue.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Is it the V6-4-3? Sorry to hea that - will probably have to seek relief under the lemon law or with the Honda zone rep. Check my postings and experience with the V6 - I got rid of it and wholesaled it on the internet to a dealer in TX. Thank God. What a piee of crap. Honda is committing false advertising about this engine and its "seamless operation"and doing a GREAT disservice to a loyal customer base , of which I was one - since 1981.
    Yes, I won an Acura RL - made by Honda - but let me tell you - there is a WORLD of difference between them - and it is made in Japan. Tight and solid as a any German car.
  • dilt1dilt1 Posts: 11
    for those suffering with engine and oil consumption issues, please take a look at the following two links for service bulletins 10-033 and 11-033.

    I had the same problems with my 2010 V6 and the oil consumption seems to have abated with no noticeable consumption noted over the last 2000 miles.

    Insist the appropriate service bulletin(s) are installed in your vehicle. Print out the bulletins and take them with you. Hard to argue when you have the documentation in hand.
  • It is a V6. I drive 35 miles one way to work. My both hands are numb because of the engine vibration. I am going to call the dealership again and see what kind of excuse they provide at this time. I don’t know how to pursue the lemon law. Do you know how can I file my case to the court?
    Thanks in advance,
  • I am curious if it is possible to use the computer ( or what ever controls the VCM ) off of a Honda coupe on the sedan as I understand the coupe does not have VCM. Any tech experts out there ?
  • good luck with that - may have tried with no success. Only chance at satisfaction - a 6 speed coupe, or another brand of car. I bought a used 2008 RL for $25K with 18K on it about 6 months ago and LOVE it. NO VCM, 29 mpg hwy at 75-80, AWD, Bose 5.1, Navi, rear seat AC, rear window shades, power rear window shade, etc etc. Would NEVER buy any car with VCM again
  • Automatic coupe has it - only 6 speed manual does not. And no, you cannot modify the auto with the manual unit. If unhappy with VCM, and I certainly undertand why you would be, you'll have to get rid of the car.
  • bdf16bdf16 Posts: 2
    I had a transmission problem with a new Honda in 2002 and filed a complaint with the better business bureau; they were a great help. Each state has its own lemon laws.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    edited November 2011
    Our 2011 Accord EX-L V6 VCM that we bought in March now has 5500 miles on it and runs beautifully. It has burned about 1/4 of a quart. We have left the factory fill in as directed by our dealer figuring their insistence on this matter was part of the factory's response to the issue. The MM still shows 30%. I plan to do the oil changes myself with the first one at 6,000 miles. I will be using Honda Genuine Full Synthetic 0W-20 and OE filters. I'm thinking about doing an oil analysis just to see what's in this magical elixer from the factory. FWIW, this car is driven nearly 100% in the city with many short trips of ten miles and less. This MO is supposedly hard on the oil. Could excessive consumption be related to long stretches of highway miles and three cyl operation?
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    This is not excessive usage, by any means. If you were using a quart in 2,000 miles, that would be, maybe, excessive for a Honda. If my 4 cylinder used that much, I would not think anything of it. Mine does not use any, but that much usage would not bother me at all.
  • Of course it's not, hence the title of my post. The point is, not all VCMs are having problems. At least not yet.
  • Our 2010 V6 EX-L Sedan has just over 14K miles on it. I recently changed the oil myself after about 6000 miles on the last oil. The oil level was down about 1/2 quart before the change. To me, that's minimal oil consumption! BTW- I'm using Mobil 1 0-20w full synthetic.

    I don't see a connection between oil consumption and the "usual" problems people report with VCM. I also agree that lots of V6-VCM owners experience minimal problems. If they are experiencing problems, those people don't post on this forum. I still maintain that since I can feel the transitions periodically, I won't buy another Honda with VCM.
  • Thanks for the update. My 2011 has 5500 miles is still running on the factory fill and has burned about 1/4 of a qt. I will be doing a DIY OC at about 6000 miles with Honda Gen-U-ine Full Synthethic 0W-20 and OE filter.
  • My 2008 Accord VCM has been using about a quarter of oil every 2,000 miles. The torque converter went out and was replaced a couple of months ago. The number 1 cylinder began misfiring a couple of weeks ago and the coil needed replaced (40,000 miles). The rear brakes went out at 12,000. In all honesty, I could not recommend the current model of Accords to anyone and would recommend that potential buyers look elsewhere until Honda replaces the VCM and gets serious about returning to the quality cars they used to produce.

    Just got rid of the Accord yesterday and will not be getting another Honda until they get their act together. Good luck to those of you who have the current Accord.
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