2008 Rav4 Limited Malfunction Indicators

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After turning a corner and stepping on the gas, my car jerked and the dashboard lit up with these malfunction indicators -4WD, VSC and a lamp which is a malfunction according to the book. Toyota had it towed to the dealer, but today after the computer checked out the codes, they cannot figure it out and have to call the Toyota engineers. Car is three weeks old with 90 miles. Anyone else have this issue?


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    Sorry you are having a problem. I just got mine this week and have put over 200 miles with no problem. Is yours a 4 cyl or V6? You probably need to tell which for other post to know which it is.
    Best of luck!
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    Good point - mine is a 4 cyl. THanks for the wishes. with my luck in vehicles I'll need it -
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    Issue has been resolved. Having the garage service door worked on in Illinois, in the fall, probably wasn't the smartest move I've made. Mice, yes Mice ate chewed through two of the cables. Hopefully the Decon I put in the garage will work before they try this again. Toyota service was awesome!
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    I have mine < 2 weeks, malfunction indicators -4WD, VSC and check engine came on 1st thing in the AM when I started it up (400 miles). Dealer was great. gave me a loanner. Said it was the "carbon canister" part of the exhaust system. They said it was "leaking".

    OK now
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    Thanks for the tip - maybe it wasn't the mice after all - I'll keep this in mind if it happens again.
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    Can you tell me anything about the windshield wiper de-icer? It is listed in my manual, but I'm not sure if this was to be Standard or an Option. I have viewed all the options available and have not seen this anywhere. I've only had my Rav for 6 days but I absolutely love it. Had a Jeep Liberty, and it was okay, but truly made for off-roaders. The ride, noise and gas mileage were awful! I didn't realize how bad until I drove the Rav. I'm just getting around to getting my phonebook entered, but would really like to know about this windshield wiper thing! Thanks all! :confuse:
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    I was told the De-icer was not available here in the US ...only in colder areas foreign countries and maybe Canada. It is not an option.
    I'm glad you are enjoying the Rav4!!
    Make sure to post a review for Edmunds.
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