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GMC Yukon Noises and Sounds



  • mrjohnbmrjohnb Posts: 9
    Hello All,
    I have the same issue as the two post above me. but no one has responded on them. Looking for some insight.

    When driving over 55mph there is an intermitten loud clang that seems to come from the left front of the vehice. is soulds like someone is hitting the axel with a mallet. you can feel it thru the floor boards. I do not drive the vehilce any longer and looking for advise to fix on my own as I cannot afford the dealer of even mechanic right now. I am mechanically inclined and don't mind getting into minor job. ( a major job being a tranny rebuild....)

    I am wondering if someone has had the excat same experiance and can advise that the issue was. Wheel bearing??, Ujoint. locker?? or ????

    thanks for your time,

  • jime11jime11 Posts: 2
    Follow-up: my problem was a bad u-joint.
  • ando4ando4 Posts: 2
    I have changed out the front drive shafts,, No luck
    I have changed out the front beardings... No Luck
    I Have changed the fluid in the front differential.. No Luck
    I had the fluid changed in the Transfer case... No Luck...
    I checked the brakes for anything binding.. No luck
    I replaced the upper steering shaft... No Luck...
    I did find a post like mine where it was fine cold but after about 15 to 20 miles it started to make the noice when turning left or right.. forwards or back.

    That post said it was probably the viscus clutch in the transfer case...

    Anyway I took the vehicle into the shop so they could have the transfer case sent out to a local bearing shop for rebuild...
    They said the clutches we shot... and almosted welded together... About a $1200 rebuild cost + labor and fluid.. but at least the mystery is over... Now we can go into a parking lot and park without any issue...

    Oh by the way my Yukon had 180K miles on it but drove it about 40K miles trying to figure this riddle out...
    I hope that helps out...
  • 94 Yukon, when ever I turn the key on or off I hear a thumping noise under the passenger side of the dash that lasts for about 10 seconds then quits. I am not having any trouble with climate control or anything else I can see, any ideas? Thanks for your time
  • I had the misfortune of losing my old (favorite) truck to a head on collision. Lacking funds and only getting what we could out of the insurance company we had to settle for a vehicle about the same age as my truck. With that said, we bought a used 2002 GMC Yukon Xl, 5.3L, 2wd truck. We have had the vehicle about 6 months now and the truck has developed a knocking noise at very low speeds when the engine and drive train are not tensioned. Basically the noise happens if you were ghost riding your truck thru a parking lot. As soon as negative tension or positive tension is applied to the drive train the knocking noise goes away (when power is applied to speed up or breaks applied to slow down). I have read all about 4wd versions adn front end issues with steering shafts etc but I dont have a transfer case or front end half shafts and CV joints to worry about. My dad thought it might be the universal joints on the drive shaft but I figured if they were going out you would be able to manually jog the shaft when it is parked and either visually or thru touch, feel any slop in the joints. My initial thought before I crawled under the truck was a drive shaft carrier bearing wearing out but the drive shafts dont have carrier bearings so without pulling the entire drive train apart I am struglling to diagnose. Was wondering if anyone else out there was having similar knocking sounds with a 2nd generation Yukon XL (00-06) that isnt 4wd??
  • trelatrela Posts: 1
    About a few months ago when driving at 110Km/h there is a loud deafening howling noise that disappears at 120km/h. it only happens for those 10 km at that speed driving me crazy. i got the shocks replaced and bearings done...driving me nuts..any help would be appreciated.
  • phochephoche Posts: 5
    2000 Yukon XL. I had my BIL change my struts and ever since, I've had a strange clunking sound near the rear left. It sounds like the spare tire is swinging back there but the tire is well secured. I've removed the jack and tools from the jack compartment to be sure it isn't them and the noise continues. Any rough road that makes the truck rock a little, sets it off. We noticed when we were loaded down that the noise vanished, but even though we loaded down today, the clunking is worse than ever. Ideas on how to isolate?
  • Hello Friends.
    I have a Yukon XL with about 138,000. I bought it at 129,000
    DID the Transmission 5,000 ago.

    Anyway I keep hearing this sound and it's driving me crazy. I am pretty mechanically inclined.
    nor me of my friends can figure what it is on test drives when it happens.

    I can best describe the sounds as a fast repeating clicking / thumping / sometimes skweeking . it will repeat the clicks about 5 times. really fast.

    Sometimes when I am driving it sounds faintly like I am going over the dot reflectors on the highway at about 55MPH. When I am going slow with the window down. sometimes I hear a skweaking componet to it that sounds like a seagull

    I am convinced this is electronic and not bushings / chassis.
    It does not seem to affecting the drivetrain or handeling when it happens. and it completey random. or at least I have not put a pattern to it yet.

    The last time it happened was yesterday. I was doing about 35mph and hit the brake to slowdown for a lefthand turn. while under braking I got the 5 repeated sounds.

    note this doesn't always happen during braking. most time time just while driving.

    I welcome anysuggestions.

  • So I have a 2002 Denali XL When I try to park and turn sharp into a parking space sometimes I hear a really loud pop coming from the front somewhere. I can feel it though the steering wheel to! It doesnt do it every time but its starting to bug me. Any help????

    And Any ideas on where to find Denali parts for cheap online? guys ? Thanks! :confuse:
  • Sounds like a ball joint or steering linkage issue. Is it 4WD or 2WD? Doesn't sound like a CV Joint problem but if 4WD it might be just that. Is it one pop or a loud clicking noise
  • Its an AWD Denali and its one loud pop as I turn into a parking place. When the wheel is turned all the way or close to being all the way it will pop almost everytime as I ease it into the parking spot.

    Its not a clicking noise like when the CV boot tears and loses the grease.

    Thanks for the ideas!
  • jack_mjack_m Posts: 1
    Could be in your ride control. I am having an issue that rears it's head after driving for an hr or so. A very loud thumping coming from the left rear. You can feel it through the floorboard and hear it outside quite loudly. It is not affected by road conditions nor braking. I am leaning towards rear axle bearing, but have never heard one thump before. Nothing is loose anywhere, and is so loud it sounds unsafe. But comes and goes, normally after 100 miles or so. Any ideas?
  • mrjohnbmrjohnb Posts: 9
    I found and correct my Issue So I just wanted to share it with everyone. my issue was fast repeating metailic bangs that when faster at speed. at 60 miles an hour it sounded like a 3 round or 5 round burst from a full auto ak-47.

    So the culprit was the rear drum shoe. the rear shoe is shaped like a horse shoe and is one peice. it broke and was intermittenly getting caught on something. it was transfering energy into it and was acting like a spring due to its shape.

    Good luck,
    hope this helps someone

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Good sleuthing. Seems like an odd part to break though. Casting defect perhaps?
  • xanderpxanderp Posts: 1
    Thank you so much for posting this. It sounded like I was getting shot at by a machine gun when driving on the freeway. I could never figure out what or where it was coming from. You said it was the rear drum shoe. Was this hard to replace yourself? I'm trying to learn more about it and where it is exactly. If you see this please share any more tips if you can. Thank you again for helping to solve the same issue.
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