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2009-2010 Hyundai Sonata



  • I thought ALL the GLS had PEP and the upgrade is either PEP2 (power seats, lumbar, trip computer and steering wheel radio controls) or PEP3 (PEP2 + Sunroof). Is that not correct? Does PEP2 or 3 automatically include the woodgrain? Instead of reading through the entire "features" list I usually check out the picture of the driver's seat (if shown) looking for the power levers or the steering wheel for the left side controls.
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    I had the impression that on the GLS the presence or absence of woodgrain was keyed to the upholstery color (tan=yes, gray/black=no).
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    No, some GLSes definitely do NOT have either of the PEP packages (there are only two). PEP is what you called PEP2 (power seats, lumbar, trip computer, steering wheel radio controls, woodgrain trim in cars that have the appropriate internal colors (if not, it's some carbon fiber looking effect), upgraded upholstry). You cannot get PEP in a Manual Transmission GLS, for example.

    Not all cars with PEP have the woodgrain, but all cars with the woodgrain have PEP, as it's a feature that's keyed to the interior color of the car, but only if the car has PEP or PEP2.

    PEP2 is PEP with the Sunroof.
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    Partially correct; Woodgrain is keyed to the upholstery color, but only if the car has PEP. If it doesn't, then a carbon fiber effect is given as part of the PEP package. If PEP isn't there, a more plasticy look is given for ALL upholstery colors, it's definitely not as attractive, and definitely not as "touch friendly" as either of the two PEP styles, though it's similar to the carbon fiber look (just cheaper looking and feeling). That's one of the advantages of the woodgrain by the way; even though it's smooth to the touch (it isn't true woodgrain), the feel of it in some of the body contact areas is quite nice, such as the door panels, where you arm will touch; it makes the car feel more expensive than it is.

    As a side note, the SE and Limited have the woodgrain as available on the shift knob, as well; it's my one complaint with the GLS with PEP in that they didn't take that extra step, as my older 2003 GLS (it would be an SE in today's nomenclature) has it, and it DEFINTELY feels oh so nice in the hand, versus the cheaper feeling plastic used on the GLS even with PEP. I'd pay $30-$40 for a nice aftermarket replacement that looked correct for our 2009 Sonata and had either a nice leather or wood grain feel.
  • Thanks for the additional information. We finally settled on a vehicle. Found a dealer in Northern Indiana with $5,000 off MSRP (dealer matching the factory rebate). Got a basic 2010 GLS Auto I4 for $17,355 OTD which included $1113 tax and $189 doc fee. Came with carpeted mats, Blue Tooth (probably never use it) and a full tank of gas. Had to take what was in inventory since we were particular about the color: Slate Blue/Grey Interior. Gurley-Leep Hyundai and Kirk were a pleasure to do business with. Easy transaction and only a soft-sell of the extra warranty by the finance guy although I did pay cash so I didn’t have to deal with financing.

    Beautiful car with an easy ride, nothing fancy but that’s who we are. I’d rather have the MPG than the power. After 200 miles (mostly highway), the gas gauge is barely past the ¼ mark but that could mean anything I guess until I actually fill it up again (no trip computer). The XM radio, free subscription for 3 months, is pretty cool. I might be tempted to extend it if the novelty doesn’t wear off. Would prefer larger spacing per unit in the speedometer but I guess to fit all the units up to 160 they had to squeeze.

    A little buyer’s remorse only because we’re not used to spending that much money but this should be a 10-12 year car for us with some of that within the great warranty.
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    They say if you feel you got a good deal, then you got a good deal. Congratulations. I love our 2009 GLS Slate Blue I4 Auto with PEP and a Tan Interior.

    We average about 29-30 mpg mixed driving with it, so your 1/4 tank isn't that unreasonable.

    As for the XM, I was like you; I had no intention of paying for it once the 3 months ended. That lasted until the second long trip we took, where we realized just how nice it was. Now, if only they had even poor customer service; XM seems to practice customer DISservce as poor as they are. But the product is great.
  • Just a really comfortable car that drives smoothly. The 6-speed trans. takes a little getting used to with different shift points from my '98 Accord but the trade off is better MPG.

    I may be hooked already to the XM but still have 3 months to worry about the subscription. Do they call you or e-mail you to let you know your time is almost up then try to get you to continue?
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    You'll get plenty of calls and mailings asking you to subscribe!

    - Merg
  • dovid2dovid2 Posts: 90
    It is just great, one of my favorite things about the car.

    They'll send you an invoice one or more months before the trial expires, and would like you to pay a whole year in advance, but there are shorter periods available.

    Conratulations on your new Sonata!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    FWIW your 2010 Sonata has a 5-speed AT. 6ATs came for 2011.
  • greatlakesjrgreatlakesjr Posts: 109
    edited April 2010
    FWIW your 2010 Sonata has a 5-speed AT. 6ATs came for 2011.

    Oh, I thought that's how they boosted the MPG on it for '09 and '10. Must have been some other factor in that. I know at 65MPH, the RPM is 2000 while the Accord is 2300 at the same speed. Was the Accord ('98) only 4-speed I wonder?

    I look forward to my first fill-up to determine the MPG though I realize it will take several to get the most accurate reading. I drive very conservatively.

    By the way, per the thought you put in my head (I think it was you), I asked the salesman about the Tucson but he said they had none and are hard to get. I wanted to at least see one in person but no luck.
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    Accord automatics were 4-speed till 2003.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Yes, the Sonata I4s were 4ATs until 2009 MY, then they got the 5AT previously used only in the V6 Sonatas.
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    As Backy said, the 09 and 10 MY I4 Sonatas had the previously V6 only 5 speed transmissions; that's where they got a lot of the boost (but not all) in mileage and performance for the 09/10 I4. My 09 I4 is on par performance wise with my older 03 V6 Sonata, which only has a 4 speed automatic; I think the V6 has a very slight edge in speed and accelleration, but not nearly as much as I would have thought. That little I4 and 5 speed really helps the car move!

    Just wish they had put the '11's 6 speed in; then you would have seen some BIG jumps in mileage and performance!
  • greatlakesjrgreatlakesjr Posts: 109
    I'm already getting hooked on it. Will be hard to turn it down at the end of the 3 months. Nice, clear sound on the music stations...I can take a trip back to the 70's or 80's or stay in the present. I'm not much into country but 17 plays some stuff that I don't mind.
  • greatlakesjrgreatlakesjr Posts: 109
    Just wish they had put the '11's 6 speed in; then you would have seen some BIG jumps in mileage and performance!

    First fillup netted 33MPG at about 75/25 highway/city. Quite happy with that. Now that the shock of spending all that money is wearing off, I'm really growing fond of the thing.
  • grdawggrdawg Posts: 5
    Wow, that's great mileage. I got a 2010 SE in early April, have filled up 3 times and the best i have gotten is 27.05 mpg, average is about 26.5. I do primarily highway driving as I commute 40 miles each way. I do drive over 70ish most of the way and do hit stop and go traffic usually a few times a week so could be what is keeping me down? I would love to see over 30.
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    grdawg, do you have an I4 or a V6? We're talking I4s here, so if you've got a V6, there is part of the issue.

    Yeah, my wife's '09 I4 gets over 30 routinely, even in rush hour traffic. On long trips, it's way up in the mid 30s if the trip is mostly highway.
  • greatlakesjrgreatlakesjr Posts: 109
    With an I4, you should be getting over 30 but I drive pretty conservatively. Plus, half the first tank's miles were driving it home on the scenic route which was a 55mph, very few towns, road. I'll get a better read with my second tank which has been mostly my 37 mile/day commute, mostly highway.

    I'm still thinking I got one of the best value cars out there though every time I reach over to the buttons on the sound system, I'm wishing I got a package with the steering controls.
  • grdawggrdawg Posts: 5
    edited May 2010
    I have an I4. I have about 1300 miles on it now. Hopefully gas mileage gets better. I dont' think I drive overly fast, but usually in a 65 mph speed limit you have to drive almost 80 to keep up here. Oh and I've been using regular gas, does the higher octane really make a difference?
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    I don't think higher octane, per se, will make a difference. Not having the Ethanol Blend may get you a few extra miles, but the mileage I quoted is blend.

    I don't know why your car is getting bad mileage; since it's an I4, it should be identical with the other I4 Sonatas. Maybe you're just driving more aggressively?

    I'm a bit surprised about the I4 SE, though... I thought most SEs were V6 by default.
  • grdawggrdawg Posts: 5
    Ya, it was a little harder finding the I4 SE, but I liked the additional features of the SE, but wanted the better gas mileage the I4 would supposedly provide.
  • greatlakesjrgreatlakesjr Posts: 109
    Second fill-up netted me 34mpg (vs. 33mpg w/first fill-up) with even less highway driving so I'm even more pleased with this great car.
  • kwilli024kwilli024 Posts: 3
    I had a bad experience at the dealership that I bought my car. I was there last week for my first oil change and I stopped by the sales room to say hello to the salesperson that sold me my car. The salesman proceeded to berate me over the not so positive survey that I completed, stating that he has not been able to collect "Hyundai bonus money" because of receiving a low score. I was not expecting this treatment and felt very embarrassed being humiliated by the sales person. He was not professional and I probably will not go back there for service or my next purchase. I am also planning to contact the general manager of the dealership as well. I have yet to hear from the GM on this matter :mad:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    You can also express your dissatisfaction by reviewing this dealership in our dealership ratings and reviews section:

    That sounds like unprofessional behavior to me.


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  • greatlakesjrgreatlakesjr Posts: 109
    Those surveys seem to be their holy grail. My salesman reminded me more than once that anything less than "10's" and it was a "failure". Kind of unfair of Hyundai to be so rigid but, it is what it is. I had a good experience so I had no problem marking 10's for him and the dealer.
  • pghtigerpghtiger Posts: 1
    I am new to this forum. Purchased 2009 Sonata Limited 8 months ago. After 2 weeks took it back because of leak in transmission. Verdict was transmission cover was replaced. After 15K miles, car was leaping, and engine light came on. Took it back to dealer. They said Hyundai told them to replace transmission, but sent me on my way. The next day, filled car with gas. Drove 5 miles;car leaped forward, made a loud grinding noise and emitted a terrible smell. Car disabled and towed to dealer.

    Went to owner and asked him to come up with options. Day three no options yet, driving a loaner.

    Concerned about this issue being the beginning of more problems. Other owners have problems? Any recalls? Ideas?
  • crash49crash49 Posts: 4
    I am having similar problems. My car would downshift hard and when I asked the dealer to test drive they told me there was no problem. Problem continued, I insisted, and they told me they reset the system. That seemed to fix the problem but then I had a humming noise coming from under the hood which would go away once I put the car in neutral or park. Same procedure as above - took a couple of visits before they acknowleged the problem. Was told solenoids in transmission were bad (less than 12,000 miles) and I was first one they had seen. Parts had to be ordered direct from Hyundai. Today the parts were replaced, dealer called to say noise is now worse and they have to replace the whole transmission. I am beyond upset!
    I would only be upset if it were gonna cost me to fix. Now if you don't have something to drive while they fix your car, than that's another story, something you should be mad about.
  • lightfootfllightfootfl Posts: 442
    ??? You don't really mean that inconvenience should account for nothing, do you?
    Certainly our time is worth something, even if they do try to accomodate us for their (?) inadequacies. I realize the local dealers have to put up with many problems that are not really theirs, but they aren't ours either, but we are the ones that suffer for the misuse or lack thereof of our time. Sometimes it seems that no-one is able to win, and we all lose. My personal opinion.

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