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Info on 1.5 to a 1.6 Motor swap

playingwithmudplayingwithmud Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Honda
Hello. Im looking to find out if anyone has done a 1.5 to a 1.6 motor swap. I have a 1993 honda civic hatch back and I got a 1.6 no VTec motor out of a 1988 honda CRX Si. Both motors had a manual transmission only the CRX clutch was a manual clutch and the Civic is hydrolic. I looked around a little and found that everyone is doing the newer vtec motor swaps but that dont help me in knowing weather or not the motor I have will fit or what I have to do to make it fit. I did keep all the wireing out of the CRX along with the computer. I was wondering if I would have to use them as well or can I leave the old wireing and computer in because the motor is a non vtec. Thanks for the help!


  • watsup....the crx motor will not work in your hatch cause' the harness is different... i suggest you get the newer engine any year 92-95 civic ex si
  • josh32josh32 Posts: 1
    I need to know which engines will fit in my 1986 honda crx.
  • hey guys i have a swap on my hands an i didn't know it so far it coming along good but my problem is timing i was told cuz of the computer in the car i have to run the same year distributor but a have a 95 civic full time vtec motor. now the spread on the bolt pattern is different. what do i do about that.
  • Well I finished the motor swap and everything bolts up for the most part. I used the old intake beacuse it had a bigger throtle body on it so I needed to make a braket for the MAP sensor and just put a vacume to it. I also had to put slots on the injector connector so they would connect to the 1.6 injectors witch was very simple to do. There were very few things that were diferent and the swap was simple. The one main thing is though that I didnt know till now is that the 1988 and the 1993 distributors were diferent so I was having a hard time timeing it. They must be clocked diferently so I couldnt get it in time. I put on the older distibutor and it worked fine and ran awsome. The dristributor years goes I belive 1986-1991 then 1992-1995 so I had to get a new distributor. Other than that very easy to do.
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