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Funny Noises Department

kaveladykavelady Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Nissan

I have a new '00 Nissan Xterra (rear wheel drive)
4x4, automatic tranny. The truck/suv has about
1200 miles on it so far.

Lately, I've noticed a fairly loud "whine" coming
from the right side of the engine compartment when
my foot is depressed on the gas. Its most
noticeable at hiway speeds, and the noise
disappears abruptly when I take my foot off the

Is this normal? I'm used to driving a fwd saturn,
so I can understand that a "truck" might have
different sounds. Could this be one of those "fuel
pump" noises, since it only occurs when the
accelerator is depressed?

Just wondering, and thanks for any insight you can


  • Oh well,

    Might as well answer my own question, in case anyone happens upon this topic in the next 50 years or so. . .

    The whine or whirr noise is cause by the ring and pinion gears in the final drive assembly of the differential. I found this out via other boards on the 'net.

    The big surprise? The Nissan tech could not have been more understanding. I went in expecting:
    "Yeah, so what, they all do that. . ." or
    "That's just normal gear noise". . . or
    "What do you expect, this isn't a mercedes!"

    Instead, I got a tech who took a ride with me and immediately noticed the noise and then HE suggested we take out a new Xterra to see if it made the same noise (it didn't of course).

    Then, he promised to call me that same day after checking with "california" which he actually did! (I was bowled over by this time).

    So, bottom line is that a new differential is on order from Nissan, Japan and I'm crossing my fingers that this will be the worst problem ever until I hit 200,000 miles.
  • babskybabsky Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 97 Mercury Mystique with 38K on a 2.0 4-cylinder. Can anyone tell me what could be causing a whining sound in the rear end. It is most noticable at 30 mph to 40 mph. It also has another annoying noise in the dash. It is kind of a buzzing noise that happens when I accelerate. I checked for loose parts in the vents, etc. but it seems to be coming from within the dash. It is loud enough that you can hear it over the radio! I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me regarding these two noises. Other than these problems the car is great! Thanks
  • ccotenjccotenj Posts: 610
    1) possibly wheel bearings. try getting them repacked and see if that helps.

    2) unfortunately, it's something inside your dash, and to get to it, you may have to take the entire thing apart, and still might not find where the offending piece is. rattles suck.

  • gle_hellegle_helle Posts: 7
    I have a 1996 Merc. Villager with 73,000+ miles. When the engine is cool (occasionally when it's warm), I get a sound in the front end that is best described as similar to the sound a manual transmission makes in reverse. The sound happens at idle and low speed, and it gets louder when the accelerator is depressed and when I crank the wheel. Any thoughts?
  • ccotenjccotenj Posts: 610
    when you say "front end" where do you mean? low in the car or high?

    possibly power steering pump, or worn belt that's powering it.... but that's a guess... mystery noises without knowing location are kinda tough to debug...

    good luck.

  • gle_hellegle_helle Posts: 7
    The best I can tell, it sounds like it's coming from low on the passenger's side, in the area of the wheel. Thanks.
  • rettsretts Posts: 3
    I Have a 1988 Honda Civic Hatchback with 123k in good shape. I bought it from the original owner 3 months ago. A few weeks ago, chirping noises started to happen when I go in and out my slightly bumpy gravel driveway, when I go in and out of paved drives with a slight curb, and sometimes when turning. A ride on a smooth paved rode produces no chirps. The mechanic who looked at it said that the bushings are worn and they are not worth replacing. Please explain bushings, where they are, what they do, and can they be replaced, and , is the mechanic on the right track here. Thanks
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    Bushings are little sleeves made out of rubber (elastomer) or plastic (polymer) that allow the suspension parts to rotate freely. If they are made out of rubber, they also cut down on the amount of vibration being transmitted to the chassis.

    The problem with (soft) rubber bushings is that they aren't really very slippery, like a good bushing should be. So they wear out faster and make noise once they dry out. Tires (made from rubber) chirp when they are dragged across the road surface, and rubber bushings do the same when the suspension parts rub against them...

    The reason your mechanic said they are not worth replacing is that they are not worn enough to prevent them from doing their job. They are just complaining about it, as they don't have enough built-in lubrication to make them happy.

    Be leery of anyone wanting to lube them, as they will not react favorably to the wrong type of lubricant. They will then swell, and decompose very quickly and then you WILL have to have them replaced.

    Of course, YMMV. Bruce
  • toxcheeptoxcheep Posts: 3
    My 2000 Concorde has a carbon copy noise problem to that described in letter 240 or 241 in the chat area. I took it to the dealership and he said that several others had come in with the same noises and that they do not know what the cause is. The mechanics there "lubed the front end bushings". My car will be a year old in Sept. Is there a way to get Chrysler to fix this problem? My car still creaks and croaks its way over bumps at slow speeds and it seems ridiculous to accept this. Help!
  • heart2heart2 Posts: 38
    I have a 1998 Grand Marquis with 37000 miles. For
    a long time the front end( I think suspension) makes noise whenever the car has been driven for a long period of time like highway driving. Not heard on highway but heard when on the local streets. Only description sounds like a New York Taxi. If it has not been driven far there is no noise. Complained to dealer several times and twice told me he lubed the steering arm stops but of course this did nothing. Otherwise car rides very well. Any ideas?
  • rettsretts Posts: 3
    About my previous post on bushings and chirping. the chirping has continued till yesterday. We had a huge hard rainfall that I drove in for about 30 minutes, parked the car for about 5-6 hours then drove home. On the way, I noticed the absence of chirps!!! I traveled the very came roads that produced the chirps, bumps etc. and no noise what-so-ever!! I even tried to produce the chirps by doing a little zig-zag dance on the road, but to no avail!!
    Did the rain do something? Does that mean that my bushings are made from rubber and now have soaked up water. Does this mean that they can be lubed somehow?
    And by the way, Bruce, I do not know what the initials "YMMV" mean at the end of the post. Thanks, retts
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    ...your mileage may vary...

    But can anyone figure out Bruce's emoticons in some of his other posts?


    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • djv59djv59 Posts: 4
    toxcheap, did you find out anything on your noise problem? I have it on my 2000 LHS front and rear. Please email me if you know anything
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    post the resolution here so we ALL will know! ;->

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • mccloymccloy Posts: 2
    We have a 1995 ford escort with aprx. 63000 miles on it. Lately we have noticed a kind of buzzing or wind like sound while driving around 50-60 mph.I think it comes from the left side of the car. I just took the car in for 60k mile check up and had to have a relay switch replaced for the aircondioner. Everything else was fine they said. So after paying $300.00 I'm still hearing this noise, any suggestions??? Martyz4
  • oldfoololdfool Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2000 Astro LS van in Feb. and It
    has developed a clunking noise some where inside it, seems to be coming from an area near the drivers left ear. The dealer has tried 4 times
    to repair it with out any luck. They replaced
    the seat belt adjuster, and the last time they repositioned a electrical piece. I still have
    the noise they tell me I need to wait until it gets worst so they can pin point where it is coming from. Has anyone else had this problem
    and if so what was done to fix it?
  • wobernwobern Posts: 1
    I have a problem keeping the gas pump flowing into my gas tank. It keeps shutting off. Once I get about 6 gallons into it, it then flows freely. I have taken it into my dealer and they have replaced a fill valve in the tank but still have the problem.
  • jwj2jwj2 Posts: 3
    when turning corners, the seats make a poping noise. this started after nine months of really quiet ride.
  • I have an 2000 Accord V6 EX. The engine is really quiet, but the noise coming from front tires is somewhat bothersome. I believe this is endemic to all Accords. Is there a way that I can shield this noise? I have read about Dynamat product which when installed into front doors improves speaker sound by dampening outside noise and vibration from the audio base. But wouldn't tire/road noise filter mostly through the floor? And where would I install this? Under the carpet inside the car or somewhere outside? .. and lastly, will this reduce the road noise considerably?
  • I have a 98 Taurus SE with the 24V Durotec engine.
    After engine warmup and at about 1000 rpm and
    under light acceleration I have a shrill whistling
    noise coming from the engine, firewall area or
    dash, can't really tell. It goes away after about
    1700 rpm. On slowing down it comes back when almost
    stopped and while idling you can press the
    accelerator just barely and it whistles.The fuel
    press. regulator and IAC valve have been replaced
    with no luck. Of course the shop can't duplicate
    the problem. Other than that I love the car. Plenty
    of pep and good gas milage.The noise is there with
    the A/C on and off so not that. Anyone else had a
    similar problem??
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    Someone may chime in here, but while you are waiting you may want to look through the posts in this topic:

    Taurus' repair and maintenance (Topic #153)

    to see if this has been discussed there.

    You could also use the Topic Search feature on the left side of the page for Taurus to find any other Taurus topics of interest to you in Town Hall.

    Good luck, and welcome!

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • Make it short-

    Love the car but an annoying low rubbing noise seeming to come from the left front of the vehicle is really getting on my nerves... I have been to one VW dealership and they had told me that the VR6 with the auto tranny has been known to have some drivetrain noise... Does this sound like bs and/or should I settle with that response?
  • I have been told by the Honda Dealer that the noise is coming from the differential and that this noise is normal in the standard Civic. The more expensive Hondas have more insullation and undercoating and I could add my own insullation and undercoating they also suggested that women have more sensitive hearing than men. I personally think that this is "B S" !!

    The Honda Factory Rep also said that the noise was coming from the differential and tha t it was normal.

    I have asked several other Honda owners if the have this problem and ,so far, nobody has heard of this problem .

    Three local mechanics have told me that it sounds like a bearing noise and that this is not a normal sound.
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    I am going to suggest that you click on this link:

    Honda Civic Problems (Topic #912)

    and repost your question there.

    Town Hall is fortunate to have an experienced Honda technician, auburn63, hanging out there who may have some suggestions for you.

    Good luck.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • Ever since I bought my Accord V6 EX 2000 I have problems with interior rattle noises. They come from dashboard, rear seat/window area, driver's door. I already took my car to Larry Hopkins Honda in Sunnyvale but the problem is that they suggest test drive with a mechanic and during the test drive the noises disappear of course ( nevertheless they fixed some constant noise from front passenger seat). Does anybody know some auto center where they have vibration test stand or something like that so that they can find and fix those noises once and forever? I know some other people who are ready to pay pretty high amount in order to fix rattle noises in interior of their cars ( Toyota, Acura - not only Honda's problem) and I am surprised that nobody is doing that.
  • I used to put an on-car wheel balancer head on one of the wheels, spin it up, and put the wheel way out of balance. It'd shake the car enough to pick out most rattles (and maybe cause a couple). Probably hard to find a shop now that still has on-car balancing equipment but maybe they could temporarily attach a heavy wheel weight and spin the wheels up to find the rattles.
  • I have a 96' Volvo 940 with 90,000 miles. When I get up to 55-60 mph a loud "buzzing" noise comes from the dash area, I can not locate it exactly. When I drop down to less than 55 it goes away. It is not the speedometer cable or the intake vents for I have disconnected and covered them up, but the noise is still there. Any thoughts would be helpful.
  • I hear a squeaking noise in the front end when i turn the steering wheel this happens when the truck is parked or moving under 10mph.i have lubricated everything possible. Has anyone else had this problem with their Expedition, and if so how was it solved?
  • I have a 1999 Daewoo Lanos hatchback. This is the first winter that I am driving it. Virtually every time I go over speedbumps (especially the taller ones) I am getting a "crunching" noise. I had the service manager from my delaership with me and couldn't get the car to develop the noise...typical.

    I described what happens and he states that it's the struts and that they make noise when it gets cold. I recently hit a bad pothole that broke some of the plastic rivets holding the wheelwells on. I fixed these myself and can't find anything else loose on the front end. I also had an alignment/visual inspection done...nothing is bent or broken.

    Does anyone else out there have Daewoo Lanos and is experiencing this in colder weather?
  • We have a 2000 Olds silo that has an annoying front end rattle. It only occurs when the van is travelling at low speed between 5 and 40 mph (on the hiway it's fine). does anyone else have this problem?

    I'm thinking it's maybe a bad strut, but the possibility of it being something more costly (eg. transaxle or transmission) is upsetting. It's intermittent (the worst kind), and doesn't necessarily happen whenever you hit a bump. When I had it in for an oil change at the dealer (~6000 miles) I asked them to look for it. They "didn't find anything". Could you let me know your findings? Thanks.
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