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Audi S5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 237,046
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  • cohenfivecohenfive Member Posts: 85
    from discussions on other boards with buyers of the car, it sounds like they are tight but around, and are trading pretty much at msrp, but some guys are getting small discounts (biggest i heard about was 1500)...really nice car!
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    Supply is very short for S5's as many dealers are sold out and waiting for cars to arrive. Most people are paying MSRP. Seen a few dealers asking as much as 10k over sticker.
  • afm35afm35 Member Posts: 7
    FYI - I went to a South Florida Audi dealer and their lease price on an S5 is as follows:
    60% residual
    MSRP - no discounts
    money factor was .00417

    I was willing to go MSRP but I found the money factor absured. I have excellent credit 800+ and already qualified with Audi Finance as I currently have an A6.
    They stated that Audi finance was not dealing on the S5 because of demand and that while the money factor was high on the S5 they were very low on the Q7 and A4 in other words they make up the difference on the S5.
    Any other experiences out there???
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    You're almost better off buying the S5 unless you need to lease for business or tax reasons. Audi knows it has an incredibly hot car, so don't look for any sweet money rate factors.

    But that translates in an interested rate of 11.3%. Your Audi dealer can sandbag multilple points on the back end to try to make more money for the finance people in the business office. No doubt there trying to do it there to make some extra money.

    Car rates are around 7% at most banks right now if it's not subsidized through the manufacturer.

    Even with 4 or 5 grand down, on a loaded S5 in the 58k range, your not going to get much change out of $1,000 on a lease payment.
  • vwmk5invwmk5in Member Posts: 1
  • afm35afm35 Member Posts: 7
    That is exactly true as the dealer gave me the ability to select exactly the car I want color, options etc... the car would be built for me. Place the order and the car would be received in 90 days.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    90 days might be a bit optimistic. Some of the S5's are getting back-ordered and it could take 4-5 months to get one. Even if you punch a sold car in the system, if you don't have an allocation to build one at your dealership, you have to wait until your dealer gets one.

    Audi can't make enough of the 4.2 engine and the production plants are getting max-out with V8 orders.
  • fluxcap1fluxcap1 Member Posts: 1
    I just negotiated (?) an S5 for MSRP with Audi Care thrown in ($600 value). I financed through my credit union at 5.99%. When the dealer got the request to send the signed sales order to the bank, they offered to finance and asked what rate I got. I said 5.99, they said they thought they could beat it. I sent the app over, and they approved me at 5.90. But then my credit union lowered my rate .25 to 5.74 if I made direct withdrawal payments, which I will.

    So you can get a competitive rate with Audi on this car.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Member Posts: 755
    whats the difference between a s5 and a5? i started liking this car today LOL but im serious.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Member Posts: 4,731
    V8 v. V6 and $40k v. $50k to start...

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); '20 Estoril Blue/Oyster BMW M240xi 'Vert (Ours, read: hers in 'vert weather; mine during Nor'easters...)

  • briann75briann75 Member Posts: 2
    The best price is MSRP, pretty much anywhere. I just got mine and I love the car. I went back and forth with the Corvette and the 911 Porsche. For the value the Vette is the car but for the performance and handling the Porsche is king. And then I saw this S5, all I can say is WOW this is the car of my dreams. Drove it, it drove like the Porsche with the same hp but 25k less. Plus you have full back seats that a normal person can fit into just incase. More options than the Porsche, and much nicer interior than the Porsche. Totally forgot about the Vette. Go test drive an S5, you wont be dissapointed. As for the interest rate they started at 7.4 and I got them down to 6.19 and then went to 5.49 for 60 months or less. I ordered one and they told me 90 days. A week later someone cancelled there S5 and I took it. So I waited a week and had one by luck in Palm Beach. They have a White/Tuscan available for sale in Feb. or the demo right now if they still have it.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Member Posts: 755
    Nice car. Is there some kind of shape difference between a s5 and a5? I know there is a difference is it a lot.

    When will there be a new s6 ?
  • briann75briann75 Member Posts: 2
    Shape is the same, just missing the Hi-Perf motor and all the up grades.
  • rjb6rjb6 Member Posts: 29
    Just put a $2,500 deposit on an 2009 S5 Automatic. Could have negotiated that deposit price but didn't. He also said it was a non-refundable deposit. Again, could have negotiated for refundable clause e.g. car must arrive before XX date or stuff like that.

    Had to 0rder a 2009 and got the dealerships last 2009 Allocation slot. Dealer's allocations are by transmission type also.

    They are talking about a July Delivery - but I have no clue how accurate that is.

    NO pricing as the MSRP is not released.

    They also have a new 2009 Only option - Slot Box?? Can't remember what it is called but it allows you to adjust the suspension and drive on the fly. Not sure if I want to pay the 1500 to 3000 price tag. They don't know how much it is yet.

    Debated between the following cars:
    - Infiniti Sedan G35x (currently own an 05)
    - BMW Coupe 335xi

    All of which are great cars and worthy of purchase and enjoyment. Been seriously considering the S5 since Dec-07 and Finally Today April-08 signed.

    I think my Girlfriend is very happy that she does not have to get dragged along to an endless line up of dealerships on Sat/Sun days.
  • margee53089margee53089 Member Posts: 9
    I ordered my 2008 S5 manual transmission model in January from a dealer here in Milwaukee, WI. The dealership is being very ellusive about providing any information to me as to when I might get my car and I'm getting really impatient! I called a dealer in Chicago and she told me 10 months!!! Is this possible? I have an S4 that is almost out of warranty and I want to get rid of it but I can't believe I have to wait 10 more months for my car. Does this sound right or is the Midwest just the wrong place to find an S5? I will travel if need be to get an S5...gotta have it!
  • bmlexusbmlexus Member Posts: 755
    10 months I dont know if the dealers are telling the truth or not.

    IMO very high end luxury don't even take 10months. well maybe an aston takes around 2 years but audi 10months

    You should really check somewhere.

    You can also read other posts here who have ordered the s5 they will get delivery within 3 to 4 months.
  • margee53089margee53089 Member Posts: 9
    Well, the dealership in Milwaukee is TERRIBLE!!! My business partner is in Chicago today looking for me. Thanks!
  • schuhccschuhcc Member Posts: 5
    I'm in Illinois and am 8th in line in the West Suburbs. They think that they'll probably have an allocation for me in November with the ability to take European delivery between May and August 2009.
    There was one 'demo' (grey and red that all the dealers got) that was 10k above msrp because of the immediate availability.

    I have a 2000 C70 which is never going away so I can afford to wait 14-19 months. But I imagine you'll find the same answer at all the dealers that you'll be ending up somewhere to 3rd to 10th in line depending on where in the Chciagoland area you go.

    Within a 30 mile radius of the city the dealers can be pretty awful and snobby. That's why I went 31 miles out. ;)
  • margee53089margee53089 Member Posts: 9
    You'd think we're trying to get a one of a kind car, wouldn't you? Talked to that particular dealer yesterday with the demo for 10k over msrp....they'll get it from someone! I can wait for a 2009, I guess, but no one in Milwaukee can guarantee anything. May I ask which dealer you went to for your order? Don't really want to order out of Chicago, but I will if they can guarantee I'll get a car SOMETIME!!! :):)
  • schuhccschuhcc Member Posts: 5
    The only problem is that I think that the board will end up blocking dealership names, but let's give it a go.

    Continental Audi in Naperville
    Family owned and just a great bunch of guys. R. Charleson is the salesman and you can let him know Craig referred you.

    I try to stay away from Laurel Audi of Westmont at all costs.
  • margee53089margee53089 Member Posts: 9
    Thanks a lot! In between our conversations, I ended up contacting someone in MN and they said they'll have a 2009 in for me in six months. I guess if I've waited this long, I may as well get the 2009, so I have it on order with them. If this one falls through I will definitely follow up with your guys. Boy oh boy, this better be worth the wait!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 237,046
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  • smp9smp9 Member Posts: 10
    Anyone in the San Diego area have luck getting a hold of an S5? What was your price paid?
  • theengineertheengineer Member Posts: 1
    Put my name on the list back in November, and mine came in today. Dealer indicated it is the first S5 Auto Transmission to hit the US. Patience pays off. Overall, while it was tough to wait those 6 months, it was worth it. I was concerned the S5 Auto might not have the same torque factor as the Manual, but given the traffic in my area, i really wanted both the power, torque, sound, feel of the S5 without having to deal with those times when we all sift in to work.

    Let me tell you, the power is THERE in spades. I could tell little discernable difference between the launch from 0 factor from the manual, and the transmission is very intuitive. Awesome car, and you guys can bet you are getting a great car for the price. This car runs better and feels better than the BMW 650i and the Jaguar XK, for about 2/3rd the price.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Member Posts: 755
    Congrats man great car lucky guy.

    I am sure it was worth the 6 months waiting.

    What car did you drive before getting your new S5 and how do you compare the old car with this new 1.

    Hope you post some more experience about the handling quality smoothness while driving on highway speeds. etc etc.

  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    There has been a huge backlog of orders at the factory on S5's. Most of it was due to supplier issues combined with too many orders to fill for the V8 engines.

    We've had customers at out dealership order cars back in October, that will NOT get their cars. People who had 08 models on order will have to get bumped to 09.

    It's very unusual to have this problem. Most of the time it takes 3 months to build a car in Gemany and have it shipped to a US dealer. Lots of people are in the same situation and are having to wait up to 7-9 months to get an S5.

    We have 09's on order, and some customers got lucky with the allocation process and there order was sent right to the factory.

    You can order a 1000 S5's if you want to as a dealer, but if there is no build slot in the allocation process to start bulding it, it doesn' t mean much. Audi shares most of the blame for this as they put dealers in a bad spot. They kept taking orders and things just kept backing stacking up. 09 models should far better as Audi claims to have solved some of the supplier issues.

    But the A5 and S5 are low-volume specialty cars and they will never be a dime a dozen like a BMW 3 series coupe. So it's always going to be harder to get one.
  • wausaus5wausaus5 Member Posts: 5
    For those of you who are looking...... I got my S5 Friday May 16th in Wausau off of the lot at Kocurek Wausau Imports. I was going to wait for their second allocation to get B & O sound but could not wait. I believe their second allocation is still available for someone to order however they want it........probably before 2009. I would contact them. Tell them Matt sent you!
  • wausaus5wausaus5 Member Posts: 5
    I should mention....the Wausau dealership is small. I think they ordered the car I got in October. It delivered last Sunday. Not sure though.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Member Posts: 755
    For those of you who are looking...... I got my S5 Friday May 16th in Wausau off of the lot at Kocurek Wausau Imports. I was going to wait for their second allocation to get B & O sound but could not wait. I believe their second allocation is still available for someone to order however they want it........probably before 2009. I would contact them. Tell them Matt sent you!

    Any experience with your S5.

    its v8 twin turbo correct?

    How smooth is the car quite enough in highway speeds.?

    How comfortable is it.?

    Hows the handling the road feel.

    The good and bad things you like about your car.

    How comfortable are the seats.

    How is the transmission.

    Anything else you want to add etc etc.

    Are those twin turbo too loud I always have a feeling TT are really not that smooth.

    Hope to get all the experience thanks.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    There's no twin turbo. It's a normially aspirated V8 with direct injection, 354hp.

    I've driven the S5 several times. It's bottom line an amazing vehicle all the way around with very few flaws. Other than so-so gas mileage for the V8, there's no reason not to buy one.

    The interior is gorgeous, silk nappa leather seats are extremely comfortable. Stupid fast 0-60 under 5 seconds. V8 sounds glorious and one of the best on the market.
  • wausaus5wausaus5 Member Posts: 5
    Any experience with your S5.

    its v8 twin turbo correct?

    No, as stated in previous post, it is naturally aspirated V8

    How smooth is the car quite enough in highway speeds.?

    Very Smooth and plenty of 6th gear passing power too.

    How comfortable is it.?

    I am 6'2" 255lbs. The narrow seats fit snuggly but comfortably. This was a real concern of mine, but I have taken a couple of several hundred mile trips and been very comfortable.

    Hows the handling the road feel.

    Stiff but compliant. Wisconsin potholes are a bit jarring, but no more than in my last car (A6 4.2).

    The good and bad things you like about your car.

    I wish the voice command was active. In my prior audi, I could do everything with with it. Change CD's, radio stations, dial phone numbers and names and control the nav system. It would be nice just to have the phone functions back. Love everything else though.

    How comfortable are the seats. See above

    How is the transmission.

    Love it. 1st to 2nd is the only transition that i am trying to get just right in non-spirited driving.

    Anything else you want to add etc etc.

    Are those twin turbo too loud I always have a feeling TT are really not that smooth.

    Engine sound is fantastic. The car I got, out of dealer inventory doea not have the Bang & Olafson(sp) sound which has turned out just fine as I love the sound of the engine. I also have a BMW 335xi sedan which is twin turbo charged. The power delivery in the S5 is extremely smooth and linear. There is no big power bumps.
  • gassergasser Member Posts: 5
    Went to Molle Audi in Kansas City last weekend to ask about the new S5. Sales manager told me to forget about it. He couldn't get one if he tried. He primarily blamed the weak dollar and said that Audi was shipping the cars to makets in which they could make money like China and S. America. Also, it is about a six month wait for an A5. I don't know what Audi is thinking. They might be selling half as many cars instead of twice as many like they claim they want to do. Despite the weak dollar, USA is still a huge auto market.
  • shivanshivan Member Posts: 34
    I'm coming upto the end of my lease on a 2006 Infiniti m35x. My end of lease purchase price is $32811.90 plus a $150 purchase option fee. I was thinking of buying the car (well actually financing the purchase price) and then using the car as a downpayment(trade-in) for a new 2009 Audi S5, possibly an A5. Does this sound like a financial blunder? Would it be better just to turn in the leased car and eat the wear and tear expenses and then look for an S5/A5?

    I think edmunds.com reports that my car as optioned and with its current mileage is Dealer retail $34,255, private part $31,576, and Trade-In $28,874.
  • richzrichz Member Posts: 160
    I'm probably missing something here, but why would you want to purchase your lease? You will lose money selling/trading it in based on the numbers you listed above. You do mention something about wear and tear expenses, is there something wrong with your leased car?
  • wausaus5wausaus5 Member Posts: 5
    My dealer told me that too. He has a buddy that works at an Audi Dealership in Germany. He said the S5 is selling there for over 100K and that Audi will be filling those orders first. It seems they offer more options on the cars there too. Could be part of the increase in price.
  • shivanshivan Member Posts: 34
    I'm thinking I can try and talk the car lease company down from the lease purchase price to something closer to the trade-in or private sale number. Buy/Finance that car and then eventually use it to trade-in for an S5 or A5 when one is available for me to buy.

    I don't think there are any major problems with my leased car, but I'm assuming they will find something to charge me for excessive wear and tear.
  • wausaus5wausaus5 Member Posts: 5
    The following is from the A5 owners club site. I had this done by my dealer today and the voice command works great.

    "Went to the dealer to get my TPMS light cleared and brought along with me the VAG COM code to activate the voice module. I was expecting a NO, but to my surprise he completed it for me. Took about 15 seconds.

    The software code currently in the Telephone Module is : 0010900. Ask your dealer to change it to 0010970 and it will turn on. It takes about 5 minutes for it to actually start working as I drove off thinking it didn't work and then it activated.


    This is in response to many reviews listing this as a negative aspect of the car. All is well in S5 land, now!
  • rdeenrdeen Member Posts: 1
    Placed the order at the end of January. I figured (especially after the test drive) that a MT was a waste of time with the torque band this engine has, so opted for Tiptronic.
    I kept pestering the dealer and cruising the web until I learned that all '08 model orders would be pushed to '09.
    At the same time (May), I learned that Drive Select would be available for '09, so I re-ordered with that option and also changed the color to Deep Sea Blue. We went over the allocation story again, and estimated July/August delivery.
    I finally got confirmation from my guy that the production day was set, and the car is due to be loaded on a boat on July 4, for dealer delivery approximately August 5 in San Jose, CA.
    I expected to (and did) pay MSRP, still don't know the price of the car I'm picking up.
    My only nagging regret from the entire experience to date is from hearing that the DSG is close. It would be a better transmission, quicker, and given the 7 speeds, probably get better mileage.
  • dswdsw Member Posts: 1
    I placed my order to the factory the first week of February. Then in April they had the 2008 order canceled and converted to a 2009 order with July estimated delivery. in early July I thought I would ask if all was OK with my order. After several weeks of slience, I just got the news that Audi had canceled my order. I cannot get any explanation as to why. I have had several audis over the years, but I am not going to go back to the end of the queue with a new order. Another audi - after being treated like this!
  • margee53089margee53089 Member Posts: 9
    I ordered my S5 in January from my regular Audi guy here in Milwaukee, WI. After 3 months of waiting I was told they didn't think I'd get one this year!!! Being highly annoyed, I got a hold of a guy in MN who promised me one by November, so I ordered one with him, too. On a whim I went to test drive the A5 (not even close to the S5. I also test drove the RS4...holy cow!!!!) with a dealer in a Milwaukee suburb which is owned by the other Milwaukee dealer. I was criticizing my first dealer and these new guys then told me I could have a car by October, so I said "hey, I don't care who gets me the car...first come, first buy". They said they'd call me the next day and then I got a call that night from the GM of the original Milwaukee Audi place and miraculously my car was being built and should be here in two weeks. They say that they got an allocation but the timing seemed odd. Maybe they didn't want to lose a good customer and bumped someone else...don't know...don't care. In two weeks I hope I'm breaking in my 2009 S5!!! Wish me luck and good luck to everyone else waiting. The whole situation really is ridiculous. I always figured if you had the money you could buy whatever you wanted, but I guess Audi doesn't follow those rules!
  • shivanshivan Member Posts: 34
    Sounds like they may have sold the car to someone else, maybe for a higher profit margin.
  • motoevolutionmotoevolution Member Posts: 7
    Just put my hands on the 2009 S5. The dealer I was at had just unloaded it off the truck on Wednesday. I would have purchased it but I did not like the red interior.
    Decisions, descisions.
  • mikesternmikestern Member Posts: 6
    This is kind of ridiculous. I am currently waiting for my dealer to get 2009 lease and loan rates from Audi Financial Services. They said nobody knows for sure but it could be as late as August 15th before the 2009 rates are published. Until they get the new rates, they can't provide financing for it. I'm just waiting patiently... Anybody else having a similar issue or maybe has more info about this?

    2009 S5 4.2 COUPE 2-DR 6-SPD QUATTRO
    MSRP $62,390

  • margee53089margee53089 Member Posts: 9
    Mine just came in today...wish I knew how to attach the picture. I am picking up on Wednesday. I didn't talk price with the dealer (like it would matter for this car!!) He is supposed to call back this afternoon. I am just waiting to see what they will give me in trade for my 2004 S4...last I heard $19500...they better bring it up a little...it's in great shape with only 41,000 miles on it.
  • margee53089margee53089 Member Posts: 9
    Got mine last night. They do have the lease rates out here in Milwaukee. Opted out of the lease and bought instead...heck, I might never get rid of it! The car was well worth the seven month wait...holy cow...what a machine. Driving away from the dealer we had people turning, pointing and staring (they were in an A4). Good luck with yours!
  • shivanshivan Member Posts: 34
    I too am waiting for the 2009 lease program to be released by Audi...its frustrating that an auto manufacturer has cars available but no lease program listed.
  • yyykenyyyken Member Posts: 14
    The good times of great leases are gone for a while (yrs) . . . you often might as well just take out a long lone from a credit union to mimic the lease. (So you balance after 3 yrs is about what the car is worth). 72 months or some even have 84 month loans which match up well with cars like Audi that hold thier value reasonable well . . .
  • ideautisticideautistic Member Posts: 1
    I live in LA, placed my order for s5 in April...anyone has any idea aprox when i can get it? dealers told me i should be expecting it this or next month....but i really doubt it...anyone know? ... .thx....
  • margee53089margee53089 Member Posts: 9
    I ordered mine in January and got it on July 30th. It is fantastic!!!! From what I have been told, it is all based on the number of allocations your region and dealer gets, so your dealer should know. I found out at the end of June that it was in production and they had a delivery date of August 11th so I got lucky.
  • mssurreymssurrey Member Posts: 59
    This board is QUIET !!!

    Either there are no deals at all or no one is buying ???
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